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Can I make my page private like a myspace page, where only friends can see anything?

While this community is similar to myspace in that fans can have their
own personal pages to connect with friends, it is different in that it
is not completely private. Certain things on your page can be set to
private, viewable only by you or your friends. Going into “my
settings” you can click the privacy tab and decide how you want your
page to be set up for privacy. This affects photos, blogs and videos.
Although that will save your default settings, when you upload or
create each photo, blog or video, individual settings can be saved to
make it private or public. You can hide your activities in the privacy
tab as well. What will be public is the comment wall. So anything you
or your friends put on the comment wall is viewable by anyone. You can
choose, in the privacy settings, to approve/deny each comment before
it is posted, or you can allow them to be posted immediately without
approval. You can remove comments posted on your page or that you post
on someone else’s page.

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What's myspace?






Just kidding, I remember reading about it in a history class I took in elementary school or something.


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