The Twilight Saga

I've decided to go ahead and make a gallery, that way I can post graphics with out feeling back about cluttering my shop with them. :3

I'll probably post other things too... songs that are in the banners, photos, stocks, fonts, all kinds of things, I can do this here with out cluttering my shop. xD

Feel free to post things with me, if you have something you'd like to share I'd love to see it. =D

If you see something you'd like, go ahead and take it! Just please credit me if you do. =)

-Claire Bear.

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This is so elegant! 

Who is the girl in the graphic?

Thanks so much Juliee!

I don't actually know, it was an image Eva provided me for a comp on FWAR. 

Claire so are you going to close the group when you make the 

transition to Deviantart? It's such a shame that the group

wasn't more active. I think it had a lot to do with when NING

deleted all of the groups and such, people just left after that.

I don't really read fanfiction but I believe it also effected

authors too with more rules for posting stories.

This site was so popular at one time but it just isn't that way anymore :(

They wanted strictly Twilight but people also had other interests besides Twilight.

Well I watched the new group on DA. I'm always on there and Free Writers so I

will see you there. If any of the others would like to join Free Writes please tell them too, I 

always love to have more artists

Dang I came back at the wrong time I see.....well, I was a writer on here a while back, then an artist.. was kinda tryin to get back in touch with people and my graphics..  Eva, can u plz message me the link to free writers?

Hi Eva and Angel!

No we are not closing the group. 

We do not have the authority to do that and we do not want to do that. We are hoping that eventually we will be able to being members from DA over here. We love this website, the layout, the sense of community it has, but we are just not getting enough activity to keep it going productively.

That's exactly what happened. People had other interests and when they weren't allowed to express those anymore they left.

I have told most everyone, several times, that there is always FWAR. 

FWAR just has a bit of a different energy than we do and a lot of the members feel that. 

But I have let most everyone know that FWAR is a great place just like TGBT was!!! =)

Angel, the website Eva was talking about is

And we, the website/ group you are in now, have a group on DeviantArt with a link on the front page!

I hope you will consider joining us!!

Just putting this here so I can get a link for it. =)


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