The Twilight Saga

my first fan ficton :)

edward and bella after breaking dawn,, things change,,some suprise but some are upsetting renesmee gets kidnapped but by who ???

read on :)




1 .Suprises

bella's p.o.v

its weird how my life has turned out , its been 5 years since i became a vampire and its been the happiest time of my life. renesmee's starting to look more and more like a teenager everyday i just can't get over how fast she's grown she looks like a small 16 year old , its kinda crazy, though i have to admit its fun having a daughter thats exactly like me , she's not to big on the idea of a fashion shows everyday either,she'd given up on being rosalie's and alice's model , its pretty funny to watch alice's little face light up with irritation , she had hoped renesmee would have had a better fashion sence than me with her being more like edward.

it suprised me how well jacob had took it after the almost fight with the volturi that winter , not something i like to remember , carlisle still hadn't been to visit aro since , he wont forgive him easily , i think it was sort of a touchy subject for everyone. jacob never brought up the subject on renesmee's ageing speed it didnt seem to bother him , it was kind of confusing but i guess he meant what he said he just wanted her to be happy.

i pulled out of my reverie then remembering where i were and shook my head dazed it was like id just been asleep wich was weird considering i can't sleep i laughed and i felt something squeeze my hand next to me ,we were in our meadow so it was oviousley edward he looked at me with one eyebrow up confusion in his eyes , i had to smile at his expression , i rubbed the lines on his forehead until he straightened out , "you always make me jumpy when you act like that " he said with hesitation that confused me a little "act like what" i demanded , he smiled and touched my cheek "like your not on earth, like your somewere else only here by body" i had to laugh at that "yeah seems im always drifting off , i got a little lost in my thoughts ....." his expression was questioning "....i was thinking about renesmee" i said grinning before he could ask me what i was thinking , he smiled my fovourite crooked smile at me then, "i forgot how well you know me" he laughed and pulled my lips to his. i pulled away before i could get sidetracked remembering what was important "hunting" i asked one eyebrow up, he laughed and said sarcastically "hunting ... hmm should i go get your porsch we could make it to canada in no time" he smiled , i stuck my tounge out at him and pulled both of us up. normally we would hold hands while we ran but today i felt in a competative mood "fancy a race" i said teasingly "bet i could win you this time" , "your on" he grinned "1.. 2 ..3" and he took off running,i caught up to him in no time, i was getting better at running i was faster than the rest of my family, i could now keep pace with edward. he won by one huge leap and started laughing "cheater" i mutterd and his laugh belowed louder , he flitted to my side and kissed my cheek, "what should we hunt today then" he said taking my hand as we searched for our prey, "eww .. elk" i muttered "why is there nothing tasty around here" i said angrily , edward laughed at me now "well we could always go to antartica and hunt penguins" he said teasingley , i smacked his arm ,he laughed again "its better than being thirsty" he rubbed my arm soothingley, "i guess your right" i shrugged ,then i crouched and pounced on my prey.

we had finished hunting and returned home, we found jacob and renesmee cuddled up on the couch together , i had a weird feeling they were dating behind our backs, but the funny thing is i didnt seem to mind much, it confused me, i had to admit they looked like they belonged together. edward saw something in jacobs thoughts i stared at him and his face lit up ,he had love in his eyes , i was positive he was keepng something from me. "whats going on , what did you see in his mind" i mumbled "are you keeping something from me". he looked down at me , he looked mesmerizing he was smiling and he looked overjoyed, "well .... jacob has something to tell you" he laughed i stared at jacob panic in my eyes, "i don't understand .. i .. i " i mumbled , then it hit me the way he was staring into her eyes said it all , my mouth dropped open and jacob looked at me now concerned, renesmee let go off jacob and grabbed hold off my shoulders shaking me "are you okay.. whats wrong...." she demanded i cut her off holding up my finger "your in love .. my little girls in love"i whispered shaking my head , edward squeezed my hand probably still concerned i looked up at renesmee and she looked embarressed, she nodded, i pulled her close and hugged her tightly , i let her go and looked at jacob i smiled at him, releif washed over him i flitted to his side ahd hugged him , then i laughed "well this is big news" , edward laughed too and kissed renesmee on her forehead ,he came over to hug me "i thought you were gonna go crazy" he shook his head and laughed at himself , "why would i do that .. this is amazing news my daughter and my best friend ..." i trailed off as carlisle walked in the room and the rest followed in after him wondering what all the comotion was about , renesmee walked over to jacob and took his hand , "me and jake have decided to be together" she anounced. "at last" jacob added then laughed,all my family exploded with cheer and excitement they all walked up to renesmee hugging her one after another , there was only rosalie that looked disgruntled by it and i felt pity for her , i knew how she felt about the werewolves , i hugged her shoulders, she looked up and smiled at me "dont worry rose" i whispered "if jake was dangerous i woudln't of allowed it but they truly love each other, and they belong together".

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renesmee's p.o.v

i woke up dazed , my head hurt it felt like someone must of hit me with a rock,i felt the the back of my head and yep of course there it was a big lump "oww" i flinched, i looked around i was in a weird round stone room with nothing in it, i was cold, i shivered rubbing my arms trying to stay warm,then i saw a door, i got up and walked over to it i tryed the handle,but no movement,someone must of locked me in. well this is great i thought with a sigh.

alice's p.o.v

i was sat on the top step of the stairs rubbing my temples trying to concentrate harder, i was under alot of pressure so it wasn't easy, just then i got a vision "black eyes" just then edward and bella and the rest of my family appeared at the bottom of the stairs "it carn't be" edward whispered , "it must be...its the only vision thats made sence"i muttered, "WHAT alice ... what did you see" bella shouted shaking me by the shoulders "shhh" i whispered rubbing her arm "we know who it is now"

bella's p.o.v

i was sat on the couch cuddled up with edward crying tearless sobs onto his white button down shirt , i was on the vurge of having a breakdown the only thing that was keeeping me sane was the thought of seeing my little girls face again. "black eyes" alice muttered she was sat at the top of the stairs her face concentating on a vision she was having, we all ran to were she was sat, "it carn't be" edward whispered "it must be...its the only vision thats made sence" alice muttered pulling her eyebrows down in deep concentration, i looked at edward he was wearing the same blank expression, i flitted to alice's side taking her by the shoulders "WHAT alice...what did you see" i shouted shaking her until she pulled out of her reverie "shhh" alice whispered rubbing my arm "we know who it is now" , "WHO ALICE ! ... EDWARD" i screamed looking straight at them worry torn in both their features, they didn't answer both their expressions blank, "edward...please" i sobbed falling to the floor, he pulled me up into a hug stroking my hair back "the volturi" he whispered , muttered shocks spread across the room leaving everyone speachless.

"we have a month" alice whispered "there coming", "what .... there coming here ? ... to fight..." i stuttered, alice just nodded with a pained expression , "WHYY ! ....WE HAVN'T DONE ANYTHING WRONG !" i yelled ,what could we have possibly done wrong to deserve all this pain, "they want to keep her ... renesmee... as one of their own" alice whispered "they will fight to keep her" she growled through her teeth, that was it my knees gave in making me fall to the floor crying teerless sobs. my whole world has come tumbling down in just a space of a week, what have i done to deserve thisi thought sobbing.

sorry its so short guys i was trying to do the story through 3 different people ,,not so easy wen u have writers block :/ ,, next chappie will b up tmoz, but dunno wen have school first *sigh*,, well anyway tell me wat u think :)
Why do the Volturi do such dumb things? They wont give up without a fight.
Anyway, keep posting.
lolz i dunno :P,, nd will do !
this is good keep me posted. they always have to be in the way
love it!!! post more soon!!!
thanks bella :) ,, nd i will just about to start on the next chapter :) will be posted soon
haha anoo :/ ,, nd thanks will do :)
heyy guys sorry for making u wait but not been feeling well all week nd been kinda busy with school :/ soo am gonna post up next chappie this weekend sumtime :)
thnx for reading !! nd plz keep reading :/ lol


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