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A members asked me if there was away to read complete fanfictions... and I wasn't sure how to respond... so I decided to create this thread. If your fanfiction is complete, please post a link to it here to make it easier for people to accept finished fanfictions.


Lady Minny Of Raven

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link not working

I Met My Match Created on 4/2/2009

Twilight / Taylor Swift Inspired

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Here's one..It's the scene which Edward recalls in Eclipse about the way Alice and Jasper showed up at the Cullens' for the first time. It's one shot. Told from Edward's point of view. Hope you would like it :)

its about the time seth clearwater changes into a werewolf
the link doesnt work....
Why are you saying YAY?
the first of seth clearwater's diary!! xxx please read both!
Title: My Morning Star

plz read if you haven't already
Name: Rose, Emmett and Tanya in the Middle
Link: ITs like 5 years after breaking dawn, tanya comes to visit the family,when rosalie comes back from the spa she sees tanya and emmett kissing. A comedy. I wrote it with Sasha during my birthday party weekend, you can act it out too! IM gonna make a sequel!!


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