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Thanks, love. 

welcome :)

I like this :) thank you

No problem, dear. :) 

Name of story/roleplay- Come Back To Me

Author-Paul's Girl (Wolf Lover)

Pictures(Please no more than four or five)-

Any additional text- As Love Grows Stronger, Obstacles Lie Ahead

Background Image(optional)-

Summary to help:

 Bella and Caspian are missing each other deeply and Bella is dealing with some personal family issues which keeps her away from Narnia when Peter and Lucy go back there. Caspian is sad to see Bella is not with them and he becomes even more depressed. But one day Bella escapes back to Narnia and to her one true love. The young lovers grow closer and their loves grows. But they are on a journey of twists and turns and Bella will discover who she really is. What will happen?

In your second to last picture, do you need all subjects included? With the way the image is shot, it'll be hard to incorporate it into a graphic. I might be able to do it, but it would take a while for my to figure our how. 

no just Caspian guy at the front in the second to last picture

Alright, i have had a stressful day today, but I will start on your banner tomorrow. 


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