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Okay so this is set 4 Years later. Bella and Caspian are missing each other like crazy. One day Lucy and Peter go back to Narnia, Caspian is glad to see them again but sad to see that Bella is not there with them. He is depressed, but Bella is dealing with some personal issues at home. One day she escapes and is back in Narnia and with her Caspian. The two lovers grow more closer and their loves blossoms. But Old Enemies return and Bella discovers who she really is. What will Happen?

This is a Sequel to Realize :) Click Here to Read It

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Chapter 1~Narnia Again

Chapter 2~The Return of Bella

Chapter 3~ Surprise

Chapter 4~Caspian's Cousin Part 1

Chapter 4~Caspian's Cousin Part 2

Chapter 5~Hurtful News

Chapter 6~The Goodbye

Chapter 7~Ramura's Island

Chapter 8~It's True

Chapter 9~Haunted

Chapter 10~Back From The Dead

Chapter 11~Back Again

Chapter 12~ Sweet Revenge

Chapter 13~Saved

Chapter 14~Caspian and Bella's First Born

Chapter 15~Proposal

Chapter 16~Royal Weeding

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Chapter 11~Back Again

Dorian smiled as he held Lucy close to him, he kissed her forehead and kissed her hair "I'll never leave you,I promise" he said and leaned his chin on her head.

Lucy smiled as she buried her face in the nape of his neck which was rather warm, she stayed in his arms as he held her close. "I trust you" she whispered and smiled up at him again, he kissed her lips and she wrapped her arms round his neck as she kissed him back softly

Mean while Bella was inside with Caspian, she was tired and she needed to be on bed rest before the baby was due, it was cold outside and she was shivering. Caspian wrapped the blankets around her and he kissed her stomach making her giggle and smiled, he then kissed her lips and he smiled "I love you"

Bella smiled as she kissed him back and placed her hand on his warm cheek "I love you too" she said and set her hand down on her belly and leaned her head back against the pillow as he held her close and she soon dozed off, she needed to rest.

Caspian held her close and he kissed her hair softly and rubbed her stomach softly, he could not wait to be a father and marry Bella. He was so happy, he could not even put it into words. He leaned his back into the pillow and he soon feel asleep as well.

Lilliandil was walking around the castle, when she saw Peter and she smiled, she was growing closer to him and she had feelings for him, she was not sure how to tell him though. She smiled at him softly, her smile could light up the darkest sky and make anyone happy if they were depressed.

Peter walked over as he smiled back at her, he was in love with her. Come on Peter, tell her you love her, its that simple. He thought to him self. He saw she looked down so he lifted her chin up with his finger and he kissed her softly on her soft tender lips, her lips were like silk.

Lilliandil blushed as his lips touched her, she wrapped her arms round his neck softly as she kissed him back, her body melted with his, She softly tangled her fingers in his short blondish hair as she kissed him with love and tenderness, her lips moving with his as one.

Peter held her close to his body then softly pulled back looking into her eyes as he smiled at her lovingly "I love you" he whispered in a soft voice looking deeply into her eyes. She was the most beautiful girl he ever layed his eyes on, he loved the shyness about Lilliandil, she was also very sweet and caring.

Lilliandil felt her self blush as her star light grew slightly brighter because she was happy and in love "I love you too" she whispered as she leaned her forehead on his.

Peter felt him self blush slightly, he picked her up his arms and span her around making her giggle softly. He smiled and he kissed her hair softly and then her lips again.

Next Day:

Lucy was asleep curled up into Dorian's chest,  he had his arms wrapped around her tightly as he was sleeping as well, he kept her close to his chest not wanting to let her go. She woke up and rubbed her eyes as she yawned, she got up not waking him up and wrapped his arm round the pillow. She looked outside, she put on her coat and went to take a walk outside before breakfast. She walked out and she took a walk in the woods.

Someone was in the shadows watching and waiting, he smirked and he leaped out grabbing her and he muffled her screams


Dorian is gonna freak out !!!

He is just back and she is gone !!!


I know, He is :(

Chapter 12~ Sweet Revenge

Lucy struggled against the person but he held her tightly making the air escape from her so she passed out, when she woke up, she was tied to a pole in a little hut somewhere in the woods. She blinked "What do you want from me"? she asked, her voice shaking slightly, as she had no idea who kidnapped her

She heard a voice "Revenge" the voice send chills down her spine as he said the word so coldly but more because it was.................Paul. How did he get here? she wondered. He only wanted revenge because Bella was with Caspian and Paul was a jerk and obbesive over Bella, and the only way for him to make a point was to hurt Lucy.

Lucy looked at her hands, they were tied behind her back, she frowned and she felt she had a knife in her pocket which she just about reached without him seeing, she moved her hands up and down and cut the ropes and fell to her kness of the impact when the ropes released her and the knife skidded across the floor

"Oh no you don't" Paul hissed and he grabbed her by her hair pulling her up and shoved her against the wall "No one escapes from me. You understand?" he said, his voice close to hers. His breath on hers. He smirked and crushed his lips to hers kissing her with hate and anger.

Lucy gasped as she tried to pull away but he was to strong for her, so she kicked him right in between the legs and slapped him and when he was on the floor wincing in pain she made a ran for the door but he tripped her up and she landed on the floor hitting her head on a rock that was inside.

Back at the Castle, Dorian woke up and he saw Lucy was gone and only a note. 

Dear Dorian,

I've gone out to the woods to take a little walk, before breakfast

Love Lucy :) xx

He looked at the clock, it read 10 past 11, it was already past breakfast, he over slept, he wondered if Lucy was back, he walked into the study were everyone was by the fire place "Is Lucy back yet?" he asked

Lilliandil looked at him "No, we haven't seen her" she said as Peter, Caspian nodded in agreement and Bella was in the chair sitting down, she nodded to what Lilliandil said as well.

Dorian frowned worried, he walked out of the castle and he went to look for Lucy, he walked in the woods and he saw a bit of cloth on a tree. He looked at it closer and it was bit of cloth torn from Lucy's coat. He frowned worried as he tucked it in his pocket and pulled out his sword.

Paul was bend over Lucy holding the knife that skidded across the floor a moment before "Sweet Revenge" he said to him self as he laughed evily

Oh no!!!! Poor Lucy!!! Hurry up Dorian!!!

Evil Paul!! grrr :(

Please update soon!!!! :)

Yeah Paul's back :( 

Will do

oh no  0_0

Pleas tell me she dindt lose het memory just like Bella did in Realize !!

I Hope she is oke :S


you'll have to wait and see

More pretty please with cherries on top

oh lol :) Will try and post more this week

Chapter 13~Saved

Dorian heard the evil laugh as he was near by the cliffs and he ran inside and he drew out his sword and kicked Paul away "Get away from her!" he hissed

Paul got up "And you are?" he asked as he raised an eyebrow "Oh yeah Caspian"

Dorian glared "His cousin actually" he said and put the sword to his throat "Now should I just let you live or kill you on the spot?": he asked "Pick, either way I know I am gonna enjoy making you suffer what you did to my Lucy!"

"She's not yours!" Paul said "She's mine" he laughed evily and felt his sword dig into his neck slightly making him wince. "Okay what ever do what you want" he said and closed his eyes waiting for it to be over quickly and it was, soon Paul fell down and did not wake up ever again. 

Dorian kneeled down and he pulled out the healing potion he had on his and put it over Lucy's wound on the head and it healed her head up nicely.

Lucy blinked as she let out a whimper of pain "Shh its okay I got you" Dorian said as he wrapped his arms round her and picked her up and carried her back.

Lucy layed her head on his chest holding onto him tightly "Is he gone?" she asked, her voice a bit shaky

Dorian kissed her forehead "No worries, he wont be bugging anyone any time soon" he said as he carried her and he walked inside the castle to where the other were

Lilliandil looked at Dorian "Oh thank god you found her" she sighed in relief "We were so worried over here, what happened?" she asked looking at Lucy

"Paul happened" Lucy said

Peter, Bella, Caspian looked at Lucy "He's still alive?" they asked in disbelief

"Was," Dorian said "I killed him" he said

Bella nodded "Well good riddance then" she said and looked at Lucy "Are you okay sis?" she asked sounding worried

Lucy nods "Yeah I am okay now, no worries" she said and smiled "Maybe you should rest Bella, remember what the doctors said" Bella let out a groan and whine

Caspian picked Bella up in his arms and smiled "Come on, I need to make sure my future queen and our unborn child get some rest" he said as he kissed her forehead.

Yeey !!!

Lucy is saved !!!

And aww Caspian is so sweet !!



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