The Twilight Saga

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by Andrea Kuehl


Bella’s POV

Everything I have learned as a vampire has brought me to this point. My ability to love so deeply for my husband, daughter, family, and friends, has only strengthened my abilities. For love is the greatest emotion that drives any creature, whether human, vampire, or werewolf. I had taken these last four months for granted with a distant thought to the Romanians. Now before us stand Jane and Giovanni. On the side of me, my wonderful endearing husband, Edward, and my best friend in the world, Jake. Why would they choose this day to come to collect on a bargain only made four months ago? We had defeated the Volturi, what possible threat is there now? I think we all believed or wanted to believe that we had more time of peace and tranquil days ahead. Our future looked grim with Jane and Giovanni standing before us. It seemed like we were destined for a life of servitude. I looked to Edward who was now in my same thought. Leah’s wedding was in less then five hours and the Romanians come to pay us a visit now. I wanted to panic as I threw my shield around us. I knew it would be of no use to try to attack them because Giovanni’s shield was as equally strong.
“Hello Bella, Edward, and Jake! How are you on this glorious day?” Giovanni asked us all. Glorious? What could be glorious if they were here standing in our front doorway?
“Giovanni, may I ask why you have come today?” Edward asked very firmly.
“Well, we were told there was a wedding and Antanasia thinks maybe our invitation was lost! We do not understand why we were not invited along with your other friends! Do you all not think of us as friends?” Giovanni asked us.
“We think of you as friends, but there will be humans at this wedding and we did not want to taunt you or the guard!” Edward stated very cautiously.
“Well, Edward to be quite clear, your presence is requested in Romania!” Giovanni announced. Just then Antanasia walked in with Felix, Alec, and Demetri.
“We will be attending the wedding! There is much to discuss after!” Antanasia instructed us. I turned to Edward with agony on my face. Did they plan this? They knew we would all be in one place. They knew we would not make a scene in front of humans. That would be certain death. This has been planned since the day they left, but how did they know when the wedding was?

Jacob’s POV

Of all the days these leeches decide to show up. It has to be on Leah’s wedding day. Leah was going to lose it if she found out they were here. By look on Bella and Edward’s faces they were a little unglued too. I didn’t know if I should call for Seth, Leah, Quil, or Embry. None of them were in wolf form right now, not even Sam. I would have to call using an Alpha howl. Edward shook his head no at me. ‘What do you mean NO?’
“Just wait Jake! Let me see if I can control the situation!” Edward said muffled. Just then Alice, Jasper, Carlisle, and Esme came through the doorway. The looks on their faces were not ones of joy and happiness.
“Ahh, Carlisle! We were just telling Bella and Edward that we heard about the wedding! Our invitation must have been lost, so we did not want to be rude and not make an appearance for such a joyous event!” Antanasia said condescendingly. Creepy creepers gave me chills!
“Actually, Antanasia there will be humans there and we didn’t want to be inconsiderate and put you all through unnecessary pain.” Carlisle thoughtful answered.
“But you would be so inconsiderate of your other vampire friends? Come now Carlisle, we can control ourselves!” Antanasia pushed. “ We have other issues to discuss Carlisle. There is an issue that has come to our attention. We require your talented family’s abilities as per our bargain!” She said calmly.
“We remember our promise Antanasia! It was not that long ago that it was made! May I ask why you chose today to come?” Carlisle sounded very disturbed.
“Well, we figured that this would be perfect timing since all the witnesses would be here also!” Antanasia replied smugly. I just wanted to rip that look off her old crusty face. I was starting to believe that the Volturi were easier to deal with then the Romanians. I looked to Edward.
‘Now do you think we need backup?’ He shook his head no. ‘They can’t come to Leah’s wedding! If you don’t want her to freak out, they can’t come!’
“I think it would be better that you stay here! After all we don’t want to upset the bride!” Edward calmly told Antanasia.
“You think our presence will upset the bride?” Antanasia said furiously.
“I think that the pretense you are here under will upset her and we wouldn’t want that on her wedding day!” Edward very cautiously continued.
“Very well, we will wait here! After the event is over everyone will come back here!” Antanasia ordered.
“Better yet, we will come and bring you back to the main house!” Alice replied.
“May I ask why you came to the cottage and not the main house?” Carlisle asked the question we all wanted an answer to.
“There might have been humans and we did not just want to simply show up!” Antanasia laughed in amusement. This was planned from the day that they left. Two questions were left unanswered though. One, how did they know where the cottage was? Two, how did they know when Leah would be getting married? I then wondered when we would break the news to Leah, Jaiden, and everyone else. This had to be a happy day for Leah.
‘I need to go phase back before someone, like Seth, tries to find out where I am.’
“Go upstairs and go phase back Jake!” Edward told me. I ran upstairs and phased back to my human form and ran downstairs quickly.
“What did I miss?” I asked Bella
“Jake, you were gone all of three to four seconds! Not much!” She sarcastically replied.
“We are going back to finish getting ready for the wedding. I ask that you do not hunt in this area once again!” Carlisle stressed. I was glad he did that’s all we needed to worry about.
“Yes, we will stay indoors! You come back to get us as soon as your guests have left!” Antanasia instructed once more.
“Yes, one of us will come back as soon as they have left!” Edward assured her.
“Tell Leah and Jaiden that I send my congratulations, since we could not make it!” Antanasia said jokingly. My mouth turned into a grimace. Edward touched my hand to stop the words from flying out of my mouth. He may have been able to stop me from saying them, but he couldn’t stop me from thinking them! ‘Old Hag!’ Edward smirked when he heard it.

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omg this book is as good as the other one cant belive Angela is a vampire at first i thought no not her but I really cant wait to her and bella see each other. u had me crying with the whole thing with Sam and glad he is okay. hope u will keep the post comming as quick as u have been thanks for such a great story
Thank you Karen!! I am glad to see you have caught up!!! I will be adding some more today
and i still carnt wait till angela and bella see each other!! :)
oh man im so excited to see what happens. I miss everyone on here like it used to be. I hope to get to my email.i hope all is well. love it as always.
Ashley hurry and get your email we miss you too!!
loved the updates! I can't wait for more!
kant wait for more
Marly I love you as always!!!
Thank you Mother Esme!! Did you get my email?
I did get your e-mail, but I haven't had a chance to check it out yet. Hopefully, later today . . .
Soon!! I promise!! Today was the first day back to school and I already have ten chapters to read for Creative Writing!!! UGH
these are awesome andrea!!! i missed you guys too!! how are you??


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