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So it's a definite that Dakota is playing Jane; comments?? And Vanessa as Leah? Yeah, uhhh, nooooooooooooo. She just can't do something like High School Musical and then transition into Twilight; the movies contrast WAY too sharply. Quite frankly, I would be half expecting her to break into song and dance throughout the movie. =/

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vanessa as leah no no pls.
but dakota as jane i think she could really do it justice! the girl can act and if you don't think she can be mean you really should see hide and seek!!
There is NO way Vannessa could play Leah.
Leah is supposed to be an angry wolf that doesnt really care what other people think.
i can not see vannessa playing that.
i love the fact that dakota is supposed to be playing jane. i think she could totally pull it off. shes been in horror movies [and really good acting at that] so she knows how to do the stuff.
but VANNESSA?!?!?!
this is the first time im hearing of that but.. no theres just no way.
after all the happy goo goo crap in HSM, there is no way that she can transfer to Twilight. That would be Insane. and ur right. the movies do contrast too sharply.
i personally dont think vanessa is that good at acting NEways. Yeah she fits the part on HSM but NOT Leah.
And i dont think Duff would be much better :)
I think Dakota as Jane will be great... :D
But Vanessa as Leah... hmm... I don't know... Nothing against Vanessa but its really not like her to portray Leah...
Maybe Vanessa should be play as but definitely not as Leah.
i agree that dakota would be a good jane... but vanessa sucks
if Vanessa is Leah i would be really mad....
i hated the hsm movies because she was in it and i dont want her to ruin the rest of the twilight movies
i really dont see her as leah or being apart of the twilight crew...she is too preppy and all that
but Dakota would be a good Jane she can play the part
I think Dakota will be able to pull off the character of Jane very well. I saw her in "Push" a couple of weeks ago. As I watched "Push" my thoughts were on whether she would make a good Jane...It was funny, that even at another movie, I was thinking of "Twilight"
I think i agree, after ive heard someone comparing her to annasophia robb, i changed my mind, Im already good with dakota fanning than annasophia(yuck!)
NooooooooooOOoOOOOOOOOoOOoOOOOoOoOoOoOo!!!!!! Not Vanessa Hudgens Kick her out of thestudio first thang!!!!!!!@!! Ewwww!!!!!
I heard it was confirmed. Dakota Fanning will be Jane.
VANNESSA? No way! Please do not ruin twilight with vanessa h.! Seriously girl, get out of the way! Yeah i agree woth the others. and who doesnt? I also agree with Shelby Renee Cullen♥♥♥ - I hated hsm bcoz of HER!
tottally agree about Vanessa, i would hate if she was in the movie
but about Dakota i still dont know... i`m not thrilled that she`s gonna be Jane (i heard it is confirmed...) i would love if it was AnnaSophia Robb... its not that i dont like Dakota, because i do... i just cant see her as Jane... but lets see how she does :) i believe she is a good actress and i hope she can look/act as wicked as i think Jane is.


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