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ok so damon salvatore found out katherine is not dead and sets out to find her, on his quest he stumbles upon a crying girl in a forest, yes bella swan defenseless against laurent, damon annoyed just kills laurent because he was looking for a good fight and when the wolves come damon bratty as ever takes bella hostage. bella doesnt care what he does with her. so damon bribes his hostage to tell him her worries, she confeses she is afraid of victoria and that once edward left she just wants to die. damon knows the feeling pretty well and thus feeling he ows her that, he tells bella about his kind of "different class 1" vampires, about katherine and stefan, bella understands damon's worries.


seeing this unusual thing damon proposes a deal to bella he will protect her from "class 2" vamps (sparkling vampires) and keep charlie safe if she agrees to stick around him, in other words bella will become his possetion and he will only feed on her blood, although he really wants her to talk to him more, its tipical(?) in damon to take things by force. bella's good nature sees trough him and she accepts.


as time passes bella became damon's "girl" after he found out katherine was with claus. damon decided to go back to mistic falls and make things right with stefan and elena, he as always brings bella along, now that he realized he loves her and proposed. he wants his family to meet his fancee 


bella is really different, she is caring but only for damon, the rest can burn in hell, picked up alot of his personality cares only for damon and herself, cold, conceited, and a damon counter with a neclace with the salvatore crest made of lapiz lazuli she never takes of it tells everyone that she is a salvatore.


so in the day damon decides to go back to school everyone is atonished at the couple. the pretty bad girl comes riding in a bike with the hansome salvatore bad boy, she is wearing a necklace with their crest and are hand in hand,they must be officiall,stefan and elena are just happy for damon. what stefan and elena didnt tell them is that a family of "class 2" vamps are in mistic falls 


edward is lifeless and is having lunch with his family, keeping tabs on stefan, when damon comes in he picture obiously showing off his fiancee, edward out of rage punches damon with a botle of verbane wich makes him very weak. what will happen when bella does what she always does, she cuts a vein open and forces damon to drink from her not knowing who atacked damon, with jasper near and her blood voluntarilly spilled, will stefan and damon protect bella? what will edward do when he sees bella cares as much for damon as to offer him her blood and has agreed to marry him? will bella be confused about her love for her "class 1" fiancee  and her first real love? 

Should I write it? I got the idea from escaily_wishing on a star.





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sorry its so short I had more on it but it cut it off cause it was to long I'll will update more soon
plz rite more!!!
OH NO DON'T STEAL MY COOKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fine you win I'll post more soon
im feigning for the next
Chapter 2 part 2

I paid for everything and got back into the car and left. We were about twenty minutes away from Mystic Falls when I couldn't help myself anymore so I pulled over to the side of the road and leaned over and kissed my Bella. Then I pulled us into the backseat.
The next morning I woke up with Bella laying on my chest. I kissed her head and she woke up and asked what time is it.
“It’s a little after ten and we should get going before Stefan thinks we got kidnapped.” I said laughing she joined in with me. I looked at her and got lost in her eyes.
“You’re right Damon we should get going.” She said kissing me lightly on the lips. We climbed into the front seats and drove off. When we got into town I pulled into the driveway and Stefan and Elena came outside. Stefan came and fist bumped me and tried to shake her hand but she pulled away and grabbed my hand and glared at him. Elena came and gave me a hug and earned a glare from Bella. She backed away and grabbed Stefan’s hand.
“Sorry I just don’t want to lose him to someone else but I can see that you’re with him so I am sorry for my reaction.” Bella said with really feeling.
“It’s ok. You must be Bella Stefan has told me about you. You’re the girl who stole Damon’s heart.” She said shaking Bella’s hand.
“Yes I am. It’s nice to meet you. You must be Stefan Damon’s brother.”
“Yes I am. I am….” I turned around to see a red headed vampire staring at my Bella.
“Well hello Bella. I can see you’re not with Edward anymore but that still won’t stop me from killing you.” She said and lunged.

put the next chapter up soon!
i love this a lot i cant wait to see what happens
omg!!!!!!!!! bella and damon???
luv it post more soon plzzzzzzzzzzzz
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i'm srry for not updating for a while its been busy and every time i try 2 sit down and update some thing comes up. So i'll try to update as soon as i can. it'll be by sat cuz i have semester test comeing up. thanks for reading it means a lot.
new reader love the story update
I'm soooooo sorry i got hooked on a site called and forgot about my stories but i will try 2 updated as soon as  possible thanks guys


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