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Sofia and her family go to Italy on a vacation,she was never happy and bullieduntil then.But when she and her family are choosen to be the Volturi's Dinner. What will she do? How she will save her family? What will her new destiny be?.. Depress about her life she meets Alec Volturi maybeher soul mate,but when she goes on her mission to destroy the Cullens.. she finds Seth Clearwater. What will happen next?





I saw nothing, everything was blurry... I didn't care. I knew it. My life will get and got worst... Why did I let myse;f get so close to him, Why?... Why?! - I scremed in my head- but  right now, I'm silent, frozen, only tears in my eyes... Tears in my eyes, you on my mind, love in my heart, oceans in - between... I love you.... and ... you were gone.







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LOL hahahahah *cough* hahah * my troath hurts*

Whoa love this okay okay I'm going to update soon :)

Chapter 9 part 1

Sofia POV

Aro and Marcus came. Aro's face was full of curisousity. Marcus face was worried. Of what? I wondered. The last 2 weeks Aro and Marcus and teached what was The Volturi. Their rules and they told me about a coven named The cullens. They just told e it will be part of my mision but not to think of it to much. I did what they told me.

I'm lost.... again. In this castle I’m always getting lost. That is why I never leave my room unless I'm with Alec, Gianna, Aro or Marcus. Marcus actually surprised me. After they woke me up after Alec's "power demonstration" he was there next to Alec with a worried face. He's actually... helping .Weird. But ok, I guess. Jane, well, is Jane. She has used her power on me at least five times already and that’s with out counting the first time. I never forget it but each time is worse.

I was wondering around and found the hall way, and heard people.. talking. I kept walking and found a group of people waiting for someone, then I saw Heidi.
"Please wait a moment here. We will be right with you" She smiled cruelly, a hungry glint gleaming in her eyes. Oh no. I rushed past them quietly but then I saw a girl.

She had auburn hair that had loose curls toward the end. Smooth pale skin, excited sapphire eyes and she was skinny but not the bone skinny… like just right. She smiled at me, revealing a set of white teeth and waved. I tried to smiled back but only managed a grimace. She started toward me, looking concerned.

"Um, hey are you okay? I haven't seen you in the tour group. Are you lost?" She asked. I don't know how, but I got this strange feeling. A feeling I knew Aro will enjoy very much. I just knew something. I had to save her. She looked young 13 or 14, like me. But I had to. Even at this age I felt kind of motherly.

"Are you with your parents?" I asked. Confusion danced over her features.

"Umm, no this is a house trip. We are a group of kids from Orphanage perse in Italia (orphanage the lost in Italy ,just invented the name)."

I shook my head, Really Aro orphans??!! I hope he read that thought

"Come with me," I whispered and took her hand. I tried to move her but she didn’t move

"Why? Are you ok. We can talk to the lady, Heidi.” But I hold on to her

"Umm, No I'm Fine....- I didn't know her name-"

"Lexi.. my name is Lexi"

"Sofia," We shook hands, despite the awkward situation. I took a deep breath.

"PLEASE! Come with me. " I didn’t know what happen but she agreed to me. I took her hand and tried to find my room. I was only here for a minimum of two weeks. Unfortunately, Alec found us. He froze when he saw Lexi, and looked at me. I was chewing my lip. Alec, I trusted him but he still wasn't my friend. I just trusted him not to kill me and to protect me.. But that could change if Aro altered his mind/

"Alec.. I.." I didn't know what to say

"Sofia" he shook his head. Lexi was frozen behind me

"Sofia... he's.. gorgeous! "she squealed but then she really looked at him

"Why are your eyes red?" she asked him. Wow, this girl had guts. He just looked at me.

"We need to talk to Aro.. After.... " I never liked when they talked about that. I just shook my head.

"Help me find my room please" I choked. I never cried but I moped around when they wanted to.. "eat". Lives were lost, families were broken apart and they lost someone they cared about.

"Okay," He lead us to my room and we waited. Lexi never spoke, actually She looked around like a child on Christmas morning and touching everything. At last I told her to rest. She did. Her head was in my lap, when she fell asleep.. I heard the screaming children.

I tried to hum a lullaby so that the screams wouldn't wake her up but she continued to stir.

I prayed. I'm a Christian. I have damed my life but I prayed for forgiveness. Weird coming from a girl that is working with vampires. Alec came his eyes bright crimson.

"Lexi," I shook her shoulder gently

"Yes," she murmured tiredly

“You need to wake up." She followed me, while I trailed after Alec.

We entered the room I hated most. Aro had a frown on his face as he came to me and took my hand. Lexi gasped and tried walked away slowly but I held her close

"Breathe, It will be alright." I hope, I added mentally. Aro had heard my feelings and my plan. My most selfish horrid plan, but it was to save this starnger girl. Lexi.

sorry maybe 2morrow :)
You know what I have comment number 7!!! lol I am looking foward to an update!
Yay! More!
looooovvvvvveeee it but is she gonna meet seth soon??
that will be in the sequel and last chapter of this story:)sorry this is like a saga...I started wiuth Seth but everyone got confused so I started all over agaon this is BET.. before the Full moon series :_ like midnight sun
okay, they are more than 10 ncomments so I will update... IT's kinda starnge just got a vision 9dream and I guess that will be chapter 9 part 3 or chapter 10.. it will involve Marcus so if u don't know him stufy him.. it's really interesting :)

here you go chapter 9 part 2.. Alec finally gave it to me :)

chapter 9 part 2

Sofia POV

Aro toughed my hand. It felt colder, i could vene feel my heart etting faster. I haven't grown used to this room. It's only been two weeks.I could feel Lexi's hand grip tighter to mind. I had my arm around her little body.Aro chuckled in delight and for my comment about the orphans.

"Well, wise one, you have broken the laws only on your first two weeks- at this Caius face twisted into what I thought it was a smile, and Marcus face was from bored to worry- but... your plan, so... wise. Just -like you" That last sentence was spoken slowly it made me shiver.

"YOu are also motherly, somethign i expected the way you save your family, but this is something I couldn't grasp from your thoughts"

"Her thoughts?" Lexi spoke, I griped her tightly. Aro smiled at her, his smile friendly,admiring.He was trying nto conffirt her, confort us.

"Yes child, her thoughts. Do you know what we are?" He askes her. Lexi looked around, she was afraid. I could feel it. she shook her head.Not knowing her answer. Aro smiled at me, I was going to tell her.


"Yeah Sofia"

"I'm human" I think that was the best way to start. she shouldn't be afraid of me. even if I was the one that planned this, to save her.

"Uhu- she was confused, but she looked around then noticed the differences, there ruby red eyes, there paleness, their beauty- ..they aren't.. hu-hu-man?" she shuddered. 'i shook my head.

"Breath" I told her. she was saking in fear.

"What are they?" I looked into her sapphire eyes , then looked at Aro, he smiled.

"Lexi.. their... vampires" Lexi's eyes grew wide, she looked from me, to Aro, to Alec, to me again. She shook her head making her auburn clored curls to move.

"It' can't be!" she whispered still afarid. i hugged her

"{everythign will be okay"

"How?!" she asked. A tear in my eyes.

"It's the only way to save you" A tear in my eyes.

"How/" she reapteed.

"Becoming one of them" she just stood there to shock to move, but the guard was past that.

"What are you thinking Aro?!" Caius exploded,"What is the reason of this, they have broken our laws, they know about us. We should destroy them" Lexi hugged me. scared.

"Aro laughed like this was just a j9oke

"ha ha ha. OH my dear Caius. Don't you see. Our dear Sofia is already part of us. She will have a gift if she is change. And Lexi will inded have a gift. Don't you see?! Sofia had a gift to see." i looked ta him confused but he continued" And also some kind of power to stop ours.! Such a waste if we destroy them. Such a waste!" Aro clapped his hands. He came to us, i could see /jane's face,, fury was beyond, but I also saw jelousy.

"May I?" He asked Lexi, straching his hand. She looked at me, I nodded in encoragement. she wil be safe, and she doesn't have a choice. Her hand shaked until Aro took it in his graps. She flinched but stayed still. After a while he smiled and she holded me tightly, confused.

"When?" I aksed Aro.

"in a few hours.- he turned to Alec- you should explain to them" He nodded and went to me. I grabbed Lexi. She couldn't move. i pushed her slightly, she was putting her weight on me but i didn't mind. When we finally were in ,my room. She lost it. She saked and cried, I just holded her. not speaking. When i saw Alec, my face was dead. His was just worried and confused. After 30 minuted lexi calmed down. alec explained to us how she will be changed and what will happen when she is a newborn. After all that Lexi just hugged me. I felt motherly again.

"I'm sorry" I told her. "when i saw you.. i don't know what came over me.?i wanted to protect you. I... just hope you can forgive me"

"I do- she said quietely- but thank.. you saved my life. And we will be toghther again, after I can control myself.-she looked away but then curiusoly to me. I knew what she wanted to ask me- why aren't you one of them?"

I told her my story ,she was shock.

"In a few days I have to go with them back home. But when shcool is over i'm coming back. So you have time to control yourself. But I'm afarid and fell so guilty for what i did to you, but at leats you are alive. And we will see each other soon."{ I smiled at her. We talked and got to know each other. She fell aslepp eventually but when she woke up it was dinner time, we went with Alec this time.

"Where do you want to go? Is your last human meal so your choice" I smiled she also smiled. We had fun we stuffed ourself with the most delicious italian food and ALL the dessert we could find. We feel aslepp in the car after watching the most beautifl view.

I woke up and said good bye to Lexi, she cried but Aro said everything will be alright.

"Ill see you soon?" i kissed her forhead

"Yeah.. I'll see you soon" I slied sadly at her. Alec took me to my room, that when i heard her screaming.


"Yes?" his voice was close, eearie. Can you make me not hear please. I can't take." Tears were streaming down.

"Sleep well" Was the last thing I heard until I was in the dark...again.

Lexi Volturi hope you like it :) comments are necessary more than 15 now : o0..cyeah i'm greeady. What can you expect i'm with Aro now
loveeee it! yay!first to comment!

Sorry I havent been on in awhile, Sofia. I really liked the was very intense. But you do need to read over your chapter a couple times before posting, because there were a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes. If u need help, just ask.

Loving your talent and awesomeness (not sure if thats a word, but whatever),
Lexi Volturi <3

p.s. You've got yourself a new fan!


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