The Twilight Saga

Bella (21)- English major
Edward (21)- Bussiness major

Bella and Edward both go to an ivy league college and come from rich, high class families. They don't know each other in school an meet each other at a party hosted by Edwards family. They are both sophmores in college. What happenens when these two meet? Will it be true love? Does college love last forever?

Should I write this?????

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umm...WOW!! LOVE IT!! Cant wait for more!! :D
Chapter 4

Its been 2 days since I've last seen Edward. I can't seem to get him off my mind. I didn't really want to ask Rose to ask Emmett for his number because Emmett would make fun of me. I came home from my class and jumped on my bed. I groaned. I was so pathetic. This guy who I just met won't get out of my head and I barely know him. He's a Cullen for crying out loud. They are like my family but, they live in New York. My family lives in Conneticut. I was so pathetic.
I walked to my closet and put on sweats and a holey tank top. I had no classes for the next 3 days surprisingly. Why not make the best of it? I went into the kitchen and took out a bunch of hot fudge sundae things and drinks. I got a box of tissues and put on my favorite movie, The Notebook. At the part where Lon proposes to Allie, Rose and Alice walked in. I was sobbing on the couch.
"What in the world are you doing Bella?!" Alice exclaimed.
I too a huge bite of ice cream. "Eating and watching a movie!"
"Why are you crying?" Rose asked confused.
"Allie loves Lon but, Noah still loves her and she doesn't know if she loves him and- and- and-"
I blew my nose.
"Oh Bella," Rose said "you need to get out of here. You aren't doing this sweetie."
"What am I going to do?" I asked.
"We are all going to a party." Rose said. "Emmett said that there's a party going on tonight. Let's get ready and head down there."
"Oh guys no I'm-"
"I said we are all going. No not goings." Rose said.
Alice and Rose each grabbed an arm and got me ready for this party. They curled my hair and put on some make up. They also gave me a cute outfit but, I would never wear it out in public. What they didn't
know is that I put a spare change of clothes in my purse. We walked out our dorm doors and went to this party. It was inside a bar or club type thing. I wasn't sure.
"You know I hate you both for this right?" I said.
"We know you love us!" Alice said.
I groaned and walked over to get a drink.
"One glass of wine please." I said.
I turned around and I saw Edward.
"Why hello stranger." I said.
He smiled. "Hello." He lauged. "Is this how you dress everyday?"
"Ha yeah right! I can't stand this outfit." I yelled over the music.
Edward and I talked and has a few drinks but, the music got louder and louder.
"Do you want to go outside and walk around or something?" Edward yelled.
I nodded my head and he grabbed my hand and led me out. It was freezing.
"Do you mind if I change real quick? I brought extra clothes with me." I said.
Edward chuckled. "Go ahead."
I went to the bathroom and changed then quickly got out.
"This is the real Bella." I said.
"Well, the real Bella is much different from the other two I've met." Edward said.
I smirked. "So why do you do that?"Edward asked "Like why do you act different at yor parents house?"
"We aren't very close." I said "They never think that anything my brother and I do is enough. I told them I got into Yale and thier reaction was if you aren't going to med school and doing something productive, why bother?"
"Thats terrible. They don't seem that way." Edward said.
"They are." I said "My brother and I are they only people who understand each other. He's like my best friend. I can tell him anything and everything."
"Thats how Emmett and I are I guess in a way. Our family is very close and well knit. Everyone is happy about each other and very rarely will anyone fight." Edward said.
"Ha I wish my family was like that." I took a sip of my drink. "You know I got an almost perfect score on my SATs and there was nothing from my parents but a 'why isn't it not perfect?'. Instead my brother and his wife took me out to dinner and my brother gave me this." I pointed to my diamond bracelet. "I didn't want it at first but now, whenever I miss him, I look at it. I look at it a lot."
"So do you go on the summer trips?" Edward asked. "I hate getting pulled into those..."
"Oh yes....the worst part of summer. My brother and I dread it every year. We're going to Paris this year." I said. "How about you? I know that last year, Rosalie went with you guys right?"
"Yes, we went to Rome. We're going to Italy this year." Edward said "Emmett loves Rosalie a lot. Sometimes he gets to the point where he can't shut up about her. I can't believe they're engaged though..."
"Are you the best man?" I asked.
"Yes. Are you a bridesmaid?"
"Nope. Maid of honor." I said. "Alice, Rose and I made a deal. I'll be Roses maid of honor, Rose will be Alices and Alice will be mine."
Edward smiled. "You guys sound like you have your lives planed out."
"I have since I was in middle school." I said "I want to live in a big sized, modern, white house with red shutters and have a big backyard and kids. One maybe two but, no
more than that. Well, what am I saying you probably think I'm so old-fashioned."
"I am too don't worry. I had the same vision as you at once. A big house, maybe kids, I'd love to live near the ocean though. I love beaches." Edward said "I also want to make my own company."
"Hopes and dreams." I said.
We somehow ended up infront of my dorm.
"Well, this my dorm. It doesn't look like Rose and Alice are back yet." I said unlocking the door. Edward grabbed my wrist.
"Wait, before you leave. I need to tell you something." Edward sighed " I really don't know how to say this so I'll just come out. I haven't had you off my mind since the party Bella. I felt something when we were together. It was like we were meant to be Bella. Didn't you feel it?"
"I did feel it. I haven't stopped thinking about you either Edward." I said.
"Bella.....I think I love you." Edward said.
I looked into his eyes and kissed him. "I think I might just love you too."
Edward kissed me back and I opened the door to the dorm. I grabbed his hand and brought him to my room. I kissed him again and he kissed me back. He pulled me onto the bed. The kiss got more passionate and I stood up.
"I can't do this." I said "Not yet. Not now. I-I- I barely know you Edward. Just Not-not yet..."
Edward wrapped his arms around me and kissed my forehead. "I agree. This- this is crazy. We just met like 2 days ago and we were about to do something we could regret..."
"Yeah..." I said awkwardly.
I kissed Edward again. "I do love you though."
"I love you too." I said and kissed him. "You should probably go though. Alice and Rose wil be here soon."
I walked Edward to the door. "Do you want to go out for dinner tomorrow night?" he asked.
"Sure." I said smiling "here's my number."
I wrote it on a napkin and gave it to him. He did the same. "Call me with details."
"I definetely will." Edward said and with one last kiss, he left.
I turned around and Alice and Rose we're wiggling thier eyebrows.
"Its 12:00am and a guy is coming out of Ms.Bella's room...hmmmm." Alice said.
"I have so much to tell you guys!" I said grabbing thier arms and getting ready to tell them everything that happened.
love it
write more ASAP
Roza: It's great!!!!
plzzzzzzzzzzzzz post AT VAMP SPEED!!!
You have to write more and, I agree, at vampire speed.
love it!!!!!!!!!
love it
omg i loved it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! write more soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
That was an awesome chapter!!!!! I can't wait to read more!
awesome love it gotta have more


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