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Here is the chatterbox. Come here to post illnesses, vacations and so on. Or just go ahead and have a chatter, maybe even about Twilight.

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Wow i had a stalker like that he still calls me but he doesn't stalk so much as before



I had a stalker also. He started out as a good dude but I told him that I was married and he flipped. He came to where I worked(Citi Trends) and stayed there for hours. And my boss had to get rid of him because I wouldnt come out of the breakroom.

Oh i'm sorry sounds a bit scary

Stalkers are nuts. And sometimes when they try to scare you, they get stuff wrong and you don't even realize it...

Speaking of stalkers, I always think of Buffy the Vampire slayer, and Twilight, how would you like it if Edward or Angel sat next to you every night when you were sleeping, and you didn't know they were there sometimes?

lol that would be kinda creepy
Thats okay angel is so hot he can stalk me anyday ;D

Haha, I like angel too...

Edward, eh...

I'd probably jump half way out of my skin if either of them stalked me. But then I'd get used to it.

lol smh
some guys don't have any idea how to appropriately attract our attention

Hey Guys :]

So.... Don't panic when I say this, okay?

A hurricane is heading right towards where I live, and everyone on the television are saying that we should be prepared to be out of power for at least three days.

No power for three days means I won't be able to charge my laptop; no laptop means no internet.

This is supposed to happen on Sunday.

you must live in the Carolinas....

After it hits you  its coming straight to me. I'm 30 Minutes from the NC Border

Actually I live in Connecticut, but because of the wind, it's course is changing direction slightly and coming straight at us.

Yikes, looks like a lot of us are going to get hit. -_-' Best wishes that everything turns out okay after.


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