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Summary: The curse tore Emma and Peter away from each other. They must fight in their worlds to be together, with no dreams, no hope. But can one little girl change their fate? In this epic Finally see as Emma and Peter's daughter Destiny sets on a path to bring her parents back together, but to do so she has to work with the enemy. What will happen?

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PHEW! Just caught up!

INTENSE! This whole story is intense!

I like this thing you are doing, this way everyone is somewhat satisfied. =)

To me, Destiny and Enyalios would be good together, they've known each other like, forever, but then Hades, he and Destiny are two of my fave characters!

There are so many things to consider in the story! I'm honestly HOOKED.

Aww thanks for the lovely comment :)

I know lol. more and more ideas keep popping up into my head and it makes the story more intense. I am glad you like the idea :) I wanted to make it more fun, with the bonus material.

Yeah true but you never know lol. Aww thank you :) I love them two as well.

Yep so many things. :) I am glad you are

XD, One thing I was thinking of doing was a chapter "exclusive to Wattpad" to sort of encourage readers to go to Wattpad, and to include more romantic or violent content, but then I thought it was unnecessary.

That's a good idea :)

That was INTENSE and action packed!!

I wouldn't want to get on Destiny's bad side or just make her slightly angry! 

I think she will end up Enyalios, he was there for her from the start and I would think that it would be just too weird to be with Hades when he looked exactly just her grandfather!!

Thanks Rachel :) yeah there was some drama.

I know, no one would want to get on her bad side lol. 

Thank you for your vote :) who knows

great chapter!   can't wait to see who she ends up with.  please update again soon!

Aww thanks :) yep lots of people cant wait to find out

Wow!!! That was intense!!! lol

I would like to think she'll end up with Hades but who knows!!!

Can't wait to find out!! :)

Yeah I know, acting packed :) and twists on the way

Thanks for you vote ish lol

Bonus Material 1: Enyalios’s Character Profile.

Name: Enyalios (Last name is not known)

Age: He looks about 18 years old but his real age is over a few thousand years old. The exact date when he was born is not know.

Species: Greek God (War God/God of Destruction)

Love Interest: Destiny

Spouse: ??

Bio: His name means the war of God or more specially the son of Ares and Eris. Eris is the twin sister of Ares and Enyalios’s mother. She is not very present in the story but she might appear later on in it. She is cruel and ruthless just like Ares, but Enyalios is nothing like his father. He does not want to be anything like him. He is sometimes referred to being exactly like his own father which upsets him, he is not the enemy. Even though some people think he is due to who his father is. He has know Destiny for a while and he is very fond of her and has been there for her from the start, they have some issues when it comes to them being the chosen one’s along with Peter, Athena and Hades. He has a short temper and gets jealous easily. He has similar powers to his own father but when he chooses to his powers can destroy anything that stands in his way, therefore he is also the god of Destruction. His real power can only be unleashed in a time of great need.

Enemy: Ares, Medusa

Allies: Hades, Destiny, Peter, Athena, Zeus, Hera

Family: Ares (Father), Eris (Mother), Rest are unknown and not seen in this story

Chapter 7 ~ Waking Up From a Nightmare

Destiny’s Pov:


The words kept ringing in my ears over and over again “Qui non habendum. Volo pellat ex nostris quaestu. Et ipsum aliquid non erit, neque nunc neque. Et ita erit pati.” How could I have unbound him? It was the wrong choice. I knew I had to but....................................................................................................................................................................the world started to spin around me and I woke up screaming from my nightmare, sweat was running down my forehead like someone threw water all over me. I swallowed and looked at my wrist, where each of the chosen one’s had a brand, I counted the circles “1...2...3...4...5.” I sighed in relief, everyone was still bound.

I layed back on my bed and rested my hand against my forehead and jumped as the door opened

“Sorry, it’s just me.” Enyalios said as he was by the door way. I leaped from my bed and hugged him and broke down sobbing in his arms.

He held me rubbing my back “Des, what’s wrong?” he asked worried as he held me close to him rubbing my back in soothing circles “It’s okay. It was just probably a nightmare.” He told me and kept me close to him.

“Is she okay?” It was Athena by the door

“I am not sure, she just burst into tears.” Enyalios said as he held me close and his eyes averted over to Athena when he was answering her question.

“I...I.” I was chocking due to my sobs “I unbound him.” I cried more

“You did what?” Athena asked, she sounded shocked and she checked her wrist “No you didn’t sweetie, we’re all still bound.” She said

“It felt so real.” I cried harder in his chest

Enyalios was silent for a while, he must have been gathering his thoughts as he held me close “Shh, it’s okay Des. It was just a dream. Nothing’s going to happen to me, or anyone else. I promise. Okay?” He asked and I nodded in tears.

I heard Athena let out a sad sigh and heard her walk towards us and felt her hand on my shoulder “It will be okay Destiny, it was just a nightmare. Nothing else.” She said and she smiled at me softly, I looked up at her with tears running down my cheeks

Enyalios held me close as he wiped the tears away “You should sleep, want me to stay?” he asked me and I let out a nod

He picked me up in his strong arms and he laid me down on my bed tucking me in and he laid beside me leaning on his elbow keeping an eye on me as I feel asleep again, his hand rubbing my arm gentle in a soothing way.

Ares’s Pov:

I smirked to my self wondering if Destiny had her douse of her own medicine thanks to Medusa’s help, she would suffer from nightmares and would not know who to trust anymore. “Did it work?” I asked Medusa as she walked out of her little hut in the woods.

She smirked, her snakes hissing and spitting “Yes, she will now doubt her self and think she will unbind Enyalios one day thanks to the nightmare. And that she will also turn into me if she tries to destroy me.”

I smirked “Good.” I said “What about....”

“Time will come.” She said but I was still growing impatient and I heard a familiar voice behind me

“What do you think you’re doing?” The voice belonged to Eris. I stiffened. How did she find me? I turned around to look at me and she was glaring at me with a rather venomous look.

“And what’s it to you?” I glared, she was my twin sister and also my wife. Yeah I know, weird combination, but we hated each other and she hated me now even more since I had no God powers anymore thanks to Zeus and Hera.

“If it involves our son then it has a lot to do with me.” She spat at me and then she glared at Medusa “Ahh, you’re working with the snake head again?” she said looking at me and Medusa looked mad and angry at Eris.

“Ah, Enyalios.” I said and smirked. He hates me. Not that I blame him, but still.

“You hurt him, I hurt you.” Eris hissed at me before she disappeared and I laughed evily, she did not scare me no matter how hard she tried, but there was one person who scared me more then anyone else............Destiny. She was my arch nemesis and I wowed to my self, I would get rid of her one way or another, no matter what it costs me.

I was not going to let my own twin sister/wife threaten me,  I could do what I want. And what I wanted to do was destroy that little girl and to do so I was going to make sure, things around her would crumble down like an ancient ruin. I was going to make her suffer for what she caused her parents to do to me and her grand-parents for stripping away my powers.

I knew that step one of making her suffer was doubt her self and that doubt would get even more worse, she would be paranoid soon enough and not trust what anyone else said, she would doubt even the closest person to her. Enyalios. He was there for her from the start and that gave me the edge to make her suffer even more.

I smirked to my self as I saw Medusa looking at me with a puzzle look. I just turned around and walked off to plan things for my self. If I wanted to hurt her my self, I would need to gain my powers back, but how? I had to ask someone for help, or trick someone into giving me my powers back, but even if I was to face her on my own, she would be too strong for me, she’s already powerful enough as it is.

I was debating with my self, which would be the best route to take on this. Would she know I would be coming for her? Mhh most likely, the girl knew too much.


Enyalios’s Pov:

I watched Destiny sleeping and I stroked her cheek softly and tucked some hair behind her ear and kissed her forehead softly. I was worried about her, what ever happened in her dream to make her unbind me hurt her a lot.  I wondered if she found out who my father was and she was mad at me, I knew if I wanted things to work between us friends and maybe more someday, she would have to know who was my father and mother. I had to tell her. I did not want to lie to her, that would be like me trying to kill her only worse.

I wondered how she would take the news and I hoped she would not want to hurt me afterwards. I bit my lip in thought and soon dozed off for a bit, my arm wrapped around her keeping her safe and calm. I woke up the next morning with her and I rubbed my eyes. I was deeply asleep for the rest of the night without even meaning to be.

We got changed into something new for the day after we cleaned up in the bathroom and then I walked with her to breakfast, debating with my self on what I should tell her about my father.

“Are you okay?” I heard Des ask me and she looked at me worried.

I nodded “Yeah.” I said and squeezed her arm softly as we sat down and I bit my lip slightly and looked at her “I need to tell you something.” I said and I noticed everyone was starting at me.

“What is it?” She asked looking at me, she looked so sincere, I knew I could tell her anything. Right? I mean she was my friend and I could trust her.

“” I tried to say the words, but words were failing me

She put her hand over mine and squeezed it softly “Enyalios, it’s me. You can tell me anything.” She said and I hoped that was true, would she hate me for who my dad was? Most people did. I looked at her and took a deep breath

“My father is Ares.” I said and Destiny looked at me in pure and utter silence.


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