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A members asked me if there was away to read complete fanfictions... and I wasn't sure how to respond... so I decided to create this thread. If your fanfiction is complete, please post a link to it here to make it easier for people to accept finished fanfictions.


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I just completed my first AH and second fanfic...I hope you'll check it out...

Bella's M&M written by HarCad0004

Click pic to take you to the story
this is story is totally AWESOME!! otherwise all the human stories are BORING!


the story behind NEW MOON

when edward left bella in forks where did he go? and who did he find?



"when edward left bella in forks where did he go? and who did he find?"


this is my first fanfiction and has just been completed!

its the story behind new moon...

"when edward left bella in forks, where did he go? and who did he find?"


Title: Visitor
Alice POV, New Moon Chapter 17.
A one shot, thereby completed:
great story :)


Chapter 2: Phenomenon

I didn’t want to be a monster, but here I was preying on this innocent girl. Stalking and hunting her, like she was an animal, in my sick sport. I should have went to see Carlisle, I should have left, run away and never looked back, but the monster in me refused to go. I had refrained from killing her in the classroom at school, this was my other option, one of many choices I had ran through today. Follow her home, take pleasure in it there.

Could I stop, and if I could, would I? And did I even want to? The answer is obvious, No. Though I hated her, I knew my hatred was unjust. I knew that what I really hated was myself. And I would hate us both so much more when she was dead.

There she is, like a sitting duck, oblivious to the danger. Me, I’m the danger, and she has no idea. She’s come home to an empty house, her father works full days, he wont be here for hours, and there are no close neighbors. Even if she had time to scream … which she would not, no one would hear her. Her home was nestled up against thick woods, close and easy to get lost in. No one would ever know, they would never find her.

I don’t want to be here, but I can not seem to leave. Why did she have to come? Why did she have to exist? Why did this aggravating human ever have to be born? She would ruin me. I didn’t want to lose everything I’d gained in a lifetime of sacrifice and denial because of her. But in a few moments, there would be nothing left, nothing that would reflect the years I’d spent doing just that. It would all be lost now, in the face of this monster.

I moved in closer now, too fast for her to see me. I have waited this long, I should just leave. But the scent is the problem, the hideously appealing scent of her blood. The memory of her scent in my head, the taste of it still on the back of my tongue.

I was a predator. She was my prey.

There was nothing else in the world but that truth. Even as part of me shuddered away from the monster, another part was thrilling from it. The monster in my head smiled in anticipation. She was gathering her things, getting ready to get out of her truck. Her warm truck, where she had been basking in the flow from the heater. Accentuating her scent, with every rising degree.

I turned my face away from her, who was this creature? Why me, why now? Why did I have to lose everything because she happened to choose this unlikely town to appear in? Hating her, hating how she made me feel -it helped a little- to clear my head, to gain some sliver of control. My former irritation at being stymied by her soundless thoughts was weak and pale in comparison to her perfume. Yes, it was weak, but it, too, helped a little. I clung to any emotion that distracted me from imagining what she would taste like…
I could leave, I won’t become the monster! I wouldn’t. She couldn’t make me.

Then she opened the door. The saturated air blew right towards me, her scent hitting me like a wrecking ball, like a battering ram. The internal struggle I had been having with the monster was no more. I had lost the fight, and she would suffer the consequences. Thirst burned through my throat like fire. A ragging inferno, incinerating my resolve. I was a vampire and she had the sweetest blood I had smelled in eighty years. My mouth was baked and desiccated. The fresh flow of venom did nothing to dispel that sensation. My stomach twisted with the hunger that was an echo of the thirst.

My muscle coiled to spring. And as she shut the door to turn and walk away, I launched myself toward her, knocking the wind out of her, trapping her in my grasp. She would have no idea what was happening, she couldn’t see, for I was running to fast. She couldn’t move in my possession. I was like an iron vise, imprisoning a delicate flower. I ran her deep into the forest, away from civilization. I could feel her squirm and try to move her arms, her warm, soft body pressing against me. The feel of her heart pounded against my cold hard chest, the echo in my ear. Her breath had come back, assaulting me even further. Hot and rapid, pouring over me like a sluice. The wind picking up her hair, circling and throwing it in my face. Soft and tickling in the air. Everything about her made the burn that much more excruciatingly desirable. My every fiber ached at the desire for her blood. I could take her now, but why rush through the experience, I cringed, as the savage in my head agreed.

I ran for miles, looking for the right place, when I finally found a small clearing.
I let her go, not stopping before I did, she flew to the ground, knocking out her breath.
I should have been more gentle, there’s no reason for her to suffer any more than she was already going to. She should not have to feel pain; I will not kill her cruelly. That much I could give this stranger with the horribly enticing blood.

Just as she hit the ground a gush of cool unscented air wafted across my face. I inhaled deeply, and for that one short second I was able to think clearly. I don’t have to do this, I could leave now…

She would be confused, but alive. Lost in the forest, but alive. In pain, cold and wet, but alive…

I should, she hasn’t noticed me yet, she hasn’t looked at me, her eyes are closed, probably trying to focus from the dizzying speed. I took a step back, getting ready to turn and run in the opposite direction, to never look back. Leave this place, this girl, forever.

Then she opened them, her deep scared -chocolate brown eyes. Piercing through me in fear, like a thousand daggers. The reflection of me in her eyes was hideous, I was a hideous monster, and she knew it. There was no denying it now, she had seen me, and she knows. I haven’t moved from my attack stance and my teeth are still bared, I was frightening -even to myself- it’s no wonder she flinched. She was a fragile, frail, weak human girl and in my eyes there was nothing but hate and revulsion. For myself, but for her too.

I wonder what she is thinking, the frustrating point that still evaded me. What was with this girl! It’s as if she was created just for me, only me and no one else. Created to torture and test, subject me to the disappointment of my existence. To inflict on me the worst kinds of pain, hers and mine. What I would do to this girl will torment me forever, even in my worst days, I never killed an innocent before. Her face, her fear, her pain will be seared in my mind for as long as I live. Her scent, her taste, never leaving me, flowing satisfying and disgusting in me forever. I will never be rid of her, she will haunt me for all eternity.

She started to move back away from me, her hands and feet slipping on the mud and grass. She was trying to get away, I found this darkly humorous, as if she could outrun me. Instinctively I inched forward, taking back her feeble attempts to flee. She slipped falling back on her elbows, throwing her head back and thrusting out her neck. Her perfectly smooth, warm and delicious neck. I wanted to touched it with my hand, caress the soft sheath. Her skin was so pale and translucent, it was hard to imagine it offered her any protection at all, the pulse of her blood inviting me in. How effortless it would be to sink in to, releasing the decadent flow. It was as if she was doing everything in her power, subconsciously, to make me kill her. Calling to me with her every movement. I wish I could stop, but I wanted her more than I have ever wanted anything in my life.

If she would just get up and run, I would let her go, I would make myself let her go. Get up and run Bella, run away from this beast. Saying her name, even in my head, sent a wave of titillation through me. I wanted to believe this, I hoped it was true, but the monster was too excited, it wouldn’t give in that easily.

Then she sat up and turned over to stand. Would she grant me my unspoken wish, give me the reprieve I so desired? I wanted her to go, to leave and get out of here. I respected her strength, her desire to fight. If she would fight to save her life, then so would I. I will stop the monster from taking this girl, I will let her run, and I will not chase her. She will win this battle, I will forfeit and lose, all she has to do it get up and run…

Another cool breeze blew across my face, I inhaled a deep breath, clutching onto my resolution. But the air wasn’t cool and it didn’t clear my mind, it was tainted and warm, fiery and sapid.

A stick had pierced through the palm of her hand. The flesh was slashed, and the pooling of blood had already seeped though and was assaulting my will. If she took it out, spilling the birth, her life would be over. There would be no choice, it would be lost on me, and forever on her. I stepped forward, to stop her from death.

NO! I yelled in my head, my teeth clenched to tight to say out loud, but it was too late. She pulled the stick out of her hand, the bulge of blood gushing out, spilling over and down her palm and wrist. My breath caught, but it was too late, the scent had transude, scorching down my throat. The end was here, we both lost the strife.

Her agonizing scream fell on deaf ears, now nothing could stop this fiend.

**Bella's version is completed and can be found here:
OK, I'm confused. I get to the part in Dangerous ( I know I spelled that wrong, sorry) when she blacks out then I am in part two. Please give me the correct links. I am a huge Anne Rice fan and can't wait to see how the stories merge. E-mail if necessary. A quick note to help with my confusion. I've been home sick for over a month so maybe I am just pressing the wrong links with my fever and all. But I am feeling pretty stupid. I really want to read this and the sequel. They both look great. Thanks so much.

The woman with a 102* fever - not as bad as a wolf!!!!!!! Thanks to all the fan fic writers who have kept me entertained while I have been sick.


the link doesn't work.was it deleted?


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