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A members asked me if there was away to read complete fanfictions... and I wasn't sure how to respond... so I decided to create this thread. If your fanfiction is complete, please post a link to it here to make it easier for people to accept finished fanfictions.


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Thanks :)

It was awesome!!!


Link:): Click to read, 'A TWIST OF LIFE'




tittle:Left For Dead


thanks so much guys :)

comments are love:)



  Standing at the alter of her own wedding, Bella is overjoyed to marry the love of her life, Edward Cullen. But right as she reaches up to kiss him and make it final, she is suddenly shocked to find herself in an alternate world, farther away from Edward than she's ever been. Bella is quick to realize that she is now living in a life where she is married to Jacob with three kids, and comes to the conclusion that she is having a nightmare the night before her wedding.

  But what happens when she doesn't wake up like she expects herself to? Bella struggles and searches as hard as she can to find a way to escape this nightmare, but finds that it isn't going to be a very easy task. How long will Bella be stuck in this twisted world before she comes to like it? How will she find a way to escape this nightmare, or, will she want to?

First Selfish- now this, gosh, you're gonna give me an aneurysm -Tika;;SheTheGirlWhoCould

I have never read anything like this!!! I am in love with this story -Paul's Girl;))

This is indeed a "Different Ending", but also a beautiful one. -Seugnet du Toit

Hey, I love to write fanfiction and I want to ask you if I can do a crossover. It's Twilight and The Vampire Diaries.

I would love it you would read my story and tell me what you think. :)

Here is my Narnia/Twilight Cross over :)

Please Read

This isnt completed, but I would like people to read it.


Will you go to this link:

Read this, and tell me what you think?

If you like it, recommend you your friends.

If you dont then dont.

Add me.

@Cassie Love (:


hey your story sounds interesting and i wanted to read it, but i think the link is broken because i can't find the story. it says PAGE NOT FOUND  so can u repost it if that is possible? =(

I finished my story its called Stay

Its only 7 chapters long but rather sweet

there will be a sequel to it soon 


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