The Twilight Saga

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by Andrea Kuehl


Bella’s POV

Everything I have learned as a vampire has brought me to this point. My ability to love so deeply for my husband, daughter, family, and friends, has only strengthened my abilities. For love is the greatest emotion that drives any creature, whether human, vampire, or werewolf. I had taken these last four months for granted with a distant thought to the Romanians. Now before us stand Jane and Giovanni. On the side of me, my wonderful endearing husband, Edward, and my best friend in the world, Jake. Why would they choose this day to come to collect on a bargain only made four months ago? We had defeated the Volturi, what possible threat is there now? I think we all believed or wanted to believe that we had more time of peace and tranquil days ahead. Our future looked grim with Jane and Giovanni standing before us. It seemed like we were destined for a life of servitude. I looked to Edward who was now in my same thought. Leah’s wedding was in less then five hours and the Romanians come to pay us a visit now. I wanted to panic as I threw my shield around us. I knew it would be of no use to try to attack them because Giovanni’s shield was as equally strong.
“Hello Bella, Edward, and Jake! How are you on this glorious day?” Giovanni asked us all. Glorious? What could be glorious if they were here standing in our front doorway?
“Giovanni, may I ask why you have come today?” Edward asked very firmly.
“Well, we were told there was a wedding and Antanasia thinks maybe our invitation was lost! We do not understand why we were not invited along with your other friends! Do you all not think of us as friends?” Giovanni asked us.
“We think of you as friends, but there will be humans at this wedding and we did not want to taunt you or the guard!” Edward stated very cautiously.
“Well, Edward to be quite clear, your presence is requested in Romania!” Giovanni announced. Just then Antanasia walked in with Felix, Alec, and Demetri.
“We will be attending the wedding! There is much to discuss after!” Antanasia instructed us. I turned to Edward with agony on my face. Did they plan this? They knew we would all be in one place. They knew we would not make a scene in front of humans. That would be certain death. This has been planned since the day they left, but how did they know when the wedding was?

Jacob’s POV

Of all the days these leeches decide to show up. It has to be on Leah’s wedding day. Leah was going to lose it if she found out they were here. By look on Bella and Edward’s faces they were a little unglued too. I didn’t know if I should call for Seth, Leah, Quil, or Embry. None of them were in wolf form right now, not even Sam. I would have to call using an Alpha howl. Edward shook his head no at me. ‘What do you mean NO?’
“Just wait Jake! Let me see if I can control the situation!” Edward said muffled. Just then Alice, Jasper, Carlisle, and Esme came through the doorway. The looks on their faces were not ones of joy and happiness.
“Ahh, Carlisle! We were just telling Bella and Edward that we heard about the wedding! Our invitation must have been lost, so we did not want to be rude and not make an appearance for such a joyous event!” Antanasia said condescendingly. Creepy creepers gave me chills!
“Actually, Antanasia there will be humans there and we didn’t want to be inconsiderate and put you all through unnecessary pain.” Carlisle thoughtful answered.
“But you would be so inconsiderate of your other vampire friends? Come now Carlisle, we can control ourselves!” Antanasia pushed. “ We have other issues to discuss Carlisle. There is an issue that has come to our attention. We require your talented family’s abilities as per our bargain!” She said calmly.
“We remember our promise Antanasia! It was not that long ago that it was made! May I ask why you chose today to come?” Carlisle sounded very disturbed.
“Well, we figured that this would be perfect timing since all the witnesses would be here also!” Antanasia replied smugly. I just wanted to rip that look off her old crusty face. I was starting to believe that the Volturi were easier to deal with then the Romanians. I looked to Edward.
‘Now do you think we need backup?’ He shook his head no. ‘They can’t come to Leah’s wedding! If you don’t want her to freak out, they can’t come!’
“I think it would be better that you stay here! After all we don’t want to upset the bride!” Edward calmly told Antanasia.
“You think our presence will upset the bride?” Antanasia said furiously.
“I think that the pretense you are here under will upset her and we wouldn’t want that on her wedding day!” Edward very cautiously continued.
“Very well, we will wait here! After the event is over everyone will come back here!” Antanasia ordered.
“Better yet, we will come and bring you back to the main house!” Alice replied.
“May I ask why you came to the cottage and not the main house?” Carlisle asked the question we all wanted an answer to.
“There might have been humans and we did not just want to simply show up!” Antanasia laughed in amusement. This was planned from the day that they left. Two questions were left unanswered though. One, how did they know where the cottage was? Two, how did they know when Leah would be getting married? I then wondered when we would break the news to Leah, Jaiden, and everyone else. This had to be a happy day for Leah.
‘I need to go phase back before someone, like Seth, tries to find out where I am.’
“Go upstairs and go phase back Jake!” Edward told me. I ran upstairs and phased back to my human form and ran downstairs quickly.
“What did I miss?” I asked Bella
“Jake, you were gone all of three to four seconds! Not much!” She sarcastically replied.
“We are going back to finish getting ready for the wedding. I ask that you do not hunt in this area once again!” Carlisle stressed. I was glad he did that’s all we needed to worry about.
“Yes, we will stay indoors! You come back to get us as soon as your guests have left!” Antanasia instructed once more.
“Yes, one of us will come back as soon as they have left!” Edward assured her.
“Tell Leah and Jaiden that I send my congratulations, since we could not make it!” Antanasia said jokingly. My mouth turned into a grimace. Edward touched my hand to stop the words from flying out of my mouth. He may have been able to stop me from saying them, but he couldn’t stop me from thinking them! ‘Old Hag!’ Edward smirked when he heard it.

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Emmett’s POV

Everyone waited for the phone to ring and to be quite honest, Rose’s sobs were getting annoying. I knew I should have put on the game instead of the news, but no Rose says ‘let’s see what’s going on in the world.’ Well, now she knows what is going on in the world. Those hideous creatures are tearing it up. Worse they are in Greece and now Carlisle, Alice, Edward, and Bella are in trouble. So THANKS A LOT ROSE watching the news was a fantastic idea. Now you are blubbering like an idiot and I have to comfort you. That is the last time I listen to her. Oh and not just the local news, no we have to watch the World news. Just then the phone rang.
“HELLO! ALICE!” Jasper shouted with elation. I thought he was going to bust the phone into pieces.
“Is everyone okay? Are you on your way back? When will you be leaving? Did you get a firsthand look at the creatures?” Jasper spilled out not giving Alice any time to answer any of the questions.
“Okay, I am calm! I’m sorry Alice, I was just so worried! We were all worried! What are saying? You think they be coming here? Why? Oh no! Okay, I will let everyone know right away!” Jasper said now hysterically again. We were still waiting for the Denalis to come back and everyone else was hunting.
“What’s going on Jasper?” Jake asked trembling.
“They are okay, but the creatures picked up their scent and they think they might be on their way here!” Jasper answered. Esme and Rose’s faces turned into shock. I had a cheesy grin on my face.
“What are you smiling about Em?” Rose asked me a little disturbed by my appearance.
“Finally, I get to kick someone or should I say something’s butt and Bella isn’t around to stop me!” I blurted out. There faces met my excitement with disapproval.
“Em, that is all you think about! You really need to get over the fact that Bella is more powerful than you and stop acting like an idiot!” Rose said to me scornfully. Esme nodded in agreement. The phone rang again before they could start to yell at me.
“Hello, Jaiden! How is everything? Huh? How did you get that? Well we might need you back as soon as you can come! The creatures attacked in Greece! They attacked Cosmas’ house while Alice, Carlisle, Edward, and Bella were there! No, they are okay, but they think that the creatures picked up their scent and are headed for Forks! Okay, so leave in the morning! What are they called? Sav-o-nauts? Okay we will see you soon! Tell Leah not to worry! I hope she starts to feel better!” Jasper closed his phone and looked to us.
“Okay so the creatures have a name! They are Savonauts! Jaiden found some documents in his father’s lab that clearly describe the creatures. Leah is not feeling well and she is sleeping, but he will be booking a flight home for the morning.” Jasper explained to us.
“Did Jaiden say who he thinks might be behind this?” Esme asked Jasper looking concerned.
“No, all he said was that the only way that these Savonauts can be destroyed is explained in the scrolls in Romania!” Jasper answered. Well if that old bitty knew how to destroy them, what the hell did she need us for?
“Well, I better go warn the packs!” Jake said heading out the door.
“Hurry back Jake!” Jasper instructed.
“Rose, let’s go get started on packing! Alice may be mad when she gets back, but she will have to deal with it!” Esme told Rose and they headed upstairs.
“Finally!” I exclaimed thankful that everyone left.
“Finally, what Emmett?” Jasper asked me glaring at me.
“Finally, I can watch some football!” I answered him laughing. Just then the Amazons, the Irish clan, and Benjamin and Tia came busting through the door.
“They are about five hundred miles away, but they are heading this way!” Benjamin announced.

Bella’s POV

We made it to the edge of the tunnel. All I could think of was how quickly we could make it home to Renesmee. We had to wait a little while before we could leave. We made it above ground. The creature's trail ended at a cliff. We all looked at one another.
“They’re in the water!” I murmured. I felt so hopeless. Here we were in another country miles away from Renesmee and everyone else. These creatures were possibly heading to Forks. I could smell another scent. It smelled like another vampire. I t must have been the woman. The creature's scent was repugnant and horrible. I wondered if that is what we smelled like to Jake and the rest of the pack.
“No, definitely not this bad!” Edward said trying to assure me that this smell was far worse. Cosmas left us he said he would meet us in Romania when the time was right. He instructed us to get home and go to Romania as quickly as possible. Now we were being told to go to Romania.
“I think the only way to stop what is happening is to go to Romania.” Edward told me trying to calm me a bit. The creatures had left our rental car untouched amazingly. We all ran to the car. Alice was in the driver’s seat and we were flying around the curves of the roads. Carlisle was on the phone booking a flight from Greece home.
“I need four tickets on your next flight to the United States!” He demanded.
“What? No! What about a personal jet? I do not care money is no object! Yes! Please have it ready for us when we arrive! We should be there….” Carlisle looked at Alice.
“One hour!” She answered him.
“One hour! Yes we will be landing in Seattle, Washington!” Carlisle told the person on the other end. “Great!” He said and hung up the phone. What if we did not make it on time? The whole town of Forks and La Push were at stake.
“We will make it Bella!” Edward said softly to me. Alice was now on the phone as she flew one hundred miles per hour around the curves. This made me extremely nervous. We may not die in a crash unless the car exploded, but we would certainly lose time to the airport.
“Jazz, we are on our way back! Yes, we are all okay! Calm down Jazz! We will be taking a private jet. Jazz they picked up our scent we think they might be heading that way! I love you Jazz! See you soon!” Alice said as she hung up the phone. Just then Edward went rigid again. He was having a vision. This was all too much to take in all at once. Creatures trying to kill us, we might be the Chosen Ones, the Romanians, and the list was never ending. Edward was starting to relax.
“Edward are you okay?” I asked. “What did you see Edward?” I asked him again waiting for a response.
“The creatures they can be destroyed the answer is in the scrolls. They have walked before under the command of Antanasia’s father. They were never to be unleashed ever again. The person who has done this knows what a great risk this is. This would have to be someone who did not value life at all, mortal or immortal.” Edward announced.
“How did they destroy them before?” Carlisle asked Edward.
“They destroyed them, but if they ever arose again the Great One would have to destroy them!” Edward answered Carlisle.
“And how does the Great one do this?” I asked him scared of the answer I would receive.
“Through the child, Nessie!” He mumbled. No! My gasps filled the car. Please do not be true.

Jaiden’s POV

What in the world just happen? I was confused. I looked at Leah’s expression and I could immediately tell whatever just happened was very unusual.
“Leah? What..Happen?” I managed to get out of my mouth. She looked at me with even more disorientation.
“You’re asking me? I was about to ask you!” She shrieked very loudly. As she shrieked, the bed lifted off the ground and slammed back down.
“Okay, I need you to calm down!” I instructed very carefully. “I am calling for the next flight right now!” I said to reassure her. God only knew what else could happen if she got emotional. This was extremely weird. Just then my phone started to ring.
“Hello. Jasper, I am so glad you called something….” I started to say before I was interrupted by the voice on the other line.
“Jaiden, they are about five hundred miles away!” He yelled panicking.
“What are you talking about Jasper?” I asked him. Leah started to move around on the bed and she was about to panic herself. I was about to be sorry for what I was about to do. I froze Leah.
“The Savonauts! They are on their way here! What do we do?” Jasper asked me. I had read they had a keen sense of smell and they were some of the best trackers. They could not however stand the smell of werewolves. They also would not go past any perimeter that was marked by a werewolf. They would stay back until the smell would pass.
“Listen to me Jasper! They cannot stand the smell of werewolves, even more so then regular vampires. Tell Jake and the pack to mark a territory far enough out away from town. Tell them to go now!” I instructed Jasper.
“You want me to tell them to go pee on stuff in the woods?” Jasper questioned me with disbelief.
“Yes, I know! It sounds unbelievable, but they will not cross that perimeter until that smell is subtle enough for them to pass! Now tell the pack not to get to close to them. The Savonauts will try to destroy them if they get close enough!” I forcefully told him.
“Okay, who knew werewolf urine would be the answer to us staying alive! I will tell them!” Jasper answered me finding some humor in this chaotic mess.
“We are trying to leave tonight! Something is wrong with Leah! She stopped time and she lifted the bed off the ground! She did all of this when her emotions were out-of-control! I had to freeze her so she didn’t do something else!” I told Jasper.
“Wow! Get back here soon so we can figure all this out!” Jasper said.
“We will! No, I never thought of that! Not possible!” I said to the question Jasper asked. My freeze was starting to wear off on Leah.
“Jasper, got to go! Bye!” I said as I slammed the phone shut. Leah was unfrozen and glaring at me.
“Don’t get mad Leah! Whatever is wrong is controlled by your emotions, so I need you to control them! Okay?” I said to Leah very calmly.
“Fine, but do not every freeze me again! Do you understand me Jaiden?” She said to me seriously.
“Yes, I understand!” I said calmly approaching her. I sat on the bed with her and held her in my arms.
“What did Jasper have to say?” She asked. I didn’t know if I should tell her.
“I am only going to tell you if you promise to stay completely calm!” I said very firmly.
“I promise! I swear!” She replied with her puppy-dog eyes.
“The Savonauts are on their way to Forks! They have been spotted!” I said holding her in my arms. She wanted to jump up. I could feel her body twitch.
“You promised! I told them how to stand them off for a little while!” I said trying to ease her mind.
“And how is that?” She asked annoyed by my grip on her.
“Werewolf urine! I know it sounds completely ridiculous, but they cannot stand the smell of it! Jake, Sam, and the rest of the pack are marking a perimeter as we speak. This will buy us some time to get home.” I said as Leah relaxed in my arms.
“Nothing really surprises me anymore!” Leah said laughing. I was waiting for the room to implode or something.
“Jaiden let me go! I have to throw up!” She told me. I let her free of my grip and she headed for the bathroom. As she started to throw up, the lights went out in the room. What the hell was this? I looked out the window. All the lights for at least a mile were out.
“Jaiden?” Leah called for me.
“I’m coming Leah!” I said to her.
“Did I do that?” Leah asked me in shock.
“Yeah, I think you did! Leah, I have to ask you a question!” I said very calmly to her.
“Go ahead!” She replied a little curious. How was I going to ask her this?

Jacob’s POV

When Jasper told me I had to go mark a perimeter with urine, Rose started to laugh at me.
“And you wonder why I call you a dog!” She was laughing so hard now. Emmett was starting to join her in the laughing.
“Well, maybe I will mark a perimeter around everything except you! Maybe I will let those monsters squeeze the air out of your head, Blondie!” I growled back at her. This only made her laugh harder.
“Rose, stop laughing! This is not a laughing matter!” Esme said very seriously glaring at Rose.
“Jake GO! Go get the others!” Jasper instructed me . “And if you come upon one of the Savonauts run like hell, do not try to defend yourself! Understand!” Jasper was firm about this point.
“Yes, I will be back!” I said running for the door. I was soon in the woods tearing my clothes off. I phased in the matter of seconds. I was shouting in my head.
“SAM, SETH, EMBRY, AND QUIL!” Sam yelled back. “Jake we can hear you! Stop!”
I quickly ran through everything in my head so that Sam and the others could see.
“I thought something was coming! I can smell it! It is so much worse then vampire stink!” Seth was telling us all.
“Where were you Seth?” I asked quickly.
“About three miles out!” Seth answered me. Just then I heard Sam’s Alpha call for the rest of the pack. We all headed three hundred miles out and Seth was right we could smell it. The stench was horrible. I would rather sniff around Blondie any day.
“Isn’t that the truth!” Seth laughed at me. We decided to mark a huge perimeter around La Push and Forks. Then we would go to the river and drink and slowly and gradually we marked perimeters within the larger perimeter. This ensured every time the Savonauts got pass the first perimeter, they would come to another. We were about seventy-five miles out and we heard there cries. They must have made it to the first perimeter. We hurried and mark all around La Push. I rushed back with Seth and Embry. We marked some more around the Cullen’s house. We were done and I noticed that Esme, Emmett, Rose, and Jasper were all outside. They could hear the cries and wails from the Savonauts. They were horrid and my ears were starting to hurt from them. I ran into the forest where I left my clothes and phased back.
“We marked everywhere we possibly could! We marked smaller perimeters within the larger one!” I told Jasper. He smiled. He seemed pleased with our military strategy.
“Good thinking Jake! They will get past the first perimeter only to be stopped by others.” Jasper said praising our thoughts.
“Those things smell dreadful! I wanted to vomit in my wolf form when I got my first whiff!” I told the Cullens. “I would rather stay and stiff Blondie any day!” I said smiling at Rose.
“Eww, stay away from me dog!” She squealed. That’s what I get for trying to give an airhead a compliment. We could hear more howls and screams from the creatures. I just hoped no humans decided to go check it out! Like Charlie…..
Leah’s POV

Jaiden’s question was ringing loudly in my head. I felt dizzy and the next thing I knew I was waking up in Jaiden’s arms. He was carrying me to the bed. He laid me softly in the bed and I pondered his question. No, there was no way. That would mean that I couldn’t phase. This all could not be this simple. I had just gotten use to being the only female wolf and to be quite honest, I was owning it!
“Jaiden, what are you doing?” I asked still a little dazed. Just then the lights came back on.
“Was that you? I don’t know! I am getting us a flight back home now!” Jaiden was frantically running around.
“You are making me nervous Jaiden!” I said firmly. Just then Jaiden stopped and looked at me.
“I am sorry! I do not want you to feel anything! I do not want you to think about anything! I do not want you to move a muscle until I can have Carlisle figure out what is exactly going on here!” Jaiden said as nervous as he was making me.
“I’ll tell you what is going on, you are being a mad man Jaiden! Just STOP!” I yelled and he did. I froze time again!
“START!” I yelled and time started again.
“See, Leah how am I supposed to put you on a plane with innocent people and hope that some emotion you feel doesn’t bring the plane down?” He asked me. I was thinking he was right.
“Okay Jaiden, I won’t think the whole way to the airport, then once on the plane you freeze me!” I said very proud of my thoughts.
“I do not know if I can hold it that long! And what I am supposed to do just cover you with a blanket and hope the stewardess doesn’t bother us!” Jaiden said concerned about his ability to pull my plan off.
“You can do it Jaiden! I know you can! Just think that our lives depend on your ability!” I said very assured of my beautiful husband.
“Okay, well can you at least sit there and do not do a thing so I can at least book the darn tickets!” Jaiden said to me going along with my ingenious plan.
“Yes, dear!” I said and spoke to soon. I sneezed and the power was out again. This time we heard cars screeching and crashing.
“LEAH! You promised! This is going to be really dangerous!” Jaiden said to me. He opened his cell phone and started to call the airport again. The lights came back on in no time. I felt badly for whom ever car I wrecked. I couldn’t help it though. It wasn’t my fault.
“Yes, your soonest flight! Yes, I want to rebook! Okay, thank you!” Jaiden said looking at me.
“Three hours great! Yes, I will pay the difference. Thank you!” he said as he hung up the phone.
“Well, we better get packed!” I said going to get up and help him.
“No, you stay sitting down and trying to remain calm! I will pack!” Jaiden instructed me.
“Have you ever heard of something like this happening Jaiden?” I asked worried that I was some kind of freak.
“No, but there are no rule books on this sort of thing!” Jaiden said to me laughing. I started to smile and he held his fingers up to me.
“No, I guess you are right!” I said gently caressing my belly.

Edward’s POV

We raced to the airport making it there in record time. I was thinking back to the vision that I just had. The scrolls held all the answers. The question that lay before us was Antanasia going to tell us about them or what was in them? I doubt that she would reveal much of anything. We boarded our private jet and we were off to Seattle. Bella thoughts were jumping around. I just pulled her tighter to me and held on to her. She was worried about Renesmee. I was worried about Renesmee. Just then Alice had a vision of the creatures. They were on their way to Forks. She could see the woman vampire that was leading them. I had no idea who she was. I could see the Denalis. They were just ahead of the creatures and they were running for their lives. Just then the creatures stopped and they would go no further. The woman vampire yelled at them to go on, but they groaned in protest. They were not moving, but instead it looked as if they were turning around. Then the vision was over. I looked to Alice.
“They are almost to Forks!” Alice blurted out. Bella jumped up with such force.
“WHAT?” She screamed. I grabbed her and tried to calm her down.
“They turned around!” Alice said very quickly. Bella looked at her trying to figure out if she was being lied to.
“How did you see them?” I asked Alice.
“I think it was the Denalis I was seeing and that is why I saw the creatures!” Alice answered.
“They turned back? Why?” Bella questioned very seriously.
“Something stopped them! Whatever it was they did not like it!” Alice replied curious herself why they had turned back. Carlisle was thinking about how much longer it would take to get to Seattle,
“Can we ask the pilot to speed this up?” Bella asked extremely distraught with the news.
I could hear her screaming in her head, ‘RENESMEE, RENESMEE!’ I wanted to ease her conscience, but I knew nothing would help until Nessie was in her arms. I felt the exact way. I wanted Nessie in my arms of safety.
“I think we should call the Romanian as soon as we touched down! We will need their help getting to Romania!” Carlisle said. He was intently focused on getting home and getting our family to safety. Just then Alice had another vision. This one was of Charlie getting a call that there were some disturbing animal noises coming from the forest. Charlie had told the dispatcher that he would get a crew together and go check it out. The vision ended. I looked to Alice and glared at her not to say a word, but she gasped.
“WHAT ALICE?” Bella demanded. I looked at her hoping she would lie. I knew Bella could not handle this news.
“Charlie…” Alice started to say. Bella’s eyes were wide with fear.

Seth’s POV

Jake made me go home and check in with my mom. I phased back to my human form when I got closer to the house. I could still hear the creatures growling and wailing.
“Hey Mom!” I said trying to ignore the sounds that coming from the woods.
“What in God’s creation is that Seth?” Mom asked me glaring at me knowing that I knew.
“They are some mutant vampire Mom. They are not here with any good intentions. That is what has been responsible for all those attacks all over the world!” I told my mom as I hunted in the fridge for something to eat.
“And why are they here Seth?” Mom continued her interrogation.
“ Probably to kill the Cullens, but we marked a perimeter with our urine! Apparently, we smell as bad to them as they do to us!” I said finding some leftover chicken.
“Are we in danger? Should we leave? What are Sam and Jake doing?” Mom screeched petrified by what I had just told her.
“We marked around here, calm down! They don’t like how werewolves smell, so I do not think they will come here. Plus, they are about three hundred miles away!” I said trying to calm her down. Just then the phone rang. Mom went over to it and answered it.
“Hello. Oh, Charlie! What? Charlie, I do not think that is a good idea that you go out there. Yes, I know it is your job, but Charlie…I understand! I will see if anyone here can go with you! Do not leave until I call you back! Bye, Charlie!” Mom said with disbelief and hurt on her face.
“Well, Seth, you better tell Jake and Sam to figure something out quickly because there have been complaints about the noises. Charlie is being sent to go check it out because he is the Chief! You had better figure something out and quick! I do not know how long I can keep him at bay!” Mom instructed me.
“Okay, let me go talk to Jake! Love you Mom!” I shouted as I ran out the door and phased. I howled for Jake. Then in a moment I could hear him in my head.
'What is it kid?' Jake asked me.
‘Jake, Charlie has been sent to go check out the noises from the woods!’ I said hysterically. Man, Bella would never forgive herself if something happen to Charlie.
‘Calm down kid! Go tell your mom to tell Charlie that what is going on is on a need-to-know basis! Tell him we are taking care of it! Go now and hurry back !’ Jake commanded me.
‘Okay, be back soon!’ I told Jake. I phased back and I rushed into the house. I ran for the phone.
“What’s going on?” Mom started to ask me, but I held my hand up to her. I would get it later for that. I dialed Charlie’s number.
“Hello, Sue!” Charlie said before I could speak.
“No, Charlie! It’s me Seth! Jake told me to tell you that this is a need-to-know basis thing and that we are taking care of it!” I waited for his answer. There was a long pause.
“Seth, tell Jake I appreciate that, but if these noises keep on I will be forced to go check it out! They think there is a wounded animal! The whole town is nervous especially with all of these reports of creatures attacking all over the world.” Charlie said insisting.
“Well…” I started to say.
“They are the same creatures! Aren’t they Seth? You tell me NOW! Screw this need-to-know basis! You go tell Jake I want some answers! Where are Bella and Edward? Where is Nessie?” Charlie went on in an angry tone.
“Okay, I will go tell Jake to come see you NOW!” I said defeated. If Charlie wanted some answers then Jake would have to explain it to him.
“You had better Seth! He has one hour to get his furry butt here!” Charlie replied forcefully. He would make a good Alpha. He managed to make me cringe.
“Okay. I will! Bye!” I said as I hung up the phone.
“What did…” Mom started to say, but I held my hand up to her face again and headed for the door. Boy, I was going to get it later for sure. Maybe she would forgive me if I saved Charlie’s butt though. I phased and started to replay my conversation over in my head for Jake.
‘That’s what he wants fine! Wait, I could bring Nessie there! Seth met me at Charlie’s house.’ Jake instructed me. What was he thinking? I do not know if the Cullens would let Nessie out of their sight.

Jaiden’s POV

I packed everything up and helped Leah change her clothes. She did pretty well, she only froze me once. I called to the front desk and had them help us with our luggage. We checked out at the front desk. I wondered how Leah was feeling about my question. Then I thought about that it and I knew she would be ecstatic if it were the truth. Maybe I shouldn’t have gotten her hopes up.
“What are you so intently focused on?” Leah asked very lovingly with her warm brown eyes searching my face. The raindrops hit the windows as we headed for the airport. The sound of them tried to effortless drown out my thoughts. My mind raced over my question to Leah.
“Nothing just worried about you, my darling!” I said stroking her beautiful face. “Remember you said you would not think or feel! I know this is hard!” I said to her with empathy.
“I know! I will just look at your mesmerizing face and get lost!” She said touching my lips with her finger. I couldn’t resist. I wanted to feel her lips on mine. So I leaned down to kiss her. The passion that emerged from her perfect lips was never ending. I pulled back to look at her face. She was glowing! Literally!
“Okay that is enough of that!” I said quickly. Her mouth turned downwards into a pout.
“Why?” She asked a little upset with me.
“Leah, you were glowing! You want to scare the driver?” I whispered to her.
“How are we going to do this?” Leah asked plainly. I guessed that she would really be upset, but she was trying to control her thoughts and emotions.
“We will have to work on your emotional control.” I said to her. “Don’t worry Leah we will work it all out!” I said promising her something that I was not sure of.
“How are you feeling? You know, are you feeling sick to your stomach?” I asked trying to divert her attention from the problems we might face later.
“I feel fine. It passed!” Leah said with a little smile. I loved it when she smiled. Her smile could light my darkest days and I am sure there were plenty ahead. I was worried about the Savonauts, the Romanians, and Leah.
“You don’t look very happy!” Leah said questioning my expression.
“Huh? No, I am very happy Leah! I have a beautiful, wonderful, loving wife! What could be better then that?” I asked her softly.
“I guess just one more thing could add to our happiness!” She said rubbing her belly.
“Ahh, yes that! Of course, Leah!” I said assuring her that I was as happy as she was.
As much as I wanted to enjoy the possibility of Leah being pregnant, I couldn’t I was worried about it. I wondered how long she would carry, would the birth almost kill her, how would she control these powers, and so much more ran through my mind. The biggest factor that played on my mind, what if Leah died? I couldn't try and change her like Edward did because it would kill her anyways. The other question I had was very basic, could Leah still phase while she was pregnant? I guess we would find out all answers as soon as we got back to Forks, but then again I didn’t know what we would face in Forks. We would soon find out the answers to everything. We would find out if Leah and I were to become parents.
Bella’s POV

Why did she just say Charlie’s name? Edward’s arms we wrapped around me trying to no avail to calm me down.
“Answer me NOW!” I growled at Alice. Alice was taken back at my tone with her. I was in no mood for the protection game of my feelings. I was in control of my emotions and right at this moment I wanted to know what Charlie had anything to do with this.
“Bella calm down and we will tell you what Alice saw!” Edward said whispering in my ear. I turned to look at him. My glare must have been awful because his arms dropped from around me.
“I want to know what Charlie has to do with any of this!” I said a little less hostile then before. My mind was playing tricks on me. Maybe they followed my scent to Charlie’s house instead of to the cottage or Cullen’s house.
“No no no Bella! That is not it at all!” Edward tried to calm me again.
“Then what? Please?” I fell to my knees in utter and complete despair begging for the answers. If my father was dead just tell me, please.
“He is not dead!” Edward said picking my lifeless body from the ground. He lifted my head to look at him.
“Alice tell her what it is that you saw!” Edward instructed Alice.
“Well, the dispatcher called Charlie at home because there have been awful noises coming from the woods and there are some concerned citizens…….” Alice did not finish she went blank and I knew she was having another vision. I looked to Edward who was intently studying her vision. His mouth started to turn upward in a smile. Then Alice let out a sigh. Was it a sigh of relief?
“What? What is going on?” I asked desperate for answers again. Edward decided that he would take over and explain. He sat me back down in my seat and got down on his knees before me.
“Charlie was going to go check out the noises. He decided to call Sue and ask her to get some of the pack together to go with him. Seth was at home when the call came through and he phased and told Jake. Jake is on his way to your dad’s house with Nessie. Jake is going to explain everything. He also thinks that Nessie is safer at your father’s house. Seth and Quil will stay with Nessie and Charlie there. Jake will not let your father go to investigate! Bella sweetie, your father will be okay! So will Nessie!” Edward explained so carefully. I took an unneeded deep breath. Then I thought, wait what exactly is Jake going to explain to Charlie!
“Well, Charlie said no more need-to-know basis, he wants the truth and he wants it now!” Edward answered me. My face went blank. I couldn’t begin to imagine Charlie’s face when he learned that his only daughter was a vampire. What? What about the law? What would happen to Charlie?


Giovanni’S POV

We got the reports of the attack going on around the world. Antanasia was growing anxious for everyone to arrive, but she was being extremely secretive. I wondered what she was up to with those despicable brothers of hers. I had secretively been sneaking to the towers to look through the scrolls.
“My love, where are you going?” Antanasia asked me.
“I just need some time to think! I need to figure out the weaknesses of these creatures if we stand a chance! I am going for a walk to collect my thoughts, my darling!” I replied to Antanasia. If she knew I was secretly looking at the scrolls for answers to what I had overheard on the trip back home, she would surely try to kill me. I was in the tower when I heard a noise. I could not hear footsteps, but I knew I was not alone. I blew out the candles out and tried to hide in the shadows. Just then I saw Jane. She re-lit the candles and she was desperately searching through the scrolls. I stepped out and walked up besides her.
She hissed as I startled her.
“What are YOU doing here?” She demanded. I had more right and authority to be there and she was questioning me.
“What am I doing here? What are YOU doing here?” I now ordered. “She would have you killed for such deceit! Are you trying to burn?” I asked her with remorse.
“NO! I am trying to save us! Aro told me that about these similar creatures before. He said it was just legend! I guess he was wrong!” She said hanging her head while she thought about her former master. I felt sorry for her.
“You really loved him and your loyalty still lies with him obviously!” I replied to her. Her head lifted shocked at my words.
“Do you think because your darling mate made me choose my immortality over my master, that I have no qualms with myself?” She asked spitefully. “ I was once human and I do have some morals!” She declared.
“Yes, I do notice that quality in you! Especially, when you lied to Antanasia about Edward drinking Bella’s blood!” I said laughing. She stepped back with a look of confusion.
“If you knew, why didn’t you say anything?” She asked perplexed by my statement.
“Because if Edward and Bella are what I suspected, Antanasia would try to destroy them. I do not believe that is right. All they want is to live a decent and respectful life. They are not consumed with power or greed. They deserve happiness!” I said very firmly.
“I do not like them simply because that is what I was taught, but anything is better then your dictator mate! I guess I can see your point-of-view! I can respect that!” She replied half-heartedly.
“So, why don’t you tell me what you know and I will share will you what I know!” I said hoping that she would accept my olive branch.
“Agreed! This stays between us!” She said holding out her hand to me. I reached for her hand. I noticed a softness to her face. She was quite beautiful. Her perfect cherry red lips were slightly parted and her scent was tantalizing the air around me. I felt giddy. I drew her near me and reached to stroke her cheek. She reciprocated the endearment and before I knew what was happening………

Jacob’s POV

I phased back and headed for the house. The wails and cries sounded a little closer. As I was heading for the house, I ran into the Denalis. They were all in a panicked state. Their faces were twisted in fear.
“Eleazar, what happen?” I asked him as they slowed down to meet me. He looked behind them.
“Why did they stop?” He asked full of fear, still edgy and ready to run.
“They apparently can’t stand the smell of werewolves even more then regular vampires! We marked a perimeter with our urine. The smell is wretched to them. I will tell you they smell equally as horrible to us!” I answered their bewildered gazes.
“Why have they chosen to come here?” Carmen asked.
“Well, they attacked Cosmas’ house in Greece while Bella, Edward, Alice, and Carlisle were there. They all escaped barely. The creatures picked up their scent and headed this way. We found out what they are called also! They are Savonauts! Jaiden called from France and gave us some information he had found on them in his father’s lab!” I replied trying to fill them in quickly. I had to get Nessie and head to Charlie’s house!
“How did they find you?” I asked.
“We were heading back when we heard them coming towards us. We were about fifty miles ahead of them. That was until they caught up with us!” Garrett said.
“Why didn’t you drive?” I asked wondering why they had chosen to come on foot.
“We decided that we would hunt along the way!” Eleazar replied. We were at the front door of the Cullen’s house.
“Jasper, Esme, Emmett, and Rose, I need to talk to you!” I said almost breathlessly.
We headed to the kitchen.
“I want to take Nessie with me to Charlie’s house! I think it might be safer there! Charlie has been dispatched to go check out the sounds coming from the woods. I have asked him not to go! I have to go and explain what is going on or he will go! I think maybe if Nessie is there he will not leave!” I told them hoping they would see the logic in my plan.
“Okay, but who is staying with them?” Jasper asked hesitating.
“Quil and Seth will stay with them!” I said trying to hurry the conversation.
“I think it would be wise if Nessie goes with. That way she is out of harm’s way if the Savonauts break through the perimeters before everyone arrives!” Esme said in agreement.
“I don’t like it, but I also agree!” Rose said agreeing with me for once. I almost felt flattered.
“Okay, I have to go now! Talk to the Denalis! They were almost attacked by the Savonauts! Esme, Rose, will you help me get Nessie ready?” I asked knowing that time was an issue. Bella would never forgive me if I didn’t stop Charlie! I was about to tell Charlie whatever he wanted to know so he would stay put! I was even willing to tell him that Bella was a vampire and that the Cullens were vampires too! I only hoped he took it as well as he took me being a werewolf. I was about to find out!

Leah’s POV

I tried my best not to think of anything at all. I didn’t know how Monks did this because I had a million thoughts soaring through my mind. My head was clouded with the thought of becoming a mother, the Savonauts, Romania, and of course Jaiden. I tried my best to push my thoughts away as they came to me. This was probably the hardest thing I had to do, but I promised Jaiden I would do my best. By the look on his face, he was worried too. Hard as it was for him to hide it, I knew he worried if I was pregnant and the possibilities that it might cause both good and bad. I pushed that thought away quickly because I knew this would be the one I dwelled on. I wanted to feel the awe of possibly thinking I was pregnant, but I couldn’t do that either. I wanted to cry tears of joy when I thought of life growing inside of me. The two things I thought I would never have, I had been blessed with my perfect husband and now this! Then my thoughts went to Rose, my poor sweet Rose, would she be excited for me? I started to feel anguish rush over me. I quickly shook it off. I wondered if I would have to remain comatose for my entire pregnancy. No! Jaiden would find a way to help me control my emotions.
“Leah are you thinking again?” Jaiden's sweet musical voice rang softly in my ear.
“No! I am pushing my thoughts away as they come! I have to admit this is pretty miserable to do!” I said whispering back to him.
“I know, my love! We are here! Do you still want me to freeze you on the plane or would you rather try to control it yourself?” Jaiden asked me still concerned about his ability to keep me frozen long enough to make it home. I understood his hesitation.
“No, I would like you to freeze me! If I fall asleep and start to dream….” I tried to finish. Jaiden put his fingers to my lips.
“I understand Leah! I love you!” Jaiden said with his consoling eyes.
“I love you too!” I said. We got our bags out of the taxi and headed inside to get our tickets. We checked our bags and headed to the gate. Our flight was boarding.
When we got on the plane, I headed for the bathroom. I finished and headed back to my seat.
“Everything okay?” Jaiden asked me.
“Yes, I just want something to drink before you know….freeze me!” I whispered to him. He laughed a slight laugh. The stewardess was making her rounds.
“May I get a blanket and pillow for my wife please? Oh and a bottle water!” Jaiden asked her politely. She looked to me and smiled.
“As soon as we take off, I will bring it back to you.” She told him flashing her stewardess’ smile. I wonder if they teach them that in flight attendant school. I giggled to myself. I immediately stopped when I noticed my hands were starting to glow a little.
“You see what I was talking about!” Jaiden laughed at me. Wow, I was shocked! He was right this was not normal at all. The plane taxied down the runway and the stewardess made the flight announcements. As soon as we were in the air, she brought me my blanket, pillow, and water. I drank some of the water and got comfortable.
“Are you ready Leah?” Jaiden asked me lovingly.
“Yes, I love you Jaiden!” I said ready to be placed in my frozen state. Jaiden unbuckled his seatbelt and got up.
“I love you Leah! I will see you as soon as we land! Close your eyes, my love!” Jaiden said as he kissed my forehead. I waited to become frozen, but it didn’t happen! I peeked out of the corner of my blanket and Jaiden was staring with confusion. Why wasn’t I frozen?
“I can’t freeze you!” Jaiden gasped in a soft whisper.
“Just do it already Jaiden! It’s okay!” I said whispering back to him.
“No Leah! It isn’t working!” Jaiden said bringing the his realization to light for me.
“WHAT?” I gasped and the plane started rock a little.
Carlisle’s POV

We landed in Seattle, Bella was on the edge of her seat the whole time. We made it to the parking lot and Alice was back behind the wheel racing back to Forks. I hoped that we could make it in time before the creatures broken through the perimeter. Esme must be frantic. How could I leave them behind? I would never forgive myself if something happens to them. Just then I felt Edward’s hand on my shoulder. I knew he was trying to assure me that we would make it. Alice was blankly staring out the window. Her hands tightened on the wheel. She must be having a vision. In seconds, she was back to reality and her tiny foot thrusted even harder down on the pedal. I looked back at Edward, who had Bella’ s face cradled in his chest. I wanted to know what Alice saw, but I knew it would just upset Bella. So I tried to put it out of my mind. Edward just looked at me with anguish on his face. We had been in the car for thirty minutes and we were now just twenty minutes from the house. I could hear wails, growling, and cries coming from the forest.
“Is that…is that..them?” Bella swallowed the last word hard.
“Yes, but they have not broken through all the perimeters yet! Sam and the others are working frantically to mark more perimeters!” Edward told Bella. Bella sighed with relief. I had to admit it was comforting to hear this too. I had called Antanasia while we were leaving the airport and requested her help immediately to get us all to safety in Romania. Safety in Romania, that was the question, which one was the lesser evil. The creatures that wanted to destroy us or Antanasia who we had no idea what might be planned for our future. We sped down the driveway and I felt anxiety rush over me. I just wanted to see my beautiful wife’s face and the rest of my children. I wanted to take them into my arms and not let go.
“We are here!” Bella exclaimed. “I wondered if Jake is back or if he is still with Charlie?” She said hoping that Jake stopped her father from entering the dangerous woods. I wonder if that was what the vision was about? Did Alice see the outcome of Jake’s visit with Charlie? What did Jake tell Charlie and how much detail? Edward tapped me on the shoulder and I looked up at the house. I could see someone standing in front of the house waiting for us to arrive.

Charlie’s POV

That damn wolf or whatever he was had about twenty minutes to get his furry butt here. I meant an hour. I was tired of all the secrets and wanted answers especially, if my daughter and granddaughter were involved. Just then there was a knock on the door. I sprang up to answer it. I opened the door and it was Jake, Quil, Seth, and NESSIE! What in the world were they all doing here? And why did Jake bring Nessie. This wasn’t going to stop me from getting answers. Nessie's arms were open and she reached for me. I took her from Jake’s arms. I put her down on the couch.
“Come on in guys!” I said in a rough voice. I was no longer easy going Charlie, I was now Chief Charlie.
“Charlie, why don’t you sit down!” Jake tried to tell me. Was this kid for really? I remember him in diapers!
“WHY DON’T YOU SIT DOWN JAKE!” My voice boomed the command. They immediately found seats and sat.
“Told ya he would make a good Alpha!” Seth said nudging Quil. I glared at him and he dropped his head to look at the ground.
“I want answers to what is in the woods! I don’t want need-to-know basis crap either Jake!” I said to him looking him in the eyes.
“Alright, alright! Darn it Charlie!” Jake said reluctant to start to tell me. I stood with my arms folded across my chest waiting for Jake to start.
“Well, you know how we are wolves?” Jake said pointing to all of them.
“Yeah!” I said nodding my head for him to go on.
“Well, the reason we are wolves is because we protect humans from our only enemy!” Jake went on to say.
“Okay!” I said trying to get him to pick up the pace of the conversation. He sighed loudly.
“Our enemies are vampires Charlie! Okay! VAMPIRES!” Jake blurted it out like it was a burden on his chest. My face was not what he suspected it would be after telling me such a secret. I stood looking at him with no amount of surprise on my face.
“Charlie are you going to say something?” Jake asked scared by my expressionless stare.
“Yeah! When does Bella get home? I want to talk to her and be there when she gets back!” I said going to get my jacket. They all stared at me like I was crazy. Did they truly think that after Jake transformed in front of me that anything they told me would be a shock? Especially after seeing Bella’s transformation over a year ago and Nessie rapid growth rate! I had come to terms that my family was quite unique. I wanted to hear how unique from my daughter's mouth though.
“HUH? Umm…I …don’t know! Soon!” Jake managed to sputter out of his lips. I had managed to make him speechless. That was a shock for me.
“Who is at the Cullen’s house right now?” I asked putting my gun belt on and my boots.
They were all still confused as to why I was taking this so well.
“Jake? Who is there?” I asked again. I broke his gaze.
“Oh..ummm. Esme, Jasper, Emmett, and Rose. There are other friends there too.” Jake told me cautiously.
“Well let’s get a move on! I need to see my daughter!” I said to them. We all headed for the cruiser.
“What a homecoming for Bella!” Seth laughed. Jake smacked him on the arm. Yes, what a homecoming for my daughter because I was going to get the answers I needed confirmed from her.

Jane’s POV

Our mouths came together and the intoxicating aroma of his sweet breath had me enwrapped in our embrace. I have only felt this feeling once before. My whole body tingled with the sure delightfulness of the situation. There was only one other vampire I have ever crossed this line with, Demetri. Though no one ever knew about our trysts. Until Aro had taken my hand one day, then he laughed at the situation. He told me if I ever valued my position with the guard I would stop my foolishness with Demetri. I did just as he said. I always did what everyone else wanted from me. I wanted the power, glory, and fortune that came with having my own empire. Maybe this situation would work well for me. I kiss Giovanni harder and with immense passion. I tore his shirt open and before I knew it my shirt was open. We ended up on the scroll table in our throws of passion, which were quite enjoyable.
We laid next to each other for a moment.
“I must get back before Antanasia comes looking for me!” Giovanni said hurrying to get his clothes together. “I want you to meet me here tomorrow night! I will give you a sign when it is time! Will you meet me here?” Giovanni asked searching my face for any signs of an answer.
“Yes, but what are we meeting here to do?” I said smugly as I trail my finger across his lips playful.
“Well, we need to find a way to help Edward and Bella! Then we need to see if there is anything about these creatures in the scrolls!” Giovanni said. I sighed at the thought of helping Edward and Bella for any reason. “Then we can get to know one another!” He said laughing quietly.
“Yes, Giovanni I would love to get to know you better!” I softly whispered as my lips grazed his. “Go before she notices that you are missing! I will follow ten minutes after you so we are not so obvious!” I said trying to sound convincing. He kissed me forcefully just one last time.
“Until tomorrow!” He said and he headed out the doorway. I laughed in amusement. I laughed at the whole situation. Just then I had a feeling I was not alone. I looked up to find Demetri and Alec looking at me with smiles on their faces. Demetri walked up to me and kissed me. He pulled back from my lips too soon to look at my face. I wanted more! I wanted so much more!
“Now, that is how he should have kissed you!” Demetri laughed with jealous.
“I was thinking of you the whole time, my love!” I said with honesty, well almost.
“Do you think he bought it?” Alec asked me toying with my head.
“Well dear brother, what do you think?” I asked laughing a little too loudly.
“I think my sister is a better actress then I could have ever imagined!” Alec replied proudly.
“Do you think we will have our revenge?” Demetri asked. “I only worry for your safety!” Demetri said concerned.
“Demetri, I do not like the soft side of you! We will have our day! I promise you this!” I said deviously. We would triumph and no one would know what hit them!

Jaiden’s POV

As Leah’s face turned to a terrifying realization, the plane began to rock. Suddenly, there was an announcement over the intercom.
“We are experiencing some turbulence. We ask that all passengers remained seated and fasten their seatbelts. We should only experience this momentarily. We appreciate your cooperation.” The stewardess announced. I looked to Leah who was petrified with horror.
“Leah, you must calm down! Please try! I will work on freezing you! Just please try to calm down!” I begged her helplessly. I knew that it was completely possible for Leah to bring down the plane. Just then the oxygen masks deployed down from the from above our heads.
”Leah, you must try to calm down NOW!” I started to yell. Would this be our first fight? No! I didn’t want to upset her. I blocked out the announcements being made over the intercom by the stewardess. I knew the cause for the turbulence and it wasn’t weather.
I knew this was a horrible idea. If this plane crashed, all of these people dying would be because of us. What about Leah? I do not know if I could survive. Just because I was half-vampire, that meant nothing!
“Leah, think of the baby! Our baby, Leah! Protect us!” I screamed over the frightened yells that now filled the whole plane.
“I am trying Jaiden! It doesn’t help to have you yelling at me! Try to freeze me! Please do it!” Leah begged me as if I was slowly torturing her.
“I am trying! Leah, my love, you have to help! Clear your thoughts! Think of nothing!” I told her trying to hurriedly save everyone from impending doom. The plane continued to shake furiously. I knew that Leah was trying to stop it, but what was stopping her. Then it came to me, just like that.
“Leah, think about happy you were when we got married! Think how happy it makes you to be a mother! Leah, think of all the happiness!” I cried to her not caring who would hear me. The plane slowly started to balance back out. The turbulence became increasingly less and less. There was another announcement apologizing for all of problems. Leah glanced up at me with tears in her eyes. She swallowed hard and fought back those tears. The power of her emotions was exhaustedly overwhelming and scared her to no end. I could see the turmoil that pained her and the worry that she was under. Her face had all the life drained from it and was as pale as my skin now. I got up and went to her side. I could tell she was concentrating very hard not to think of any emotion right now.
“Jaiden!” She managed to squeal out.
“Yes! I am right here, my love! What is it? You did it! You did excellent!” I said trying to reassure her.
“I am so tired now! I cannot sleep!” She said realizing that if she fell asleep she could possibly bring the whole plane down.
“I will try to freeze you again! I love you very much, Leah!” I said kissing her lips softly.
She had a slight smile and her eyes were closed. I tried to freeze her. I prayed that I would be successful because I do not know if I could handle this for the duration of the flight. If I could not handle it, how would Leah?

Bella’s POV

As we pulled up, the figure standing in front of the house became more apparent to me. It was Charlie. I looked to Edward and all I could think was, ‘Why is he here if Jake went to go talk to him?’ Edward looked into my eyes and sighed.
“What is Charlie doing here if Jake went to talk to him?” Carlisle asked the very question I was thinking. He looked back at Edward waiting for an answer and I was waiting to see what that answer was.
“Charlie is here because he wants to hear the truth from you!” Edward answered like he was ashamed he had kept this from me. It would have been nice to be prepared for this moment instead of it being sprung on me.
“What? I thought Jake was telling him!” Carlisle said shocked at Edward’s answer.
“He did tell him somewhat, but Charlie insisted that he wanted the truth from Bella!” Edward answered. I felt dizzy. There was nothing but silence all around me. Even the loud wails and cries from those creatures could not penetrate the silence around me. I became unaware of my surroundings. I did not want to tell Charlie anything.
“I…..I…..can’t… this!” I squeaked out. Edward held my hand. I could not tell my father that I was a vampire.
“He knows Bella! He just wants to hear it from you!” Edward said calmly. How could he be so calm? Oh I know how because he didn’t have to be confronted by Charlie. I was a vampire that could kill anyone I pleased and here I was afraid to be confronted by my human father. The car pulled up closer to the house. Jake now joined Charlie. We all got out of the car and I headed towards the house.
“Hi Dad!” I said quickly trying to ignore his presence as I walked past him towards the house. Maybe he would forget why he was here.
“Isabella Marie Cullen!” He said my full name firmly. I stopped dead in my tracks and slowly turned to meet his stare.
“Yes, Charlie!” I said back being smart about it. This was not a good idea.
“I want to know right now young lady! I want the Damn truth and I want it now! From your mouth!” He ordered me like I was two years old.
“What is it that you want to know Charlie?” I asked trying to play dumb. Again, this was another mistake.
“You know damn well what I want to know! Is it true what Jake told me?” Charlie asked with pain in his voice. Edward stepped to my side.
“Charlie, if I could…..” Edward started to say in my defense until he was cut off by Charlie.
“Edward, SHUT UP! This is between my daughter and me! Well, Bells I am waiting!” Charlie said to me scolding both of us like we were children. I looked to Edward hoping he would help me in some way. He threw his hands in the air. A lot of help he was!
“Dad the answer you want… yes!" I said very quickly. I wanted to turn and run now, but that wasn’t going to happen. Edward’s arm went around me holding me in place. I was very annoyed by him at this point.
“So you mean to tell me that all this time you have been a damn vampire and you never felt the need to tell me! And now my town is going to be attacked by some mutant vampires because of all of you! Edward if I would have known…..” Charlie didn’t have time to finish that last sentence because Rose brought Renesmee out. She walked right pass me and handed Renesmee to my father.
“Why are you handing Nessie to me?” He asked confused as the rest of us.
“Because she has something she wants to tell you!” Rose said as she nodded her head towards Renesmee. Renesmee’s little hand went up to Charlie’s face and as if he was being jolted by electricity, his body started to tremble. This went on for a good five minutes. When Renesmee was done she reached for me.
“WOW!” Charlie said with amazement. “So you saved her life, but you had no business pursuing my daughter knowing what you were!” Charlie directed his attention to Edward.
“I tried to stay away from her, but I can’t! I love Bella with everything that I am!” Edward answered Charlie.
“I understand that! I also understand that you saved her life! Then again it wouldn’t of needed to be saved if it wasn’t for you!” Charlie said angrily. Just then there was a howl from the woods. Jake immediately took off. The look on Edward’s face was enough to scare anyone. What just happen?
Alec’s POV

My sister was the epitome of evil. She embodied it whole-heartedly and without any remorse. She would soon find out that she was not the only one that desired power and authority. Half of the guard could not stand her and they would not stand with her if another option was possible. She had better be careful of her arrogance and chutzpah. She would bring about her own demise. The only question is who would be there to save her. Demetri was not faithful to her and I was sure of it. He had more loyalty to Felix and Gianna then to my dear sister. Although, if my smug little brat sister could pull this off, it would be brilliant. I walked with Demetri and Jane back to the main dining hall. When we arrived Giovanni was already seated next to Antanasia. Antanasia in all her glory was as weak as Aro. If all her faithful servants defied her, which we already had a glimpse of that, she would not be so glorious. These leaders that we served were indispensible. They had no true powers except to control those around them. Vladimir and Stefan had no powers, they were useless. I am sure given the right situation they would defy their beloved sister as well. It would seem that they had already. How did they survive before during the war years ago? I wondered if that bothered Antanasia?
“Ah, my dear Jane, where have you been?” Antanasia asked with such admiration for my sister. If she only knew what Jane was actually up too.
“Antanasia, I apologize for my lateness! We were looking around your beautiful castle and we were lost in its greatness!” Jane replied sounding very apologetic. My sister had a gift far more powerful then her ability to inflict pain. She had a way to seem invaluable to those around her. Well, that was to those that truly did not know her.
“No worries! We are all famished! Please tell Claudia to bring in the meal!” Antanasia announced. Meal time was exactly the same it was in Volterra. Claudia was responsible for gather humans for our feeding frenzy. These were usually tourists who wanted to tour the castle and know its history. Of course, the real history of the castle was never told. The locals tended to stay away from the castle and knew not to go on ‘the tours.’ Claudia had complained about how many humans she would now have to find to suffice all of our needs. I was grateful I did not have this job. The huge gold embossed doors to the dining hall opened. Antanasia stood as the tourists were led in. They had no idea that this would be their last moment in this world. The rules were the same if we came across a human that seemed to have a possible remarkable ability, we simply turned them instead of draining them. This was usually done by Aro, Caius, or Marcus. Now this task would be left to Antanasia, Stefan, Vladimir, and Giovanni. My mouth watered like a dog salivating over his dog food. My throat burned with pain and pleasure. The crowd gathered inside the doors. There were at least thirty tourists and the ‘Ohhs and Awws’ filled the room as they looked at the splendor of the enormous room.
“Hello, my guests welcome to Bran Castle! I suspect that you all have heard the rumors that this was once Dracula’s castle!” Antanasia addressed the crowd. The crowd silenced listening to her little rant about the history.
“Vlad the Impaler is just one brief history of this castle! Another part of history that is much unknown is the part of my family! My family is the original owners and royalty of Bran Castle!” Antanasia explained until she was interrupted by one of the tourists. A young woman who was very beautiful for a human.
“Well, I am just curious, but what is your history with this castle? You are not going to tell us a tale of vampires?” The young woman laughed as did the rest of the crowd.
“Hmm…interesting you should ask that my child!” Antanasia roared with enthusiasm.
“No one touches her!” Antanasia instructed us. This woman would be turned with or without her consent. I was tired of the little demonstration and wanted to feed.
“No my dear, we will show you!” Antanasia answered as she lunged for the nearest human sinking her teeth into them drinking every last drop. The room was now a frenzy of people trying to run from us. The bloodcurdling screams filled the room and only enticed our hunger more! We finished the meal in no time and then the young woman was brought forth to be questioned. She trembled as she looked at her friends lying lifeless on the floor. She wept in terror. I felt something for her. She looked up briefly and met my eyes. She was absolutely beautiful and her smell was overwhelming. I wanted her. I have never wanted a mate until now. Now I could only hope that Antanasia would find some use for her.
“My child, what is your name?” Antanasia asked. “Do not fear my child!” Antanasia said very casually like the young girl had not just witnessed probably the most horrid display ever.
“My….name?” The girl asked extremely terrified.
“Yes, your name!” Antanasia said again.
“My name is… name….oh dear God….my name is..” The girl wept with her voice trembling.
“Angela!” She said just before she passed out.

Jaiden’s POV

After about fifty tries and an almost plane crash, I managed to freeze Leah. I concentrated very hard to keep her frozen. The longest duration I was able to hold was an hour. Every time I would feel it start to slip, I would simply let her unfreeze almost all the way and then freeze her again very quickly. I figured that if I did not let her completely out of my grasp then it would not be hard to freeze her again. We made it to D.C. after a long and stressful flight. We had an hour layover and then we would be boarding again. I would have to unfreeze Leah so we can make it to our next gate. I waited for the announcements, then I slowly released my freeze over her. Leah slowly started to move around. Her big beautiful eyes looked up to search for me.
“Jaiden!” She said with an exhausted smile on her face. The flight to her would have seemed like no time at all passed. I got up and went to her side.
“We made it to D.C.!” I exclaimed very proudly that I was able to hold my freeze for so long.
“I am glad that everyone is safe!” Leah announced with a smile. “Do you think that you can manage for another eight hours?” Leah asked me concerned.
“I don’t know! I am starting to get tired! I do not see any other way though!” I said to her trying to ease her worries. I was absolutely exhausted.
“Maybe I could try to control my emotions! Maybe if I could try you can get some sleep!” Leah answered.
“Well, do you think you will be able to do that?” I asked her now concerned with her ability to not dwell on anything.
“I think I should be okay for at least a couple of hours!” Leah answered quickly.
“Okay, let’s stop and grab you something to eat on the way to the next gate!” I said to her. She seemed to be doing really well. I was proud of my beautiful wife. We managed to get off the plane and get something to eat quickly. We waited at the gate and I held Leah in my arms. My phone rang and it was Jasper.
“Jasper we are about to board, what’s up?” I asked quickly. I could feel Leah start to tense up. I looked at her ready to freeze her if need be. She looked at me with caution. I knew that if Jasper was calling me this couldn’t be good news.
“How long will it take you to get here?” Jasper asked desperately. I hesitated thinking about my answer before I alarmed Leah.
“No we are in D.C. We land in about eight hours! We will rent a car.” I said trying to think in a hurry. Whatever Jasper needed to tell me I could not tell Leah.
“Well, I am glad! The Savonauts attacked one of the wolves! Carlisle is working on him right now!” Jasper replied with a pain-stricken voice. I knew that my expression would be what Leah would pay close attention to. She was looking for my relief or my anguish before she made her conclusion.
“Oh really, well thank you, but we will make it there! Can I ask who you were going to send?” I asked hoping that Jasper would pick up on my hints. I had a smile on my face.
Leah’s body language relaxed with my body language. This was the exact result I hoped for.
“Huh? Jaiden did you hear me?” Jasper asked me confused. I hoped he would catch on.
“Leah is right here! I will tell her you asked and we will see you soon! Who was it you wanted me to tell her asked for her?” I asked hoping and praying he caught on this time.
“OH! I get it! Sorry! Jaiden, it was Sam that was attacked! I will talk to you soon!” Jasper’s words stung my ears as they left his voice. I whispered bye and hung up the phone.
“Well who asked for me?” Leah asked me not knowing what was really going on.
“Oh…ummm…your mom sends her love!” I said trying to hold on to my fake smile.
“Jaiden is there something wrong?” Leah asked starting to tense back up.
“No, they just wanted to know if we needed a ride from Seattle! Everything is fine, my love!” I whispered to her smiling. I had to tell a lie to my wife. Sam was injured by the Savonauts. How would she react when we finally made it to Forks?

Emmett’s POV

I couldn’t help but laugh at Bella getting the third degree by her dear old dad. Edward glanced over in my direction and gave me a scowl. ‘What? I bet your wife won’t throw her daddy around while he is laying into her!’ I thought loudly. His lips just curled up at me. I just laughed harder. Rose nudged me in my side and gave me a look. I knew that look. Just then a howl came from the woods. It was one of the pack and Jake phased. He took off towards the howl. Edward now had a frightened look on his face.
“What is it Edward?” Charlie asked worriedly. He forgot about the argument with Bella. Shucks, it was just starting to get interesting.
“Emmett, get Jasper and some of the others! Carlisle go get ready! Sam has been injured trying to protect Seth from the creatures!” Edward shouted at us all.
“You mean the Savonauts!” Rose said trying to comprehend what she just heard.
“I am going with you!” Bella declared as she handed Nessie to Rose.
“No, you are certainly not!” Charlie stepped in and quickly spoke up.
“Hey Bella has more strength in one movement of her little finger then you have in one bullet of that gun, Pops!” I said sticking up for Bella. Bella couldn’t believe I just said that to her father, but oh well she would get over it or throw me around later.
“It is okay Charlie! We might need Bella to shield us!” Edward replied backing my answer.
“To shield you?” Charlie looked confused. I thought I would give him the quick version.
“Your daughter is a Hell on wheels! She can shield us from danger and throw things around when she has a tantrum! You should be proud of her! Nobody has seen anything like her for many years! Or that’s what they tell us! Got it Daddy-o! She could kick all of our butts before we even made it an inch towards her!” I finished up quite pleased will my answer. Bella wasn’t pleased with my answer and decided to give Charlie a demonstration. There I was thrown through the nearby trees.
“Bella, this isn’t fair…..” My voice trailed off as I got further and further away. Why was I always the one being picked on? I made it back to the house swiftly. Jasper, Garrett, Eleazar, and Benjamin were outside.
“What took you so long slow-poke?” Jasper roared as I pulled bark from my hair.
“Hahaha! Not funny!” I said. Charlie just stood there in shock. I laughed at his expression.
“Let’s go Jake needs our help!” Edward sounded exasperated. He took off and Charlie’s mouth was now on the ground.
“Bye Dad, I will be back!” Bella said as she patted him on his back. She took off after Edward. Everyone else followed.
“Oh by the way, your daughter has only knocked down walls with me! Make sure you ask her why when we get back!” I said laughing as I took off. Charlie was now confused and he turned to Rose who was giggling. I knew I would pay for that later, but it would be worth it in the end!

Angela’s POV

I could feel someone holding my hand. My heartbeat was speeding up and slowing down. I couldn’t open my eyes. I was so sleepy. My veins felt like they were slightly burning. I could hear a distance conversations. Where was I? I felt like blackness was surrounding me. Was I in a nightmare? I could feel some existence of my limbs, but I was unable to move them. I could see my friends being attacked by some creatures. I tried to focus on the vision, but it seemed to be slipping away from me. The conversation got louder, but then so did my heartbeat.
“How is the transformation coming?” I could hear a woman ask. I listened for a response. Transformation? Oh God, what transformation?
“Well, I do not think she can feel the venom! I am still using my ability to numb her!” A man’s voice answered very sweetly. I noticed that when he answered his hand trembled in mine. What venom? Was I bitten by a snake? This was a horrible nightmare! I wanted to be back in Forks with my parents and Ben! Ben! Oh no he probably didn’t even know I was hurt. I don’t think any of my family or friends knew I was hurt. What is the last thing I remember? Romania! Yes, I was visiting in Romania for World History! We decided to take a tour of Bran Castle. Then we were locked in a huge room and some old woman spoke about the history of the castle. She was saying something about its true history. Just then I felt a slight burning up my throat and I wanted a drink so badly. It felt like it was on fire. My heart raced and I could hear each beat thud louder and louder. I thought that it might explode out of my chest.
“It is almost time!” The male voice said exclaiming. Almost time for what? Was I going to die? I remember….I remember my friends and professor standing next to me as I asked the older woman a question. What was the question? I wanted to grip my throat with both of my hands, but I couldn’t move them. I wanted to scream to take the pain away, but I couldn’t open my mouth. I felt the darkness surround me and take me away. This was it, I was dying. I would never see anyone I loved again. I let myself slip into the darkness as my heartbeat slowed almost stopping. Then it stopped. I was still in thought. Maybe this was some sort of limbo. I remember asking the woman about vampires. Yes, I asked about vampires and that is when…….they…..attacked everyone, but me! My eyes opened wide at this realization.
“She is magnificent!” The male voice said aroused. I quickly looked around and tried to focus. None of the faces were familiar in any sort of friendly way. My lips trembled and I flew backwards into a corner. How did I do that? Whoa! A huge growl exited my lips at the people that stood before me. A woman stepped forward. I recognized her briefly. It was all still hazy.
“Welcome Angela!” She said motioning for me to come towards her. I immediately recognized her as the old woman from that huge room. An even louder growl exited my lips and it startled me. I felt my throat and the pain was agonizing.
“Yes, my dear, you are hungry! Let us help you with that!” The woman said to me calmly.
“What have you done to me? Where am I” I said and my voice shocked me. I put my hand to my mouth and to my face. My glasses were gone. Where were they? I could see perfectly, as a matter-of-fact, I could focus on the slightest detail from at least twenty feet away. Then the man stepped into my sight. He wasn’t a man, maybe sixteen or seventeen at the most.
“Let me help you Angela!” He said holding out his hand to me. I felt overwhelmed. I trusted him and I had no idea as to why I would trust him. I slowly took his hand. He gently pulled me to him and embraced me. His scent intrigued my senses and I wanted to breathe him in. Breathing! I was not breathing!
“I can’t breathe!” I said like I was about to die.
“There is no need for you to breathe, my sweet! Not when you are a vampire!” He whispered in my ear. Did he just….? Yes,….he did! I was a vampire!
Leah’s POV

I wondered about that phone call from Jasper. I quickly let the thought wonder from my mind and instead I started to hum a tune in my head. We were boarding the plane and Jaiden seemed pretty at ease with my ability to not accidentally kill us all. I hung onto his arm while we boarded. We sat down and within thirty minutes we were taxiing down the runway. I couldn’t wait to get home. I wanted to make sure my friends and family were okay. I had to see it with my own eyes. I thought about how I should probably apologize to Sam for being so rude. Then again he did deserve to be put in his place for once.
“Leah, are you going to be okay if I take a nap?” Jaiden asked for my reassurance again.
“Yes, as far as I can tell! If I need you, I will wake you!” I said feeding his ego.
“Immediately!” He insisted. My brow furrowed down at his request.
“Just making sure! I love you Leah!” He said lightly as he put his hand in mine. My brow quickly lifted back up. I couldn’t get enough of him telling me that he loved me.
“I love you too, Jaiden! Now relax and go to sleep!” I said whispering in his ear. He laid his head on my shoulder and I gently caressed his face. I stayed very calm trying not to let any of my emotions or thoughts get in the way. Jaiden was soon fast asleep. I had bought a early detection pregnancy test at the shop in the airport. I did this while Jaiden waited for our food. I couldn’t wait until we made it to Forks to find out. My impatience was the hardest emotion for me to control at this point. I wondered how mad Jaiden would be that I knew before him and that we did not find out together? I giggled at this. Jaiden moved slightly when I giggled. He lifted his head from my shoulder and leaned back in his seat. He was soon sleeping again. I could watch him sleep for hours. The most beautiful angelic man I have ever laid eyes on and he was mine. My hands had a slight glow to them. I quickly changed my thoughts and started to count in my head. I got to ninety-nine. I stood up grabbed my carry-on bag and headed for the bathroom. It was so small in here, I almost felt claustrophobic. I let that thought slip from my mind. I pulled the pregnancy test out and read the instructions. I followed them precisely. I dipped the end of the pregnancy test into the urine. It said I had to wait three minutes. I was starting to get anxious and I started counting again to calm myself. There was a knock on the door.
“Hold on! Just a minute!” I said hoping that the test would hurry.
“Leah? Is that you?” Jaiden asked on the other side of the door. He woke up. I wondered if he would be mad if I let him in now and showed him exactly what I was up to.
“Yes, it is me!” I said as I opened the door.
“Oh, I just realized you were not next to me and I wanted to make sure you were feeling okay!” Jaiden answered my surprise look. He noticed the test on the counter.
“What is that, Leah?” He asked eyeballing me like I was being sneaky. I giggled and pulled him into the bathroom.
“It is a pregnancy test!” I answered with excitement.
“Leah, we agreed that we would wait! What if you are not pregnant and you become upset? Or what if a normal human pregnancy test cannot detect our baby?” Jaiden asked. He had some valid points, but it was too late.
“It is time! You look and tell me! I can’t!” I gushed out and I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I was glowing all over.
“Only if you calm down Leah and promise not to draw any conclusions from this until we get to Forks!” Jaiden said very sternly. I immediately calmed down.
“Deal!” I said very seriously. He picked up the test and looked at it. He was confused.
“What am I looking for?” He asked quickly.
“One line means not pregnant, two lines means pregnant!” I answered. I couldn’t tell anything by his facial expressions. Just then there was a knock on the door.
“Yes, I will be right out!” I said.
“Ma’am we do not like these things to occur in our bathrooms!” The stewardess answered me. I opened the door to look at her and so she could see in.
“Look I am taking a pregnancy test and my husband was just about to tell me the results! We are not doing what you think!” I said firmly turning my attention back to Jaiden.
“Sorry, excuse me!” She whispered embarrassed by her accusations.
“Well, are you going to tell me!” I said to Jaiden.
“Yes, tell us already!” The stewardess chimed in almost in the tiny bathroom with us now. He pulled the pregnancy test away from his face and showed it to me. There in the result box was…….

Jacob’s POV

When I got to Sam he laid on the floor of the forest. He wasn’t moving and the blood was oozing from underneath him. He was in human form. I could hear a faint heartbeat. He was still alive. Seth was whimpering behind him, nudging him with his snout.
‘Seth what happened?’ I asked in shock by what I was seeing. About thirty feet away were the Savonauts. There smell was wretched and made me cringe.
‘I was remarking the perimeter when all of a sudden Sam pushed me out of the way!’ Seth said crying. ‘I don’t know if he was bitten Jake! It threw Sam after it dug its claws into his side! That is all I saw! I’m sorry!’ Seth was distraught by the incident. The Savonauts saw us and their wails grew louder. Finally, Edward, Bella, Emmett, Jasper, Garrett, and Eleazar made it to us to help.
“We have to get him back to Carlisle! Now!” Edward demanded. Emmett picked Sam’s nude body.
“This is the closest I ever wanted to be to a naked guy!” Emmett declared as he took off with Sam’s lifeless body. The Savonauts roared louder as we marked some more territory.
Bella was throwing her shield at them. They were only thrown a minimal distance. Bella was very discouraged by this.
“My shield isn’t working against them!” She yelled over the Savonaut’s growls.
“Jake get the rest of the pack and remark the territory closer in! I want to make sure they cannot get closer to the house before Leah and Jaiden arrive!” Edward said as we headed closer in. We could still hear the cries, but at least the smell was getting better from a distance.
‘They smell horrible!’ Seth said loudly. ‘I thought I was going to throw up!’ He added then.
“They do not smell great to us either!” Edward said reading Seth’s thoughts.
“Nope! I was afraid that we smelled that badly to you!” Bella said very seriously.
‘No! I would rather smell your stink all day then be within a mile distance of that wretched smell!’ I thought very honestly. Edward chuckled.
"What did I miss?" Bella said to Edward's laugh.
"I will tell you later!" Edward said.“I hope Carlisle will be able to help Sam!” Edward said lost in thought. We ran straight for the house. I phased to my human form and Edward ran inside to grab some clothes for me. When Seth howled I busted out of my clothes. Edward handed me the clothes. I got dressed quickly and ran into the house. There was silence in the living room and I could hear Edward and Carlisle talking upstairs. I raced up the stairs. Seth walked in the door and followed behind me.
“I hope he makes it through the night!” I walked in to hear Carlisle say.
“What? Will he be okay?” I asked looking at both of them. Carlisle came to my side and put his hand on my shoulder.
“It doesn’t look good Jake. If he makes it through the night, I would have to say he has a chance to make it! He lost a lot of blood and I do not smell any venom in his blood stream, but the gashes he received to his side are very deep. I do not know if those creatures could be deadly to you through just bite! These gashes that Sam received could be just as deadly as venom! We will know more when Jaiden gets here! I just hope that he starts to heal himself!” Carlisle replied to my fears. I looked to see Sam hooked up to an IV and Carlisle was already giving him a transfusion of blood.
“Jake, should I go get Emily? She would never forgive us if we didn’t go get her!” Seth said to me, but I was still thinking and processing what Carlisle had told me.
“Jake?” Seth asked again. My stares went blank.
“Seth, go get Emily! Do not tell her anything until she gets here! Just tell her we need her and be very careful!” Edward said to Seth.
“Take Embry with you.” I managed to mutter out.
“Sure thing Jake!” Seth answered me back.
“When will Jaiden and Leah be here?” I asked wondering how much longer we would have to wait.
“They should be landing in the next hour!” Edward said. “Then maybe hours drive to get here!” He finished. So Sam would have to hang on for at least two hours until we find out if he had any chance to survive the attack.

Jane’s POV

My brother had better keep his attention to our plan and not this childish crush of his. I had no earthly clue as to what he saw in her. She looked weak and insignificant as a human. Immortality makes anyone look better then their human self. Alec brought his new ‘distraction’ into the feeding room. Claudia had fetched a human for her while she was going through her transformation. As soon as she smelled the human, this delicate newborns hands clasped around her throat and a hiss ripped through her now perfect lips.
“It is okay! She is here for you! Go and quench your thirst young one!” Antanasia told the girl. The young, human girl squealed with terror from Antanasia’s reply. She tried to squirm free of Felix’s grasp, but she was unsuccessful. If this pathetic newborn didn’t finish her quick, I was going to do it for her. The human's whining and screaming annoyed me.
“You want me to attack and kill a human?” The newborn asked weakly.
“Angela, my dear, you must feed! I know that the burn in your throat must be challenging you to do so?” Antanasia asked for clarity. The newborn, what was her name, Angela sniffed around for a moment. She looked to Alec and her eyes met his as he nodded to her that it was okay. She slowly approached the human girl. The girl yelled and begged for her not to kill her. Angela looked back to Alec for approval. This was all so boring.
“Will you please put that moaning human out of her misery?” I huffed under my breath. Alec glared back at me. She circled her and crouched like she was going to attack her. She lunged and the human closed her eyes as Angela came towards her. Then Angela just stopped about two inches from her throat. She stood up slowly and walked back a few feet.
“I cannot!” She said and hung her head in defeat. What a waste of immortality!
“How do you expect to survive, my dear? This is the way of the vampire!” Antanasia said annoyed by her hesitation.
“I understand that! I was raised to value life! If I must starve and die, then so be it! I will not take human life though!” Angela announced abrasively. I was shocked at her control for only being hours old.
“May I ask what makes you believe that her life is more valuable then yours?” Antanasia asked this worthless newborn.
“My father is a preacher and he taught me to value the life God has given every living thing!” Angela replied whole-heartedly.
“My dear, you are no longer living! You are among the undead.” Antanasia tried to point out to her.
“Still I was once living and I will not attack that girl!” She said firmly. I was in shock that she spoke to Antanasia like this.
“There is another way!” Alec pointed out quickly.
“What to feed off animals?” I snickered as I scoffed at this idea. It was beneath vampires and any vampire that did it was the lesser for it.
“Yes, I will hunt with you and show you how!” Alec said with amusement.
“Brother, you will not feed on animals like a scavenger!” I announced with detest.
“I will do what I please as long as Antanasia allows it!” He challenged my authority. Do what you want dear brother? You will suffer the consequences later. I quickly showed my strength as I fluttered quickly across the room and finished off the human girl. I looked to Antanasia, who smiled with pleasure at my demonstration. This insignificant newborn hovered in a corner obviously disturbed by the display. Alec hurried to her side and tried to comfort her. Yes, brother protect her because newborn or not, I will make her sorry!

Jaiden’s POV

I pulled the test away from my face and waited for Leah’s expression. The stewardess looked and asked if we could all take our seats. Leah leaned on me and I helped her to her seat. She was in utter disbelief. Maybe I should freeze her. I didn’t know what her reaction might be once she came around from the shock.
“Leah? Leah, can you hear me?” I asked softly her head lifelessly shook yes.
“Should I freeze you? Just in case?” I whispered into her ear. She turned to look at me. Her eyes were filled with tears. She just nodded he head yes. I tried twice and on the third try I was successful. I covered her quickly with my jacket and laid her head on my shoulder. I wish I knew exactly what she was thinking when I turned that test around. I believe I was as shocked as she was by the results. I wondered what would lay ahead in our future. I had the test in my hand. Maybe I should save it. I went to put it in my jacket pocket that laid over Leah. I noticed something on the test that was not there before.

Leah’s POV

Jaiden took forever to tell me the results. I could feel myself trying to push my impatience aside. I knew that I would have to remain calm for everyone’s safety, including my baby hopefully. Jaiden slowly turned the test around and I couldn't focus on it. What was I looking at. There it was the result box. I looked for a extended period of time. I was in disbelief. How could that be? The stewardess politely asked us to take our seats. I could feel my emotions start to overwhelm me. My eyes filled with tears. Jaiden was asking if I could hear him. Then asked if he should freeze me. All I could do was nodded in agreement with whatever he said. I could feel my heart get heavier and heavier. I could not believe the results I was seeing. The next thing I remember was Jaiden unfreezing me. I looked up and I could feel dry tears on my face.
“Leah! Leah, LOOK!” Jaiden said showing me the test again. Why did he still have it? I looked away from it.
“Leah! LOOK AT IT AGAIN!” Jaiden insisted impatiently.
“Fine!” I snapped at him and the lights in the plane started to flicker. I grabbed the test from his hand. I study the test again. I don’t know why he was forcing me to look at it again. Then all of a sudden I realized why. There in the result box was no longer one pink line, but two pink lines. The test was positive!
“Jaiden, it is positive!” I said with disbelief again. I was now in shock for the second time and tears welled up again. I could feel the joy of my realization running down my face.
“Yes, my love, you are pregnant!” Jaiden said confirming what I just saw in the result box. I looked at the test again just to be sure. I shook it like an Etch-A-Sketch waiting for that second stubborn line to magically disappear.
“It isn’t going anywhere!” Jaiden laughed as he placed his hand on my belly. The water works were unstoppable by this point. I was going to be a mother. The two things I desired and considered myself doomed to ever experience was all within my reach.
“Leah you have to stop crying! You are glowing again!” Jaiden softly whispered in my ear. I looked at my hands and he was right. My tears quickly became uncontrollable laughs until my stomach ached.
“Please Leah! Everyone is going to think you are radioactive!” I quickly stopped at his requested. I grabbed his face and kissed him forcefully.
“Thank you!” I said to him as I lifted my lips.
“For what?” Jaiden asked confused.
“For bringing me to life and giving me life!” I passionately replied placing my hand in his and then placing it on my belly. The announcements came overhead, we were getting ready to land in Seattle. The stewardess from the bathroom was walking pass. She stopped and looked down at the test in my hand.
“Congratulations! See, those things take forever! I once threw one away only to discover two days later that it was positive! I am happy for you!” She informed us as she went about her duties.
“Do you think she could have told us before?” Jaiden laughed and I joined him. Nothing could ruin this. Well nothing except what lay ahead for us.

Edward’s POV

“Okay we will see you soon?” Jasper said as he hung up the phone. Leah and Jaiden were only twenty minutes away.
“Jaiden and Leah will be here soon!” Jasper told everyone else. Seth had made it back with Emily about an hour ago. She was at Sam’s side faithfully waiting for him to recover.
“Carlisle, when will the Romanians be here?” Bella asked holding Nessie in her arms.
“They will be here by tomorrow morning, probably around dawn.” Carlisle answered. Charlie’s mind was now racing. ‘Who the heck were the Romanians and what was everyone up to? Especially, that daughter of mine!’ He sounded annoyed.
“Bella, who are the Romanians? And why are they coming here!” Charlie asked Bella. I graciously walked over and took Nessie from Bella. Bella threw me an evil glance.
“Well, Dad……ummm…..they are the head vampires, so-to-speak! They are coming to take us all to Romania so we can fight the Savonauts.” Bella said with a nervous giggle. The kind of giggle that a child has when they get caught red-handed for something they have done.
“The Savo…who?” Charlie asked confused. Bella was starting to get irritated.
“The humongous creatures that are tearing the forest apart. The ones making those awful sounds. The ones we are trying to protect everyone from. The Savonauts, Dad!” Bella’s impatient voice rang loudly.
“You are trying to protect everyone? The way I see it Bella if it wasn’t for all of the vampires here, these things wouldn’t be here. If it wasn’t for your darling husband, you would still be human. Now what do I have left Bella? When it came to Edward you were always so stubborn and selfish. Now look at you!” Charlie finished his rant as the tears formed in his eyes. He turned around and walked out the front door. It slammed behind him.
“Maybe I should go?” Jake said gesturing to Charlie. Bella stood there with a grief-stricken look on her face. The last thing in the world she wanted to do was hurt Charlie. I went to her side to comfort her.
“He hates us! He hates me!” She mumbled as I pulled her close to me. Nessie reached for Bella. Bella was in such a state of grief that she didn’t even notice Nessie reaching for her.
“No, Bella he is in shock. He doesn’t hate you. He reacted like that because he loves you!” I said to put her worries at ease. Tanya came over to Bella.
“Bella, my dear, how precious is your daughter to you?” Tanya asked her with a serious look.
“She is the most precious thing in the world to me besides Edward and the rest of my family.” Bella understood immediately where Tanya was going with this question. In Charlie’s eyes, Bella was the most precious thing he had. Bella slumped back onto the couch. Jake walked back in the door and I could hear a car coming down the drive.
“Well, maybe we should all give Charlie some space. Seth left to go get his mom to calm him down.” Jake informed us. Just then I heard uncontrollable sobbing from upstairs. Emily came rushing down the stairs , tears streaming down her cheeks. Her thoughts were full of agony and heart-wrenching pain. ‘How could he? How could he?’ Emily said over and over in her head as she headed for the door. As Emily reached for the doorknob, it turned and opened. It was Jaiden and Leah. Emily stepped back startled from the door opening. She stepped back and looked at Leah.
“Emily are you okay?” Leah asked bewildered by her frantic and upset state.
“Am I OKAY? NO! Then again go ask Sam! You’re the one he is asking for as he lays on his deathbed!” She screamed at Leah as she pushed pass them out the front door. Jaiden facial expression turned to despair.
“Deathbed? What did she mean by that?” Leah asked all us of confused. She had tears in her eyes. The lights and the T.V. started to rapidly flicker on and off. Doors started to slam.
“Leah!” Jaiden said as he shook her to stop. “Calm down!” He raised his voice. Nessie was now hiding between Bella and me frightened.
“Tell me now what has happen!” Leah demanded as growls rose from her throat.
“I will, but only if you calm down!” Jasper said trying to use his mood control on her. He seemed frustrated that it was not working.
“Is she?” Jasper asked Jaiden.
“Yes, as far as we know!” Jaiden replied.
“Leah calm down for your BABY!” Jasper exclaimed and the whole room went silent.
“Baby!” Bella gasped. Just then Charlie came through the door.
“Next you are going to tell me I am some how related to a poltergeist! That’s what it looked like from outside. Look, I have to go to the station. Angela Weber’s dad just called. She has gone missing on some college trip to Romania. He hasn’t heard from her or anyone in about two days!” Charlie announced. Bella’s eyes narrowed quickly.
“What was Angela doing in Romania?” Bella asked.
“She went on some tour of the castles there for World History. Why? Bella?” Charlie now realized that we had just been talking about Romania earlier.
“Look, if Angela Weber has become a vampire, you get to tell Mr. Weber! This isn’t my area of expertise!” Charlie ordered as he slammed the door again.
“Angela?” Bella whispered.
“We won’t know until we get to Romania!” I tried to comfort her again.
“Did I miss something? Sam? Charlie knows about vampires?” Leah asked confused again. “Someone better give me answers NOW!” Leah demanded.
“Well, you see it’s like this; Sam was injured by the whatchamacallits! We hope he pulls through, but then again he might be better off by the looks of Emily! Wolf boy over here told Charlie we are all either wolves or vampires. He just found out that his daughter has enormous strength. I had to carry Sam’s naked body back from the forest where he was injured and I will not being doing that anytime soon. You’re going to have some sort of mystical creature baby! The whoseawitchits are getting closer and closer to us and town. The Romanians are on there way here. Edward is the Great One! Whoopy! Angela Weber might be a vampire.” Emmett just had word vomit and would not shut up.
“Oh, and I told Charlie that Bella busted walls with me instead of Edward! So, yeah you missed some things!” Emmett finished smirking. We all stood in shock at what came out of his mouth.
“Bella, when you go to kill Emmett, please do it outside the house! I am very fond of these walls!” Esme said looking at both Bella and Leah’s extremely shocked faces!

Leah’s POV

Emmett just unloaded so much at once that my mind could not keep up with it all. I knew that someone needed to go after Emily. She wouldn’t want to see me.
“Jaiden will you please go after Emily?” I asked Jaiden sympathetically.
“I will go with you Jaiden!” Jake volunteered. Carlisle came downstairs and his face was grim.
“Jaiden, could you please give Edward the documents so we can see if there is something in there to help with Sam?” Carlisle asked. Jaiden searched his carry-on bag and found the manila envelope with the documents. He handed them to Edward. Edward began reading right away.
“Leah, Sam is asking for you. Please be brief and try not to be discouraged, he is doing better then what we expected.” Carlisle instructed me very carefully. I looked up at the staircase where I could hear muffled moans of pain. Bella stood up and came to my side.
“I will go with you if you want.” She said with gentleness. I tried to fight back my feelings and thoughts. I nodded trying not to let the tears fall. Maybe I would need someone to keep me calm.
“Bella, what happen?” I asked as we walked up the stairs slowly.
“He was protecting Seth and one of the Savonauts got hold of him. He has deep gashes on his side.” Bella told me very honestly. As we headed towards Carlisle’s study Sam’s moans of pain grew louder. I made it to the doorway. I pause and gasped as I saw Sam laying half covered by a sheet. He had bruises head to toe and deep gashes to his right side. I looked at Bella terrified.
“Carlisle has controlled the bleeding, but he does not want to stitch him up just yet. We were waiting to see what the documents say, if they say anything!” Bella whispered to me. I slowly walked towards the table my whole body trembled.
“UHHHHH…..” Sam let out a painful moan. I stopped immediately and turned the other way. I wanted to run back downstairs. I was about to.
“Lee….Lee.” Sam let out an exhausted whisper. I slowly turned back around. He face was twist into a grimace of pain. I slowly made it to his side. I knelt down beside him. The view closer up was more menacing. His flesh was ripped from his body in some places.
“Shhh….Sam I am here! LeeLee is here!” I said as I gently ran my hands through his hair.
“My….. Beautiful…..owwww….. LeeLee.” He managed to say. I couldn’t help it the tears filled my eyes.
“Yes, Sam, LeeLee is here.” I said trying to hold back the sobs that wanted to drench my face. He half-smiled and then his face was twist in pain again.
“Lee..Lee…..I saved him!” Sam said painfully. He was talking about Seth. I couldn’t stop the tears now. The lights flickered slightly.
“Yes, you are a great Alpha! You saved Seth!” I said breathless from my sobs. As mad as I was a couple of days ago, I never wished for anything like this to happen.
“Lee….take care…..of………Emily. I love…..her!” He whispered between his painful gasps. The tears ran down my face and I brushed them away, but it was no use.
“I will help you take care of her Sam! Sam you fight and make it! You don’t leave me here!” I demanded forcefully.
“Lee…..I am ….sorry! I….always loved……….you!” Sam said as his face was going pale. His hand fell lifelessly from mine. The heart monitor started beeping. Carlisle and Edward rushed in. I heard crying from behind me. I turned to see Emily with her face in her hands. Jaiden stood there holding on to her. I stood helpless as Sam was dying on the table. Carlisle and Edward worked on him with all their effort. The heart monitor flat lined. Emily dropped to her knees and screamed in pain. I rushed to her and held her. I cradled her in my lap. Then out of no where we heard a sound……….

Carlisle’s POV

Sam was slipping away. Edward and I worked him over. We could not get a pulse or a heartbeat. He didn’t respond to any cardiac medications I push through the IV. We tried the paddles and shocked him, no response. This was the part of my profession I hated. That sound of the heart monitor flat lining rang loudly in my ears. Leah and Emily’s cries filled the room along with the heart monitor. They all screamed failure. Edward grabbed my shoulders. I stopped CPR. I glanced at the clock, but I did not call the time of death, It was 11:01 p.m. Leah cradled Emily, who was gasping for a breath in between her screams of pain. I turned to walk away and before the monitor could register it, I heard Sam’s heart start to beat. It was more of a flutter. The heart monitor registered the beat and now everyone in the room looked up. Edward and I raced back to Sam’s side. We worked fervently to revive him all the way. I knew it might be a long shot, but that one lonely fluttered showed me that Sam was not giving up.
“Fight Sam! You fight!” Emily screamed by his side now. Leah stood behind her and her face started to show some hope. We had a pulse, it was rapid and weak, but it was a pulse. I would work with anything.
“He is in shock!” Edward announced.
“I need more blood!” I screamed. I looked around the room and saw Jake standing there.
“Jake get me a bag of O+ from the fridge!” I ordered. Jake gave Edward the blood and he hung it.
“Do you think that he has an internal bleed somewhere?” Edward asked. That would be the obvious solution.
“Let’s get him stable and then transport him to the hospital!” I answered. I could control the situation better at the hospital. We managed to stabilize Sam and transported him to the hospital. Under ultrasound, I noticed that his spleen was torn and there was the internal bleed. That was an effortless fix. Sam’s color started to return after the surgery. I walked out to the waiting room.
“Sam is stable. He is in ICU for now. Did you find anything in the documents that say if the Savonauts scratch is harmful?” I asked Jake and Edward.
“No, but we did find that their bite is not like ours? It will kill a human within minutes. There venom is more toxic then ours. There is no transformation, just death. These creatures are ancient and they were raised, not created!” Edward explained to me.
“The Romanians will be here in a couple of hours. Go make sure everyone is ready. Stall them as long as you can. Where are the Savonauts?” I asked Jake knowing that the rest of the pack was checking the perimeter.
“They are a hundred miles out!” Jake answered. “ The pack is still marking a perimeter.” Jake said.
“Tell them to be careful. Is that Leah and Jaiden over there?” I asked seeing them sitting with Emily.
“Yes, Leah was wondering if you could do an ultrasound. We still do not know what to expect if she is pregnant!” Edward replied. I nodded in agreement.
“Tell her to come with me.” I said as I motion for Jaiden and Leah to follow me. We went to my office and I brought the portable ultrasound machine in. Leah laid on a gurney that I managed to sneak away from one of the rooms. We proceeded with the ultrasound. I wondered if I would encounter a hard amniotic sac around the baby. I brought the screen into focus and looked with amazement. I was shocked by what I was seeing.
“What? Oh no, What?” Leah asked starting to panic.
“Look!” I said as I pointed to the screen. Jaiden and Leah’s eyes grew wide.
“Are you kidding me?” Leah managed to say.

Jaiden’s POV

Leah’s eyes were widened by what we were seeing on the screen. She grabbed my hand and held it so tight. I couldn’t speak. I think even Carlisle was speechless.
“I am going to be a mother!” Leah burst into tears. The ultrasound started to go fuzzy.
“Leah calm down please! We are in a hospital!” I brought to her attention. That was all I need was for the power or something else happen and someone die. Leah was definitely going to be a mother. There on the screen were two little sacs that looked like tadpoles.
“By these calculations you are two weeks! I am taking that this isn’t corrected though?” Carlisle looked to us for an answer.
“No, we waited until we were married!” I informed Carlisle. I could see Leah’s cheeks flush a light pink.
“We will have to keep a close eye on you like we did with Bella. Thankfully, the babies' sacs are not protected like Nessie’s was. I will give you a C-section Leah. Not only to avoid any complications, because we do not know what the babies genetic make-up will be, but also because they are twins. I will make sure I grab all the necessary medical equipment I will need. Edward can help as well.” Carlisle assured us everything would be fine.
“So the babies have powers! How are we going to control them?” Leah asked both of us.
“We will figure it out Leah!” Carlisle said as he patted her arm. “How about I print you both an ultrasound picture? This was something I couldn’t do with Bella. When you are further along I will do an amniocentesis. This will tell us a lot about them. Like their sex, their genetic make-up, and so much more.” Carlisle made sure we were both well informed about everything. He was taking measurements of the babies. He moved to the second baby. He started to take measurement of it. Then all of a sudden I saw something behind it.
“Carlisle, can you going back about a half an inch.” I asked him curiously.
“What? What is it?” Leah asked nervously. She would be nervous until the ultrasound was over and she was assured everything was fine.
“Look! Right there! Do you see it?” I asked Carlisle. He adjusted the focus and zoomed into where I was pointing.
“Oh my! I do see it!” Carlisle was as amazed as I was. Leah looked back and forth between our faces.
“Well is someone going to tell me what is going on? Or should I just guess?” Leah said starting to get anxious.
“Do you see that right there Leah?” Carlisle asked her pointing to the screen.
“Yes. What is it?” Leah asked getting a little more anxious by the minute. Carlisle slumped back in his chair and ran his fingers through his hair.
“That Leah, is another baby!” Carlisle answered her anxious stares. I couldn’t believe it we were going to have triplets. Leah started glowing as the enormous smile came over her face.
“Are there anymore?” Leah asked giggling.
“Isn’t three enough for you Leah?” I asked laughing at her reaction. She wanted there to be more.
“How could this be?” Leah asked the very question I was wondering.
“Well being that you are half-wolf, I am guessing when you ovulated, you release more then one egg. When was your last menstrual cycle?” Carlisle asked her.
“I haven’t had one since I was able to phase. I did have a light one when I first met Jaiden.” She replied.
“Hmm….It could be that you went into heat when you imprinted Leah!” Carlisle said trying to rationalize the situation.
“Great I really am a dog! I don’t care! I am going to be a mother!” Leah said still glowing.
“Hopefully we are back from Romania before you deliver!” Carlisle said bringing our attention to the fact that our children might be born in Romania. Leah’s glow stopped. I knew this was not what she wanted.


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