The Twilight Saga

Welcome to GMPG Term 3! 






A loose syllabus for this term: (Keep in mind this is subject to change if I think we then need to work on some other techniques before moving on, or if you'd like to work on something) 

  • Lesson One: Simple cutting
    • Select, Cut & Paste
    • Layer masks
    • Color to Alpha
  • Lesson Two: Using more than one image 
    • Blending. 
  • Lesson Three: Downloading fonts and brushes
    • Sites: 
    • DeviantArt
    • Lost-Type Co-Op
  • Lesson Four: Editing an image
    • Colors
      • Curves
      • Color balance
      • When all else fails, Desaturate!
  • Lesson Five: Pop-outs
  • Lesson Six: Using other programs to make graphics (Polyvore, etc.) 


I'll display your graphics here! 





I'll post tips and tricks not part of an official lesson here. 

  1. Don't be afraid to ask questions! You may think it's the stupidest question in the world, but unless you ask, you can never learn better! 
  2. When using Select for cutting, make sure your antialiasing and feather edges are on. 
  3. Always save images with multiple layers as both .xcf and .png files. The .xcf will allow you go back and edit later without having to redo your entire graphic. 

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how are these?

Good job, just remember to cut out the gaps, too. Like in between the first girl's elbow. 

i know but i tried to do it but i didn't want to cut her.


okay i mean that when i tried i cut a piece of the arm.

It's alright, if you make a mistake, just hover over the dot that cuts in and move it by clicking and dragging. 

oh okay. sorry it took so long.

Becca? I'd like you to catch up before we move on, please. 

Alright, Tikki, this'll just be quick for you. It's just a very simple technique with some practice in cutting. I'll make a more detailed tut for things like blending soon, but for now just go ahead and do this for me. 

can u give me the back round like u gave me the doctor.

Oh, I'm so sorry, it just slipped my mind. 
Here you go, love.


Sorry for the lateness. What do you think?


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