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Summary: The curse tore Emma and Peter away from each other. They must fight in their worlds to be together, with no dreams, no hope. But can one little girl change their fate? In this epic Finally see as Emma and Peter's daughter Destiny sets on a path to bring her parents back together, but to do so she has to work with the enemy. What will happen?

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Chapter 5~Visions

Athena’s Pov:


As we walked inside I noticed Destiny looked worried about Hades. Bless her, she hurt him in training now she felt bad. “You sure you okay?” Des asked him “I am so sorry I hurt you.”

“I am fine I promise.” Hades said “Now don’t apologize Des, it was just training. I’ll be okay.” He said and he wrapped his arms around her in a warm hug. I smiled, they seemed so adorable together. From the corner of my eye I noticed Enyalios looked a bit ticked off like he was jealous.

“You okay?” Hera asked him

“I am fine.” He snapped and left slamming the door behind him.

“What’s up with him?” Hera asked and I just shrugged as I really had no idea and I smiled at Hades who still had Destiny in his arms and her face was buried in his chest.  It made me wonder if those two might end up together one day. I knew he was like 30 in human years but they really did make a sweet couple if Des was older.

Hera saw them with Zeus and she just gave me this knowing look and I just nodded and smiled. Then I felt like my head was spinning slightly and then saw a vision in my head, well 2 moulded into one.


It was rather warm sunny day outside and but the surrounding seemed abandoned like in a haunted house, but this was just a day in the woods. On the floor was Hades, he seemed hurt and there was blood on his t-shirt

Destiny was leaning over him, she was all grown up now and rather beautiful. She took after her mother in more then one way. She seemed worried “You okay?” she asked and wrapped her arms around his waist setting him up so she could help him sit up.

Hades blinked a bit and winced in pain “Yeah....just bit dizzy and bleeding.” He said, he sounded sarcastic

“Now is not the time for jokes.” Des told him “The witch could be back any moment.” She said and she helped him stand up and his arms wrapped around her instantly like he was protecting her or something but he held her close to his chest looking into her eyes.

Destiny looked at him, she was pressed up tightly to his chest as he held her that close. Her heart was beating faster and his breathing was slightly uneven. He ran a hand in her brown hair and tucked some behind her ear.

Destiny blushed at his touch and she was about to bit her lip or something when Hades leaned in and pressed his lips against hers kissing her softly.  Des seemed bit surprised but she kissed him back and melted into his own body, their lips moved in sync.

That vision then faded away and another one came into view. It was off Destiny and Enyalios and they seemed to be arguing.

Destiny looked mad and upset the same time, her feelings seemed to be torn between which emotion she should have been feeling at that point “Ares is your father?” she yelled, she sounded mad and betrayed.

“Yes.” Enyalios sighed “I am sorry I didn’t mean to keep this from you.” He sounded defeated.

“You lied to me. I been working with the enemy.” She said and she glared at him, he tried to wrap his arm around her in a hug but she pushed him away “Don’t touch me.”

He sighed “I didn’t lie to you. I am not like that. I tried to tell you so many times.” He said he looked at her, he seemed to mean it but he did lie to Des all the years she has known him.

“Really? To me it seems you’re exactly like that.” She snapped at him “Don’t try and tell me that you tried to tell me who your father was. All the time you could have said something but never did.” She said, she sounded even more mad now.

Enyalios kept silent then he looked at her “It’s Hades isn’t it? He totally brainwashed you into thinking I am the bad guy.” He said, what he said was not true, he was just jealous of Hades and how things were developing with her and Hades.

Destiny frowned now even more mad and upset “Don’t you dare bring him into this.” she yelled “We both know he has done nothing wrong.” She said.

Enyalios watched her and he wondered why she was on Hades’s side like this. Then it hit him. Was she in love with him? “Do you love him?” he asked, Destiny just kept silent she was not going to tell him. “Well do you!?” It was his turn to yell now.

Destiny opened her mouth to speak and tell him an answer but just as she was about to tell him if she did love Hades or no. The vision disappeared and I did not know what her answer was.

I blinked when the vision was over and everyone was just looking at me as I have been silent for about 5 minutes.

“Are you okay?” Hera asked worried looking at me.

I nodded “I need to have a word.” I said to Hera and Zeus and pulled them with me into my own room and closed the door and leaned against the door

“You sure you okay?” Zeus asked, he sounded concerned. He had to be, he was one of the Rulers of the God’s and he had to make sure they were okay, did what they were supposed to and what not. Hera was the other ruler.

I looked at them “I think I might be going crazy.” I told them. Did the visions mean something or was just to throw me off the task I had to help Destiny with the others? “I had a vision well 2 in one sort of.” I said

“About?” Hera asked

Zeus looked at me wanting to know what happened as much as Hera was intrigued by this.

I took a deep breath “The first vision part of it was about Destiny and Hades, Des was all grown up and he was hurt in the woods, something about a Witch hurting him, But when she helped him up they had this intense eye contact and ended up kissing.” I said and Hera stared at me  “Then it switched too Des and Enyalios arguing about Ares and Hades.  At the end he asked her if she loved Hades, twice well he yelled the second time. She was about to answer but the vision ended so I did not know her answer.”

Zeus blinked “Wow..intense.”

I nodded “Do you think it’s the future or just so it throws us all of our task?” I asked

Hera looked at me “I am not sure, only time will tell and only Destiny will know where her lays with.” She said “But then again I saw how he held her close to him when she was apologizing for hurting him in training.”

I nodded “I know, I saw too. And Enyalios seemed to be jealous. I noticed.”

Zeus nodded “Or concerned? Maybe?” He added. Not sure about the concerned bit.

Hera looked at her husband “I am not sure about concerned. I saw jealousy in his eyes as well. Maybe he really is jealous of Hades and Destiny.”

“But Des is only well young.” I said. I was not sure what age I should use for her.

Hera nodded “I know, but maybe he knows that things might develop for them later on. Even though he’s a lot older then she is and Ben’s past life sort to speak.” She said

I nodded “Very true. I Just hope that things work out okay and no one gets hurt.” I said. “Or well at least not too much hurt.” I said, if that even made sense.

Hera nodded “I know it might be hard on one of them or all of them at some point. But I am sure they’ll get over it eventually.” She said and smiled at me “Maybe we all should rest, today has been hectic enough without your doubled up vision.”

I nodded “Yeah good point.” I said and then we all went to our rooms to rest. I laid down on my bed and stared at the wall before I dozed off slightly as I was tired.

I was sleeping for a bit then I had another vision while yet asleep.


Destiny was in her room brushing her hair in front of a mirror when the image of medusa popped out in front of her. Destiny jumped back from her seat a little scared “What do you want?” she asked her, she sounded scared as much as she looked it

Medusa smirked the most evil smirk and spoke with a cold, dead voice “If you seek to destroy me, then this will be your punishment.”

Medusa showed something to Destiny in the mirror that made Des scream in the most terrified and painful scream ever, But my vision did not let me see what Des was seeing.

Then came the scream again, it sounded like an echoe but it took me a moment to realize that it was the same scream from the vision only for real this time. Destiny was screaming in a painful, terrified scream right now.

I love the training!! That was cool, everything they put her through!!!

OMG!! What's happening to Destiny?!!

I know :) that just the first day of training was to warm her up sort off and so she can get to know the process off how the training sessions will roughly go. She has so much power in her.

That you will find out in the next chapter :) I know I left it at a cliffie. I a mean like that sometimes lol. But it gives something for people to look forward to

Oh no, what did she see?  I can't wait to see what happens next!  And who will end up with Destiny?...

You will find out what she saw in the next chapter. And that really is a question, I will not give that away, you'll just have to wait and see

Oh no...Destiny!!

I can't wait to know what happen in the rest of her vision!

Good luck tomorrow on your first day of college!!

Yeah poor girl :(

you will find out soon and aww Thanks

great update!  what did she see?  can't wait to read your next update!

That will be found out in the next chapter

Chapter 6~Mirror and The Argument

Destiny’s Pov:


I was in my room brushing my hair, I knew Hades was going to be okay but I still felt guilty for hurting him even though he allowed me to in training. I saw something move in the mirror but shook it off but then I looked up again and I saw Medusa in my mirror. I gasped as I jumped back from my seat.

I was scared “W...wh...what d...o y...ou wan...t?” I asked, my voice shaking from my fear.

“If you seek to destroy me, then this will be your punishment.” Medusa said in a cold, cruel voice and then she showed me my punishment and I screamed in horror and pain at what I saw.

I saw my self as Medusa hurting my family. My dad’s side and my side as well and hurting the others that were helping me. I felt their pain and sorrow. It was like it was burning my body inside and out as well.

I dropped to my knees shaking and heard footsteps and heard Hades “Des.” He said, but his voice sounded so far away like he was not even in this room. Or maybe I was not in this room?

Hera looked worried, I could see her reflection in the mirror as Zeus, Athena and Enyalios and dad were shocked at what they saw “We have to get rid of the mirror.” Hera said

Zeus held his hand and a lightning bolt shot from his hand and it struck the mirror and the mirror exploded into the bits and I was on the floor gasping for breath in between sons

Hades held me close to his chest “Shh, it’s okay. You’re safe now.” He said and rubbed my back as I was all shaken up. I held onto him tightly trying to control my breathing but that was a bit unlikely from my panic attack as to what I saw in my mirror.

Hades held me and I heard Hera say “You will be okay sweetie. You did not harm anyone and you won’t.” she said, but what if she was wrong? What if what Medusa showed me would be come true. Medusa knew too much and she had to be destroyed but how when she could make me unleash a deadly power and turn me against the one’s I love?  How did anyone know that I would be okay and would not harm anyone, even if against my own will and without me even wanting to? What if I was made to hurt them, made them suffer Like Medusa made me and mom suffer from being away from my dad. Stuck in separate words while I have to get them back together, where they belong, in each other’s arms.

I sighed and looked up at her as I managed to get my thoughts together and calm down a bit, at least for now “How do you know that?” I asked and sighed

Hades looked at me almost like was shocked hearing me say these words to anyone at all from them. I could see the look clearly in his eyes, no matter if he tried to deny it. It would not work too well.

“Because you are the daughter of Emma and Peter.” Hera said with a warm smile “You have so much strength and courage in you and power. So much that no one even Medusa can’t meddle with that.  You will unleash that power when the time is right, that’s why we are training you to be better with your powers.” She said, that kind of made sense. But it did not make me feel much better about what I just saw.

Athena looked at me like she read my mind “I saw it too. Twice.” She said. How did she see it twice?

“How...what?” I asked in shock and I could not even make a proper sentence let alone string together two words to make it work. Every one else looked at her like they knew what she was on about apart from Hades, dad and Enyalios.

“What do you mean?” Hades asked, he used the exact words I was planning on using before, it was like he read my mind and used those words him him self instead of me saying them before my self.

“I had a vision. I had no idea what Desting was seeing until we ran into her  room, but when I heard her scream in my vision. I heard her scream for real.” She said. So she had a vision about this at the same it was happening? Mhh odd. Did it mean something? I wondered if she had any more visions apart from this one that seemed to freak everyone out. Me mostly as I had to live through this, in her vision and in real.

I just managed to nod still trying to process this all. I heard my stomach growl slightly. Athena smiled at me and Hades squeezed my shoulder softly, He helped me up and we all went to get some food and tried to wipe our mind clean of what just happened.

Even though I had the slightest idea that this might haunt me for the rest of my life.

As I sat with Hades at the table and the others I noticed Enyalios watching me and Hades, he seemed to look jealous or like he was mad about something “Are you okay?”

“Why does everyone keep asking me that?” He asked in a rather rude manner, which just hurt me like I got punched and kicked like a piece of trash.

I shot him a glare “Maybe because we care about you. But you seem to be rude so I just won’t ask next time. You know what next time I wont speak to you at all. How about that huh?” I snapped at him

He frowned at me “Fine, what ever.” He said

The others looked between us slightly confused at what just happened and then I saw Ares walk in. “Son.” He said to Enyalios

I looked at him in shock then I looked back at Ares. Enyalios was Are’s son. I frowned and looked mad and hurt, that he didn’t even tell me and I felt my hand shake slightly so I balled it up into a tight fist as the room trembled.

“Ares is your father?” I yelled at him, sounding mad and hurt. How could he not tell me this that my enemy and the enemy of my parents was his darling daddy? The fact he lied to me made me feel so worthless, I thought he was a friend but I was wrong. Definitely wrong.

“Yes.” He said as he sighed “I am sorry I didn’t mean to keep this from you.” He said, he sounded rather defeated, as if I challenged him to a war and he lost. I looked at him, did he think I would forgive him for being the liar he is? He was the enemy, his father was an enemy and so was he.


“You lied to me. I been working with the enemy.” I snapped at him and he got up and he went to my side and he tried to wrap his arm around me but I shoved him back when I stopped up and yelled at him, my voice filled with venom and hate towards him at the moment. “Don’t touch me.”

He sighed “I didn’t lie to you. I am not like that. I tried to tell you so many times.” He said he looked at me, he seemed to mean it but he did lie to me all this time, even though I barely knew him. I knew him for a while but I trusted him, but he wrecked that trust by being a filthy liar he was.

“Really? To me it seems you’re exactly like that.” I snapped at him “Don’t try and tell me that you tried to tell me who your father was. All the time you could have said something but never did.” I sounded even more mad now.

Enyalios kept silent then he looked at me like he was debating what he was going to say, then what he said next just aggravated me even more and the room shock a bit more. “It’s Hades isn’t it? He totally brainwashed you into thinking I am the bad guy.” He said. That was not like him to talk about Hades like that, Hades never done anything wrong, he cared about me.

I frowned now even more mad and upset “Don’t you dare bring him into this.” I yelled “We both know he has done nothing wrong.”

Enyalios watched me like he was wondering why I was defending someone who cared about. “Do you love him?” he asked, I just kept silent not wanting not going to tell him. “Well do you!?” It was his turn to yell now.

I glared at him. Did he think that? Well maybe I did have a bit of a child crush on him but he was like 30 and past life of my gran-dad, that was slightly odd, but Hades was his own person and my feelings had nothing to do with Enyalios what so ever.

I noticed Athena was looking at me with awe and wonder and seemed bit dumstruck like she wanted me to say yes or no.

“My feelings are non of your business.” I hissed at him and a fire ball apperead in my free un balled hand and I glared at him. I looked at my hand and then hissed at him again “Don’t you ever dare bring Hades into something that has nothing to do with him. This is to do with you being a liar, and the fact that you seem to be jealous of Hades and me for some reason.”

“I saw the way he looks at you.” Enyalios hissed “So pardon me, but I think this does got to do something with me.”

I glared at him and balled my firey hand into a fist too, so the fire surrounded my fist, it did not burn it. It only burned my enemies. “No it has nothing to do with you.” Hades said as I was about to open my mouth and yell at Enyalios some more.




Athena’s Pov:

I watched as Destiny and Enyalios argued. Another vision came true, but this one a little earlier. In the vision Destiny was older and she seemed to share that kiss with Hades before the argument happened with Enyalios.

Things were really taking some odd turns. I looked at Hades as he stepped in to defend Destiny, he had a deathly glare in his eyes as he looked at Enyalios. It hit me, Enyalios and Hades were both developing feelings for little Destiny who seemed to be growing in front of our eyes each moment, but Enyalios was jealous as Des seemed to be a bit more closed to Hades then she was with him.

I looked at Hera and Zeus for Help. Peter just seemed to be in shock he did not even more from his own seat. Ares just had a smirk on his face.

Destiny saw Ares smirking and she leaped at him and she punched him with her firey fist giving him third degree mark burns all over his face. He roared and he was about to grip his hand around her neck but she kicked so hard she broke his ribs as she kicked him in the chest, all you could hear was a loud cracking sound.

Hades looked at Destiny and he put his hand on her shoulder which seemed to calm her down and the fire from her hand was gone and she glared at Enyalios once again. “What did Hades ever do to you?”

“It’s not what he has done. It’s what he will do.” He said, like he knew that maybe Hades might end up kissing Destiny one day in the future. Destiny looked at him confused, then he looked at his dad like he had no mercy for him at all.

Enyalios hated his father and his mother Eris. Who could blame him?

“I am not working with you.” Destiny said to Enyalios. He looked at her shocked. Me, Him, Hades, Destiny and Peter were bonded, but Destiny was the leader so she could choose to unbind him at any moment. I had a feeling the unbinding moment was coming.

Destiny glared at Enyalios and then she spoke Latin without even knowing she did “Qui non habendum. Volo pellat ex nostris quaestu. Et ipsum aliquid non erit, neque nunc neque. Et ita erit pati.”

A blue light appeared in the room then the 5 fire strings that binded us together and one snapped away to show Enyalios was banished from being a chosen one. It was official, Destiny was not a girl to be messed with.


A/N~Okay sorry It took me a while to post the next chapter. I was busy and started college. I am loving it so far, so please bare with me and stick with this story. As I was writting this chapter an idea popped into my head. One time during every other or maybe ever chapter from now I will ask a question, and the person who gives me the right answer first, will be the winner and there fore, will have the right to see some bonus material to this story with everyone else. The bonus material will include: Alternative Chapters, Character Profiles or Mini Stories. But sometimes the Question will be about what might happen in the future and if there are more then one people who have the correct answer. I wont tell you who won, you will have to wait and see who is the winner when that chapter comes :) so anyways. Here is the first question to get the readers voting and hoping for some bonus material. Remember For this Question I won't say who won, the winner might be found out later on. Even if it is more then one person


Question: Who Will Destiny End Up With?

A~She will end up with Hades

B~She will be with Enyalios

C~Someone else who is not shown yet

or D~Non Of the Above

Destiny is definitely not a girl to be messed with, but I hope she forgives Enyalios!  Ares definitely tried to cause trouble for them.  Is he still working with Medusa?  Did he somehow know how Destiny would react to the news that he was Enyalios' father and try to make her break the bond with him on purpose?  Enyalios' jealousy isn't helping either!  I thought Destiny might end up with Enyalios, because he was there for her from the beginning and it would be a bit weird if she ended up with Hades, but with all the interference from outside, who knows what might happen?  It will be interesting to see how all this turn out!  I think Athena is also very interested to know after her visions!

Mhh yes Destiny has got some girl power in her and she gets upset easily if someone betrays her, they become her enemy sort to speak. Mhh interesting Questions you got there :) I am not wanting to give anything away, so I'll just tell you that Athena will be wanting to know what's is going on, Ares and Medusa are still very much working together, you will see more of them in the next few chapters to come. I agree it would be bit odd with Des ends up with Hades but you never know


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