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Old Preface: Takes place immidiately after Breaking Dawn. Jane and Alec were left behind to shadow the Cullens, and Leah imprints. Whats going to happen to them? Can a werewolf be happy with a vampire? Can they live together, or do the pack rules go out the window and will they be killed? Interesting twists and turns coming your way...

New Preface: Can a werewolf be happy with a vampire? Can they live together, or do the pack rules go out the window and will they be killed? Well as most of you who have been reading know, apparently a werewolf and a vampire can be happy together but can the child of a werewolf and a vampire be happy with a werewolf? Pay close attention to Aryn because she is very special and may suprise you...

This is a Fan Fiction me and my friend Shelby created...

Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to us. Only the ones we make up. The rest belong to Stephanie Meyer.

Slogan: They thought that their love could conquer anything. That they could leave the past behind. Are they right? Or will there past come back to haunt them?

This story is finished but my co-writer and I are branching out and are going to post an edited version on other fanfiction sites.we will keep you updated on that process. the second book will be posted soon i promise. thank you for reading and if you are a new reader i really do hope you enjoy this.
Forbidden Love: A Twilight Fan Fiction

Chapter 1

After the confrontation in the clearing Aro sent Alec and Jane to watch over the Cullen’s to look for something to condemn them with. They kept their distance but Leah knew that Alec was the one, her soul mate, the one she would spend the rest of her life with. She hid her thoughts from the others but she knew if it came down to a fight she would have to choose the side with the man she loved but didn’t know.
After the tense meeting with the Voluri she went to the Cullen’s with Jacob and waited until everyone was gone before she searched for the one she loved (in human form). Surprisingly she found him and who looked like his twin speaking to each other in the same clearing they were in today….
“What are we still doing here?” Alec asked.
“Aro told us to watch the Cullen’s to see if they do anything wrong because he wants to punish them… somehow.” Jane said to her brother.
“We could be back home now, were wasting time.”
“I don’t think we are. I agree with Aro. The Cullen’s needed to be punished. I don’t know why we didn’t kill them a long time ago.”
“Maybe not, I don’t think we need to punish anyone” I feel like there’s something between that female werewolf and me. I don’t think I could condemn her to anything. I love her.
“Whatever, go if you want but I’m staying.” Jane said as she ran off.
Just then he heard a movement in the woods. Alec smelled the air, there was a strange aroma. He wasn’t sure what to make out of the smell.
Leah took a deep breath then walked out into the clearing. Alec noticed her immediately. They stared at each other for a long while before Leah moved closer.
Alec knew he wanted her there, but what if Jane came looking for him? He loves Leah, he didn’t want anything to happen to her, not because of what he was. But she kept moving closer, very slowly.
When she got close enough to touch him, she stared into his eyes. Alec stared back.
“H-hi.” Alec said nervously.
“Hi.” Leah said while smiling.
“I’m Alec.”
“I’m Leah.”
They stayed there talking for what seemed like days but only a mere 2 hours. When suddenly they both heard a very faint howl. Leah knew immediately what was happening, her small pack was worried when she didn’t come home. Alec caught on quickly.
“You should leave.” she could tell he was only speaking the truth but his heart wanted her to stay with him… forever.
“ I cant, if they knew…” she looked back towards the wood. Where her family was waiting. If they knew she was with a vampire, who she imprinted on, a Volturi vampire, screw the rules they would both be dead.

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A/N: Most of you who have been reading the story know things have changed a little and we are curious to know if you guys have picked up on the things that have changed.

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thank you. me and shelby are so happy of the outcome we are getting. i got the idea while reading other fanfictions about leah and jacob, now if this imprint thing is so strong can it handle the hardest of all chalenges? there will definently be alot of drama, romance, action, and more. more coming tomorrow morning. thank you soooo much
BANNERS BANNERS BANNERS BANNERS..Anyone wanna give it a go
BANNERS BANNERS BANNERS BANNERS..Anyone wanna give it a go
Forbidden Love: A Twilight Fan Fiction

Chapter 2

“But if you cant go home…” Alec seemed to be wavering “you need to go home.”
“You’re right. But I cant phase if they knew you were here, if I was with you… that’s big trouble.”
“Where do you live, I can walk you home if you would like.”
Leah knew she should say no but this imprinting thing went too deep, she couldn’t stay away, this was worse than Sam, if he went away now what would happen to her?
“You could walk me to the treaty line if you would like?” she said it as a question.
“I would love to”
They ran, very fast, under the cover of the woods, just in case anyone saw them together, hand in hand.
The time passed quickly even though both of them didn’t want it to. Leah could see her house through the thick woods. They approached the tree line.
“That’s my house.”
“You have a beautiful home.”
“Thanks.” Leah said while smiling.
Alec smiled back.
Leah stuck her hand out.
“Thank you for walking me home, that was very nice of you”
Alec shook her hand.
“My pleasure.”
Leah started to turn to walk to her house.
“Hey Leah.”
“Will you meet me at the clearing tomorrow?”
“Sure, I’ll meet you there after school.”
“Ok, thank you.”
“Your welcome.”
Even though she didn’t want to Leah turned her back and walked to her house.
She saw Jacob standing by her house.
“Hey Jake.”
“Where were you?” He asked.
He seemed upset and rather angry.
“Is that any of you business?” Leah asked with some anger in her voice.
“What’s that suppose to mean?”
“It means I can take care of myself. Don’t worry about me.”
“Is there something your not telling me?”
“Jake, you’re my friend and I’d die for you but there’s something’s I need to keep to myself.”
“Are you pregnant?”
Leah stared at him in shock.
“How could you ask me something like that? I’ve been with you and Seth for god only knows how many months. I haven’t done anything with you or my brother, so I couldn’t be pregnant.”
“Is it some female time of the month thing?”
Leah just looked at him with an unimpressed expression then walked inside her house and locked the door behind her.
“Seth!” Leah yelled to see if her brother was home.
“Yeah?” Seth yelled back.
“Just seeing if you were home.” Seth knew something was wrong with Leah but being her brother he knew not to barge into her personal life.
“What’s for dinner?”
“I don’t know.”
“Where’s mom?”
“Charlie’s.” He said with an of course expression.
There mother spent practically everyday there. Leah hated that about her mother “might as well move in there” she said under her breath.
“Ok, what do you want?”
Leah cooked a couple steaks for herself and Seth. She also cooked two for her mom just incase.
“Seth dinners ready!”
Seth came down the stairs and sat at the table.
They ate in silence. When they were done eating Leah washed the dishes.
“I’m going to bed, you should to, we have school tomorrow.” Leah told Seth.
“Ok, night.”
“Night.” Leah went into her room hoping for some time alone but little did she know this imprinting thing, in her case, made her want to be with Alec more and more.
She did a quick phase to see if anyone… well anyone in her pack were in wolf form. Surprisingly it was very quiet, Sam and the others must be making rounds.
That was great for her it gave her a chance to be alone in her own head and feel the wind in her fur.
She stopped on the edge of a cliff looking out at the setting sun. She found herself thinking of him again so she phased into a human so no one would know the truth.
She loves Alec Volturi. She quickly slipped on the clothes that she (always) brought wither her.
Like he could read minds he showed up. “Leah?”
Leah turned around to see Alec. Without thinking she burst into joy and ran up to him and gave him a hug.
“Hi.” She said while smiling and still hugging him.
“Hi.” He said also smiling.
Leah stopped hugging him even though she didn’t want to.
“Sorry about the hug. I’m just so happy to see you.”
“It’s ok. I’m happy to see you too.”
Leah smiled.
“You look pretty.”
All of a sudden Leah and Alec heard rustling in the near by bushes.

oh....that's great....but i have some questions...alec doesn't want to suck her blood?isn't it very difficult to stand next to her?as a vampire wh's standing close to a warm body like leah's...and what about thestink thing they were saying in twilight saga jacob and edward?
as for your questions alec is well undercontrol and imprinting goes both way so hes in love with her, i dont know if we covered it yet bot for some reason they small difforently to eachother, but its only for them jane still stinks and so does seth if they are smelling other vampires and werewolves. they are extra ordinary, there love is a sign of that. there will be some bad battles ahead of them, but no matter what the call of leahs blood and alecs control, nothing can phase that, they love eachother, though they've only just met....anymore questions
new post tomorrow morning
I love the story but HATE THE CLIFFY
Anyways Add Me and keep me updated
Misz Jasper Whitlock Hale
lol posting more now
Forbidden Love: A Twilight Fan Fiction

Chapter 3

“Who’s there?”
Just then a rather small werewolf with pitch-black fur came toward them….
He was one of the new werewolves on the reservation. He was running his rounds and came across the smell of vampires right out of the treaty line. On no mans land. And he knew he would be free to kill this vampire one because he was one of the bad guys and two because he could prove himself to his fellow pack member. The thought that Leah was going to be his next victim made it even better.
Before either Leah or the vampire could react. He lunged towards Alec.
“NO!” Leah screamed as Alec hit the ground.
She didn’t want to admit it but she was screaming no for the vampire she was so madly in love with.
She looked shocked and in a trance as Alec and Derek circled each other in a hunters crouch. They turned their heads toward Leah, and Derek was confused at the longing in her eyes as she stared at the bloodsucker.
Leah started to cry as she looked at her beloved Alec. “Be careful.” she whispered, she knew he could hear her.
Just then Alec knew that he could kill this werewolf for making Leah cry, but inside he knew it was wrong to kill someone that was part of her family. She would hate him for that later.
Derek saw the wavering in Alec’s eyes so he took the opportunity and brought his teeth into the leech’s neck. Just as he was about to let go and call for reinforcements he felt a searing pain in his arm. As soon as he felt the pain everything was gone, his sight, smell, feeling, gone.
Alec looked at Leah. Was she smiling?
“I’m sorry, I had to,” Alec was mortified with himself
Leah ran to him and hugged him as tight as she could. She started to cry.
“It’s ok, I know you did it to protect me.”
She looked into his eyes.
“I love you Alec.” She murmured still full of tears.
Alec looked right into her eyes and said, “I love you too.”
“We have to get out of here. There going to come looking for him and when they find him like this there going to wonder who did it, and why. They’re also going to be looking for the person who did this to him.”
“I know.”
“We have to leave, and never come back.”
“Yeah but no matter what we’ll always be together. I’ll never let anyone ever hurt you again Lee”
Leah smiled halfheartedly.
“True. Come on, we have to go to my house. I have to get some stuff.”
Leah and Alec ran to Leah’s house. When they got their Leah cautiously looked around to see if anyone was there then she climb onto the roof and slipped in through her bedroom window. Alec followed.
“What are you bringing?” Alec asked.
“Not much, I’m going to travel light.”
“I’m going to go get my car. I’ll be back soon.”
He kissed her cheek and left through the window.
Leah grabbed a small suitcase and started to shove clothes into it.
“Ok, I think that’s good.” Leah said.
“Are you sure about this Lee?”
She gave him a long look “of course I am”
“The car is out by the tree line.”
Leah grabbed her suitcase and jumped out the window and landed on her feet. They both got in the car and quickly drove away.
The car ride was very quiet. Leah could sense Alec’s eyes on her. She looked out the window back at La Push. Surprisingly she felt no regret, she knew she wasn’t going to live there forever. She didn’t want to. When there was still the chance of Jake running away from this place Leah felt like she needed to get out, be free. Now she could leave with the man she loved, they could get married, and maybe just maybe have a baby.
Wait, she could have a baby. That’s what imprinting was for, to carry on the wolf gene.
Leah looked at him, she could see herself having children with this man.
He returned her gaze, ignoring the road completely. “Are you sure your ok?”
She didn’t realize it till now but he was perfect in every way. How did she, the only female werewolf disserve the most kind, beautiful, smart, caring, and evil man that he is? She loved everything about him. Including his hatred towards the Cullen’s and she even loved him for killing one of her fellow werewolves.
“No one is more happier than I am right now, thank you, for everything… for staying, for loving me even though we just met, and understanding me so completely.” She grabbed his hand as she gazed deeply into his crimson eyes. She even loved that about him, his eyes though they show pain inflicted on others, it marks him as a survivor, her survivor, and now they can survive together.
“I love you.” He simply told her.
“I love you too. So where to, my love.”
“Michigan.” Alec said.
“Michigan?” Leah asked.
“Yeah, we should be safe there.”
“Ok, I trust you.”
He smiled at her.
“If there was anyone I could start my life over with, it would be you, and I’m glad it is you.”
Leah kissed his cheek gently then rested her head on the seatbelt. She tried not to fall asleep for as long as she could. She could help but think about her new life with Alec. She was excited but also wondered about La Push, her brother and the rest of the pack. Thinking about all of this made her head spin but she knew that everything was going to be better. She loved Alec and she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. Leah looked over at Alec and smiled then she drifted to sleep.
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