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This is basically a follow on from breaking dawn about Renesmee. Its set 18 years after Renesmee was born. Enjoy

Chapter 1


Jacob was twisting his fingers around my hair. His touch sending chills down my spine. Everything was perfect. "Jake… I love you."- My eyes flew open at the touch my mom’s cool skin.

“Time for school, Nessie.” she whispered.

I groaned. The thought of spending another day with a bunch of teenagers thinking I was some kind of recluse made me want to scream.
"Oh, mom!" I grumbled, "Can" I stay in bed?"
"Nice try. No." She grinned, "Esme is making you breakfast".
Despite Esme being my Grandma, she could easily pass for my sister. Mind you, if you saw my family, you would probably think that we were all siblings.
"Cant I just go hunting?" I moaned as I dragged myself reluctantly from my king sized bed. I could eat human food, but much preferred a diet of animal blood. I guess that was a good thing about being half-human half vampire, rather than being full-blown vamp like the rest of the family.
"Of course you may not go. Esme has cooked the food so you’re going to eat it".
"Fine Bella!" I stuck my tongue out at her. She laughed her beautiful soprano laugh and walked out of the room.

I walked over to the mirror and stared at my reflection. My long brown hair hung down my back in loose ringlets and my large brown eyes looked full of life, despite me being half-asleep. People say I have my mom’s eyes and mouth, my dad’s nose and granddad Charlie’s curly hair. I liked how I looked, most people would say I was beautiful, but I wish people would not stare so much.

I pulled on some clothes and ran from my mum and dad’s cottage to the main house, where everyone was gathered in the kitchen. Aunt Alice, Uncle Jasper, Aunt Rosalie, Uncle Emmet, Grandpa Carlisle, Grandma Esme, Mom, Dad and Jacob. As my eyes cast over Jacob, my heart skipped a beat, as it always did. Jacob and I have been destined to be together since the day I was born, the day he imprinted on me. He grinned at me and my heart melted. He was so gorgeous. I looked around and noticed everyone was grinning at me.

I turned on my heels "What?" I questioned, "Why all the staring?"
"It’s your birthday silly!" squealed Alice.
Huh? How had I forgotten my 18th birthday? Maybe the dread of it had made me block it out completely. Nobody in my family aged but me, except Jacob, kind of. This meant that my birthday was a massive deal, which I hated. I was so like my mom when it came to being the centre of attention. I had hardly managed to digest my thoughts when Aunt Alice thrust a present in front of me.
"Open mine first", she twittered in excitement.
Typical Alice. I carefully unwrapped the delicate pink paper and removed the solid silver box from inside. I carefully lifted the ornately decorated lid.
"Oh Alice!" I gasped.
Inside was a delicate silver chain, on which hung a beautiful "R" encrusted with sapphires, my favourite.
"It’s from me and Jasper", Alice said as I wrapped my arms around her.
"Mine and Rosalie’s are outside. We will give you it later", Emmet said in his booming voice. It would no doubt be a car that cost more than a small fortune. I smiled at them both. "Thanks" but I doubted that anything other than Jake’s present would really made this day any better… My father let out a small growl.
Esme and Carlisle got me two tickets for Australia, a break for Jake and me. The present from mom and dad was a beautiful diamond and sapphire ring, which belonged to dad’s human mom. I kissed them both and glanced at Jake.
"I will give you my present when I take you to school", he whispered, wrapping his arms around my waist.
"Well, we had better get going then," I smiled.
I thanked everyone and walked out to one of the many Cullen cars, Jake holding my hand. We got into his favourite, a sleek black Mercedes and he started the engine.
"So, where to then?" he looked me in the eye.
"My birthday present to you is to spend the day with me!" he grinned his gorgeous Jacoby grin.
I smiled at him then kissed him appreciatively. A few minutes later, Jacob pulled away. I sighed.
"Let’s go then."
"Where to?" I asked,
"You’ll see!" he grinned again and pulled away from the house.


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Ok I know this may be a weird chapter.. but it will make sence in the end sorry if you dislike my little ''confusion'' Zoe





I have got to say, it is a great feeling to be in love. I always knew someday Nessie n' me would have this sort of relationship, but it feels so much better. Today we get to be alone, and I want to talk to this girl! I know I've known her since the day she was born, but we never talk about things; in depth at least. Nobody would be around to bother us, I could focus on her, and I wouldn't have to mind my thoughts; her father was no where near here. I smiled to myself, "What are you thinking?" She asked me, and I felt my face get hot. She stroked her warm fingers against my skin, "Your face is pink." she giggled, and I couldn't help but smile wider. "You don't want to know.." I told her, feeling embarrassed. "No, I wanna know. Tell me? Please." She asked, and the look in her eyes said it all, she really did want to know. "Okay.. Uhmmm..." I began, but I really had no idea how to say this without it sounding.. perverted! "Just spit it out, Jake." She pleaded, I hesitated. "It doesn't sound right, it sounds.. perverted. But I don't mean it the way it sounds." I confessed to her, and she smiled. She placed her palm on my neck, and the silent 'I don't care' was enough to convince me she meant it. "Well, I was just thinking since Edward wasn't going to be around, I wouldn't have to mind my thoughts." I told her, and the pink heat returned to my face. I heard her giggle, and I looked up. "Silly boy, that's nothing to be embarrassed about. I feel the same way." She explained, and I felt a little bit better. I smiled back at her. "So, what do you want to do today?" I asked her, curious for her answer. She is just like her mother, un-predictable. "I want to hear more about you. And what you did before I was born. I want to know everything!" She said, an octave higher than normal. I smiled slyly at her, this ought to be interesting. "Of course, what do you want to know exactly, though?" I asked her.

We settled into her bed, preparing ourselves for a day of talking, if my stomach could handle it that long. "Okay," she said. "I hope you realize I have a million and two questions, and I am going to be... bold about them. I'm just morbidly curious, so please don't take offense if they come out wrong." She told me, I just smiled at her and nodded, signaling her to continue. "Okay, how long have you known my mother?" She asked, and I smiled. "Easy." I told her, "When your grandma Rene lived with Charlie, well lets just say Charlie and my dad have been friends since the dawn of time." She giggled, "And when Bells was born, I didn't know her. Not yet, anyway. But then Rene moved to Phoenix with Bella, and she visited years later. My older sisters and Bella were always stuck together when our dads went fishing. I was always being 'watched' by my sisters, so me and your mom were friends then. So.. Technically... twenty years." I said, smiling. She nodded thoughtfully.

"When did you.. you realize you were in love with my mom?" Renesmee asked me in a small voice, and this was the topic I really didn't want to talk about, but I knew I would be talking about it anyway. I gave her a weak smile, "When your dad left your mom. We spent so much time together, and I knew she needed me like she needed your dad. I hated your dad for that, I really did. But she didn't. So over time, I couldn't. But wait, that's not what you asked. Sorry." I was rambling now, I did that a lot these days. "Okay, yeah. So when your family left Forks for like.. 6 months I think? Well yeah, we spent a lot of time together. I just knew it was going to happen, and I felt she was in love with me, too." I was rambling like a fool! But, I have a point to this. "Anyway, she didn't know it. And when your family came back, she didn't talk to me much anymore. Its because your dad didn't want her around. But when he finally let her come back around, I was drawn to her. And well, I felt she was, too. Then I kissed your mom. She punched me.. and it broke her hand." We both laughed at this. "Anyway.. when you were born and I saw you, well.. you know that part." I concluded, and she was smiling at me. "Heart warming.." she said in a quite voice, brushing her finger up and down my arm. Anytime we were touching I felt this.. this electric current, almost. It was like nothing else in the world. It was... the tension I felt, not bad tension. Not even close. I was still thinking when I felt her press her lips on mine, and a shock jolted straight through my body. She leaned back, and smiled at me. "I love you Jacob Black. I love you with all my heart." She spoke, softly and swiftly with sincerity flowing thick in her words. This made my heart throb, I was trying not to cry. I know, silly isn't it? Me, Jacob Black, crying. Well its true. "Renesmee, I will never care about someone the way I care about you. You're the apple of my eye." I told her, and I wanted to roll around on the floor. How cheesy could I get before she ran away screaming. "I love you more than anything you could buy, make or find." That's how the rest of the hour was spent, us confessing our love for one and other. Incredibly gooey, and totally cheesy, and she didn't consider running away, screaming even once. It made me smile.

She eventually fell asleep on my chest, and it was so cute. I kind of felt bad, but I put her palm on my cheek so that I could watch her dream. And, boy were these vivid dreams! I felt rude intruding like this, but I couldn't stop watching. She dreamt of me. I was awed that this beautiful girl was dreaming about a boy like me! I felt.. well I felt honored. There was one part of the dream where we were in my house. It was... interesting to see from her perspective. It wasn't anything I had planned on doing with her. Yet. But damn! This girl had quite the mind. I was utterly embarrassed watching this, I debated weather or not to let her dream to herself, but I found myself picking her hand back up again, and again. Eventually I surrendered to my less noble side and watched. There were flashes of black in every part of the dream, and I didn't know what they were. It bothered me, not knowing, more than it should have. As the black flashes became closer and closer together, I was getting a better picture. "Gahh!" I groaned out loud, in anger. Of course it was the Volturi, of course! She shouldn't ever have to worry about them. Ever! I wanted to wake her up, to comfort her. Tell her it'll all be okay, but I knew if I did she would be angry with me.

She slept on for an hour or two, and I also slept. Rather drifted in and out of consciousness. I was afraid to leave her to dream, to have her scared. I was guarding her mind. I felt like a total moron, but I didn't care. When she did wake up I was out cold. But I must say, I love the way she woke me up. "Jake?" She said quietly, about ten times. I didn't hear her. "Jakeeeee?" she said once more, and nothing. "Babe?" she said. Ah, how I loved the sound of that. "Jake, Babe, wake up." She said, a little louder. I heard her, but I didn't move. "Awhh, baby. Wake up." She said, running her fingers through my hair. I loved how she'd addressed me. It, ugh this sounded so school girl, it sent butterflies through my stomach. "Baby, wake up." she said once more, and it was then quiet. I figured she'd decided to let me sleep. Or... she fell asleep too. I was morbidly curious, so I opened my eyes, and there she lay, snuggling to my chest, awake, but unaware. I smiled to myself. She took in a deep breath, and then 'huffed.' I brushed my hand against the length of her spine ever so slightly, and she sat up with a huge grin on her face. "You're awake." she stated, and I nodded. "Sorry about that... I guess after watching you sleep for an hour or two made me tired." I said, laughing. Her face went blank as she spoke, "An hour or two? Jake, you should have woken me up!" She told me, and I shook my head. "You're too cute when you sleep, I would have felt like a criminal waking you up." She giggled at me. "Er, you mind if we go to the big house? I'm sorta kinda hungry." I told her, and then added "Or if you want to hunt, I guess." She shook her head, "I want pancakes." She told me with a big grin. "Of course you do, you pancake!" I told her, wondering if my cheesey-ness would make her run. And... I was obviously wrong. "Silly boy." She said, kissing me lightly on the lips. "I'm going to change, if you don't mind." She told me.

I put my fingers over my eyes pretending to peek. "I am not looking." I told her sarcastically, I heard her giggle at get up. I uncovered my eyes because I thought she wasn't in the room. But god, was I wrong! I felt like a complete freak! And do you know what the worst part is? She looked straight at me, straight at me! And I was looking at her. She just smiled at me, and I, of course, freaked and threw a pillow over my head. She laughed at me. "I am so, so sorry." I told her, my voice shaking. She laughed at me, again. "I don't care, Jacob." she told me, and I was stunned. Completely and utterly stunned. "You don't care that I just saw you naked?" I asked her, my voice hoarse. "Nope." She said, popping the P like I did. "You know your father will defiantly kill me if he hears about this, right." I told her, still with my head under the pillow. Suddenly I felt her weight on the bed, and she was crawling across it. Crawling! She was on her knees next to me, and she pulled the pillow off my head, "I don't care. Ill stand in front of you." she told me, grinning. I was prepared to say something, but I lost my train of thought when she threw her leg over me, and was sitting on my chest. "Are you attempting to drive me mad, Renesmee?" I asked her, trying to maintain a even level to breathe at. As if sitting on me wasn't enough! She leaned forward, an inch from my face, and whispered "Maybe I am, or maybe I'm trying to do something else." and then she kissed me. I was trying to think about what she just said, but I couldn't. This type of kissing, it was new. Oddly enough I liked it. I didn't try at it, I was still attempting to decipher what the hell she'd just whispered to me! And then I got it...

She was going to drive me insane. In the literal sense, I suppose. As well as the sexual sense. "Renesmee, what the are you doing?" I asked her, my voice thick with surprise. She smiled at me, "I'm not trying to do anything." She paused, thinking. "Oh, oh no. I'm sorry. I gave you the wrong impression, didn't I." She got off the bed and went to stand by the door, she looked so guilty. I jumped out of the bed, and to her side. I felt so bad that she felt needlessly guilty over my imagination. "No, no. Its okay. Don't worry about it, you can give me the wrong impression whenever you'd like." I grinned at her, and she gave me a half smile back. "I have an idea. Would you like to go into town for lunch?" I asked her, and her face lit up. "Can I drive?" She asked, grinning at me. I nodded and she squealed, jumped up and down, then turned and kissed me. "Ill get my coat." She said, glee in her voice. So little to make her so happy... I liked it. "Okay, lets go!" She said, back three seconds after she first departed.

She insisted on driving her new car, and I didn't care. My beautiful girlfriend and myself in her amazing car on a nice day in Port Angels, it was perfect. "So, just to let you know.. I am defiantly buying." She told me grinning, and I scowled into the empty space in front of me, "No you are not." I told her. She laughed, "Rock paper scissors?" She suggested. I laughed, "No. I am playing." I told her, and she shook her head. "Ill give you three options. One, I'm paying." She paused. "Nope." I said quietly, but she continued. "Two, we can go back home." she said, and then she said "Three, you can play rock paper scissors for it." And grinned at me. I rolled my eyes, "Okay, fine. Option three." She grinned back at me, happy I was playing along, I guessed. "Rock... Paper.. Scissors.. Shoot." she commanded, and my hands were paper, and hers were rock. "I win this one." i said, and she laughed at me. "Ready? Rock.. Paper.. Scissors... Shoot!" she commanded again, and I felt like a little kid. I had paper again, and she had scissors. She stuck her tongue out at me, "Whoever wins, pays." she told me. "Rock... Paper.. Scissors.. Shoot." I said to her, and we both had scissors. She grinned, tapped her fist on her other hand which was flat, three times, without speaking. I did too, but I had rock and she had paper. "Haha." She told me, and I frowned. I felt like I should pay. I told myself I would pay anyway, I would make sure of it.

We went to some brunch place, and there were far more people that I expected for a Thursday at three o'clock, but I just tried to forget about it. All the guys were starring at Nessie, but she held my hand so I guess that helped. Every time a boy did look for too long and Nessie saw my reaction, she squeezed my hand and kissed my cheek. "You are too cute when your jealous." she said at one point, "And it gives me excuses to kiss you." she giggled. I had to smile at her, she was just too funny. "I bet you're enjoying this." I said to her, and she winked at me. "Yeah, and I bet you're enjoying the females starring at you, too, huh?" She asked me, and I realized I hadn't taken notice to any of them. I was too busy giving dirty looks to every guy that looked our way. "Hm, you know I didn't notice. I was too busy giving any guy who looked this way the stare from hell." she laughed as I said this. We had been waiting for a table for about two minutes when the hostess came to seat us. She stared, dazed for a moment. Nessie giggled, and I whispered what. She just put her palm to my cheek, and showed how the hostess was 'marveling at my sex appeal' was how she put it. I just shook my head, women were sometimes oblivious.

She led us to a small corner, and sat us in a little booth. "May I get you anything to drink?" She asked us both, I nodded at Nessie, "Uhh, Ill have a water." she said, "Two." I added, "Alright, your waitress will be back with those momentarily." she said, and walked away hesitantly.

We sat there, discussing who was going to get what or if we wanted to share something. In the end we settled on each of us getting our own meal. She wanted some pasta, and me being the animal I am, wanted something different. I didn't know what, but I was thinking. The waitress came back with our drinks, and introduced herself. I didn't really care to listen, anyway. We ended up ordering, and to be completely honest with you; I don't have any clue what I ordered.

Nessie smiled at me constantly, and I didn't know why. It made me wonder what was going on in her mind, but I guessed it wasn't anything too important. Though everything she thought about was important to me.. "So, what do you want to do after this?" Nessie asked, speaking for the first time since we got our food. I pondered that for a moment, "Well.. Its already four thirty.. when are we leaving for Bellingham?" I asked her innocently, and she smiled. "At nine." she answered. "Well... Do you mind going to La Push?" Her face lit up like a light-bulb, "I would love to go to La Push." She told me, her voice full of excitement and anticipation. I smiled, and finished off whatever I was eating. Moments later she spoke again, "Ready to go?" She said with a smile, "Sure." I said, nodding to the waitress to bring the check. Once she returned I was ready to pay, and I got the money to her before Nessie. I grinned at Nessie and turned back to the waitress, "Keep the change." I told her, and we left.

Nessie was driving insanely fast on our way to La Push, my guess was that she was eager to see the pack. She had a relationship with each and every one of them, but her strongest bonds were with Sam and Leah. I don't know what happened with Leah, but they were always together whenever Leah came to the house, or when we were in La Push. It surprised me, but I was kind of glad. Leah was like a sister to me, and oddly enough it hurt me when she was alone. She didn't really have any friends, except the pack. But when she opened up to Renesmee, she was so much nicer. To everyone. Even Paul, and that was a total surprise to me. I thought that those two would never, ever, ever ,ever get along! And the other day, here they are, playing some video game

together. It was... shocking. Suddenly I felt Renesmee accelerate again, "Are you excited, or smoking something?" I asked her sarcastically. She grinned and rolled her eyes, "You just can't wait to see Paul can you?" I asked her, sarcastic as hell. Paul was the one person in the pack that just didn't bond with Nessie. "Oh, Paul. My love, I must see him ASAP." She told me, mocking my voice. I growled, and she laughed at me. "Oh, great. Now your laughing at me!" I said, and she just laughed harder.

Once we arrived in La Push, we went straight to First Beach. I knew, on a day like this, we would find almost everyone there. And, well, lets just say I was right. "Told ya so." I said to Nessie, "Okay, okay. Fair enough." she said to me smiling. We pulled up and everyone jumped out of the water and came up on the shore to wait for us. "Hey, Jake!" Embry called to me, I grinned at him as I dashed to get Nessie's door, but by the time I got there she already had it half way open. I took her hand as we approached the beach, and she leaned onto me, wrapping her arm around my waste. Oddly enough, Leah looked.... pleased.. at this. I smiled at her, and she smiled right back at me. "Long time no see, Ness!" Jared said as we got close enough he could splash her with water.. or try. She laughed, "Its been a whole day, Jared." she contradicted him. "Tu shey, tu shey." He said to her coldly, and everyone rolled there eyes. "Ah, Nessie. How are you?" Emily said, approaching her and hugging her. "I'm pretty good, how are you?" She said back, and I kissed her cheek and went to go mess with my brothers for one last time before we leave....

We stayed at La Push until around eight, we said our goodbyes, and promised to visit. We warned them to come at their own risk, and everyone laughed. "I'm really going to miss this.." Nessie said as we drove home. "Me too, me too." She smiled at me, warmly. We didn't talk much on the way home, we were both a bit tired from our day of fun. Once we arrived at the house, all the lights were on and we saw everyone inside. We pulled up at the front door, not bothering to park in the garage. Bella came out to greet us, "Hello Nessie, Jake. How was your day?" she asked, reaching out to hug Nessie. "It was fun, we hung out here for part of the day.. we went to lunch and then La Push." Nessie replied to her mom, hugging her and smiling. "It was fun." I told her, grinning. "I bet it was, we, on the other hand, got to get our house ready. Its beautiful." Bella told us, and for some reason I couldn't wait. I wanted to go. Right now. "There's a room for you, Jake, a room for you Nessie, me and your father have a room, Emmett and Rose, Alice and Jazz and Carlisle and Esme, and there are plenty more rooms for visitors." Bella said, smiling. Nessie’s face lit up like a kid on Christmas, "Really?" she asked in the voice that would belong to a child. Bella nodded, "I think there are.. twelve rooms?" she guessed, and I had to smile. My brothers could visit, and that made me happy. "Come on inside you two." Bella said eventually, and so we did.

Everyone was anticipating out arrival, everyone was also ready to go, the whole house was still full of furniture, and a blank expression crossed my face. "There's new there." Edward said, and though that made... well almost no sense I got what he was saying. I went and flopped on the couch, this was all too real now. I didn't think it would feel like this when I... well when I left home. I never planned on leaving home, but I guess that's too late now, huh? I realized all eyes were on me, "You okay bro?" Emmett asked me, and I just smiled and nodded. I guess I am ready to leave...

I absolutley love this!! and it didn`t confuse me a bit =] Please let me know when you post more :)
love it
Pictures and Banners.. hope you like them..

What if even after a marriage and a daughter... becoming a vampire.. life still set out to break them up?

Is things really like they look? What if there was a deep secret hidden behind Bella.. What would you do?

omg!!!! i love the banners!!!!
luv this story!!!
plz keep me updated!!!
omggg i lurv this! plzz keep me updated xxxx
Will do.. Hope you like it all as much as I :)))



My mother, father Jake and I went to visit my grandpa Charlie before we left to Bellingham.

Jake and I rode together, my mother drove her Ferrari and my father drove his Vanquish. I guessed they drove their cars so that we would be able to hurry along. Jake squeezed my shoulder lightly as we pulled into my grandpa's yard. "It'll be okay. Promise." He said to me, getting out of the car. He opened my door for me, and took my hand. "I know it'll be okay. Its just been a long day for me." I told him, smiling all the while. We walked together hand and hand to where my father was waiting for us, my mother already inside. 'I'm going to miss him. A lot.' I thought, and my father nodded. "Me too, me too." He told me, letting us go up the stairs to the porch and following behind. "Nessie! Jake! Edward." Charlie said, the last name with much less enthusiasm. I scowled, why do you have to be so bitter to my father. Without him, I wouldn't be here. Jake wouldn't be here, and my mom.. well my mom wouldn't be here either. I heard my father chuckle, and this was rare. He did this when he was nervous.

"Hello Charlie." He muttered softly.

"Eh.. Hi there Edward." Charlie wasn't used to speaking with my father.

"Bells, Nessie, guys come on inside. Its cold."

The four of us laughed, and smiled.

"Right, you don't get cold." He corrected himself, scowling. "Come inside anyway. I on the other hand, do get cold." He smiled, and we all followed him inside.

"We can't stay long, dad." My mom said as she entered the living room right behind Charlie. "We all have to get to school tomorrow." She continued, grinning at him. "I know kid, I know. Ill miss you. All of you, a lot." He said. I muffled my laughter into a cough. Right, you'll miss my dad. As I thought this I heard my father laugh. I looked up at him, and he winked at me.

We stayed with Charlie for no more than a half hour, and Jake didn't speak. I only did when a question was asked of me. I was tired, and Jake was too. "Well, Charlie. It was good to see you, but we've got to go now. We'll come visit ya, though. Okay?" My dad said. 'Finally!' I thought, and he shook his head at me. "Oh.. Well alright. Call me when ya can kid?" Charlie said, hugging my mother. "Of course dad, of course. As soon as we get settled." I huffed, impatient. It felt rude, but I wasn't going to apologize. "Bye Nessie." Grandpa Charlie said, hugging me. "Ill miss you." I told him, and he smiled as if to say 'Me too.' We waved good bye as we got into our cars, driving off into the pale sunset, which began turning black.

Bellingham was supposed to be a three or four hour drive from Forks, but I got there in one and a half. Right after my father, and my mother ten minutes later. We all sped insanely fast down every road in every city we passed by. Jake fell asleep while we were driving, and there was no way in hell that I would wake him up. I pulled into the driveway where my aunt Rose was waiting, for us, I guessed. I pulled to a stop, turned the car off, and got out closing the door very quietly. "Where is the dog?" my aunt asked, and I scowled. "Sorry, habit." she apologized, "But still, where is he?" still eyeing the passenger door; it wasn't looking like he was getting out. "He is asleep." I told her solemnly, and she smiled. "Good, I need to show you something. I think you'll like it." she told me, rounding the curve and taking my hand. "I hope he doesn't wake up..." I mumbled to myself. Suddenly she had me in her arms, and was running towards the East of the property, and I could make out a rectangular shape not 100 feet from the house. "This is Alice and my late birthday gift to you." Rose told me, setting me on my feet at the door. I smiled at her and she nodded towards the door. "Go on inside." she told me, grinning.

I opened the solid wood door, it looked to be pink. Once the door was opened enough for me to step inside, I did. The lights flickered on as I pushed the switch up. In front of me looked to be the coolest 'hang out' ever. There was a snack bar, sofa's and beanbag chairs. Everything was hot pink and baby blue, my favorite colors. I smiled to myself, stepping onto the shaggy pink rug. I scanned the room, and I saw all kinds of things! There were racks, upon racks of CD'S and DVD'S, right beside the shelf of DVD's was a massive TV. Emmett.. I thought to myself. "Woah," I said to Rose, breathless. "Do you like it?" She asked me, and I nodded. "Whats it for though?" I asked, honestly curious. "Well.. We figured you would have tons of friends at school, and you should be able to hang out with them somewhere less intimidating then the big house." Rose told me, and I turned, and ran to her. I hugged her as tight as I could. "Thank you aunt Rose, its the bestest, most coolest place ever!" I squealed into her hair, regretting my choice of adjectives. That was foolish.. when I thought of those words I thought of bleach-blond hair and pink bubble gum. I felt Rose hug me tighter, I smiled. "I'm so happy you like it!" she told me, sounding just as excited as I was. "But, there's much more. This is only the front room!" I was stunned, this had to be 400 square feet alone.. What have they done?! I smiled to myself, happy though.

Rose pulled me through this room, and around a small corner into another room. This one had to be double the space, at least. "What the hell..." I said, and she looked at me stunned. I never cursed.. out loud. Rose ran to the wall across from us, and turned the lights on. My moth dropped, and my eyes grew wide. In front of me I saw three bowling lanes, a ice skating rink, an area which looked to be a movie theatre and a rock climbing wall. "You are all insane!" I shouted, and she laughed. "And by the way, this isn't it. There's laser tag in the next room, and a salon type room upstairs. And also.. you have your own mini- house upstairs, too." all the while, she was grinning. "This. Is. Incredible." I managed to get out of my mouth, "Its amazing, right? But Emmett wanted to add an arcade, a paintball field and a beach." I laughed. "I would really rather not.. This is more than good enough for me." I told her, smiling. "I'm so glad you like it! Now, you have a room here and a room at the main house. Do you want to go see it!" She asked me, her grin getting bigger and bigger. I smiled and nodded, she ran to turn the light out, then ran and picked me up, flew through the first room, turning that light off, and then running across the lawn back to the front of the house.

"Okay," Rose began, sitting me on my feet by my car. "We have two swimming pools, a tennis court, a golf course... what else? Oh! We have a hot tub, a jungle." She smiled at me, "How the hell.. Who let this happen?" I asked her, knowing Carlisle, Esme, my mom or my dad had nothing to do with this. She laughed, "Alice, Emmett, Jake and myself." I laughed, too. I knew Alice and Emmett would be in on this. "Enough about that, lets go inside! Lots to see, so little time." She pulled me along the path up to the monstrous front door, and I noticed, engraved in a silver plate, it said 'The Cullen Family.' I couldn't help but smile at that.

"Nessie!" Everyone shouted, Rose smiled and I waved. "We have things to see, she'll be back later!" Rose told them, and I sighed. "I love the.. whatever you want to call it, by the way!" I shouted over my shoulder, as Rose pulled me up the stairs. "How many stories are in this place!" I asked, shesh it feels like ten! Rose rolled her eyes, "Four." and I guess I was close enough. "Did you guys buy this or build it?" she rolled her eyes again, "We built it, silly!"

"Okay, so this is your room. I really hope you like it. Esme and me did it!" Rose told me, opening the door. My eyes quickly scanned the room, and it was beautiful. Everything was lavender and white. There was a large white bed, with a lavender coloured canopy, lavender sheets, with lavender and white pillows. There was a white night stand, with a lavender lamp. I kept looking, the carpet itself was white, the walls lavender with white designs of butterflies. I looked to the left, and I saw a beautiful white desk. It had to be the nicest thing in the room, other than the white rocking chair buy the window. I smiled at Rose, and she back at me.

"Esme and I did your room.. but Alice took care of your closet. Its bigger than your bedroom."

I giggled, "Alice will be Alice."

She nodded, "I couldn't have said it better. Now, let me show you what that girl has done!" Rose murmured, taking my hand.

"Ah, impending doom lies behind these doors." I muttered to myself sarcastically. Rose laughed.

We stopped in front of two white double doors with two letters painted in lavender on each door, 'R C' it read. I touched the letters with my pointer finger, "Its beautiful." I whispered. Rosalie opened the two doors at the same time, and I stare into a long room with pink carpet. "Oh, god." I said, loud and clear.

"She decided to go with pink and black, rather than following our vintage design of lavender and purple. She also won that battle at your little party house, too." Rosalie said. I couldn't stop the smile that went upon my face.

"I have something to show you, it may be a little juvenile but I think its cool." Rose said, giggling. We walked through the closet to the back where there was a pink door. I cocked my head to the side. "What is this?" I asked, Rose smiled and opened it.

There, inside that door, was a tube. "A slide?" I questioned, staring at the tube. Rose nodded. "Want to go downstairs?" She asked me, eager. "Sure, you first though." Rose smiled, "Of course." and jumped into the slide.

I took a second to turn and look around at my closet. It was massive. I knew she'd be waiting on me, so I reluctantly turned back towards the slide, and launched myself into it. They were plain mad! This wasn't normal.. Closets bigger than bedrooms. 100,000 square foot party houses for a 6 year old, it wasn't right! But who cares. And, to my complete surprise, this was fun. The slide went in circles, spiralling downward. I grinned, this was something I would do often.

I was surprised that this slide was so long, but then again my bedroom was on the fourth floor. Once I exited the slide, I landed on a cushion. Convenient, I thought. This might come in handy if I have any mortal friends. "Wasn't that fun?" Rose asked, her smile smug. I got off the cushion, nodding. "Where is everybody? I asked. "Well.. Carlisle is at work. Esme, Emmett, Edward and Bella went to the store. I guess we need food don't we?" She grinned, "Jasper is in the library and Alice is in your party house making sure every thing's perfect." I smiled, "They should be back any minute, though." I walked to the front door, "Ill go get Jake." and I walked outside.

To my surprise, or not really, Jake was still asleep. I opened the door, and un-buckled his seat-belt. "Jake, Baby. Wake up. Were home." I whispered, stroking his hair. He opened his eyes, and smiled at me. "We're here." I whispered to him. "We've been here for an hour." I continued, watching the shocked expression cross his face. "Why didn't you wake me up?" he asked, and I just smiled. "You looked too peaceful sleeping." He got up and out of the car, "Lets go inside." I said, and took his hand.

We walked in the house to find Rosalie and Jasper in the monstrous living room leaning over a book. I smiled at them, "Where is Alice now?" I asked Rose, and she sighed, "In the theatre." I sighed, too, wishing she wasn't in 'My' party house. I wanted Jake to explore it with me. "Not that one, there's one on the third floor." She told me grinning, and then she winked. I smiled and patted Jake's arm, "Come with me." I told him "I want to show you something."

I took him through the kitchen, and out the door that led to the pool deck. "Damn.." He said, I just smiled. We walked out into the grass, along the path to the party house. "Where are we going?" He asked when we approached the door. "This is my belated birthday gift. Its a party house. I am spoiled." I laughed, and stepped inside. When I turned the light on, Jake gasped. I just grinned at him. "Isn't it.." he finished my sentence "amazing?" I nodded. "There's all kinds of stuff, a rock wall, a movie theatre, a ice skating rink, lose tag a salon and more. Its.. crazy." He nodded, agreeing with me. "Shall we?" I asked, and we went though the whole place, exploring every room. The stairs were carpeted in shaggy pink carpet, and the third floor was my second home.

I think we spent at least an hour there, but I told him we needed to get back to the house. We had school in the morning, and it was 11 now. I was sure there was some things we needed to discuss with the family when we got back, surely they were all back as well. I guessed right, once we returned we found the whole entire family in the library. They greeted us warmly, as if we had been on a month long vacation. "Well," Alice squealed in my ear, "Do you love your party house! And your closet! And your slide!" I had to laugh, "Yes, Alice I love it." I hugged her, and then turned to Esme. "Esme, my room is beautiful. Thank you, so much. You spoil me." I said, hugging her close. "I'm glad you like it, and you should be spoiled." she replied, giggling like a school girl.

We all sat in the library for ten minutes talking about our day, when Carlisle said, "Okay, we need to discuss your day for tomorrow, and the rest of the 'school' year." Everyone except Esme, Carlisle, Alice and I sighed. "Emmett, your going to be the oldest with Jasper, you'll be in 11th grade. As will Rosalie and Jake. Bella, Alice and Edward will the 10th graders while Nessie will be 9th. Rose and Jasper, you'll be twins as we have always gone along with. Nessie and Edward will be brother and sister." I had to grin, "Alice and Bella will be sisters, while Emmett and Jake will be cousins." He concluded, "Got it?" he asked, all heads nodded. "Okay, you'll all be leaving at 7:20am. I will be gone by then, Esme will be here to see you off." Esme smiled, as if to assure this. "What will you all be driving? I want to be sure I know. And now we needn't worry about being inconspicuous, most cars are Mercedes and Volvo's." I smiled, but Alice spoke first. "I'm going to drive my Porsche!" I figured, and laughed. "Ill be riding with Alice." Jasper said, and this, too, I guessed. "Ill drive my M3." Rosalie said, grinning widely at all of us. "And I guess that ill ride with Rose." Emmett said, and again, I figured. "Err, Edward?" my mother said, "I don't care, love. Your choice." he replied to her, "Ferrari?" she said, as if asking a question. My dad nodded.

"I don't have a spiffy sports car to drive, so Nessie?" Jake said, and we all laughed. "Actually..." Carlisle said. "I took the liberty of purchasing you a car, Jake." he said. Jake sat up straight, "Carlisle, you don't need to do that." He replied softly, "Jake. You have done more than one person could do to help my family, and you are with my granddaughter, so I think its appropriate." He said, "Carlisle.." Jake continued. "Its a Lexus LFA, you want to see it?" Emmett said, jumping out of his seat. "Well.. I don't know.." Jake said, but before he could protest anymore, Emmett picked him up and trudged out of the room. "Aw, hell." I said, running after them.

Once I finally caught up to them, Jake was standing in front of a car, the Lexus LFA, I guessed. "You know.. I think I could accept this..." He began, "If it didn't cost 300,000 dollars." Emmett roared with laughter, "Accept it or ill kidnap my niece." I smiled, "Fine." Jacob said. The whole family was out there by then, Jasper came to stand next to me, and I leaned upon his shoulder. "You're tired." He accused me. I just sighed. "Bed time for the half-mortals?" My father said sarcastically. "Please." I said, and suddenly I was in his arms, and everything turned into a blur. He set me on my feet at the door, and I smiled." I have one question, or two." he nodded, "If Jake's my cousin, how will that work? If technically he’s my boyfriend.." I asked, "Oh. I didn't think about it. You're right. Well.. He could be an old family friend." I nodded as he said this. "And two, Jake wants to drive doesn't he?" I asked my dad, he shook his head. "No. He wants you to drive. He'll come tell you good night, and say something about it. I think. I don't know." He told me, and I nodded. Good. I wanted to drive my car. I smiled, my dad kissed me on the head, and I went into my room.

I changed into some new satin nightgown, brushed my hair out once and looked around for a bathroom. I spotted a door at the far end of my room, and opened it. Bingo! It was the bathroom. It was massive. There was a shower, two sinks, a 12 foot long counter top, a vanity and a Jacuzzi bath-tub. There were more doors in here, and I guessed that one was a linen closet, and the other a powder room. I sighed, and walked towards the sink. I looked to the left and there seemed to be a whole other room. There was a television on the wall, and a round couch on a run in front of it. Great, I though, I can hang out and watch TV in my bathroom. I continued to the sink to brush my teeth. Once I was done in there, I went back to my room, shut the light off and crawled into my massive bed. It was soft. Too soft. Not really, but still. It was nice.

I lied there for a few minutes until I heard a light knock on my door. I sat up in my bed, and turned the lamp beside my bed on. "Come in." I whispered, and in stepped Esme.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to wake you. Did I?" She asked.

"No, I just laid down. You didn't." I told her, and she relaxed. "What’s up?" I asked.

"Well, I just wanted to know what time you'd like up in the morning. Weather or not you will hunt, or if you'd like me to make you something instead. Your choice."

I smiled, "Well if were leaving at 7:20, do you think you could wake me up at 6:45? I want to eat something instead of hunting, if you don't mind cooking.

"Absolutely, and I was making Jake something as well, so it would be no trouble at all." She smiled warmly at me.

"Thank you. I love you. Good night." I told her happily.

She walked over to me, kissed me on my forehead and tucked the blanket around me. "Goodnight, my dear Renesmee. Sleep tight." And then she was gone.

I turned the light off, but I stayed sitting up. With all the other people in this house I was almost positive that someone else would be in here any minute. Of course, I was right. Not five minutes later there was another light knock on the door. I smiled to myself, and turned my lamp back on. "Come in." I said sweetly. This time Alice stepped in.

"Esme said you were up, and I thought I would say goodnight." She informed me, crawling into my bed with me.

I smiled at her. "I kind of figured that someone would be next. And I was right." She winked at me.

"I can't wait for tomorrow, your going to love Bellingham High." She said to me, eager as I was.

"I know! I am so excited. I can't wait!" I told her, laying down, leaning on my elbow just like she was. We were talking like 15 year old girls. I smiled to myself.

"I see that Jake is dieing to come tell you good night, so I shall do the same." Alice said, she then leaned over and kissed my forehead. "Night, Ness!" And she then went through my closet, half-way turning back to me. "You don't mind, do you?" She said, grinning.

"Nope, have fun. Good night Alice. I love you." I told her, grinning back at her.

"Love you too Ness, night!" And then she went down my slide.

I sat back up, expecting Jake to be in here any minute. But I decided that I wanted to change. This nightgown was bothering me. I wanted something more comfortable. I slipped out of my bed, and into my closet. I eventually found a little T- shirt and shorts, this was much better than that silk gown thing I had. I stepped out of my closet, closing the doors when I heard yet another knock on my door. This time I decided to answer it myself, tired as I was. I was happy when Jake was standing in my door way. "Hello." I said to him with a smile.

"May I enter?" He said sarcastically, bowing his head.

I rolled my eyes, "Sure." I let him in and shut the door, then went over to sit on my lavender sofa.

He followed me, and sat next to me. "So I'm not your cousin anymore, I'm your family friend." He told me, grinning all the while.

"I know. I was the one who came up with it!" I told him, giggling.

He smiled, "Good. Because if I was your cousin I couldn't do this." He said, leaning in to kiss me. I kissed him back, letting the sweet taste of his breath take me over. I could feel his tongue against my lips, tracing the shape of them. I leaned more into him, wrapping my arms around his neck. He put his around my waste, pulling my closer against him. He pulled his mouth away from mine, and put it at my ear. I was utterly embarrassed by the rigid rhythm of my breathing, but I heard his breaths and they were just as rugged as mine. "I love you more then my own life." He whispered in my ear, kissing my cheek as he finished. "As I love you the same." I told him. He smiled at me, and began the kiss where it had left off.

I felt his warm hand inside my shirt on my back, and I knew for a fact that he didn't realize it. Once he did he pulled his hand out and pulled his face away from mine, "I'm so sorry. I didn't realize I had done that."

I took his arm and put it back in place, then leaned my head towards him and whispered in his ear, "I don't mind." and then I kissed his lips quickly. "But.. my father will. You should probably go to bed." He stood up, and pulled my up into his arms.

"You're right. I should go to bed." He walked over to my bed, put me under the covers and tucked me in. "Goodnight, baby. I love you and I always will." He said to me.

"I love you too, good night." I said, pulling his head down for a quick kiss. He then turned my light out, and left my room.

Once he walked out my mind began to roam. Did he just call me baby? I think he did. And you know what, I love the way it sounded. It was probably my favourite nickname anyone could come up with. It was.. my. I smiled to myself and rolled over in my bed.
That night my dreams were.. abnormal. I didn't remember having one specific dream. I recall little of everything. They were all... new. I usually dreamt the same thing more than once. None of these were dreams I had had before.

One was.. sort of nice. I had made a lot of friends here in Bellingham, and I had a lot of them over. I was having a party. In my 'party house.' It was fun. I don't know what anyone looked like, I didn't remember that much. It was one of the better ones.

Another was where I was running, running and running. I was wearing stretch shorts and a baggy t-shirt. I didn't own anything like that. I hated it. I was sweaty, tired and hungry. But I kept running.. around this.. this.. this track, I guess you could call it. There were other people too, but none of them would talk to me. The only thing they told me was to hurry up, and keep running. So I did. And someone blew a whistle, and everyone stopped.

"Renesmee, its time to wake up." My mother whispered softly, I opened my eyes. "Good morning." she told me, smiling. I smiled back, "Come on, get up. Esme's getting breakfast ready downstairs." I rolled over, I didn't want to get up. "Come on, its time for school Nessie." my mom said, and I shot straight up. Oh no, school. "School?" I said, my voice shook.

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