The Twilight Saga

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Yes, she is.  :D
I love that movie!
So do I!  I cried, though, when Tony died, cuz it was Heath Ledger's last film, and his character died............ :'(  I was crying all through the credits.
Awww, you have to admit, though, it's not a bad last film, though I wish more people would watch it, it's brilliant.
Yeah, it is......
Ok, sorry, I was just looking over your order, and the first picture is going to be really hard to use, and you have two brunettes.
What's wrong with the first pic?  :(  The first pic is the brunette I was talking about, not Jodelle (she was Bree in Eclipse).
It's just really close to her face, there's a lot cut off, I can use it, but it won't look as nice.
Awesome work! You're doing great, keep up the work!
Thanks, Anna.
I can get you more pics of her....after all, she is me.  haha (and I'm an actress, so I have tons of other pics that would work well.)

Would this work?


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