The Twilight Saga

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Replies to This Discussion

That's okay!  Just make sure to find a pic of Anne Hathaway looks a little younger than she does now, cuz the character is only supposed to be a teenager.
Alright, awesome, do you mean Princess Diaries young or like Ella Enchanted young?
Princess Diaries, please.....just not her with the poofy hair..... O_o
I know, I was just talking about age. :) I'll get started right away.
Any changes?
Can u just change the eye color in this picture to a deep blue?*cVjKUhcc4asnCAKL3DDPURC*ffFaBUC0sV8FJjAjOYbgaNBb6OU5AHxzJDpYea7VSjrqxVW*N1-31Nw-KZhsowhwNtD8LV/DamonZackDismantruelovestorystuff.jpg
Can you please change the eye color in here to a deep blue?
thank you, I love the banner :)) its really good thank you I love it and its ok, I can wait for the other one and yeah that will be good with the shillotues in the background :))
Ok, I'll get started as soon as I'm finished with the other one. :)
Oh my gosh...I love it!  Thank you!
No problem. :)
I will be placing more orders with you soon, but i gotta go to bed now...haha


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