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A members asked me if there was away to read complete fanfictions... and I wasn't sure how to respond... so I decided to create this thread. If your fanfiction is complete, please post a link to it here to make it easier for people to accept finished fanfictions.


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this site is not on here
I have the following completed or stand alone pieces:

New Moon - Edward Decides to Leave EPOV (STAND ALONE)

Actors Hooked on Fan Fiction - RPOV (COMPLETE)

Cullens go to Hogwarts EPOV (COMPLETE)
Name: Moonlight Desires
Sequel is The War, but it's not finished yet.
name: The Impossible
The Hidden is the sequel

Name: Hidden Love
Forgotten Love is the sequel

Name : No Choice

A story with the same characters but a different twist on New Moon. If you read please comment - I love to hear your thoughts.

you should do a sequels
in luv wit ur banner
i thought this is completed fanfictions,then why are they posting some unfinished stories here?
ppl r dumb
My story Prelude is complete. It fills in the gap between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

Here's the link:


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