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Here is the chatterbox. Come here to post illnesses, vacations and so on. Or just go ahead and have a chatter, maybe even about Twilight.

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Later tonight (After 6:30 PM ET), until Saturday night, I wont be on much because my grandma is coming over.

Sounds fun always nice to see family :D

Yeah :P, except I have to be the conversation starter.
lol smh
Change of plans.... never mind!
always happens to me, whenever we plan a vacation, we end up going a week later.

Anyone wanna chat?

Don't you hate when you start to like a guy because you think he likes you...then you look though his facebook and find a girlfriend he never told you about! >:\

dang that is soooo wrong

I have a completely different situation,

Well, the guy that likes me, I like him too, we just think that its weird to date, unless your on a drama movie or TV show.

But its odd, like we always end up sitting next to each other everywhere...

And meanwhile, my ex best friend still stalks me.

stalkers are just plain creepy... I knew this jerk who tried to demand my attention and when he didn't get it, he started calling me around 3 AM during the week of exams. He knew I was staying up late to study and going to sleep around 1 AM. He was making these calls from his job, so I got someone to call his boss. LOL
Haha :)


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