The Twilight Saga

I've decided to go ahead and make a gallery, that way I can post graphics with out feeling back about cluttering my shop with them. :3

I'll probably post other things too... songs that are in the banners, photos, stocks, fonts, all kinds of things, I can do this here with out cluttering my shop. xD

Feel free to post things with me, if you have something you'd like to share I'd love to see it. =D

If you see something you'd like, go ahead and take it! Just please credit me if you do. =)

-Claire Bear.

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Thanks so much Rachel!

Ugh. Okay. I do not know how to handle this.

Earlier today it was announced that BOTH David Tennant AND Billie Piper will be returning for the 50th anniversary!

I won't list any of my predictions because they would involve all sorts of spoilers for people who have not yet finished, or caught up to the current Doctor but MAN!

I'm too excited for words!

There are SO many possibilities for their return!




I must calm myself down.

But I put "They are returning" sort of as a parallel to season four. But anyway.



The first is the original, the second is with editing.

I got a new lens and a couple new lens adapters for my camera the other day. :3

The ring around the photo is actually the lens adapter. It's a macro lens adapter and when it's all the way zoomed out, it gives you a ring and slight fish eye effect. 

This is doggy. =)

The 21st century Doctor's main female companions.

Very nice!

I was watching a program on BBC America last weekend which featured the Doctor's Companions!

Did you watch it? I bet that was your inspiration for this! :)

I did watch it! But not actually until this morning. xD

It sat in my DVR all week long before I was finally able to have enough time to see it.

Samson - Regina Spektor. <3

The format of this was a wee bit inspired by a banner of Eva's. :3

(Total Eclipse of the Heart)

This is so beautiful!


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