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Sofia and her family go to Italy on a vacation,she was never happy and bullieduntil then.But when she and her family are choosen to be the Volturi's Dinner. What will she do? How she will save her family? What will her new destiny be?.. Depress about her life she meets Alec Volturi maybeher soul mate,but when she goes on her mission to destroy the Cullens.. she finds Seth Clearwater. What will happen next?





I saw nothing, everything was blurry... I didn't care. I knew it. My life will get and got worst... Why did I let myse;f get so close to him, Why?... Why?! - I scremed in my head- but  right now, I'm silent, frozen, only tears in my eyes... Tears in my eyes, you on my mind, love in my heart, oceans in - between... I love you.... and ... you were gone.







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hey everone sorry for no updating but I havent gotten my 10 comments but anyways I will update. So plzzzzzzzzzzz to readers pass this story on!!!!

oh for a few questions ont he comments.. well the answer is.. you will hav to wait and see. This is gonna get good :)


Chapter 12

Alec POV.

Sofia woke up earlier, she got ready and Idrove her aroun Italy. The places where she hasnt gone. i talked to her, about the history and beauty. She looked amazed but tired.

"Do you want to eat breakfats? Even if you dont see this now, you may see it when you come back" I told her.

"Yeah, i guess yoir right" I drove her to an expensive cafe. i but my contacts and went in.She order and I sat there watching her.

Sofias POV

He just watched me, I was starting to get crepped out.

"You know thats creppy right?'" i asked him he tilteld his head

"What?" he asked witha smile and curisity in his fake green eyes.

"You watching me, like I'm going to explode or something. I know you must protect me but Im safe,see" I smiled at him. He nodded and smiled.

I guess you are right" The food came and it was deliciuos.When it was time Alec drove me to the airport 'i saw my family, they were searching for me.

"Mom!" i hugged her. She cried, only a few tears then they all saw Alec. He looked at all of us and nodded. He then came over to me and gave me a phone. He leaned closer and whispered into my ear.

"if you need anything just call me, or us. And I will be there no matter what. Remeber my mission" I nodded.He cleared his throath to cath my familties attention.

"Remember the rules and follow them, and here you go Mr and Mrs Garcia. This are Aro's benefitual for Sofia. And orders. I think it will be better ofr your economic problems." Mom and Dad nodded. Alec turned again to me.

"Have a good flight, Wise one. And if you need anything- he tapped my phone- you know what to do. I nodded. He kissed both my cheeks and left. We all just stood there frozen, until our plane was caled. When the plane took flight we all sighed in realief. WE hugged each other and smiled. We were free, We were all toghether and away from Itally. But I was not free. I had to go back. I had to serve Aro... The Volturi. This is a new adventure. And i dont know what will happen next.


Back in Puerto Rico.

When we got back we went ot all of our families and hugged them and just enjoyed them, days passed. School started a few days after I got back. Erika, Sasha and Sara ansked me about Italy, I just told them about the sigts and that it was and experience i will never forget.

"Where there any cute boys? "Sasha asked. i just rolled my eyesbbut one boy came to my mind.But he wasnt wa boy, he was a vampire. Days passed andeverything was somewhat normal. Jazmine kept bullying me but just by coments here and there, nothing like christmas. I texted once in a while Alec he helped me with homework and i laughed when he new the onaswer by memory. My dreams kept getting weirder and weirder. i jsut saw the Volturi and Alec, But I saw myself between them and another cgroup, i noticed they were vampires but they looked different.. kinder.
Their eyes instead of Dead, blood red it was light, golden like the suns. But that was just rare, mostly I say lexi, i worried about her. i wonder about her Alec told me she was gifted and she was very controled for a newborn. Aro was impress.

"If he was impress by her. i now he will be trilled if you joined us"

"Alec..." I trailed off

"iknow, I know." Soemtime i wonder why did he always said that Aro will be trilled if i became a vampire,Did Alec wanted me change?

Will i become a vampire.? i looked otu the window and saw the mountains and the beautifl sky, how much I love my island. The sound of the coqui. And with there soft melidy i fell alseep.

***** Dream***

i was in the same meadow but instead of seing only Alec i saw another figure, I tried to see, to folllow him but he kept moving . Suddenly he stopped he turned abrutly to me and i only saw his eyes. /his beautiful brown eyes

*****End of Dream*************************
Beautiful! Anxious for more <3
I love this story!
amazing....keep updtaing yah sofia...bye...ur friend...always...Ashmeena.

again...up up date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..pls!!!!!!!!!! soon as u ok??

alright..see yah soon..bye!...Ashmeena...always ur friend..LPT.

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