The Twilight Saga

New (-ish) year, new shop! Check it out! 

To order-

Name of story/roleplay-


Pictures(Please no more than four or five)-

Any additional text-

Background Image(optional)-

To order-

Character name-

Roleplay/Story name (Optional)-


Additional text-


To order-

Names of Couple-

Roleplay/Story name (Optional)-


Quote (This can be something they've said to each-other that you liked, or something that describes them as  a couple, a song quote, etc.)-




To order- 

Description of what you want(Pop-out, page header, etc.)-

A theme for your order(Optional, but usually greatly appreciated)


Any text you'd like to appear on your order-

Other specifications-

Quote Banner-


Polyvore Banner- (Use the regular banner form, but specify this is what you'd like. It's just a different style) 

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Picture (it must be in COLOR. I simply cannot vampirize a black and white photo, sorry for the inconvenience)-


Cullen/regular style(Gold or red eyes, other colors available on request)- Gold, Cullen Style Eyes.


I've got another order!

Name of Couple (Jaciee & Keenan, Andy & Sandra, Katherine and Noah, etc.) - Demetri and Decelia

Roleplay/Story name (Optional)-



Another pic of woods for a background!



Quote (This can be something they've said to each-other that you liked, or something that describes them as a couple, a song quote, etc.)- I can't do it, Del...I love you.

You totally just gave me the best pictures ever to use for a banner.

They're a decent size, clear, there's nothing stupid in front of either of them (i.e. flower petals, bubbles, etc.) and no part of their faces are cut off.

I love you.

....this should have her name and a few 'stickers' on it, I must have posted the wrong file....


Alright, there's the right one, sorry.

Damn guys! I know what I'm doing for the next few days.

Vampirization will be done in a few hours, the rest may take up to three days from now to be complete.

haha, okay!  Oh, and uhm, I had a change of heart for the quote for mine.  Instead of "I can't do it, Del...I love you."  I want it, "I love you more...more than life itself."  Okay?

haha its kay.
cool! thanks

So, I always totally underestimate my superninjafast skills and I have one banner done already.

It's PERFECT!!!  <3


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