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Cold (An Edward and Bella VAMPIRE story) Free For Adoption Just Message Me

Bella is fifteen and spending her last summer in Forks, only something happens that changes her life forever. How will this effect her and edward's relationship?

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that was super tell me when you post more please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))
We were headed back downstairs when the burning in my throat increased exponentially, causing me to gasp at the pain. Carlisle was quickly by my side assessing the situation. "Bella, honey, it's time you feed."

I knew what he meant, the intoxicating smell of blood was drawing me towards the back of the house. I knew if I followed it, I'd find a deer, a buck actually, out there somewhere, near running water. I nodded and he ushered me out the door.

He paused a moment, checking the air briefly. "Alright, there's no humans near by, but just to make sure, I want to go with you. Is that okay?" He asked, gauging my expression. Truth be told, I was terrified he wouldn't come. So I nodded again, afraid the burning would increase if I spoke.

"Let your instincts take over." He instructed me, hands on my shoulders he turned me in the direction of the buck. "Close your eyes and focus on the smell." I did as i was told, ignoring the pain. When his hands moved, I took off, going faster than I had ever gone before.

And for a moment, the deer, the pain, all was forgotten in the exhilaration of speed. It was an absolute freedom I had never experienced before. My muscles pulled and stretched, and I could feel their synchronization. Each individual tree moved slowly towards me, I could see the branches, count them really, and I could even see the insects, ants and spiders, before it went whipping past. Replaced by an equally fascinating tree.

The sound of wind roared in my ears, mingling with the water in a rushing sound that was more melodic than Alice's voice. The distant call of birds was turned into flutes and clarinets, mingling in an orchestra of sounds.

I could feel the wet dirt beneath my feet, feel the shifts in the grains of rock as it moved to accompany my weight. How the critters moved through it in painstakingly slow increments.

I knew that any other time it all would have been overwhelming, the sights, the sounds, the smells, but the forest seemed to accostomed to my presence and my mind quickly adapted.

I returned back to my original problem, though the pain in my throat had lessened, and focused once again on my quarry. My limbs automatically slowed as I got closer, and my hyper senses painted a picture in my head of a small glade through a break in the pines ahead. The buck stood over a stream, lapping at the the water that trickled there. A doe was somewhere farther down and to the left. Fortunately I was downwind, and the creatures were completely oblivious to my silent approach.

I checked my balance, remembering what a major klutz I had been as a human, and then I leaped through the trees, flying out and and moving to the deers side quicker than should be possible. I was suddenly overcome with the knowledge that I couldn't let this animal suffer while I slowly killed it, so I brought my hands to it's head and snapped the neck, letting it fall slack against me.

The smell of it's blood was overwhelming, but when I heard the crackle of twigs, I knew I should look up.

Carlisle stood there, a proud, adoring look on his face that was such a blatant display of emotion that I had never gotten from my own father. I swallowed against the flames and smiled timidly at him before I leaned down slowly and sunk my teeth into it's neck. The motion was quick, and easier than I expected.

The blood tasted off, like sugar free soda compared to the real stuff, but I drank gratefully and greedily. In the middle of my feeding, Carlisle's head snapped up and worry blanketed his features. Then I smelled it too. The distinct scents of somethings so sweet, like cinnamon, lavender, spring, and sunshine.

I yanked away from the carcass, my eyes conveying the question to Carlisle without having to speak.

"Looks like the family is back sooner than I expected, I'll go deal with this. You finish up and come home when ever your ready." He answered quickly. His worried features briefly melted back into the warm fatherly smile. "And don't worry your little head, they will all love you. I promise." He seemed to think about it for a second and then something dawned on him. "There's one thing I have to tell you before I go though. Edward, he didn't appriciate being given this new life, I regret giving it to him, and Rosalie wouldn't wish it on anyone. If they're a little terse or act mean, just ignore it. They aren't really angry at you, it's me, and they're just upset that your not human anymore."

I stared at him blankly. "Okay." I replied, relief flashed in his golden eyes, and then he was gone, zipping through the forest.

I returned back to the buck, the blood had gone cool and that made it taste worse but I drank until I was full. I walked over to the stream and slowly washed my face, letting the water run red with the buck's blood. It was sort of gruesome and fitting of my new life.

The world around me was alive and I wanted to explore and see all of the treasures the forest had to offer, but I knew it would be dangerous. My stomach churned at the thought of running into a human and not being able to control myself. What if it was Charlie? What about billy or Rachael? There was no way I could take those chances.

It had only been about five minutes, but I hoped that my coming back right now wouldn't start more trouble, just in case though I walked back towards the house slowly. I let the details of what I had seen before be maximized by a clearer view, and when I reached the point where the treeline stopped and the field began, I paused.

I could hear voices coming from inside the house, rising up in what sounded like anger. I didn't want to ease drop, but couldn't help hearing.

"Fifteen Carlisle?! She's just a child! What if the Volturi catch wind of this? It could spell disaster. And what about her family? We'll have to move again!" His voice was smooth, even as his angered tone dipped below granite scraping together. I got an image of a fierce Greek god, angry and vengeful.

"We just got here, it will be suspicious if we move right after her death! People are going to ask questions, think were involved." this one was another female voice, softer and smooth, with a biting edge.

I decided these two people were most definitely Edward and Rosalie. I warred with my self for a millisecond, trying to decide if I should wait to hear Carlisle's response, but a new bravado in me decided to march up the stairs and into the house, just as his mouth opened.

I was surrounded by seven stunningly beautiful people. Two of them drew my attention, though in the back of my head I was taking every member of my new family in, a very short petite girl, with an inky halo of spiked black hair who was grinning at me like a reincarnation of the female version of Puck, the other was a bronze haired Adonis. More gorgeous than any movie star, rock star, I had ever seen. Lean and pale, with swimmer's muscles, a boyish face with sharp features, sparkling golden eyes, and a mess of bronze hair. His entire posture radiated anger. I knew these people, I could guess that the pixie was Alice, and my moody god, Edward.

For a second, I couldn't breathe. I realized what i had been going to say was childish and foolish and would prove them wrong, so in that second I checked myself, much like my balance, and said, "I appreciate your loyalty to your family, and though I'd hoped you'd all show me the kindness Carlisle has, I understand I am an outsider and that I pose a threat. I would just like to ask that you let me stay with you though. I have no where else to go." I looked straight at the God, my eyes locking with his, hoping to convey the message. For some reason I felt a kinship to him, like I had known him before.

I banished the thought when the motherly woman I assumed was Esme answered, "Of course you can stay darling, and there will be no more fighting or yelling about your presence!" She declared, finality ringing in her voice.
srry it took SO long, ive been mega busy
Please keep me updated !! Write Soon
NEW READER HERE!but anyways OMG!!! i LOVE!! your story line cant wait fo more!!
im a new reader too. I luv this story! you have to keep me updated!!!!♥
thanks guys, I have TONS and i mean MEGA TONS of stuff going on right now, so there might be a bit of time between each post, but its good to know that you like it!
more plz
loved it
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! XD


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