The Twilight Saga

I've decided to go ahead and make a gallery, that way I can post graphics with out feeling back about cluttering my shop with them. :3

I'll probably post other things too... songs that are in the banners, photos, stocks, fonts, all kinds of things, I can do this here with out cluttering my shop. xD

Feel free to post things with me, if you have something you'd like to share I'd love to see it. =D

If you see something you'd like, go ahead and take it! Just please credit me if you do. =)

-Claire Bear.

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Thank you so much Aria!!!

I just love the way you feature Billie in you graphics, you have a way of making her look magical!

Awe! xD Thanks so much Juliee! I'm so glad you think so! 

This is really cool Claire, I love the colors and the whole....what is it it pop...something....It'll come to me! Anyways I love how you did this, it's unique and beautiful!   

Pop Art. xDDD

Haha, but thanks so much girly!!!

Netflix FINALLY got around to putting this on instant (Or even DVD for that matter)!

I am only a few episodes in but so far I am LOVING this show!

I absolutely LOVE 80's fashion and the cast is so star studded and wonderful!

There's of course the beautiful AnnaSophia Robb from Soul Surfer and Bride to Terebithia.

Freema Ageyman from Doctor Who

Austin Butler from Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure

And Chloe Bridges from Camp Rock 2

I am just loving this show so much so far!

My only complaint would be that I wish they were seniors rather than juniors because some of the content is, by my opinion, a bit too much for 16 year olds. They could have at least been 17 year old juniors. But anyway.

I really love it so far!

If anyone gets a chance to see it, you really should!!! =D

This is so pretty Claire, and I shall have to check out the show now because I love everyone of those people you named! Excited i needed a new show to watch :)

Haha! I can't wait to see what you think of it!

I mean I'm only a few episodes in but I really love it so far!!!

Yeah! I like the show a lot, I can really relate to the characters!

I agree with you about the age thing. I mean knowing TV shows, they probably only made them juniors so they can continue the high school themes, because with most shows (even my beloved Buffy c:) transitioning to college is really rough as far as writing goes.

But overall I like the show! I really like Dorrit because she dresses the same way I do :3 and I kind of relate to what she's going through most, but then like, Carrie writes, and I write. :)

I was happy to see Freema Ageyman again though! Like, I just saw the actor who plays Mickey in the new Star Trek a few months back and got all excited and I felt the same way seeing her!

I like her much better in this show than the Doctor though. I'm not sure why!

I can't really relate to any of the characters because (idk why this is really terrible something that I hate that I do) I have issues relating to characters younger than I am? DX That's so awful idk why.

But I can relate to certain things about Carrie, over all though I can't really relate to any of them. xD

But eventually they're going to catch up to the original show and they'll have to stop, but I know what mean, Glee is suffering. Haha.

I like Dorrit too! 

I also really like Carrie's friends though too. Idk. I just generally like everyone. Haha!

I love Walt though. omg. xD

I don't really think I like Freema more in one show than the other. idk. The characters are very different. In DW she was always pining after the Doctor, which I really did not appreciate because she was right after Rose and I just couldn't xD But other than that I think she was a great character, she was strong and her character development was really great. 

I haven't seen the new Star Trek, I did not know he was in it! :3

I have seen A LOT of other things with Billie Piper though. She is just great to see omg.

Also David Tennant and Catherine Tate. And Jenna Coleman... xD I guess I've seen a lot with other DW characters in it. It takes away from the pain of missing them! LOL.

Wow that was just a bunch of rambling I'm so sorry. xD


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