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Chapter 4

I kissed Grandmom goodnight as she said that dad was here to pick me up. I normally walk home so this little detail frightened me more than any other detail.

As I entered the car, my dad hugged me. "Dad, I'm scared," was all I could whisper.

"I know, sweetie, believe me. I know. We're all scared." He let go of me and started the car, my cell phone rang, but I ignored it. I needed some time to get myself together. I looked around and realized that everything that had been was over, for some reason these new vampires changed it all; not even Grandmom knew why. I knew that that had scared me the most, Grandmom, who had known an answer to everything, was left in the dark herself. I shivered and looked at my hands; I felt the responsibility on my shoulders and wondered if I would be able to be as strong as needed.

Dad parked the car in our garage, another tiny difference, and Mom stood already in the doorway. I could see the relief on her face, happy that we were home. I could sense the vibrations of a spell in the air and looked over my shoulder. Mom took my hand and took me into the kitchen.

“Amalia, every house that belongs to one of the witches of the moon has an extra boundary from this night on. Nobody can come in without being invited, that also means that people like Samantha and some of your other friends are still welcome but any new person will need to be approved entrance by your dad or me. The garden is also surrounded by this spell."

"I understand, Mom, I really do. I just need to put myself back together. It's like everything I've known before has changed and I can’t do anything about it. It's just so ...." I was at a loss for words, these feelings of anger, sadness and fear just couldn't be explained by words. "I just need some time; I'm going to my room."

In my room, I laid down the book Grandmom had given to me on my desk and pulled out my cell phone. I was just about to call Sam when my phone rang.

"Hi, Sam. Yes I know, it was just a bad time. I needed some time ... I'm scared, too, this is so big ... I know, I sensed a spell and Mom explained it to me ... Yep, you're still welcome and some of the others also. But any new person has to be approved by them ... Okay ... When will you be here tomorrow? ... But it's a school day ... Glad to get some good news. Just not the reason I was looking for ... I just hope I can sleep a bit ... Sweet dreams, Sam."

Someone knocked on the door. "Amalia, I've got something for you to help you sleep," said my mom, "and I guess that you've already heard that you will be staying home tomorrow." I nodded, she knew me so well. "If you need something, just let me know, sweetie, but you should get started with the book."

After she had left, I grabbed the book, "Defense Magic: Mythical Creatures" was the title and started reading.


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Chapter 5

When I woke up the next morning, I could feel my head still working on all the information that I had found in the book. If it hadn't been for mom's potion, I wouldn't have been able to sleep. As a witch, I knew there was so much more than humans were aware of, but the dark side of this hidden world was so much bigger then I had known.

It's pretty obvious that you've got good witches and bad witches. So every species has both sides, like the goblins around our house can be annoying when they get into a fight with the goblins from next door. The amount of noise they produce is massive for the size they have. The dark side of the goblins call themselves kobold. The difference between the two is that goblins take care of nature and kobolds destroy nature. The difficulty is to recognize them; they are very much alike. Kobolds tend to have a lighter skin because they stay out of the sun. But when needed, they will act like normal goblins to get what they want.

Centaurs, unicorns, giants, mermaids ... every one of them were represented in the book. And it all came down to the ability to see what they are like. It would be very easy to be misguided by their appearance. And last were the vampires, apparently golden or red eyes was what gave them away. Red-eyed vampires lived on human blood, while golden-eyed vampires on animal blood. Not that you've got the time to do something because they are so fast. You only could survive an attack when you got a shield up in time, a shield like the one that's around our house, but then specified to protect your own body and spirit space.

I had noticed the blank pages at the end of the book. I should ask mom or dad about them.

My stomach rumbled: time for breakfast. It was a good thing that my body still had normal needs like food. I started laughing when I went downstairs. My mom hugged me and my dad was really pleased to hear me laugh. I explained that after all the changes and the way everything was different, my body still had some plain old needs like food.

I still felt stuffed when the doorbell rang and I sensed Sam. I could feel someone with her, someone familiar but I still was unable to sense who it was. My mom opened the door and let Sam in, who was followed by her dad. Of course, being more alert would mean that we wouldn't be able to go where we pleased by ourselves. No more sudden trips to the sea, the mall, or anywhere else. Stupid vampires. Like life wasn't difficult enough for a starting witch. Regular school brought back homework and lessons, initiations and books to figure out for the witch part. Of course we also needed to get a grip on our powers; we wouldn't want to become a witch on the loose.

We grinned at each other as she came around the corner of the kitchen. We had thought the same; again, our parents always called us the twins. I got up from the table and we went to my room. I closed the door.

Sam threw her book on my bed and started ramping on those vampires that have totally destroyed her life. I nodded from time to time in agreement because I knew she needed this. I sensed a difference in Sam's powers; she felt stronger. I looked at her with different eyes and saw some golden and red flashes in her halo. I gasped for a second and stared at her "Sam your powers, you've evolved to a next level!"

"Ama, that's impossible, I just read the book. I haven't been practicing any magic."

I shook my head. "Your halo is showing golden and red sparks. You're powers are increased over one night. How did you do that?"

"Is everything all right girls?" I heard my mom’s voice. I opened the door and pointed at Sam "She's evolved to a next level, Mom. Look at her halo, I'm serious!" I added when I saw some disbelief in my mom's eyes.

Mom stood still and looked at Sam. She gasped just like I had. A few seconds later, Sam's dad was in the room, looking at his daughter with a huge smile on his face.

"Stop staring at me, you all." Sam whispered.

"Sorry, Sweetie," her dad said, "It's just amazing that your powers are increased over night." I felt so insignificant at that moment; I tried to cover it up. She was my best friend and she deserved this, my time would come, I added with a lot of doubt to myself.
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