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Welcome to my graphic gallery!=) This is where I'll be posting every single banner I make=) So, not really much else to say=p Feel free to leave comments on the banners=)


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See Ya!


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It's not a gradient actually :3 though I can see where you mistook it for one. I used the rectangle select tool on a part of the banner, clicked copy, and them I filled the text with that copied pattern. I did however think the text looked a little overdone. That's why I do these 'just for fun' banners, so I can do what I want and then get opinions from better artists, such as yourself. Thank you for the tips, and I'll check out those fonts:)

oh btw credit to rachel on that last banner for the textures

credit to claire for textures

i forgot about this one;-; I <3 it! <3_<3

this is the first banner I made for If You Can't Hang, but it was forever agox3

i did this one in like 5 seconds /.\


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