The Twilight Saga

This is basically a follow on from breaking dawn about Renesmee. Its set 18 years after Renesmee was born. Enjoy

Chapter 1


Jacob was twisting his fingers around my hair. His touch sending chills down my spine. Everything was perfect. "Jake… I love you."- My eyes flew open at the touch my mom’s cool skin.

“Time for school, Nessie.” she whispered.

I groaned. The thought of spending another day with a bunch of teenagers thinking I was some kind of recluse made me want to scream.
"Oh, mom!" I grumbled, "Can" I stay in bed?"
"Nice try. No." She grinned, "Esme is making you breakfast".
Despite Esme being my Grandma, she could easily pass for my sister. Mind you, if you saw my family, you would probably think that we were all siblings.
"Cant I just go hunting?" I moaned as I dragged myself reluctantly from my king sized bed. I could eat human food, but much preferred a diet of animal blood. I guess that was a good thing about being half-human half vampire, rather than being full-blown vamp like the rest of the family.
"Of course you may not go. Esme has cooked the food so you’re going to eat it".
"Fine Bella!" I stuck my tongue out at her. She laughed her beautiful soprano laugh and walked out of the room.

I walked over to the mirror and stared at my reflection. My long brown hair hung down my back in loose ringlets and my large brown eyes looked full of life, despite me being half-asleep. People say I have my mom’s eyes and mouth, my dad’s nose and granddad Charlie’s curly hair. I liked how I looked, most people would say I was beautiful, but I wish people would not stare so much.

I pulled on some clothes and ran from my mum and dad’s cottage to the main house, where everyone was gathered in the kitchen. Aunt Alice, Uncle Jasper, Aunt Rosalie, Uncle Emmet, Grandpa Carlisle, Grandma Esme, Mom, Dad and Jacob. As my eyes cast over Jacob, my heart skipped a beat, as it always did. Jacob and I have been destined to be together since the day I was born, the day he imprinted on me. He grinned at me and my heart melted. He was so gorgeous. I looked around and noticed everyone was grinning at me.

I turned on my heels "What?" I questioned, "Why all the staring?"
"It’s your birthday silly!" squealed Alice.
Huh? How had I forgotten my 18th birthday? Maybe the dread of it had made me block it out completely. Nobody in my family aged but me, except Jacob, kind of. This meant that my birthday was a massive deal, which I hated. I was so like my mom when it came to being the centre of attention. I had hardly managed to digest my thoughts when Aunt Alice thrust a present in front of me.
"Open mine first", she twittered in excitement.
Typical Alice. I carefully unwrapped the delicate pink paper and removed the solid silver box from inside. I carefully lifted the ornately decorated lid.
"Oh Alice!" I gasped.
Inside was a delicate silver chain, on which hung a beautiful "R" encrusted with sapphires, my favourite.
"It’s from me and Jasper", Alice said as I wrapped my arms around her.
"Mine and Rosalie’s are outside. We will give you it later", Emmet said in his booming voice. It would no doubt be a car that cost more than a small fortune. I smiled at them both. "Thanks" but I doubted that anything other than Jake’s present would really made this day any better… My father let out a small growl.
Esme and Carlisle got me two tickets for Australia, a break for Jake and me. The present from mom and dad was a beautiful diamond and sapphire ring, which belonged to dad’s human mom. I kissed them both and glanced at Jake.
"I will give you my present when I take you to school", he whispered, wrapping his arms around my waist.
"Well, we had better get going then," I smiled.
I thanked everyone and walked out to one of the many Cullen cars, Jake holding my hand. We got into his favourite, a sleek black Mercedes and he started the engine.
"So, where to then?" he looked me in the eye.
"My birthday present to you is to spend the day with me!" he grinned his gorgeous Jacoby grin.
I smiled at him then kissed him appreciatively. A few minutes later, Jacob pulled away. I sighed.
"Let’s go then."
"Where to?" I asked,
"You’ll see!" he grinned again and pulled away from the house.


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Hey Everyone..

I just went through and figured out there are missing chapters which I already posted so I will repost them bellow.
I hope you like them..


We sat in the living room of Rachel's father- ex father to be exact- for
at least an hour.

I wasn't up in the gist of the discussion, I was zoned out on the sofa, thinking. Wondering how it was that I met this girl this morning, and now she was my sister. Technically, if she new the whole story, she'd be my aunt. But she didn't, and its the public story that counts. Besides that I wondered how Esme and Carlisle had finalized the adoption so quickly, I thought these things took days, weeks even. Then I realized that I may not want to know, and forgot about the whole thing. I looked at the time on my cell phone, it was eleven fifteen at night. I sighed my eyes, heavy with exhaustion. "Esme, its eleven at night. I haven't done my homework, but I guess that's not important. The fact that we have school tomorrow, that may be a little more important then the homework..." I said, trailing off back into my thoughts. Esme's voice brought me back to reality, for the moment. "I understand, but tomorrow you and Rachel will stay home with me. Your father and I have already discussed it, its been quite the night for the two of you. But your brothers and sisters will go to school, and your father to work. We'll bond, spend some girl time." She told me, and then looked at her watch. "But I assume you are right, it is quite late." She said to me, and then turned to the social worker, "Would you mind if we carried on with this at a more reasonable hour? The girls look like their about to fall asleep." Rachel smiled at Esme, weakly. "Absolutely." the woman replied, standing up. "Ill call you tomorrow at say, five?" Esme nodded and the woman left. "Come on, lets go." Carlisle said, smiling. He held the door for us, and Rachel and I got in my car, Esme in the Volvo, and Carlisle in his. We followed Carlisle out, with Esme behind us.

"What an eventful day, ey?" Rachel said, grinning at me. "Quite." I replied, a smug smile on my face. I wondered if she would become a vampire? I cringed away from the thought. No, no she wouldn't want that. I don't even know if she'll find out. We pulled in the driveway where Jasper and Alice were waiting. Alice opened Rachel's door, and Jasper mine. I smiled at him, and heard Alice speaking to Rachel. "I'm so sorry about.. well you know.. But I am more then excited that you'll be staying with us!" Alice's voice went from sorrow to one of overwhelming joy. I smiled to myself as Jasper walked around to the door where the girls were standing, his arm over my shoulder. We walked inside, and Rose, Emmett, my mom and dad were all waiting, smiling. I was looking for Jake, and my dad pointed to the couch, Jake was out cold. I smiled back at my 'brothers' and my 'sisters'. "Welcome home, Rachel, Renesmee." My father said, and Rachel smiled slightly. "We're dead beat. Mind if we go to sleep?" I asked, almost pleaded. My mom walked over to us. "Absolutely, now Rachel don't be afraid, but Alice has already decked out a bedroom for you." She pretended to cringe at the thought, and Rachel laughed lightly. "Thank you. So much. I owe you everything." Rachel said, and my mom smiled again. "You are welcome. And you don't owe us anything." she said, taking Rachel in her arms. "Come on, lets go upstairs." Esme said, taking Rachel up in her arms.

"Do you want to stay in Renesmee's room, or in your own? Its up to you."

I haven't had a sleep over before. I hoped she would want to stay in my room. Even if we would fall asleep instantly. Rachel looked at me, as if to ask for consent. She wanted to be with me too. I smiled at her, and Esme smiled at us.

"I guess that answer's my question." Esme laughed. Esme set Rachel to her feet at the top of the stairs, and turned. "Ill be back to check on you two in ten minutes." She told us, and walked back downstairs. "Ahh, I'm so tired." I told Rachel as I walked, rather slow, down to the end of the hall. "Me too." she agreed, and we walked into my bedroom, and straight to the closet. Looks like Alice re-stocked it, though maybe five outfits were missing? So typically Alice. Rachel followed me to the large, over-sized, dresser where all my night-cloths are. "Pick anything, there are two showers. You can take one tonight or in the morning, whatever you prefer." I told her, picking up a pair of cotton pink pajama pants and matching pink tank top. "Thank, a lot. You've been nicer to me than anyone has in my entire life. It means the world and more to me, Renesmee." I smiled, "I love you. Truly, I do." I told her as she picked up the same outfit I did, but this one being purple. "We'll match." I said, grinning at her, I held her hand, like a sister, and we marched to the bathroom.

We we're now clean and dressed in bedroom attire, and still in the bathroom.

"I'm kinda hungry.." I started mumbling to Rachel.

She nodded, "Me too. And now i'm not really tired." She told me, and I grinned at her. Its like we were nsync. I knew what she was thinking, and she I. Ironic, what with my father being a mind-reader.

We skipped down the stairs, side-by-side where everyone was up and alert as if there was some danger. Was there? No. "Oh, goodness. I'm so sorry, girls. I thought you were asleep." Esme said, getting of the sofa. "No need to get up, we're a little hungry, is all." I said, and smiled at the sleeping boy on the other sofa.


Rachel and I sat down at the table to eat a bowl of soup while the family buzzed around-let me remind you its midnight-like it was the middle of the day. "I'm tired now. Ha ha." I said to Rachel and she nodded. Again. Our minds were once again nsync. It was totally bizarre, it boggled my mind to no end. No end! My father was nodding at my thoughts, agreeing. 'Were not going to tell her, are we?' I thought, and he shrugged. He didn't know. 'Does Carlisle think we should?' I thought, and he nodded. Yes, of course Carlisle would feel as though we should be honest with the girl, god forbid she's a witch. He laughed, and I scowled. I sat there, not realizing all the while I was eating. Rachel fell asleep at the table, she looked peaceful for once. It did pain me to see her body, covered in bruises. I sighed, and stood up. "Ill get the bowls, just go." Rosalie said sweetly. "Thank you." I whispered, cradling Rachel in my arms as I ran-at human speed- up the stairs. I lay her on one side of my bed, and I crawl into the other.

This is what it felt like to have a sister.

It felt great.




It was dark outside when I woke up. Couldn't be after five. I looked to see that Rachel was still sleeping. That was good, I was glad. I carefully, without jostling her, crawled out of my bed. I stretched, and yawned. I wasn't tired. At all. I walked slowly to the bathroom to brush my hair out, I would need to get it cut. I was walking slowly towards the sink when I smelt blood, and it was coming from my bathroom. I walked over to the shower, and there I saw blood upon the glass door. I gasped. I marched fast, and still quiet, out of the bathroom, out of my room and down the stairs. Everyone was assembled in the living room. "Does anyone have the faintest idea of why there's blood on the wall of my shower?" I asked, my tone strained. They all looked at me puzzled. "Ill go take a look." Carlisle said, and he walked up the stairs with me on his heels. We were quiet as we walked through my bedroom, and when we entered the bathroom as well. I showed Carlisle the blood, an awful lot if you'd ask me. "That's bizarre." He said to himself, and began to sniff the air quietly. He followed a scent out to my room, and ended up near Rachel. There was a large gash the length of her forearm. I gasped quietly. Carlisle urged me back to the bathroom. Once we were in there he grasped me by my shoulders and sat me on the round sofa by the television. "Stay." he said firmly, and paced out the room, too fast for mortal eyes to follow.

I didn't know where he was going, but I didn't worry long. He returned seconds later with bleach in his hand. For the shower, I guessed. "Ill need to speak with your friend. About her cut, I mean." He told me, and I grimaced. "Technically, shes your daughter." I told him, and he laughed. "That isn't true. She is Edward and Bella's child. Aren't you tired?" Carlisle replied as he began to clean the shower. I yawned, "What? How? And, ugh. No. Not really." Carlisle finished scrubbing the bathroom, and we sat down in the library to talk. He must have forgot my Intel question. I spoke again.

"What are we going to do, Carlisle?" I asked him in a serious tone. He looked at my, deep in thought.

"She is rightfully set as Edward and Bella's. We must be honest with her, don't you agree? Weather she wants this life or not, well that's infinitely up to her." He told me, and I nodded as he spoke.

"I suppose you are right. My main question is when?" I said, my voice shook as I spoke. Again, he stared at me, deep in thought.

"Soon, but not too soon. Of course I do want her to get settled in here, then we'll gradually tell her." My eyes went blank. How do you 'gradually' tell someone? Something like, 'Oh, Just so you know, were all vampires. But don't worry, well show you gradually.' Yeah, that would go over real well.

"Okay. When will we begin to 'gradually' tell her?" I asked, emphasizing the word gradually.

"Well, we all talked about it while the two of you were asleep. We all, everyone agreed, actually, to just go about it the way we would normally. Let her ask questions and then we'll explain it.

Edward insisted on adopting her as his and Bella's child, so that will make it more difficult. But go on as calling your parents your parents, and your aunts and uncles aunts and uncles, understand

?" Carlisle said, and I smiled.

"That is something I can do." I said sarcastically, he smiled warmly and stood up. I mimicked him standing, and he walked over to hug me. I returned the hug with so much force that, well, lets just say it wouldn't be pretty for a human.

"I love you, Ness." He told me, and I pressed my face into his scarf.

"I love you too, Carlisle. More then you know." I replied, and I felt him laugh silently. We left the library together, and there my family was all in a mixture of activities. Rose and Emmett weren't there. Alice was on her computer, designing cloths for Rachel, or that was my guess. My father was playing his piano, Esme was sewing and my mother was talking to the recently-awake Jake. I guessed he didn't see me, yet, because he was still laying back on the couch.

"Morning, Ness." Jasper said, coming out of no where. I smiled at him and walked over to give him a hug.

"Morning, Jasper. How was your night?" I said, and he smiled. "It was restless." We both laughed. Jake, now hearing me, came in my direction with a goofy grin upon his face.

"Hello there." He said, taking me in his arms.

"Hi." I said, giggling like a school girl playing jax. He cradled me backwards, hanging over me like the salsa dancers do. It was... Well, it was great. He tilted his head forward, his lips close to my ear.

"I missed you, very much, Misses Cullen." he whispered in a persuasive tone. I giggled again, but I stopped abruptly as he pressed his warm, welcoming lips to mine. This was probably the best 'Good Morning' I had ever gotten from him. I heard my father hiss, and I felt the sudden urge to laugh. But laughing during a kiss isn't always the greatest idea, wouldn't you say so?

Jake had to end the kiss, but I wasn't ready. He tried to pull away, but I was clinging to him. He laughed aloud, and I pressed my face into the crook of his neck. He was so warm, so soft. I loved it. I loved him. We walked back to where my family was, still together, yet dispersed. "We're all going to go hunt. Can you mind yourselves for two hours?" My mother asked, and I smiled. "Yes, momma. We can handle it." I said, she kissed the top of my head, and my father after her. They then intertwined hands and my whole family-excluding Jake and Rachel- we're no longer in the house.

"I have to shower, I must smell disgusting." Jacob mumbled softly in my ear, twirling a stand of my hair with his index finger. That gave me an idea, and my father wasn't here....

"Okay. Shower, right." I said, trying to keep my devious plan in my head until I knew we were safe from my father, he would be far, far away; in about two minutes he couldn't hear my thoughts, or Jake's for that matter.

"What are you thinking?" I asked him, and he shook his head, as if he was trying to dislodge an image in his mind. I got hopeful that we were both on the same page.

"Uhh..." He began, not wanting to say anything at all.

I pressed myself against him and looked into his eyes, "You can tell me anything, Jake. Anything." I was practically preying that he and I were on the same page. Before my family returned. He didn't speak.

"What?" I asked him, almost offended. He was sweating bullets, and his eyes looked.. dazed.

"I was uh, thinking about.. you." He said, his tone clearly embarrassed. I sighed internally, and thanked my lucky stars he was where I was.

I grabbed his hand and drug him up the stairs, down the hall, around the corner, into his room, and to his bathroom. He seemed just as eager as I was. We didn't rush, too much. I undressed slowly, taking one thing off at a time. Jake was, as usual, only wearing his shorts. He went to the shower and turned the water on, letting it warm up. I put my cloths in a pile and went to his side, stood on my tip-toes, and pressed my lips to his for a moment. He wrapped his arms around my waist, and picked me up and went into the shower. To say the least, this was new. It wasn't us, but it would be us.

We messed around like four year old's at the beach, spewing water out of our mouths and splashing one and other with water. He washed my hair, which was a definite first. It was funny, he was trying to get the shampoo to come out of it, but he couldn't. I was laughing hysterically as he made his attempts, but it wasn't getting him anywhere. And I mean anywhere.

That was the part that came last, the beginning was so sensual that I felt criminal. I didn't want it to end. It was something we would have much trouble keeping out of our minds, and I know once my father found out, well, it wouldn't end well.

We spent maybe an hour in the shower, oh hey that rhymes. Okay, yes. An hour, and we then got out and he got dressed, followed me to my closet so that I could get dressed and we then went downstairs for breakfast; that's where we were found when my family returned ten minutes before it was time for them to leave for school and work. "Hello." I said to them as I walked into the kitchen to rinse my plate, as well as Jake's, off.
They all gave half-hello's, and rushed to their rooms to change cloths and grab their bags to get off to school, they were down to seven minutes. "I'm going to miss you at school today." Jake told me, frowning.

I gave him a half-smile "At least you get to drive your car today, mister hot-shot." He laughed at me, gave me a quick kiss, and went to get his bag. I hugged each member of my family before they left to go to school. They weren't too happy about going, but they didn't seem to complain. Too much.

Once they left, including Carlisle, Esme wanted me to go to my room and do my homework, as well as wait for Rachel to wake up. She planned on cleaning the house, and was showing total aversion to the request of myself assisting her. Nope, I had to do my English paper, which believe me I was excited, and my Creative Writing work. Nothing else, my two favorite classes and loads of homework in each. I didn't think it could be any better then this, and I didn't have sarcasm in that thought.

I didn't really mind that Rachel slept until nine. I was glad she did, this was the new beginning for her. She could sleep sound and know that nobody would hurt her. I felt like I wasn't ever going to let her go. I loved her more and more every minute. She was going to be my best friend and everyone knew it. Alice even knew it, she was planning on knocking a whole wall down so our rooms were connected!

Esme was happier then I was. Its like she was on this high that wasn't going to go away. It made me that much more happier to see my grandmother happy. I smiled to myself as I watched her walk into my bedroom. I sat my laptop down and stood up to stretch.

"Hows your homework going?" Esme whispered to me and smiled.

I smiled back and eyed my laptop, "Ive got three papers done. Two more to go." I said, and walked over to where she was standing.

"What do you want to do today?"

I thought, "Maybe we could have a girls day?" I laughed quietly, and Esme nodded.

"Makeovers and what not?" She said, and laughed as well. I nodded, "Great. When Rachel wakes up let her take a shower, get dressed and I'll make you two breakfast, though I doubt your hungry." Esme said as she put her arm around me. I smiled.

"Yeah, she'll be up soon. I think, I'm only guessing. And I am a little hungry." I replied, putting my arm around Esme to hug her. "Thank you." I whispered in her ear. She hugged me tighter as if to say 'You're welcome' and she then walked out of the room, graceful as ever. Seconds later Rachel sat up in the bed and smiled widely at me. "Morning, sleepy head." I told her grinning.

"Wow. I thought that I had the best dream ever last night, but here you are one-hundred percent real." We both laughed. "What time is it anyway?"

I looked at the clock on the wall, "Its nine in the morning." I said, turning on the floor lamp by my desk.

Her face went blank, "Woah. I didn't mean to sleep that late. You should have woken me up."

I rolled my eyes playfully, "Nope, you deserved a peaceful night of sleep, you could go back to bed if you wanted. Esme and I wouldn't mind. As long as you're happy." She too, rolled her eyes back at me.

"Nope. I'm going to take a shower, if that's alright?" She asked. I laughed aloud.

"You don't have to ask. You could invite your friends over, and no one would mind. You could run around naked, and no one would mind. Except my father and Jasper..." We both laughed.

"Alright, I get it. Don't ask, just do. Am I right?" She questioned, and we both laughed again.

"Precisely." I told her as she trotted off towards the bathroom.

While Rachel was in the shower I began to plan out the possible makeover. Right now she has long pale brown hair that goes to her waist, like mine does, but its damaged. I don't think she could afford anything to get it done, and surely her father was a total helper on that.. yeah right. She didn't own any make-up, and I didn't know if she'd ever had a manicure or a pedicure. I would make damn sure she did, by the end of the day. I planned the whole nine-yards, the nails, the hair, the makeup and a shopping trip. It was still up to Rachel, of course. She probably would show aversion to our spending money on her, and if that was her only tiff, well I would over rule her.

I was caught off guard-there's a first- when Rachel got out of the shower. Her large gash was re-opened. I was having quite the hard time controlling myself, but I kept chanting 'Shes your sister. She is your sister.' Over and over in my head.

"Rachel, What the hell happened to your arm? I woke up and the shower was covered in your blood." I said to her, working to keep my tone steady.

"Oh, that.. I fell last night." She said, and I believed her.

"Come on, lets go to Carlisle's office. Ill fix it up for you." She nodded sheepishly, her arm wrapped in a towel, blood on the pajama's she was still wearing. We walked out the hall and I shouted downstairs to Esme.

"Esme! Rachel cut her arm, don't come upstairs. I know you get faint. I'm going to take her to Carlisle's office to bandage it. Ill be fine, don't worry." I towed Rachel down the hall into Carlisle's office and I was thoroughly surprised at how easy it was to not kill Rachel, or even want to. Maybe I would be some super vampire/ human like Carlisle.

"Don't you get faint at the sight and smell of blood too?" Rachel asked me as we continued down the hall. I nodded.

"Everyone in the family does except of Jake and Carlisle. I don't mind it as much as my family, though." That wasn't a lie, Carlisle was perfectly fine. Jake wasn't a vampire so he was alright, but the rest of them.. Well they didn't need to take any chances. Me, I was half human, so it wasn't much of a thing for me. I had Rachel sit on the side of Carlisle's desk as I got his medical bag to fix Rachel's arm.

"What are you going to do? To my arm I mean." Rachel asked, eyeing the thread and needle in my hand. Carlisle had taught me a lot about medicine, so I was perfectly capable to sew her cut.

"I'm going to sew your cut up so it doesn't re-open again. Don't worry, Carlisle has taught me everything he knows." I told her, fibbing a bit on the last part. "But I'll numb your arm first, if you'd like." I continued, and she nodded. I picked up the freeze spray Carlisle had, it numbed your skin for ten seconds so that you could insert the needle to numb it for longer. "Don't move, okay? I don't want this to be painful. I'm just going to spray your arm with this," I waved the can so she could see, "So that I can numb you with this." I showed her the needle, and she nodded. I sprayed the spot where I would insert the needle, and then injected the needle.

"Wow, that didn't hurt." Rachel told me, relieved, I guessed. I smiled at her and began cleaning her cut. She said that didn't hurt either. I made sure to burn everything I touched her arm with, just like Carlisle does. When I sewed her arm up she wasn't paying attention, she was telling me about her mother. I guessed that It didn't hurt. I was proud of myself that I had sewn up a eight inch gash without loosing my cool, or my hand placement. When I wrapped Rachel's arm up in the cotton so she didn't have to see it, she smiled and hugged me. I felt great. "Now, let me go bleach the shower and we'll go downstairs, okay?" I said as I put Carlisle's bag back.

Rachel hopped off the desk, "Sure. You're a really good doctor. Do you want to become a doctor one day?" Rachel asked, and I smiled as I held the door open for her. "Maybe. I just want to be sure that I am one-hundred and ten percent sure I won't freak out when I smell or see blood." I told her, and she nodded thoughtfully as we walked down the hall, back to my room. "Well you didn't freak out when you were sewing my arm up?" she questioned, and I laughed. "I was kinda sorta holding my breath." she laughed as I said this.

While I was cleaning the shower, Esme came upstairs to check on us. "Oh dear! Rachel, sweetie, what happened to your arm?" Esme said when she saw her bandaged forearm. I smiled to myself, satisfied once again with myself.

"Well, last night I fell and er, my arm got cut. But everyone was sleeping so I just wrapped it in a towel and went back to bed. Then when I went to take a shower this morning, the cut re-opened. I came out here with it wrapped in a towel, and Renesmee sort of freaked." Rachel began, grinning at me. Esme's face was locked in horror. I knew why. "But then she told me that we needed to get this fixed because everyone freaks out at the sight or smell of blood, Except Jake and Carlisle. Sooo she cleaned my cut and sew it up." Rachel told Esme, smiling the whole time.

Esme looked at me, and I smiled. "You're telling me Renesmee numbed your arm, cleaned your cut and sew it up without fainting?" she questioned Rachel's sanity. I knew what she meant by 'fainting' and I nodded.

"Yep. I think she'll be a great doctor one day. It didn't even hurt." Rachel told Esme triumphantly. I grinned at them, Esme was still shocked that I didn't kill the girl.

"Wow. Good job." Esme whispered to me, too quiet for Rachel to hear. "I'm so proud of you, Ness. I can't wait to tell Carlisle. I think we're going to go see him, I want to show him." Esme continued, Rachel didn't know she was talking. I nodded, "After breakfast?" I whispered, and she nodded.

"Breakfast time?" Esme asked looking at Rachel.

"Sure." She said, looking at me.

"Go ahead, I'll be down in a few." I told them, and she shrugged. Rachel walked out the door, and Esme turned to me.

"You have no idea how proud I am of you, I can't believe you did that. I was trying to stay downstairs, I didn't know how you would hold up. But I have all the faith in the world instilled in you. We'll be downstairs." Esme told me, and I felt like I was on top of the world. It was great to have someone so proud of you, and once everyone else caught the riff of what I did there wasn't a doubt in my mind how shocked they would be. I smiled to myself as I put the lid on the bleach and walked downstairs.

I ran too fast down the stairs until I was on the second floor, then I slowed to a jog. I walked into the kitchen with the bleach in my hand, planning to put in under the kitchen cabinet when I smelt something delicious. Cinnamon rolls. "Om nom nommmm." I mumbled to myself as I walked through the door. Esme was laughing at me. "Om nom nom?" she said, questioning my mind. I smiled. "Cinnamon buns." I told her, sticking my tongue out. She smiled, and Rachel laughed. "After we eat, you two get dressed and we're going to visit Carlisle at the hospital, okay?" We both nodded as Esme turned to the oven to retrieve the cinnamon buns. I sat next to Rachel at the breakfast bar, and nudged her. She stuck her tongue out at me, and we both laughed. "Love you." I told her, and it was true. "Love you too." She said, still laughing. Esme turned to look at us, and we both started laughing hysterically. "What is wrong with you two.." Esme said, laughing at us.

Rachel layed her head on my shoulder, and I layed mine on hers. Esme turned around, and I thought she would cry. "I need to buy a camera..." Esme said smiling at us. "Ill put that on my list of things to get Esme. I wish you would say things you want and need out loud more." I told Esme, and she scowled for a quick second and then began laughing.

Rachel and I both ate a cinnamon bun and some milk. Esme rushed us to change, we did. I knew she was still insanely proud of me for not killing my new sister. I was proud of myself too. "Is it cold out?" Rachel asked me as we were looking through my closet for something to wear. I left the room quickly, went outside. Stood there for a second and ran back to my room. "Nope." I said nonchalantly as I walked back into the closet. She laughed at my nonchalantness.

"I'm going to go out on a limb here and wear a dress." I told Rachel, pulling out a little sun-dress. Rachel smiled, "I don't want to scare anyone, so I'm going to wear these short-like thingss," Rachel wiggled the shorts at me and I laughed, "and a tank top with a cardigan." She announced as I pulled my dress on. It was adorable! "That sounds well. Make sure its not too tight though, the cardigan I mean. You know, your arm.." I told her, and she nodded. "Its not." and from there we got dressed. "Just to ask, after we visit Carlise you wouldn't mind a shopping trip? If you wait Alice will over-load you." I said to Rachel laughing. "I have no aversion to that." she said laughing with me.

After we got dressed we met Esme downstairs. She smiled at us and walked to the garage. I saw Rachel trying to form a question, but all the fancy cars in the garage made her speechless. Even if the Porsche, M3 and Ferrari as well as Carlisle's Mercedes and Jake's car weren't there, we still seven cars in there. There was my Lambo, my father's Vanquish, Emmett's Jeep and then there were the community cars. By community I mean anyone in the family is free to drive them. There was my fathers first Volvo, his Volvo SUV, and then we had two Range Rovers. I laughed quietly as Rachel took all seven of the cars in. I smiled in satisfaction as she blinked twice, I guessed she was making sure they were still there. We got in one of the Range Rovers, Esme driving, Rachel and I in the backseat. Esme was the most cautious driver in the family, she never went above sixty, and today I guessed she went by the rule of a mortals in the car, lets not scare her, by going fifty.

Carlisle was surprised to see us when we got to the hospital, I guessed Esme didn't call him. "What are you doing here?" Carlisle joked with us as Esme walked in his office. "I wanted you to take a look at someone." Esme said, and I figured Carlisle remembered Rachel's cut. "Oh, yes. I forgot." Carlisle said. Esme motioned us to enter. "Hello girls." Carlisle said warmly, and we both smiled. Rachel shrugged out of the cardigan, and Carlisle's eyes widened as he saw it was already taken care of. His eyes flashed to Esme, and Esme to me. He looked at me and down at Rachel's arm. "Good thinking to wrap it, Ness." He said, taking off the bandage. "There's more." I told him, eager for him to see. He cut off the bandage, and there in front of him was a well-cleaned, well-stitched up gash on Rachel's arm. He looked up at me, shocked. I smiled at him. "You did this, all on your own?" he said, his voice wary. "Yes." I told him, my voice steady. He looked up at me, and there was a new twinkle in his eyes. I smiled at him. But then I wondered... Was he proud of me? I thought about that for a moment, and then came to the conclusion. Yes. He was proud of me.

"Esme, why don't you take Rachel to the nurses station, tell them I said to just re-wrap her arm. Please, and thank you." Carlisle said, Esme smiled and took Rachel out to the nurse's station. Carlisle closed the door behind them, and he slowly turned to me.

"You did that? All by yourself?" He said to me as I sat on the edge of his desk.

"Yes." I told him, attempting to be casual about it though I wanted very much to jump up and down and yell, 'I did it! I did it! I didn't kill her either! I did it!' but like I said, casual.

"Was it dried blood when you did it?" He said, standing very still.

"No. The cut re-opened while she took a shower. She had it wrapped in a towel." I told him, still attempting to be casual.

"And what did you do? What did Esme do?" He asked, and I knew he wanted all the details. I smiled at him.

"Well, I told her that we needed to clean it up. She knew I had an aversion to blood because of an incident at school. She also knew I had mentioned Alice, Bella and Rose did. I told her the whole family, excluding Jake and yourself, did as well. I shouted to Esme to tell her not to come up, that she'd be faint. She didn't come up. I took her to your office, numbed her arm, cleaned the cut and then I had sewn it up, wrapped it and then bleached the shower. I assure you I put everything I used back, though." I told him, and I watched his eyes widen.

"That is incredible. I am so proud of you, Renesmee. So proud." Carlisle said to me, walking over to embrace me. I smiled at him and returned the embrace.

"You know, I think I want to be a doctor, just like you, Carlisle." I told him, and he looked down at me, stunned. "I love helping people. It makes me happy. So happy."

He was still starring at me when Rachel and Esme returned, Rachel's arm re-bandaged up. "Carlisle?" Esme said, but he was still starring at me with wide eyes. "What did you say?" Esme asked, wary.

I looked at her, "All I said was this. "You know, I think I want to be a doctor, just like you, Carlisle. I love helping people. It makes me happy. So happy." She was looking at me, now, just like Carlisle. Rachel was looking at me, too, but not as they were. They both stared at me until Carlisle finally spoke, five minutes later.

"That's exactly what I had said. Exactly.." he trailed off, brushing his finger across my cheek bone. I smiled at him, and looked at Esme, she wasn't starring as she was before.

"Esme, do you think we could go by school? I'd like to get my work so that I can catch up." I asked, and Esme nodded.

"We'll go right now." She said to me, and walked over to give Carlisle a quick kiss. "Amazing, isn't she?" she whispered in his ear, too low for Rachel to hear.

"More then I would have ever imagined." He replied to her, his tone hushed as hers was. "Good bye, girls. I shall see you when I return home." Carlisle told us, "But I have a patient that I must tend to." He said, mussing mine and Rachel's hair with each of his hands as he exited the room. We both giggled.

On the car ride to the school Esme said she would have to change some things around on Rachel's emergency card, so it was a good thing we were going. When we got to school it was lunch period, so I guessed that my father would hear Rachel, Esme or my thoughts and come to the office. I was right. "Why're you here?" He asked as he entered the office. I smiled, "I need to get my work, and so does Rachel. Esme needs to fix some things on Rachel's emergency card, and we were at the hospital so we thought now would be a good time to visit." I told him, and he looked at Esme, then at Rachel's arm.

"You.. You fixed her arm?" he said, stunned. I nodded. "All by yourself?" he asked. I nodded again. "Incredible, I wouldn't have had an easy time doing that myself." he told me, and I smiled.

"Where is everyone else?" I questioned, and he looked out the door, low and behold my whole family was walking into the office door. He walked over them, to tell them what I had done, I guessed. I guessed right. All the sudden I had six pairs of eyes staring at me in disbelief. I smiled at them, and there eyes grew wider. Alice walked over to me.

"You're lying. I didn't see that." She said, and then stared off into space. "Never mind." she said, her tone hard. "I guess I was trying to focus. I was dancing." she said, laughing. By now all my 'siblings' were crowded around me.

"We're all proud of you." Jasper said in a solemn tone. I smiled at him, and he back at me.

"We have to get back to class, now. But you have no idea how proud of you we all our." My mother said, hugging me. Before I knew it I had all of their arms wrapped around me.

"Thank you." I said to them in a small voice. They all smiled as they left, and I was starring after them when I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I spun around quickly, possibly too quick. I saw it was just a girl from my Algebra class, but I couldn't remember her name. She handed me my work, and I smiled at her. "Thank you." I said, she nodded and paced quickly away. Once Rachel and I received our work and Esme was done changing around Rachel's info, we got back in the Range Rover and headed for the mall.

We parked in the front of the mall by Dillard's, and walked inside. Of course everyone stared at me, that got annoying. But everyone in my family tells me its because of my 'inhuman beauty.' I didn't care what it was, I was under the impression it was rude to stare, correct me if I'm wrong?

All the while we were looking in the 'juniors' section, Esme, Rachel and I. Rachel wouldn't let us go shopping just for her, so she told us to get something. We rolled our eyes, but did as she said.

In the end, we went to every store in the entire mall that appealed to us. Once we got back into the Range Rover, which the back was full as well as one side of the seat Rachel and I were sitting in, and the front seat, Rachel spoke. "I feel like, like a criminal. You spent so much money on me.." Esme laughed and looked at the pile of receipts. Counting, I guessed.

"Well, two, three, four..." Esme began. "Only ten thousand four hundred and seventeen dollars." We both smiled at her, but she didn't smile back.

Ut-oh, was my only thought. She began to hyperventilate. I had a feeling of what was coming, but I was hoping it wouldn't. I shot Esme a meaningful glance, and she returned the same multitude of concern back at me.

Rachel's mouth dropped. "No! You aren't serious! Nu-huh! No!" Her sentence's began to make little sense. She was completely incoherent.

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Maybe I'm missing something...but isn't there supposed to be a chapter in between these two? I just finished reading about Renesmee's first day of school and then she came home and went to the party house with Jacob and now suddenly she's in Rachel's house and Rachel is being adopted - umm, what did I miss? Sorry if I'm just clueless.....

Your story is awesome, by the way! I love the interaction between Nessie and Edward. Especially when he reads her thoughts. Great job!
amazing !! hurry with next chapter carn't wait !! :)
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