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sequel to Cassandra: a True Vegetarian



          “Jack, what did you do?!”  I stared in disbelief as my fiancé walked hesitantly into the living room, his eyes bright red in color.  It had been over a year since he last killed a human.  I thought he was more or less unaffected by their aroma now.  Apparently I was wrong.

          “I’m sorry, Cassy,” he groaned.  “I couldn’t help it!  I was in the middle of hunting, and there was only deer around, but then those stupid hikers had to move upwind and-”

          “Jack, please don’t blame the humans,” I murmured, stroking his forehead.  “You know they didn’t think they were in danger.  They would have been more careful if they did.”  He sighed.

          “I know.  I should have been more cautious.  Maybe it’s not such a good idea to let me hunt alone yet.”  We both laughed humorlessly.

          “Were there any witnesses?” I asked quietly.  After all, there were consequences on both sides if one of us slipped up.

          “No,” he said, shrinking into the couch.  “I caught both of them.”  I suppressed a shudder.  Humans may smell appetizing, but I couldn’t imagine actually drinking their blood; it just seemed cruel.  Well, not everyone had self control like Carlisle.  Bella and I were the two exceptions.

          “It’s okay Jack,” I crooned.  “It won’t happen again.  You’ll just have to have a hunting partner for a little while longer, that’s all.”  He frowned.

          “I wish you would be my hunting partner,” he hinted.  “I’d hate to annoy Tanya and Kate.”  I shivered involuntarily.

          Sorry Jack.  I will not be a part of any hunting trip.  Blood isn’t very appealing to me anymore.”

          “Come on!  The world isn’t going to fall apart if you hurt one animal…”  The look on my face had him quickly backtracking.  “Okay, well you don’t actually have to hunt.  Just keep an eye on me and make sure I don’t do something stupid.”  I smiled slightly.

          “I don’t want to watch an animal die, either.  It’s almost as bad as killing them myself.”  He huffed.

          I sat on his lap and touched his cheek, enjoying the mixture of emotions that lit his face.  The more dominant one was desire.

          “I already am your partner in one way,” I reminded him, flexing the fingers on my left hand and making the ring sparkle in the moonlight.  It was a small golden band with little diamond flowers lining the top- something only a vampire could create- and a speckle of rubies to enhance the beauty.  He had given it to me less than a week ago.

          “Now if only everyone else knew that,” he joked, kissing my neck lightly.  Yes, I had managed to keep it a secret so far; not even Tanya or Kate knew yet.  I figured Alice had seen the proposal, and I was glad that she hadn’t called to tell my sisters, but it was unavoidable that she would visit sometime soon.  It was easier to keep my parents in the dark.

They would have strongly disapproved of my decision- after all, I was only a junior in high school- and I would be grounded for life, if I ever told them.  I figured I’d wait a few years before telling them and actually having the wedding.  Their sanity was just as important as mine.  I only wore the ring to make Jack feel better; I didn’t want to hurt his feelings, but it did make the secret more difficult to keep.

          He kissed up to my jaw and made his way to my mouth.  I kissed him back for a moment, then pulled away when I heard footsteps prancing towards the room.

          Alice burst through the door.

          “Congratulations!” she squealed, looking and Jack and me.  I rolled my eyes, unphased, while Jack nearly fell off the couch.  “And thank you, Cassy, thank you thank you!”  He gave me a questioning look, but I just shook my head.  I had already decided I wanted Alice to do the wedding, since she was, apparently, an expert, but I wasn’t about to explain this now, where a bunch of eavesdropping vampires lived.  Alice had other ideas.

          “I’m designing your wedding,” she said to him.  Then, seeing my expression, added, “Everyone’s out hunting now.  You two are the only ones who know I’m here.”  I sighed in relief.   “I don’t understand why you have to wait so long, though!  I mean, who wants a wedding in college?  Bella got married right out of high school, and she survived.”  I laughed.  Bella wasn’t exactly cooperative at the time, from what I’d heard.  “Okay, okay, bad example.  The point is, her parents should have been furious, even worse than yours might be, but they weren’t.  And I can’t see how yours will react because you’re so set on keeping it a secret.”

“I can’t take the chance of changing my mind.”

“You’ll never know how they’ll respond.”

“Does that mean I won’t slip up?”  She shut her mouth and narrowed her eyes.  She knew perfectly well that if she answered that, she would never get her way.  Of course, her silence was all the answer I needed; no, I won’t slip up.  I grinned.

“Fine,” she groaned,” I’ll wait, but we’re going to look for dresses tomorrow.”

Just then I heard three pairs of footsteps enter the house.  I jumped up and headed for the door.

“Wait,” Alice whispered.  “Can we at least tell them?  They won’t tell your parents.”  I sighed and nodded, then went into the other room.

“Hey,” I said, “guess who decided to visit.”  She came in right behind me, and Tanya and Kate were immediately at her side.


“What are you doing here?”

“How long have you been here?”

“How is Edward doing?”

“Please, Tanya, stay on topic!”  I laughed and went over to stand by Jack and Garrett.

“My brother is fine,” Alice said, trying to hide a smile, “and I’ve only been here for a few minutes.  I actually came here to congratulate Cassandra, and to tell you why, since she obviously wasn’t going to.”  If I could have blushed, I would have.

“What do you mean?” Tanya asked, eyeing me carefully.

“Jack proposed!”

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thanks! You know this is the sequel. The first one is finished. If you haven't already, you can read it. :-)
All eyes fell on me.
“Why didn’t you tell us?” Kate said excitedly. “This is great!”
“Well, I, uh, thought you’d disapprove,” I admitted sheepishly. “I’m only a junior in high school.”
“Technically, you’re still a freshman,” Tanya replied. “Edward is a junior.”
“Exactly! Don’t you think I’m too young?” Everyone exchanged glances.
“Um, Cassy, vampire emotions are much stronger than a human’s. If you love Jack, it’s unlikely you’ll ever feel the same way about anyone else. Age shouldn’t matter if you’ve found your true love.” Kate stepped over to Garrett and led him into their bedroom as she was speaking, as if to emphasize her point. I grinned.
“Thanks,” I said, heading for the front door. “Now if only my parents could agree with you.”
“You haven’t told them, have you?” Tanya gasped, walking with me. I shook my head. “Well, you’ll have to tell them eventually, before college. That’s probably the last time you’ll be able to see them.” Ouch. “Any time later is risky; they’ll be bound to notice that you’re not aging.” I thought about this as we ran through the forest towards my house- I still had to live with my mom and dad- and up until we reached my bedroom window.
“I’ll tell them at graduation,” I decided, slipping into my room. “Now go! Jack needs to go home, too. Finals are today, and he shouldn’t be late.” She nodded and disappeared. I changed and went into the kitchen, where my parents were waiting.
“Good morning, sweetie,” my mom greeted.
“Hey,” I replied, sitting down. She gave me my usual bowl of fruit.
“So, are you ready for finals?” my dad asked, patting my hand. I shrugged. His fingers fell onto my engagement ring and he immediately pulled away to examine it. In a movement so fast I knew neither of my parents saw it, I switched it to my middle finger. I felt kind of guilty for moving it, but this was not a conversation I wanted to have right now. I would fix it later.
“Oh,” he said, blinking. “I could have sworn… huh. I’m starting to see things. That’s a very pretty ring, Cassandra. Where did you get it?” He looked at it suspiciously.
“I got it from a friend,” I said innocently. A very close friend. “It was for a special occasion.” It wasn’t a lie; weddings were usually considered special, and he gave it to me on his first vampire birthday.
My dad nodded. “I see,” he murmured.
“What is it made of?” my mom cooed, examining the gold band.
“Just some sort of crystal.” No need to tell her which crystal it was.
“Why haven’t we seen it before?” she persisted. They were making it very hard to keep my secret while telling ‘the truth’ at the same time.
“I just got it last week.”
“But then wouldn’t you have worn it-”
“Oh, look at the time!” I said, jumping up from my chair and looking at my bare wrist. Smooth. “I need to go. Shouldn’t be late today.”
“Okay, honey,” she said, kissing my forehead. I felt her shiver. My dad patted my back and I rushed- human speed- out the door, moving my ring back as I went.
Finals were actually pretty easy. Of course, it helped that I had a photographic memory now. Jack’s grades had improved traumatically since his transformation, though he still refused to do his homework. Sigh.
After school was probably harder than school itself; shopping with Alice. Yippee. I suppose it wouldn’t be that bad, except for the fact that I was a fifteen-year-old girl looking at wedding gowns in the middle of a very populated area. Awkward.
“Oh, come on!” Alice complained, pulling me into the store. “Nobody’s going to lecture you or anything, and your parents aren’t coming into town today. I checked.” This made me a bit more willing, but I couldn’t help but try to shrink into the background when people stared.
Finally, we picked one. It was a creamy white with a flowery pattern from the waist up, and it was strapless. The fabric rolled down my body from my hips all the way to the floor, accentuating all of my curves. Now even more people were staring.
“Hey Cassy,” Alice said, turning towards me. “What about this necklace…” She blinked. “Cassy?”
“What?” I mumbled, trying to ignore the shopkeeper’s expression. Alice blinked again, and her eyes dimmed a bit.
“Strange,” she mused, clipping the silver necklace around my throat. “I didn’t know vampires could hallucinate.”
“What do you mean?” I asked, looking at her. What had she seen?
“Never mind,” she said, pulling the necklace off again. I sighed.
“Are you sure it was a hallucination? Could it have been a vision?”
“No, no.” She gave me another pendant to try. “It wasn’t something I saw; more like something I didn’t see. You just… disappeared. I thought you had snuck away, but when I said your name, you were right in front of me again.”
“Maybe it’s just a side effect of the visions,” I suggested.
“Maybe,” she replied doubtfully. “Oh, that necklace looks perfect with your dress! Now we just need some earrings…” She stopped abruptly, her head snapping up and her eyes somewhere far away. She was having a vision.
“What is it Alice?” I whispered. “What’s wrong?” Was she shaking?
A long moment passed before her eyes refocused on me.
“We need to get to Tanya’s house.” Her voice was strained.
“Why? Alice, what did you see?”
Word got out about your strange talent. The Volturi are interested. Cassy, you’ve been summoned to Italy.”
Yay! The sequel! This is great! Can't wait for more! =)
you're welcome! :-) I finished writing the next chapter, but I have to type it before I can post it...
Okay, so I just finished typing this chapter. Enjoy :-)

We went our separate ways as soon as the dress was purchased. Alice assured me that she would explain everything to Tanya and Kate and that I should go straight home to pack. Of course, I also had to explain to my parents why I was packing. Great.
I snuck through my bedroom window like I did every night and started throwing clothes in my suitcase at an inhuman speed. My parents’ heartbeats were just five steps away, in the livingroom, and I considered leaving before they could realize I was here. But no, that would be wrong. I didn’t know quite how dangerous this trip was, but I felt my parents deserved a proper good-bye, just in case.
After zipping up my bag, I crept back out the window and over to the front door; after all, it would probably scare them a little bit if I just walked in from my bedroom as if I had been there all day, instead of with Alice.
The door swung open easily and my parents got up from the couch to meet me.
“How was your shopping trip, honey?” my mom asked.
“It was fine,” I said, shrugging.
“Where’s Alice?”
“She went to Tanya’s. Said it was some sort of emergency.” I walked in casually, pretending not to hear her intake of breath.
“Is everything okay?” As if on cue, my cell phone rang. I sighed in relief; I had no idea how to continue this conversation.
“Hello?” I said into the speaker.
“Cassy? It’s Tanya. We have a plan. In about two seconds, say ‘oh no, that’s terrible!’”
“Oh no, that’s terrible!” I cried, turning towards the wall so my parents couldn’t see my confused expression.
“Good. Now say ‘well, I’d have to ask them first.’”
“Well, I’d have to ask them first,” I replied nervously, glancing at my mom and dad meaningfully.
“Okay, I can do the rest. Give the phone to your mom; she’s more likely to say yes.”
“Um, she wants to talk to you,” I mumbled, handing her the phone. What on Earth was Tanya doing?
“Yes?” Mom asked hesitantly.
“Oh, Mrs. Llewellyn!” I heard Tanya cry. It was such a pathetically sad voice that even I felt the need to help her.
“Sweetie, what’s wrong?” she asked worriedly.
“It’s my uncle,” she whimpered. “He’s become terribly ill. The doctors are afraid he won’t make it to the end of the week.”
“Oh, that is horrible!” I turned to hide my smile; it wasn’t exactly appropriate with the story my mom was hearing, but she was using Jack’s situation from freshman year.
“Kate and I want to go to Italy and spend what time we have left with him, but we would really appreciate it if Cassy came too. We could really use the comfort.” My mother paused, looking at me uncertainly. I opened my eyes wide and gave her my best pleading look. It worked even better now that I had inhuman charm.
“Well, I guess it couldn’t hurt,” she acquiesced.
Oh, thank you, Mrs. Llewellyn! We’re leaving at 9:00 tonight. Sorry it’s such short notice, but something like this doesn’t give us warning.” I heard her sniffle.
“That’s fine, sweetie,” Mom sighed. “We’ll see you then.” She hung up the phone and looked at me sternly. I hoped my face looked innocent and calm.
“I hope you know to be careful,” she warned.
“I know,” I said, rolling my eyes.
“Nothing risky.”
“Of course not.”
“Don’t talk to strangers.”
“Wouldn’t dream of it.”
“Wear sunscreen.”
“Only if I’m outside.” I doubted the sun would harm me much, though.
“Use your seatbelt.”
“Really mom? I’m not a kid anymore.” She smiled and gave me a hug.
“Just one more thing, then,” she cooed, combing her fingers through my hair. I raised an eyebrow. “Don’t fall for any Italian boys while you’re gone. It’ll break Jack’s heart.” I laughed.
“Don’t worry, mom. Jack and I are inseparable.”
Okay, I'm a fast writer when I don't have anything else to do. :-) here's the next chapter.

“What do you mean, he’s not going?!” I looked at both of my sisters wildly, waiting for an explanation.
“Sorry Cassy. Alice said it wouldn’t work out well if he did.” Kate looked sheepish. “Boys aren’t exactly known for keeping the peace.” I groaned. I was traveling half way across the world, facing my possible doom, and my fiancé was staying here. “If it makes you feel better, Garrett’s staying too. After his reaction to them last time, they wouldn’t be too thrilled to see him.”
“Do I at least get to say good-bye?” A pained look passed over her face.
“No,” she whispered. “Neither of us do. Alice saw that they wouldn’t let us go, and we have to. If you don’t go there, they’ll come here. We certainly don’t want that.” I shuddered; no, I didn’t want those creeps anywhere near my home.
“But… well, will they be able to control themselves? We won’t be able to look after them.” I was grasping at straws, and I knew it.
“Alice said she would bring them down to her family once we were gone. They’ll have plenty of babysitters there. Now c’mon! We don’t want to miss the plane.” We ran out and got into a sleek black car of some kind. Tanya drove while Kate and I sat in back, quietly sinking into depression with each passing mile. Even through my own misery, I felt sorry for Kate; she was already married to Garrett, and their love was more… physical than mine and Jack’s. She must have been even worse off than me.
Tanya seemed a bit sad as well, but in her own way. She was probably sad that she didn’t have anyone to mourn for, that there was no one she could truly give her heart to. I hoped that would change, soon.
I wanted to call Jack as soon as we got to the airport, but Tanya convinced me to wait until we were on the plane. The time passed by slowly, but finally, we were in our seats.
“Hey Cass,” Jack said, picking up on the first ring.
“Jack,” I breathed, his voice filling me with relief.
“What’s wrong?” He asked immediately. “You sound… worried.”
“Everything’s fine,” I assured. For now.
“Where are you? Alice said I should stay at home tonight, that you wouldn’t be at Tanya’s house.” Jeez, Alice sure had a lot to say today; how many times had I heard that phrase?
“Um…” I hesitated, biting my lower lip. I didn’t want him to worry, but I didn’t want to lie to him either.
“Cassandra?” The tone of his voice had me practically crumbling in my seat. I couldn’t lie to him.
“I’m at the airport,” I confessed. “With Tanya and Kate. We have to go to the Volturi; they’ve summoned me to Italy.” Silence on the other line. “Please don’t be worried. I’ll be fine. You’re going to go with Alice and Garrett to go-”
“Garrett’s not there?” he interrupted.
“No,” I whimpered. I hated the frightened tint to his voice.
“I’m coming with you,” he said abruptly.
“No! We’re already on the plane. We’ll be leaving in a few minutes. Promise me you’ll be good for Alice, and don’t kill any more humans.” A pause.
“When will you be back?” His voice was trembling slightly.
“I don’t know,” I admitted, “but we told my parents I’d be back in a week.”
“Fine. I’ll give you a week. If you’re not back by then, I’m coming after you.” His tone was such that I couldn’t disagree.
The first flight to Georgia took about seven hours, and I wished I could sleep to pass the time. Considering that was out of the question, I had to settle for talking with my sisters, or face my misery without Jack.
The next flight was considerable longer, but at least we had something to talk about now.
“What does Aro want?” I asked hesitantly.
“We can’t know for sure,” Tanya replied. “All we know is that he’s interested in meeting you. Only Alice knows more than that, and she wouldn’t tell us anything more than what we’ve told you.”
“Why didn’t she come with us?” She raised an eyebrow.
“The Cullens don’t want to be involved with the Volturi again if they can help it, especially Alice. You know how much Aro wants her, and you know he’ll do just about anything to get what he wants. It would not have been wise for her to join us.” I sighed and nodded. Travelling to Volterra with almost no insight on the future was going to be… difficult.
“So what do we do?” I whispered.
“We go to Carmen and Eleazer. We need all the help we can get.”
We walked up to a homey-looking cottage just outside Volterra, up on a forested hill. I knew the location was probably for feeding convenience as well as spying, but I tried not to let it bother me. It was the perfect spot to watch the Volturi.
Before we could knock, the door was open and a smiling face was peering out at us. She had long black hair and bright golden eyes, and I immediately recognized her from the many pictures back home; this was Carmen, Eleazer’s wife.
“Tanya, Kate, so good to see you! Who is this chica bonita?”
“This is Cassandra. Carmen, we need your help. The Volturi summoned her here because of her talent. We’re not sure what they want from her, or how she could help them, and we thought ELeazer could give us some insight.” With mention of the Volturi, the new vampire beckoned us inside, glancing around nervously.
“Eleazer will be back shortly. I think you should know that we’ve added another clan mate since we arrived here. He was on one of the ‘castle tours’ that Heidi leads, but somehow he managed to escape from the feeding frenzy, though of course he was bitten. Dios mio, that boy has been through too much this year! His talent is quite strange, too. If he went back to Volterra now, they’d never let him go.”
“Why not?” Kate asked. “What does he do?” Before she could answer, we heard rapid footsteps coming towards the house.
The familiar face of Eleazer came bursting through the door, with a handsome stranger I had never seen before. Both their eyes widened as they took me in. I heard an intake of breath beside me and turned to find Tanya staring at the newborn. Her eyes sparkled with longing.
The man was actually quite cute, with curly brown hair that sprung from his head and strong muscles that stood out from under his tight sweater. Of course, my eyes were only for Jack, but I could understand her reaction.
“Carmen, who is our guest?” Eleazer asked, still staring at me.
“This is Cassandra. The Volturi summoned her here, and they were hoping for advice. Mi amor, what is wrong?” His gaze was locked with mine now, and he seemed at a loss for words.
“Look at her eyes, Carmen,” he whispered. “Her gifts are just as rare as Marcello’s, if not more so.”
“Gifts? As in, with an S?” I asked in disbelief. His face turned wary.
“We will talk about this later,” he promised. “But how did you change your eyes to such a color? Surely not with contacts.”
“It’s natural,” I replied smugly. “Surely you would know about my diet.”
“Yes,” he mused, stroking his chin. Then, turning to Carmen. “She can live of the liquids in plants, and doesn’t drink blood.” His mate’s eyes widened. Marcello’s attention was now focused on Kate, though I wasn’t sure why.
“Eleazer,” he whined. His voice was like honey, smooth and syrupy, and I heard Tanya exhale for the first time in almost five minutes. It was almost a sigh.
“Oh, how rude of me! Tanya, Kate, Cassandra, this is Marcello. Marcello, these are our friends; they won’t hurt you.”
“But the shocker-”
“Is not going to harm you,” Eleazer finished sternly.
“Wait, does he have the same talent as you?” Kate asked incredulously. He paused.
“Sort of.” We waited for him to continue. “Marcello has the power to copy another’s talent with a single touch. Since I am the only one near him with any out-of-the-ordinary skills, he’s been mastering mine.” He smiled proudly at the boy, who had now turned his head to Tanya. I knew she would be blushing, if it were possible.
“But yours,” he continued, “yours is even rarer. One-of-a-kind, in fact. Of course, his is too, but he uses powers that others possess. Yours is beyond any category we’ve invented; his consists in all of them. I can see why Aro would be interested, to say the least. But you must be careful. Try not to give him any unnecessary information he could use against you.” I nodded.
“Marcello?” Carmen asked. “Do you have any advice for them? You were the last to encounter the Volturi.” He was now right in front of Tanya, gazing deep into her eyes.
“Oh, there is much advice I want to give her,” he murmured, taking her hand and kissing it lightly. She giggled. “But, for the Volturi, there’s not much I can say other than what Eleazer has already told you.”
“Very well,” Tanya whispered, leaning in closer. “Maybe you should tell me your other advice.” I smiled and immediately blotted out their conversation from my mind.
“Eleazer, you said I could drink liquid from plants. Does that mean from all plants?”
“Yes. Have you ever tried draining a tree?” he asked curiously. I shrugged. “Never really thought about it, I guess. I just use normal fruits and vegetables.”
“Well, perhaps you should try it sometime. Who knows? Maybe your eyes will turn a different color for that, too. Maybe trees are the humans of the plant world.” He chuckled slightly. While I didn’t really like the wording of his inquiry, his idea had me intrigued. I would have to try it eventually.
“We shouldn’t waste anymore time,” Kate announced, looking around at all her friends. “Aro is expecting us.”
Okay, I'm sure a lot of the people who read my story haven't gotten online lately because of school, which is fine, because I won't be getting on much either soon for the exact same reason... :-) I'm going to try to finish my fanfiction sequel by then, and post at least most of the chapters, but nobody get their hopes up for a third until at least next year (assuming I think of any ideas for a third story). have fun at school... and I'll see everyone next summer!
Okay, try number two. I didn't know how to do a certain effect on my banners, but I finally learned how to do it, so I fixed up the banner from on my first page to what I wanted it to look like at first. I replied this a few minutes ago, but it looked like Aro had something up his nose... enjoy! :-)

MORE~! I <3 it!!!! I read the first story, and now I can't wait until this one is finished! Just brilliant!
love it!!!!!!!!!!!


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