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Okay so this is set 4 Years later. Bella and Caspian are missing each other like crazy. One day Lucy and Peter go back to Narnia, Caspian is glad to see them again but sad to see that Bella is not there with them. He is depressed, but Bella is dealing with some personal issues at home. One day she escapes and is back in Narnia and with her Caspian. The two lovers grow more closer and their loves blossoms. But Old Enemies return and Bella discovers who she really is. What will Happen?

This is a Sequel to Realize :) Click Here to Read It

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Chapter 1~Narnia Again

Chapter 2~The Return of Bella

Chapter 3~ Surprise

Chapter 4~Caspian's Cousin Part 1

Chapter 4~Caspian's Cousin Part 2

Chapter 5~Hurtful News

Chapter 6~The Goodbye

Chapter 7~Ramura's Island

Chapter 8~It's True

Chapter 9~Haunted

Chapter 10~Back From The Dead

Chapter 11~Back Again

Chapter 12~ Sweet Revenge

Chapter 13~Saved

Chapter 14~Caspian and Bella's First Born

Chapter 15~Proposal

Chapter 16~Royal Weeding

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will do :)

It is the same as Bella’s !!!

It’s lovely !!!!

Loved the chapter !!!!


It's similar to Bella's

Chapter 16~Royal Weeding

It was the day of Bella and Caspian's weeding.  Bella was getting ready with the help of Lucy and Lilliandil. Lucy finished doing Bella's hair, it was all wavey and pinned to the side. Lilliandil done up Bella's dress and she smiled at her. Bella had a pure white weeding dress on, it looked rather heavenly on her.

Lucy smiled "You look so beautiful Bells" she said hugging her softly. "Caspian is so lucky" she smiled

Bella smiled "Aww thanks Luce" Bella said and hugged her little sister softly.

Lilliandil smiled at Bella and she kissed her hair softly "I am so happy for you" she said and hugged her softly as well. The girls shared a group hug and smiled happily at each other.

Caspian was at the alter, he was in his best Prince Wear and he was rather nervous but Happy, He looked over at Aslan who just smiled at him encouragingly. And he smiled back at Aslan.

Peter patted his back softly and held Miracle in his arms.

Dorian smiled at his cousin, he was really happy for Caspian.  He patted his back softly and waited for the music to start playing. The music played softly and Lucy and Lilliandil took their place on the other side of Caspian with Peter and Dorian as they were Bella's brides maids and Dorian and Peter were the best men. 

It was then Bella's cue and she walked down the Aisle. Caspian's breath got caught in his throat at her pure beauty and he smiled wide. She was just so beautiful not enough words could ever describe how much he loved her. Bella blushed as she smiled back at her soon to be husband and king. 

Bella took his hand as she joined him at the front and he squeezed her hand softly and slid his arm round her waist holding her close as Aslan spoke "Narnians, Friends and Family, we are gathered here today to join Caspian King of Narnia and Isabella Princess Of Narnia in the holy bonds of royal marriage" he said "We may start with the wovs" he looked at Caspian "You may proceed"

Caspian held Bella close to him and he held her hands in his "Bella, I loved you from the moment we met. I still remember that day clearly, you all wet in the river, looking so sweet and innocent as always, you were the best thing that ever happened to me and I never ever want to lose you, you are my life, my soul, my everything and I am so lucky and blessed to have you and our daughter in my life, without you two I would be nothing. I promise to love, cherish and care for you, I wov to never let you go and protect you from anything that may stand in our way" He said and slid the weeding ring on her finger softly.

Bella blushed and she got happy tears in her eyes. Then she said her wovs "Caspian, I never thought I ever be so lucky as to have you in my life. I love you so much and not enough words can ever describe how much you mean to me. I am so blessed to have you in my life, you are everything I am ever going to need and want in my life, you are an amazing person and father. We found our way back to each other and I am never letting you go. I promise to love, cherish and be with you. I wov to stay yours" She said and slid the ring on his finger and smiled softly.

"I pronounce you King and Queen of Narnia" Aslan said "You may now kiss the bride"

Caspian leaned down and kissed Bella on her lips, he held her close as he kissed her deeply and with love. Bella wrapped her arms round his neck as she kissed him back with the same passion and love, she smiled against his lips as he held her closer to him. Everyone cheered and clapped smiling, some had happy tears in their eyes as well.

"I love you" Caspian said and smiled "My Queen"

Bella blushed and smiled "I love you too, My King" she said and leaned her forehead on his


u got to add more it was amazing

This story finished, so There will be a sequel

Perfect End !!!!

I’m happy there is a seguel !!!

Loved your story !!!!!


I know :) and yeah 

Aww that was so sweet!!

Can't wait for the sequel!!!

Yep it was sweet :)

The Sequel to this is called It's Gonna Be Love


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