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Can You Learn What "REAL LOVE" is by reading the "Twilight Saga."

Introduction: In a recent episode of the American TV series "Days Of Our Lives," twenty eight year old Theresa gets in a fight with her sixteen year old niece. Their fight is about the meanig of what "Real true love" is. Theresa thinks that she has won the debate by pointing out an irrefutable truth.

She yells: "You can't possibly have any idea what "REAL TRUE LOVE" is because you are only SIXTEEN YEARS OLD. You are too young to understand what REAL TRUE LOVE is like ! "

But Theresa is both stunned and flabbergasted by her niece's response: "I most certainly do know what REAL TRUE LOVE is, BECAUSE I HAVE READ TWILIGHT !"


Question: Can You Learn What "REAL TRUE LOVE" is by reading the "Twilight Saga."

As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinion, to help us both better understand, and to enjoy more fully the "Twilight Saga."

Most sincerely,
Doc B

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I know i spoke with you about this morning/evening for you and it is extremely spooky as you rightly pointed out

We do see the books the same and you can like you said even if you wish for it and want to sa yes, true love like Bella and Edwards just doesnt exsist!

Great points by both of us

Gem xx
Of course every girl wants the love that comes from books like this and I think maybe sum do. You can feel the love in The twilight saga wheter you are reading it or watching it.
Yes I agree With You.. some Girls (Not A Whole Lot) Do Have That Love That Comes From The Book... It Is Not Impossible To Have That Kind Of love It's Just harder For Some To find... I Know I have This Kind Of Love... But I Dont Think People Should Say It Is Entirely Imposible Because I Could Prove Them Wrong.. and So Could Some Military Girlfriends And Wives... The Ones I Know.. know This Kind Of Love This Deep powerful Passionate Love..
Yes I think that I have found out what ture love means and thank you for this great disscousion
No. Definitely not. The Twilight saga is strictly for entertainment and fantasy. Real Love isn't anything like the love displayed in the Twilight saga.
Learn "Real Love" from Twilight......I'm going to have to say no, simply because there are A LOT of EXTREMES in Twilight. Would I want my 16 yr old to be in this deep? No. I would want her to first experience life more before such a big commitment.

Edward & Bella are unique. Their relationship is one of a kind. There is no equal. This is for them.....not for others.

Excellent points. In Romeo and Juliet, Juliet was 13. Fortunatly our young people aren't confronted with these powerful feelings any more, Thank you for sharing with us, Doc

I think it shows us what we would like 'real true love' to be like, though finding it is a different story. This, what we see in the wilight Saga is the ideal. The love that never dies, that overcomes all obstacles and differences, that laughs in the face of sadness and shines like a comet lighting up the darkness. I think it does show us a lot about learning to love yourself and finding self respect and self esteem.
I love the way a plain girl such as Bella Swan, who looks like your typical girl next door, can bring about peace amongst so many 'mortal enemies' as Jacob Black puts it. The way she can intrigue people even as a human. The way this ordinary girl is recreated as the shield, the protector who saves the day.
I think it teaches us about how with a little motivation and committment, we can achieve anything. It reitterates what we hope to find in true love. True love in your dreams, yes yes yes, in reality??? We all live in hope. Some of us have found it, some of us are running to catch up, but what a journey this makes it. It gives you something to aim for, to hold out for, to dream about. I wish more people would breathe the Twilight Saga into their soul and maybe everyones dreams would become reality haha!. Get reading and watching all of you guys out there, make the worlds romantic offerings something worth waking up for lol!

Thanks for reading my babble, kimmie x
I think that throughout the whole Twilight saga every aspect of love can be found. There are wonderful examples of family love and friendship love (most have already been posted, so I wont' repeat them) and even romantic love. However a concern that I have is, there is also fantasy love mixed in with "real" love. I know that some very rare people have experienced a fantasy type love, but for most people it does not happen. So therefore I feel like the Twilight Sage sets up false expectations. And so many people focus in ONLY on Bella and Edward and therefore it can lead to disappointment.

But here is the thing with Edward, he doesn't exist. I am not talking about because he is a fictional character (so is Jacob) but rather the characteristics of his character are not realistic. You will NEVER find an Edward out there (I am very happily married so in essence I have my "Edward", but even he is not EDWARD you know what I mean). But you can find a Jacob.

You can find a best friend who brightens your life and makes you smile, just by walking in the room. You can find someone who will protect you and make sure that you are safe. You can find someone who does stupid things (even something that may seem unforgivable). Someone that makes you angry, and yet you learn to forgive them. You can find someone who loves you more than you love them, and they can accept that. You can find someone who has seen you at your worst and still accept you for who you are, even though you might be damaged beyond repair.


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