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Here is the chatterbox. Come here to post illnesses, vacations and so on. Or just go ahead and have a chatter, maybe even about Twilight.

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I hope you have ton of fun in college know along with the learning stuff :D 

Okay Like I always do [More for me then you :P ] Photos from my last trip :D

Our camp Ground 

My Uncle putting up my brother mine and my moms tent

"Teaching my brother and little cousin how to do it" xD

View from the dunes :D

My Cousins on a little Bike thingy they rented....

[I was not their they ditched me when i was napping...] 

My brother playing in the dunes

The bride from the butterfly trail to our camp ground

Our Camp Fire and My nino :D 

And This is the post card I made for the trip :) 

Hey Guys I Just Really Miss this Discussion So Here's To Trying To bring it Back! 

Hello my TGBT Peeps 

What's going on in your life today? 

Anything fun or strange? 

Any up coming plans for Summer? 

Are you dying of Heat where you are? 


It's my moms birthday today I am surprising her with breakfast before she has to go to work :) 

I have this weird allergy thing going on with my face right now that is just weird. 

I am so excited i'm heading off to my annual trip to Pismo in a few weeks and I'm dying to go and get away from the valley heat here at home. 

OOH. Wish your mom a belated birthday from me!

Hey Guys!

Thanks for bringing this back Juliee!

Well, this is my last week here before I go to Maine next week.

I cannot wait!

XD I never go on vacation  so this is so exciting!!

Your Welcome Nikki:)
You're going to Maine that sounds like fun! What are you going to do there?

I'm staying at this REALLY nice little cottage and we're doing a lot of stuff mostly at the beaches as far as I know.

Beaches in New England. 

Cute little cottages in New England.


Can you feel my jealousy? xD

Make sure that you have LOADS of fun!!!!


That sounds like a movie vacation, I hope you have a great time.
Right there in the jealousy boat with Claire :D 

I guess I should say that, like Nikki, I am going on vacation too. :3

Except I'm leaving tomorrow and will get back the 25th.

My brother, dad, and I are flying to Tennessee. ^___^

I'm still going to have my computer and such with me though so I should still be able to get one a take care of things I need to care of on here. =)

What are you guys going to do in Tennessee I'm sure there are ton of fun things to do. 

We are going to visit family. =)

I don't know if we have anything fun planned. Other than the usual sort of swimming and sewing and cooking and activities that are generally done when cousins get together.

I reallyyy want to go to the Titanic museum that's in Pigeon Forge but idk if we're going to get to.


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