The Twilight Saga

Bella’s happily ever after lasted two days. This is Bella’s own account of what happened after Breaking Dawn, her growing understanding of her powers, her battle to remain with the man she loves, finding her place in her new family, and the ever-present threat of the Volturi.

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Cold Gray Light

by Chris



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Chapter 1 - Intuition

Chapter 2 - Warning 

Chapter 3 - Hope

Chapter 4 - Plan

Chapter 5 - Escape

Chapter 6 - Journey

Chapter 7 - Motherhood

Chapter 8 - Dreams

Chapter 9 - Calls

Chapter 10 - Danger

Chapter 11 - Fight

Chapter 12 - Inquisition

Chapter 13 - Peace

Chapter 14 - Talents

Chapter 15 - Return

Chapter 16 - Talk

Chapter 17 - Training

Chapter 18 - Together

Chapter 19 - Moods

Chapter 20 - Untruths

Chapter 21 - Departure

Chapter 22 - Unwelcome

Chapter 23 - Drill

Chapter 24 - Arrival

Chapter 25 - Discovered

Chapter 26 - Words

Chapter 27 - Manipulation

Chapter 28 - Consultation

Chapter 29 - Awakening

Chapter 30 - Impass

Chapter 31 - Tale

Chapter 32 - Ancestors

Chapter 33 - Shadows

Chapter 34 - Voice

Chapter 35 - Messages

Chapter 36 - stand-off

Chapter 37 - Patrol

Chapter 38 - Diplomacy

Chapter 39 - Rules 

Chapter 40 - Eyes

Chapter 41 - Disclosure

Chapter 42 - Why

Chapter 43 - Reconciliation

Chapter 44 - Confession

Chapter 45 - Spirit

Chapter 46 - Disbelief

Chapter 47 - Teams

Chapter 48 - Practice

Chapter 49 - Match

Chapter 50 - Betrayal

Chapter 51 - Realization

Chapter 52 - Confrontation

Chapter 53 - Untangling

Chapter 54 - Revelation

Chapter 55 - Postscript

Chapter 1 - Intuition


From the moment I walked through the door I could feel his eyes on me. Boring into me, owning me, watching even the minutest move I made.

I thought that I’d lose this intuition when I became a vampire. But in reality it had just got stronger along with everything else.

I thought for a moment about the one big change that my transformation had made, my thirst. Although I was still young, and the thirst for blood should be overwhelming, I had been able to handle it from the first moment I awoke in my new life.  No one knew why that was. I could cope with human scents even up close, when I should have wanted to drink them dry. The scent caused me physical pain, an intense burning from my nostrils all down my throat, and feeling my throat squeezing tight with the dryness. But it was bearable. This was unusual for a new born. My kind usual manage this much control after a few years. But even with my self control the thirst was still there, the longing for something to put out the dryness.

My mind churned again. My mind could think of so many things at once. The dryness was always one of my thoughts, sometimes near the surface, then moving back into the background.  I could keep all the thoughts in my mind -- juggling two, five, ten thoughts in parallel -- but never mixing them. Like watching ten TV channels at once. Another vampire trait.

Maybe I was just being paranoid. Maybe there was no one looking at me. I still hated attention just as I’d done as a human, I still shied away from it. I was just letting my imagination run away with me again. No one was looking at me. But I could hear his heartbeat six feet to my left, slightly behind where I was standing. He was sitting on a chair next to the loveseat. He was close enough to feel the warmth of his skin in the cool of the morning air. I could smell the strong scent of the skin pouch he wore round his neck. A smell that forced out every lesser smell from that part of the room, like a car headlamp blinding out a flashlight. It was not just the animal fur with its heavy notes that I could smell, but what was inside it. The herbs and berries that it contained, each type giving a new harmony to the smell. Some sharp, some sweet. Some I knew -- citrus, juniper, cinnamon -- some I had no words for.

Maybe he was just looking at Nessie like everyone else in the room. My four month old daughter was reciting a poem for her audience in her beautiful childish voice, complete with dramatic pauses and carefully characterized accents for the speeches. She was a very advanced four month old. She looked more like a small four year old, but she would have been counted as a genius in any preschool. This was because she was half vampire and half human, and of course could never be allowed in preschool. Her brown hair, with a tinge of bronze that came from Edward, fell down her back in beautiful curls. Her eyes were a warm milk chocolate color that had been mine when I was human, and were now excited by the attention she was receiving. Her complexion was pale with a healthy pink glow of excitement.  We knew now that her rate of growth and progress would slow and she would be fully mature in another 6 and half years, and then live forever.  We’d learned this from Nahuel only two days before. My dark worries of losing Nessie had vanished.  We’d thought we would have to watch our daughter grow old and die in fifteen short years, and we would mourn her for ever.

I didn’t look to check if I was right about Nahuel and his staring. I had caught his eye only once that morning, when we came in and gave the usual greeting to our family and their two remaining guests.

I still didn’t understand why these guest were still here. Yes, I was grateful to them, especially him. So grateful it hurt. He had saved us all: my daughter, my husband, my vampire family, my wolf friends, and me. And he put himself and his father and his sisters in danger. How could I not be grateful to him. We all were.

I’d asked Edward twice why they had not left with the other guests after the standoff with the Volturi. The first time was after the celebrations when all the other guests had left and we had taken Nessie back to our cottage to sleep in her own bed. This was the first day that we’d met them, the first day of the stares. Edward had given his answer, saying Nahuel was so glad to know that a family like ours could exist. A family with a half vampire child, the only one Nahuel knew of that was not related to him, and a surviving mother. Nahuel’s mother died in child birth and so did the mothers of his half sisters.

It is rare to find a vampire who would want a physical relationship with a human woman, even rarer to find a women who survived such an encounter. Her life could end at any moment if he did not concentrate fully on keeping her alive. And what about the outcome of such an encounter? Mortals are not compatible with half vampire babies, the babies are so much stronger than the women.  I had only survived thanks to the care given to me by my vampire family and because Edward changed me into a vampire as soon as the baby was out. The memories of this violent birth were now dimming for me. The vampire venom had mended the terrible damage and left me whole, strong, and beautiful.

According to Edward, Nahuel had spent his long life, over 150 years, thinking he must be evil to the core to have killed his mother. But seeing me set him free from his guilt. He now blamed his father for not caring for his mother as Edward had for me, and for not changing her when Nahuel ripped his way out of her.

The second time I’d asked Edward why Nahuel and his aunt (a full vampire) were still with us, Edward said that they wanted to learn more about our vegetarian lifestyle. This was how we liked to describe our abnormal hunting habits in the Cullen family. Unlike other vampires we only hunted animals, not humans. This gave us distinctive golden eyes which intrigued the normal red-eyed vampires.  When I asked this second time, it was not what Edward had said that set me thinking but the way he said it. If I wasn’t his wife and didn’t know him so well I would not have noticed the slight tightening of his straight shoulders under his tan colored jumper, and that he was holding his perfect jaw a eighth of an inch higher than normal. He was lying to me.

Edward lied a lot. He had to. When you can read the minds of everyone in a mile radius then you have to lie to appear normal. You have to learn to ignore the thoughts most of the time.  You have to answer only the questions people say out loud and not all the far-reaching ones they think in their heads but don’t dare ask. Edward also felt he must not betray confidences of those around him. It was not as though he could stop hearing thoughts if he wanted to, and not as if people could stop thinking when he was around, so he just didn’t pass these thoughts on. I was a shield which meant that he could not read my mind, not even when I was only human.  Now that I was a vampire I had learned to remove my shield if I wanted, but I could only do so for a few moments at a time and even then it was exhausting work.

But why would he lie to me about why Nahuel and Huilen were still here? We had just made it through the worst danger imaginable: the whole of the Volturi forces lined up against us, the judges, jury and executioners of the vampire world. We had survived that, so what now? What was he covering up? Surely we had to have a break from peril sometime.

Maybe bad luck was something that I’d brought with me into this life. Since I met Edward as a human I had always had bad luck. My life before Edward, before my return to Forks to live with my Dad, Charlie, was a quiet life in the big city of Phoenix with my Mom, Renée.  The memory of this former life was becoming hazy, almost a pre life to my human life, as if I was now in my third life, not my second. I’d had too much on my mind to sit down and think about it, though that was the only way my family said that I would remember it for the future.   As I remembered it now, it was a happy but lonely time of looking after my hair-brained mother and being the adult in the relationship even though I was the child. She didn’t need to be looked after in a physical way but in an emotional one, helping her to organize and control her life.  I was the one who made sure we went to the store when we needed groceries and that we went to the bank when the bills needed to be paid.  In many ways you could say I was her keeper rather than her daughter. This role was taken by Phil, her husband of nearly three years.

I argued with myself that I had already brought my shield through to my vampire life along with my strange ability for self control.  I was sure that I could not have brought anything else. I had left my clumsiness behind, which was a truly good thing.  I now moved so fast and was so strong that if I was clumsy lots of things would get broken.  Not just inanimate objects, but living things.  Even people.

I looked over at Edward, to keep my eye from straying to Nahuel. His beauty never failed to amaze me. He was stunning. His eyes were a warm amber color. But this morning more like stone than liquid. Something was bugging him. No doubt he was hearing things he didn’t like. His face muscles twitched slightly and his teeth locked together noiselessly. His smile remained, a facade to keep the others away from his upset within. I had no idea what he had heard or who it was that was having these thoughts, but my mind turned to Nahuel again, though I didn’t let my eyes follow. Edward would tell me when it was right and certainly not in the middle of this gathering.

Edward applauded when Nessie came to the end of her poem, pride now on his face. I felt a jolt of joy at his pride. I was proud of her, naturally, and applauded loudly too. But to have him so in awe of her gave me such a feeling of belonging. I had, in the end, been able to give him something so worthwhile. A daughter, our miracle. It made up for the lack of balance in our relationship. He had given me everything: his love, his life, my new life, money, possessions, a home, a car, a family. But the one thing that that he had never imagined, that none of our vampire family had thought possible, came from me. She was a delight to them all, and especially Edward.

It was only as I turned away from Nessie’s performance that I noticed Alice was staring into thin air, her eyes out of focus, completely still. I knew she was seeing something. My sister’s ability to see into the future was enviable. It had made her top of the Volturi’s list for acquisitions.  It was this ability that had saved the family and herself many times over. The future she saw was only one of the possible outcomes. If decisions that had been made were changed then what she saw would change.

“Demetri is coming,” she said simply in a clear chiming voice, not altering her stance at all. “Aro has decided. He will follow Carlisle to us.”

Carlisle was at her side in an instant. “But why?” he whispered. “Why now?”.

The image of the the Volturi tracker was instantly in my mind. It was not possible for anyone normal to run from Demetri. He had a gift for finding them. But this gift needed access to someone’s mind, and it was something I could block with my shield. As well as being a tracker, Demetri was a warrior, with centuries of experience working with the Volturi.

“But why, Alice?” he asked again.

Alice had gone back into her trance. This time it took her over a minute to come round. “He comes only to observe,” she said with a little relief in her voice. “Aro will order him to stay with us and just observe. He is to watch Nessie grow for Aro and to find out more about the wolves for Caius. He is to cause us no trouble. He will be ordered to hunt like us. Aro wants to see how this will change his character. He is report back regularly by letter. This order will be made at full council the day after tomorrow. He will arrive three days after that.”

She looked around the stunned room.

“Please look for more,” Carlisle urged her.

“Demetri will bring a note with him from Aro but they know that I can see what it says so you will be forewarned. Aro is staring at it so that I can read it...

My Dearest Friend Carlisle,

I am sending my dear one Demetri to visit you as an emissary. I feel that our last meeting left a rift between us which I want to close. I have asked Demetri to learn about your life style and your beloved granddaughter so that we may better understand each other in future.

I ask you to take Demetri into your hearts and your home, and to this end I will ask him to make himself useful to you and cause you no trouble. Please use him as a son.

Yours in friendship,


Carlisle looked aghast. “Is there more?” he said, shaking his head.

Her face returned to the distant mask, but seconds later disgust was clear on it.  She came back to the present again shaking her head. “Uh, that is so gross”.

“I saw part of the inner council meeting that was only the family, no guard. It is so gross.” she said, hardly able to speak for revulsion. “Aro says he wishes to watch a half vampire child develop first hand. He says that he will order Demetri to try to father a child when he has returned from his visit. He laughs and says that he may have learned some restraint from us. The mother is to be the only human they trust, their administrator Gina. They will promise her immortality if she successfully gives birth, but she has no choice. If she says no, she’s lunch. He says it will be a great honor for Demetri to father a child to be brought up and studied in Volterra. Caius is against the idea, the decision will be put off until a later date... I can’t see further than that, I’m not attuned to them, I can’t see so far ahead into their futures, I can’t see if she will become pregnant or if they will kill her, it is many months away, it may change.”

There was stunned silence.

All the joy after the last successful encounter with the Volturi was gone.

Then the speculation started. Alice could see the event but not the motivation behind it. It boiled down to three simple questions: why this? why now? and why Demetri? A dozen answers to each question came from the gathered family.  The most likely answer was that they wanted to catch us doing something against the rules as soon as possible, and Demetri can stand up for himself.

The others gave little thought to the planned baby. It was beyond the immediate worry and didn’t affect us personally. But my mind was on Gina and how I could help her.  I had only just survived my own pregnancy and I had had good medical care and love from all my family. I felt cold, cold to the heart.

Had I started some new vampire fashion? Would lots of vampire males want to father children? And what of the vampire females, would they want to become stepmothers? I thought of the loss of human life. I thought of Gina.

I found myself a spot on the floor and sat there still, shocked, horrified.

The discussion went on for nearly an hour, until Carlisle looked at the clock and said that he had to go for his shift at the hospital.

He turned to our guests, “Nahuel, Huilen. It may be best if you were not here when Demetri comes to call. I do not wish to ask you to leave but for your own safety I must ask you to think about what you want to do.  You know you have our thanks for what you have done for us, and I owe you for the safety of all my family. You are welcome here at any normal time.”

It was Huilen who spoke this time. She spoke simply in her heavy accent. “We will leave before he arrives.”

Carlisle smiled warmly at her. “That is for the best. We can visit you before long, and maybe meet Nahuel’s sisters if that is possible.”

The others continued to speculate after Carlisle had gone, Emmett debating with Jasper the possibility of beating Demetri in a fight. Jasper thought that if there were several of us it may be possible, but it would only bring the rest of the guard down on us, a battle which we would not win this time.

Alice touched me lightly on the arm, tutting at my pants and jumper combination. My favorite sister was never happy with my lack of fashion sense. But she could see the future, and would have known the day before about this particular lapse of mine. I thought to myself that I would suggest to her that she warns me in advance next time, so that I don’t disappoint her again.

“You know, I thought you would have learned a little by now Bella,” she chided quietly. “I will just have to take you back to your cottage and show you how to match up those pants myself. I didn’t spend weeks putting together your wardrobe for you to use it like this.”


That morning I must have really gotten under her skin. How could she care so much about fashion when she’d just given us the news about Demetri? Really. It made no sense.

I looked down at my outfit. It didn’t look that bad to me. I’d made sure that some of the threads in the jumper were exactly the same tone as the pants, but if it made her happy we could be home and back in a very short time. A few minutes out of the house would do me some good.

“Edward,” she chimed. “I’m taking Bella back to your cottage, can you look after Nessie by yourself?” The look on her face one of great effort.

He smiled warmly at her. “By myself? I don’t think that I will ever be allowed to look after Nessie by myself. She has too many fans for that.” He looked quizzically at her while he made his answer, as if they were having another inaudible conversation but failing to understand each other.

It was true. Most of the room were watching Nessie again, just waiting to see what she would do next, fascinated by her. Her Aunt Rose and Grandma Esme sat on the floor with her.

“We’ll see you soon,” Alice chimed again, wincing with effort, like a small child trying to remember a really difficult times table sum.

As soon as she said this I looked around the gathering to smile a normal goodbye. Then I saw him, Nahuel. He was staring at me. Staring at me with total adoration in his eyes as if I were the only thing he could see in the world.  The only thing he had ever seen. Like a blind man seeing the sun for the first time.

Oh no... no please no, I screamed inside my head. My face turned from a smile to sheer dread, his calm face turning from adoration to puzzlement at my expression.

Edward stiffened beside me, but said nothing.

Alice tugged my sleeve and we were off through the patio doors at the rear of the house,  running back to my cottage hand in hand. I was only too glad to go, and Alice's excuse was perfect.

As soon as we were over the river she said in a very hushed voice, “Shield me, stop him reading my mind.”


New posting Chapter 55 - Postscript

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Oh boy, I know I haven't commented before, I was waiting because I just joined this site.  I just read all of this so far in 3 days. Well, nights is more like it, I do have school. This is such a wonderful story, I am so happy to find it! This is honestly one of the best fan fics I've read, it's so much like the original books- Bella messing up and Edward feeling guilty! Anyways, I just thought I would comment to let you know that you are an extraordinary writer! I can't wait to read more and figure out what all is going on with Bella (: 


Hi Tara,

thank you for making such a kind comment about my writing!

I am amazed that you read the whole lot in 3 days, that must have taken you a long time, so a big THANK YOU for that.

I'm sorry I'm not very quick at updating. I do have to get my work edited (or it is of very poor quality). This extra step makes the process even slower.


I have tried to write a 'book 5' type fan fiction and pull in some unanswered questions from the other 4 books. But this is my 'take' on the SM characters, I have tried to use the evidence in the books where I can but sometimes I have to just make it up - well it is fiction.


Thanks you again for your comment. I'll let you know by mail when I update, I also put up a message on the front page of the fanfiction bit of this site.


Best wishes





Chapter 48 - Practice 

Alice’s reassurance was absolute and complete. She just hugged me for a long time. I felt hope return. I’d not lost her as my friend, she didn’t hate me.

“I love you Bella. As a friend of course – nothing else!” And she laughed.

Her pixie face turned serious again. “There is a way through this I just don’t know what it is yet.” Her eye lost focus for a minute. “There is something, something big, but I can’t see it, I think it’s the wolves in the way.  Sometimes I get a glimpse, just a suggestion, of your mother...  always of your mother in the wood and the boys wrestling. I don’t understand it.” She gave the slightest shrug of her tiny shoulders and continued.

“Jas is OK, we have agreed it would be best if he keeps his distance from you for now at least, except training. I know he has be trying, honestly, he didn’t need to go and do a computer course, we could have gone away on holiday if he’d have told me the reason. Men!

“And what about you, this spasm? Is it really causing you more pain than you are letting on?”

“Alice,” tears welling in my eyes, “you are the best friend that I could possibly have. I don’t deserve you. I love you too – you are truly my sister.”

“The spasm, it’s nothing,” I continued .“I can only just feel it, it doesn’t hurt, it is just there, that’s all. It’s there and it shouldn’t be.”


During the next week or so the whole house went soccer crazy. I was thankful of the distraction.

Training for the match became a large proportion of my life as not only did I have to attend my own team’s training but had to shield Fred during the opposing team’s sessions as well.

My team’s training proved somewhat of a trial. We in Jacob’s team had some sessions just for the vampires and some sessions for the whole team. The problem was that when it was vampire only I had to be in close proximity to Rose.

Carlisle had spoken to Rose about my talent. It was quite obvious when this had happened as I received a simple text from her.  If I see you near Emmett again you will be ash. Most of our vampire training sessions consisted of her attempting to remove my legs in various illegal tackles. She refused to speak to me although I’d tried many times to reassure her I had no designs on her husband. Having said this I didn’t blame her, it was what I deserved, I deserved the physical pain she was putting me through.

Both Emmett and Jasper were so enthusiastic for the sport it took them a few sessions to calm down enough not to kick the ball so hard it popped. Thankfully Emmett had managed to get hold of a very large number of soccer balls for training and only had to go back twice to get more. In the end even Emmett had reduced his kick down to the required level to place the ball just about anywhere on the pitch with no popping.

To my surprise I found that I was the best of the three women on the team. My passing skills matched Jasper’s although he was better at close ball control. Rose may have been better if she had focused on the ball rather than attacking me.

Observing the opponents’ training was fun. Fred was just so funny all of the time and was tremendously good at soccer. He really bonded with the other vampires on his team and I had to admit they were playing much better than we were. I tried hard to cover both Fred and Edward in inside out covers so neither could use their talents. I said I was covering Edward just for the practice but in fact I had decided that it was a useful for him not to know the males’ thoughts just in case any still had room for anything outside of soccer.

The training with the wolves started off rather nervously, nobody wanting to cause offence or physical injury, but soon got more serious as the number of days until the match shortened. Jacob introduced me to all the wolves I didn’t know.

“Hey Bella, come over and meet the rest of your team!”

“Hey guys, meet Bella.” He threw an arm around my shoulder just like he would have done when I was human. “She may smell awful but she is going to make the best mother-in-law a man could have.”

I did manage to whip his feet from under him and leave him sitting on the floor in a humiliated heap for that quip.

It was good to meet the newer wolves, I managed to talk and joke with some of them. The male wolves did seem a little happier to chat with me than the females were.  The females seemed to have taken a shine to Jasper and Emmett, and were really fond of Esme.

In the few hours a day that seemed not to be full of soccer I tried to squeeze in some kind of normal life. The tests Carlisle had run had not yet shown anything but he was determined and had decided the next step would be to look at my chromosomes and see if there was anything unusual for a vampire. Not that looking at my chromosomes would cure me, but it could at least explain some differences.

I’d tried to call my mother a few times but got no reply from her. I received an email from her saying she was very busy at her knitting classes and that she would send me something she’d made.

Charlie called two days before the match and said I’d had a packaged delivered to his house for me from Mom. Maybe Renée had lost my new address – how Renée!

When I turned up there was a package waiting for me containing a beautiful hand-knitted scarf and a smaller envelope.  The envelope contained a bracelet made with metal links in the shape of four leaved clover, one in the center encrusted with false diamonds. The note with it just said wear it for luck. I was so pleased with the gifts, this tangible link with Renée, that I wore the scarf as much as I could and never took the bracelet off.  After all, I needed all the good luck I could get.

The only odd thing was that Alice called me and said that Demetri had asked her to look for my mother's future as he couldn’t place her and was worried for her. Alice’s comment was that she is in the car somewhere, she looks perfectly fine, she is on a long journey, I can’t see where she is going yet. I guessed that she’d be off to watch Phil play somewhere.

The day of the match broke with a cold gray light, no rain first thing, just as Alice predicted. She was never wrong about the weather. It would stay dry until Mid afternoon and then the storm would hit toward Forks and there would be showers in the clearing. My little garden at the cottage still had no signs of spring, I stared hard at the trees willing for something to look new, fresh and green, but it didn’t.

But my thoughts couldn’t be distracted for long, it was Tuesday and that meant the match. I wasn’t dreading it for the same reason that I would have dreaded any sort of sporting endeavor when I was human. I’d trained with my team and I knew that I was every bit as able to play as any of the vampires and I was sure that I could out skill most of Jacob's wolf pack. This worry had faded but hadn’t left confidence in its place. It had just left room for other worries. The greatest of which was just returning to the clearing. The clearing where James, Victoria and Laurent had found the Cullens playing baseball. The same clearing where the newborns had fought with the Cullens and the wolves, the newborns ending up being burnt to ash. The same clearing where just a few months ago the Volturi had stood against us, their witnesses baying for our lives. All the big events in the same place, how could I not fear it? When I hunted I never went close but apparently I was the only one who felt this way. The rest took a much more pragmatic view. It was only a place, a space in the dense forest that they had used hundreds of times, there was nothing to fear from the place. Alice even seemed comfortable with the planned match, though of course she could see nothing of the day once the wolves turned up.

Alice had tried to talk to me the previous day to tell me about a vision she’d seen again of me and Nessie in the forest with a man. I really didn’t want to hear it and was glad when she said that was all she could see because of the wolves. And then Jasper appeared out of nowhere and interrupted us and took Alice off shopping again, he had worn through his boots already.

Fred had left the state a couple of times in the previous two weeks in a borrowed car and come back with his eyes bright red. I couldn’t bear to look at him, the thought of what he’d done was dreadful. We’d argued about it briefly. He tried and failed to convince me that he was providing a useful service to the humans removing the ones they didn’t want anymore, but I couldn’t see it. Killing someone was killing someone. I couldn’t see shades of gray in this, I guess it was the way I was raised.

We Cullens and visitors were all gathered in the clearing dressed in the team T-shirts provided by Alice. I was trying to keep my doom in check concentrating hard on thinking calm thoughts. I didn’t notice anyone was close by me until Jasper whispered in my ear

“Why so worried on such an exciting day? You are the only person who is worrying; everyone else is just looking forward to this. Is there something that you know that the rest of us don’t?”

I looked round. We were a little apart from the others. I hadn’t realized that my pacing had brought me this far, it was far enough that the others wouldn’t hear what he had said.

“Shucks! And I thought that I was putting on such a happy and calm facade.”

“You know that I know you better than that Bella, I know you better than anyone, better even than Jacob.”

And that puzzled me. It made me stop my pacing and look at him.

“Edward,” I corrected.

“Yes, I know you far better than Edward.”

Again, was he deliberately playing with me? Did he mean that he knew me better than he knew Edward or better than Edward knew me? Neither seemed likely.

I looked at him and I could tell he felt my flash of frustration because he smiled at me and walked away quickly, singing a jazz song in his deep base voice. I wondered if he was thinking really hard about the lyrics to keep Edward out and hide any stray thoughts.

Then, as if to distract me, Jacob’s pack arrived in wolf form. They looked fantastic. The fur on all seven of them shone in the sun. They ran in formation into the center of the clearing, Jacob at point.

Carlisle walked with measured but confident pace towards them. “Welcome friends.”

Jacob barked what was clearly a greeting in return.

In an instant they were gone into the forest. Three to the left and two to the right and two more out of the end of the clearing. I puzzled. Splitting two ways I could understand – they were a mixed pack and to retain a little dignity they would want to change back and dress boys on one side and girls on the other, but what of the third group?

Edward answered what must have been the same question in every vampire's mind. “Leah and Quill will take a perimeter around the clearing as first guard.”

I guess that made sense. Jasper, Emmett and Demetri had already swept the area but now that we had no foresight from Alice it was wise to keep our guard up.

The news cheered me up. A small pack on guard plus a vampire or two, that should keep all but the very worst situations under control.

If required the wolves could scare off a hiker just by showing themselves, not that many ever got this far off the trails.


Sam's pack arrived in human form ready to start, they looked egar.

Carlisle walked to the center of the pitch and called the teams to order. It was time to begin.


End of Chapter 48

ooooh!!!! can't wait to see what happens in the match! i wonder who would score the first point? a vampire, or a werewolf? someone from jake's team, or someone from sam's? well, i'll be waiting for your next update. bye, chris!

Hi Carmela,

thank you so much for commenting.

I think Bella is just concerned to get through the match without incident.

Best wishes


yeah, i suppose that is the primary concern - that no one will get harmed. 

There are so many questions that I can't wait to find out what the answers are. Everyone except Bella is very excited about the game. Is she just worrying out of habit or is there something else going on that only she can sense?  Luckily Alice is still there for her!  What is going on with Renee, and what is the significance of Alice's vision?  And also, what did Jasper mean when he made those cryptic comments?  It will definitely be very interesting to see how the game turns out!  Let's hope there is no outside interference!

Hi Seugnet,

Where would Bella be without Alice, she is such a good friend.

What is Jasper hiding from Edward?

Don't forget, Alice can't see anything now, she can't warn of any danger that may be ahead - or even any gouls that may be scored.

Best wishes


Great chapter.  I am still most intrigued by Renee and can't wait to see what you do with her character.  Seems she is the key to this whole mystery.  Love the wolf-vampire interaction.  Rose is so typical.  Jasper is not.  Alice is her usual wonderful self.  Too bad that Fred can't seem to conform to the animal hunting tradition.  So many threads.  Very interesting and keeps us waiting for the next unfolding.

Hi MM,

too many threads - if I ever do anything so stupid again as write another story I promise not to have so many threads. It weaving them all back that is the problem!

Alice is so great, how would Bella cope without her.

Rose is deeply jelous of Bella's talent but thinks it's a bit of a cheat really making them love you. Now she is getting protective towards Emmett.

If Fred wanted to get on the right side of Bella, he really should have put up with the animals! but he thinks he is doing nothing wrong.

Yes, Jasper is in a bit of a odd mood a the start of the match - we'll have to see why.

I'll tell you now I am no sports fan - don't go away thinking that there is going to be a great soccor action chapter next - I really wish I could do it but I can't. But the next chapter will move the plot on.

many thanks for your comment - I always look forward to reading it.

Best wishes


Aww poor Bella :( she feels bad and Rosalie is not even being understanding like the others. I hope they sort it out and Rose understands Bella's pov of in this issue. I wonder what will happen during the match

Yes Rose is very protective over Emmett - I suppose it is only to be expected, Rose doesn't have a very deep view of the world.


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