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Summary: The curse tore Emma and Peter away from each other. They must fight in their worlds to be together, with no dreams, no hope. But can one little girl change their fate? In this epic Finally see as Emma and Peter's daughter Destiny sets on a path to bring her parents back together, but to do so she has to work with the enemy. What will happen?

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Destiny is such a cute and bright girl!

I knew Medusa was behind Peter's disappearance from Emma's world...that witch needs to be burnt at stake!

Yeah Destiny knows a lot :) but maybe this myth will be something to do with the future which might help her get Medusa back from taking Peter away her and her mother.

Yeah it was Medusa :( and I don't think the stake idea might quite work so well

I am glad they learned the truth about Destiny, but what is happening to Peter?  And Enyalios seems like an interesting character.  Could he be able to help Destiny and her parents?  Athena could also be of further help to them, but what could a vengeful Ares and the evil witch cook up together?  I can't wait to see what happens next!

Yeah the truth is finally out.. Peter is losing his memory thanks to the curse that Medusa cast on Emma and Peter. And yeah Enyalios is interesting :) and mysterious some what. You will have to wait and see if he and Athena help Destiny get her parents back

love this story, they need to find this witch and burn her at the stake and get rid of this curse!  please update again soon :-)

I am glad you like this, but getting her and killing her is a bit more complex then that


Can't wait for more!!!

will post soon :)

WOW, I'm behind!

Very interesting twist about Destiny!

Yeah you are a bit lol :)

And yeah few more twists coming up

Chapter 3~Chosen One’s

Peter’s Pov:


I walked back and found my self in the throne room. I stared at the what was happening and then Athena said “Destiny’s Peter’s Daughter.” Those words threw me off, I had a daughter? How was that possible? I didn’t even know I had one and she’s right here in front of me. How does that work? I asked my self. I looked at the other people, they were my family? Mhh they said they were. I had no idea what was going on with me.

I then thought about was going on. I remembered going outside to go look for something or someone and then I was back here and confused and had no idea what was going on and who these people were.

“Mom?” I asked not sure, I started to remember a bit but once she spoke I looked confused again. Okay what ever was happening to me was creepy and not good.

“You remember?” The tall, blonde lady who was named Hera asked me. She was my mother or was supposed to be my mother.

“I don’t know...This is....confusing.” I said then looked at the little girl who was supposed to be my daughter.

The girl looked at me and then bit her lip and then she looked down like she was not sure what to say or do. Did she think I did not want her? That I was not happy? That was not true. I always wanted a daughter I was just confused about this “How come I have a daughter?” I asked looking at the others.

“Do you remember Emma?” Enyalios asked me. I seemed to remember him now. Okay this curse or whatever it was, was just driving me crazy.

“I...I sort of.” I said truthfully

Destiny looked up at me again “Emma is my mom.” She said and she bit her lip nervously as she looked at me “She says you’re stuck.” She said

Stuck? What did she mean by that? I looked at them all blankly.

Enyalios looked at me “What she means by that, you’re supposed to save Emma from a witch who cursed you both, but you can’t.” He said and I nodded. Okay that made sense now. I was supposed to save Emma? But how? I had no idea as I was confused and my memory kept going blank then going okay again, well ish.

“Umm how I am supposed to save her?” I asked and bit my lip

Destiny sighed and she looked at me, I could tell she was more worried rather then annoyed at this or frustrated “You need to kill the Witch. Like in the story.” She said

“Where is the witch?” I asked, as I had no idea

“The witch cursed you in Emma’s world, but we’re not sure if she’s here or there.” Hera said

I nodded “Okay.” I said then my heads went all fuzzy and I looked at them all confused “What were we just talking about?” I asked

Destiny sighed “This curse is getting more and more worse.” She said and looked back at me then the others

The others nodded “Agreed.”

I sighed and nodded. I wondered if there was to stop this curse. There had to be, but I had a hanch that it would not be easy and it would take maybe few years to find the witch, train Destiny, try and break the curse.

Destiny’s Pov:

I looked at dad and then heat filled the room, it was like there was fire in the room but the room was clear, no fire at all. I looked around confused as to what was going on then I saw the floor open up and from the hole in the floor jumped up  tall, handsome man, he looked a bit like my granddad Ben but an older version of him slightly, with facial hair. I looked at him and he looked right back at me, his eyes were the deepest brown I ever seen.

“Hades, what you doing here?” I asked Enyalios ask

Hades looked at him, he was tall, he stood at about 5.9 or maybe 6.3 would be my best guess, somewhere between those two. I felt so tiny as he was right near me now. “I came here to help.” He said

“Help? Why would you want to help me?” I asked. I assumed he meant he was going to help me to try and get my parents back together.

“Because you might need me.” Hades said plain and simple.

I looked at him “Okay then.” I said and looked at the others “I will get my parents together.” I said and held out my hand

“I will help you.” Hades said and placed his hand over mine

“So will I.” Peter or...well my dad said and he placed his hand over his

“I will help as well.” Athena said putting her hand on top of dad’s

“As will I.” Enyalios said and he rested his hand on top of Athena’s. When he set his hand down on her’s 5 strands of warm light that felt warm as fire shot from our hands and they wrapped them selves around our hand holding like a bond.

Hera and Zeus looked at us “You are now the 5 chosen one’s and you are bonded together. If one gets hurt, the others will know.” Zeus said as he looked at all of us and the fire bonds were gone now and each of us dropped our hands to the side.

I nodded “Alright.” I said and smiled

Hades, Athena, Dad and Enyalios smiled and nodded too. I smiled at them. Well were were a team. Me, My father. The Goddess of war and Wisdom, The God of the Underworld and well I did not know what Enyalios was at the moment.

Hera looked at me “We will have to train you though, it might take a few years before we can train you, find Medusa and break the curse.”

I nodded “I don’t mind. I just want my family back together.” I said and Peter placed his hand on my shoulder and squeezed it. I still could not get used to calling him my dad, so odd.

I smiled at them all and then I felt my self waking up and I opened my eyes and I was in my own room again. I saw mom staring at me with the rest of the family and I looked confused, why were they looking at me like this? I wondered what happened “What’s going on?” I asked

“Are you okay?” Mom asked me and I nodded

“Yes, why?” I sat up and still looked confused

“You been sleeping for 2 day straight.” She said. I was about to try and argue then it hit me. Time there moved differently then time here.

Wow!  What an interesting combination!  I hope they can fulfill their quest!  And that all of their intentions are pure!  And what can Destiny's mother and her family do to help from their side?  I can't wait to see how all of this will turn out!  By the way, it is interesting to note that Hades looks like an older version of Ben.  What is the significance of that?


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