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Name of story/roleplay-


Pictures(Please no more than four or five)-

Any additional text-

Background Image(optional)-

To order-

Character name-

Roleplay/Story name (Optional)-


Additional text-


To order-

Names of Couple-

Roleplay/Story name (Optional)-


Quote (This can be something they've said to each-other that you liked, or something that describes them as  a couple, a song quote, etc.)-




To order- 

Description of what you want(Pop-out, page header, etc.)-

A theme for your order(Optional, but usually greatly appreciated)


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Character name- Helen Samar 

Roleplay/Story name (Optional)-My heart Your Beats


Additional text- My Song


Character name- Leigh Lieven

Roleplay/Story name (Optional)- My heart Your Beats



Additional text- My Most Precious Treasure

Character name- Lorna Darcy

Roleplay/Story name (Optional)- My heart Your Beats



Additional text- A Thousand Enemies







P.S. I love the names. :)

Omg! These are perfect! XD thank you so much!

and thank you ^_^ took me awhile to find the perfect names ;D

No problem, can I have a link to your story these are for? It seems interesting. :)
Sure! As soon as it's up lol! ;)

Name of Story-Forever Love~Jacob and Scarlet Imprint Story~

Author-Elizabeth Swann Turner and Crew


Qoutes-Vampire and Werewolf ~Fire vs. Ice.

True Love Forever?



Did you want all four pictures there, or should I choose two?
Two would be easier and quicker for me, however if you want all four I am willing to accommodate you.

two in one, the other two in anoter

with a shillotu kissing on one in the background please :)

No problem.
thanks :))

- Name: A Sick Twist of Fate
- Author: Partyhard Drunkard XD and PurpleandBlackPandas
- Theme (Color): Dark, scary, intimidating, seductive, yet there is kindness and love in there too. Whichever colors fit that, should be good.

-Quote: A simple twist of fate can change everything...
- Pictures:


So, the order should be Jodelle, Lily (red head), Alex, Me (brunette)...with me and Alex closer together than him and Lily.  Cuz mine and Alex's characters are best friends/lover towards the end of the story, and Lily's character is trying to seduce him.  Jodelle's character is this little, helpless girl, and Clove tries to help her, but she ends up dieing anyway.

This is a Hunger Games story about what if two different Tributes were chosen from District 10 and District 4.  So, basically, it's the first book of The Hunger Games series, switched up, to be in Cato (Alex)'s and Clove (Me)'s favors. 

K?  Hopefully you understand.  :D

Is the red head from The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus?


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