The Twilight Saga

Here is something; the Cullen family have Facebook . . . . And other characters to clarify ;) Please

enjoy ^.^


 Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters.


This isn't finished, clearly (It won't be). But don't bother to look :)






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Name: Bella Cullen (Duh!)

Username: |LambIsALionForever|

Age: (Hmm, might as well lie for this one.) 18

Genere: (Female, wait, there is only male?! Ugh, some form.) Rather Not Say

Race: (What the hell? Why does it say Vampire . . . ?) Human.

Do you like Edward's kisses? (Ok, this is weird . . . how the hell do they know?! Oh, right, he has a facebook and puts embarrassing things.) Sure.

Do you like shoping? No.

Do you like makeovers? No.

Do you like to read? Yes.

Do you like music? Yes.

Do you like to sleep? (Hehe.) Yes.

Do you like art? No.

Do you like P.E? Defenetley no.

Do you like school? Depends.


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Name: Alice Cullen

Username: EvilLittlePixieShopper

Age: (Er- better lie) 17

Genere: (Weird; I'm not a male!!) Rather Not Say

Race: (Oh no, I bet Emmett did something to the company!) Human

Do you like Jasper's touch? (Umm, creepy . . . its defenetley Emmett.) Rather not say.

Do you like shopping? YES

Do you like makeovers? YES

Do you like to read? (Boring as hell!) No

Do you like music? Yes

Do you like to sleep? (I wish *sighs*) Yes

Do you like art? (If it involves fashion!) Yes

Do you like P.E? No (It ruins my shoes.)

Do you like school? No.


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Name: Carlise Cullen

Username: Cool_Doc_Awesome_Daddy

Age: 638 (Oops!)

Genere: (Ah, there's male) Male.

Race: (Emmett!!) Human.

Do you love Esme? (How does he or she know here? *Looks around the house*) Yes.

Do you like shopping? Only antiques.

Do you like makeovers? Only for needed people.

Do you read? (I have read 12,978 books) Yes.

Do you like music? (Hmm, how I love Justin Timberlake, such a hottie) Yes.

Do you like to sleep? (I don't have ecxperience.) Yes.

Do you like art? (How I love the Monliza. I forgot I have it on the attick!) Yes.

Do you like P.E? (*Shakes head*) No.

Do you like school? (I work!) Rather not say.


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Name: Jasper Whitlock Hale Cullen

Username: Civil_War-Emo_Dude

Age: (Yes, yes yes, lie.) 18.

Genere: (Hmm, there is only male) Male.

Race: (I won the bet!! Whohoo!! Oops, I hope Edwards didn't catch that) Human.

Do you like the clothes Alice picks you? (Er - I hope she doesn't sees this.) No, repulsive.

Do you like shopping? (*stares at the computer*) No.

Do you like makeovers? (Only for people at the Civil War.) Rather not say.

Do you read? (Only Civil War 1, 2, volumes) Yes

Do you like music? (*Sings the National Flag Theme*) Yes

Do you like to sleep? (No, I'd rather shop) Yes.

So you like art? (The Civil War paintings are full of blood *drools* No! That is my people!) Yes.

Do you like P.E? (It reminds me of the battle) No.

Do you like school? (I rather read my books and spend time with Alice.) No.


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Name: Jacob Black

Username: Doggie_Wants_His_Treat

Age: 19

Genere: Male (Duh, I can't be a female!)

Race: (Why are there only vamire? This is a load of crap!) Human.

Do you love Renesmee? (Whoa, whoa. I have to protect her more.) Rather not say.

Do you like shopping? (Is this a joke?) No.

Do you like makeovers? (Hello??!! This person right here is a male not a female!!) No.

Do you like to read? (This is *Beep*. What the *beep* is this *beep*?!) No.

Do you like music? (Hell yeah!) Yes.

Do you like art? (Boorriinngg!!) No.

Do you like P.E? (Running is the best, but if I show how fast I run, they'll check for steroids, which I don't have.) Yes.

Do you like school? (What a waste of your life!) No.


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Name: Edward Cullen

Username: Sparkly_Guy635

Age: 17 (How irrational.)

Genere: (How come the is only male? This is injustice.) Male.

Race: (Please god, Emmett didn't buy the company!) Human.

Do you love Bella? (*Wide eyes* This has to be Emmett.) With all my cold heart.

Do you like shoping? (Only with Bella, which is not often. Last time it was three years ago.) No.

Do you like makeovers? (Weird . . . ) No.
Do you like to read? (Bella is something I want to read everyday *sighs*) Yes.

Do you like music? (Clair de Lune is the best.) Yes.

Do you like Art? Yes. (Painting Bella is my favorite.)

Do you like P.E? No. (I could hurt a human.)

Do you like school? No. (I have less time with Bella alone.)


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Name: Rosalie Hale Cullen

Username: Blond_Girl_For_Emmy

Age: 18

Genere: (Eeekk!! Only male?!) rather not say.

Race: (Emmettt!!!!!!!!) Human

Do you love Emmett? (Creepy) Only when he behaves.

Do you like shopping? Yes.

Do you like makeovers? Yes.

Do you like to read? Sometimes.

Do you like music? Yes.

Do you like Art? Yes.

Do you like P.E? No. (It ruins my hair! What are they thinking?!)

Do you like school? No.


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Replies to This Discussion

Haha, no problem :) Can't wait for these next few :)

Author's Note


   Ok, I was on Facebook absently just looking at the celebrity news. Just then, I was looking at the Twilight news and pictures! Now, now, I know some of you guys - and ladies - have found out that the official Breaking Dawn trailer has come on! Sadly, I am a Harry Poter fan too. It was heart breaking to me that Twilight had won some award over Hottie Potter - I suggest the best trailer commercial.

   So, for those Harry Potter fans who are mourning just like me and J.K Rowling, at least the movie is coming next month! I can't wait to see if Harry or Voldemort wins the battle! Cheer for Harry Potter, the Golden Boy! I just love him so much!

   Back to Twilight! So, yeah, I haven't seen the trailer sadly. But come on, the movie is coming on November or so I've heard !! And, the crew is almost finished with the Breaking Dawn Part II. I saw the video about what Roberst Pattison (Edward Cullen) had said about Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan) on the wedding shot. He said she was 'Pretty'. I was shocked, because I thought he'd say something better like astonishing, beautiful, atracttive, and other thigs like that.

   Now, I'm getting off course here, but yeah, Breaking Dawn is going to be a hit . . . just like Harry freaking Potter and the battle with Voldemort!! I haven't read the last three or so books of Harry Potter. I stopped on the Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix, something like that.

   For the Harry Potter fans, I've seen the trailer over and over and over and over - oh! Sorry Twi-hards, but I think Harry is taking me away from you guys. Anyways, I couldn't help but gasp over and over and over and over again when Harry's line comes up; 'Let's finish this the way we started.' - it was something like that - and then he grabbed Vldemorts' neck and he threw themselves off the tower!! I was panicking as he did that, because I didnt know if he survived or not!! If he did - which I hope - I'll be sleeping restfully now. If he didn't - which I hope not - then I'll be crying my eyeballs out.

  Hope you loved the boring news!





Facebook Form


Name: Charlie Swan

Username: I_Think_I_SawA_Wolf-Jacob

Age: 41 (Too old isn't it?)

Genere: Male.

Race: (V-Vampires?! Why didn't Jacob tell me that v-vampires were in Forks?! I really liked it better with werewolves here.) Human.

Do you want to be a Vampire of Werewolve? (What kind of idiotic question is that? I'm a pure human!! But I'll go with Werewolf.)

Do you like shopping? (Erm - sometimes when I'm alone at Target. That reminds me, I have to go next Saturday.)

Do you like makeovers? (We really need one in Forks; it's too boring here.)

Do you like reading? No. (I used to read about Vampires and Werewolves, and now they freak the hell out of me!)

Do you like music? (I put on rock a lot, I think Linking Park is awesome!) Yes.

Do you like art? No. (I don't have skill with that, I'll just end up painting Phill with a messed up face.)

Do you like P.E? (I don't do that a lot, just play cards with a friend.) No.

Do you like school? (Too much homework!) No.


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First off, I loved your "boring" news! I like Harry Potter possibly a smudge more than Twilight and I am SOOOO excited for the new HP movie!!!! EEEPPPP!!!! Lol. Anyway, Charlie's FB account was AWESOME! Especially the rock music!! Great job as usual!

Yeah, I was so hear broken that I actually had an urge to drink some firewhiskey. Hey, as a Hottie Potter fan you have to believe everything in the book! So, I am so happy that the movie is coming *sighs dreamly*

But, if you like Harry Potter (Golden Boy) you can go to Fanfiction . n e t to read stories about him. Many people know about the site, but I just keep imforming about it you know. Now, thank you so much for you awesome comment! I'll call you MissSunshine for now on . . . or Sunshine.

To Annabeth Chase <3 -

   Jaja, thanks for that. I am very used to making boring points and stuff, but now that I read how much it affected you, welcome to my club! (Hottie Potter Lovers) So, yeah, I mean, Charlie did like Rock msic secretly, he even told me. So no biggie about it, unless you think the real Charlie was killed by the other Charlie . . . . but he isn't!! So, thanks so much for your comment!


Facebook Form


Name: James Coven

Username: StupidEddieFor_TurningBella

Age: 300 (not that nobody cares.)

Genere: (*snort*) Male.

Race: (Oh, I was thinking something about the lates model of Mercedez. But it's about what you are.) Human.

Do you crave for Bella's blood? (Not anymore, I've found that Shakira had a mouthwatering smell.) No.

Do you like shopping? (Not really. There's this shop for vampires though; 'HumanYum') Maybe.

Do you like makeovers? (I'm way to sexy for that.) No.

Do you like reading? (Who said reading is awesome? *Harry Potter, Twilight, and Percy Jackson fans run for him* Ok, Ok!) Yes.

Do you like music? (I love the song 'My Love' from Sia, because I sing it everywhere when I'm following my prey. It's weird, because they end up screaming and running. Is my singing that bad? *Facebook answer - Go to a mirror room and you'll see what the world is dealing with.*)

Do you like Art? No.

Do you like P.E? (What the hell is P.E? Does it stand for People Eat? If it is, then vampires eat to . . . no, they drink.)

Do you like school? (I've heard this word before . . . I know I've heard of it, think James think. *Thinking for three days* It's a restaurant!) No.


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Lol!!! People Eat???? And poor Shakira if James ever gets close enough!
This is my new favorite profile!!!!
Ja, thanks! I bet James would be very pleased by that. And I'll ask a Cullen or someone from the pack to protect you if James ever wants to take a bite from you . . . :)
Lol, I'd appreciate that! (P.S. Ask Seth!!!!! Lol, I love him!!!!)
Your not the only one! Team Seth!! Oh, and he said sure. I swear I saw him blushing.


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