The Twilight Saga

 This whole story takes place in Eclipse. Bella has had a secret that she hasnt told a soul. It's a secret that involves her past. But what happens when her past catches up to her? Well Damon and Stefan Salvatore are surely part of this past. What if Bella wasnt Isabella Marie Swan but Isabella Marie Salvatore. What if out of nowhere Stefan and Damon come back? What if they dont like Edward with they're little sister? And what kind of story will it be if Elena Gilbert or Bonnie Bennett aren't involved. What if Bella Doesnt Like Elena, because she looks like Katherine? What happens if Katherine is trown in the picture as well? Questions, Questions, Questions. Questions that will be answered in the story.
A Twilight and Vampire Diaries mix story.


SO WUTT U THINK? I'm working on the first chapter. I will post it if enough people like it. I know it sounds Like maybe other stories around here but I promise that I will try my best to make this story full of action and romance and drama and all I can put think of. Hope you give my story a chance.


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Bella’s POV - News(Chapter 1)

I smiled down at the only picture I have of Stefan, Damon and me. It was old and all folded up and it looked like if only, with 1 small touch the whole picture would rip apart. It wasn’t a surprise, I’ve had this picture since 1868, which was a couple of years after we became what we are right now… vampires.

The door bell rang and startled me off of my memories of back then. I put the picture under my pillow and ran downstairs to get the door. As I opened it, there stood Edward with that crooked grin I love so much.

“Hey.” he said.

“Hey, what’s up?” I asked.

“uh… does school… ring a bell?” he said raising his left eye brow. I opened my mouth in astonishment as I realize my stupidity.

“Uh… yeah. Um, I’m ready. I was just waiting for you.” I stuttered.

“Are you okay? You look nervous.” he looked at me concerned written all over his pale face.

“Uh, I’m okay…you just caught me off guard. That’s all.” I said with a smile.

“Let me just get my stuff so we can go.” he responded with a nod. As I got all my stuff we walked to the car, and Edward- being a gentlemen- opened the passenger’s door for me. As I sat in the passenger’s side I let out a small sigh. Edward knew nothing of Stefan and Damon. To him I was born in 1992 here in Forks Washington, my mother and father got divorced so my mom and I moved out. Then my mother died in an accident and I came to live with my father Charlie. Which of course Charlie isn’t my biological father. I just used something very cool called compulsion.

“You know that I hate it when your so into you’re thoughts and I don’t have a minor clue of what‘s going on in there.” Edward said with his crooked grin.

“Oh. sorry. Don’t worry it‘s nothing important.” I said with a small smile. I heard him chuckle as he started the car and drove off to school.

As we were walking down the hall of Forks High School, Jessica Stanley came up to me.

“Bella!! Have you heard the news!!” I looked at her confuse.

“No, what news?”

“We’re having 2 new student in Forks High!!” I raised my left eyebrow as she said this. There’s barley any new students here in Forks High I was the last new student here. Forks is the last place where there is a new student let alone 2 new students!!

“Do you know who they are?” Edward asked Jessica.

“Uh… I know that it’s….um… a girl and a…um… a boy.” Jessica stuttered trying to speak to Edward, but failing miserably. She might of notice her stupidity cause she left as fast as she could.

“Well I’ll see ya’ll… around. Bella… um…Edward.” she nodded to us as she left.

“I wonder who these new students are.” I said mostly to myself.

“We should ask Alice.” Edward suggested. I nodded my head and shrugged my shoulders like if it wasn’t a big deal. The 1st bell rang and Edward and I took off to Calculus our first class. We went from class to class hearing the rumor of the 2 new student that will be here tomorrow. Now Edward and I were making our way to our table, where Jasper and Alice- which looked very annoyed- sat.

“Hey, Jasper… Alice?” We greeted as we sat down. It was just us 4 because Rosalie and Emmett ‘Graduated’ last year and right now they’re both in ‘College’.

“I can’t see them!!!!!” Alice whispered/yelled.

“What do you mean, Alice? I asked.

“I cant see the new students! Everything is as blur!! I see people but I cant seem to see their faces.” Alice gave a small gasp as she finished. Her eyes went blank as she stared strait ahead. Most people would think of this as weird of her, but to us, she was having a vision. I felt Edward stiffen at my side as he read the vision in Alice’s mind. Jasper just stared at her waiting for her to come back.

“What did you see?” He asked as soon as she snapped out of it.

“Same but, the only clear face I saw was…Bella’s?” I stared at her confuse.

“What do I have to do with all this?” I asked.

“That’s what I’m asking myself!” she responded.

“But, I don’t think it’s anything bad! They’re just new students. Maybe you get to be best friends with the girl…” Alice trailed of because she didn’t even believe it herself.

“But there’s something very fishy in this, the why you cant see them…”

“Don’t worry about it Bella. I’ll always protect you.” Edward spoke for the first time.

I smiled at him and nodded.

“Let’s not make this a big deal yet. Tomorrow the new students are coming, so we could check them out and see if they are going to be a problem.” Jasper suggested. We all nodded in agreement. After the conversation in lunch the whole day passed by so fast that we were making our way to Edward’s car now. The only thing that made me stop was, that name.

“Salvatore, Stefan Salvatore! That’s his name!” I stiffen as I snapped my head towards Jessica. Edward froze as he saw my reaction.

“Bella? Are you ok?”

Without a word I stalked over to Jessica and the group she was talking to. Leaving Edward Behind.

“What’s his name?” I asked as I got closer.

“Oh, Bella I didn’t see you, but anyway. His name is Stefan Salvatore, and he is from Italy. Sounds like a HOWT-E, right?” I looked at her in disbelief. No it cant be him…

“How do you know this?” I asked.

“Well, you know that the front desk lady has a big mouth, so I got everything from her.” she said like it wasn’t a big deal.

“What else did she tell you.” I asked urgently.

“Well he didn’t say that much only his name, where he is from oh and that he was living with his older brother.”

“Do you know the older brother’s name?” I asked.

“No? He didn’t say his older brother’s name?” she started saying suspiciously.

“What about the girl?” I asked.

“I didn’t ask about her. I only wanted to know the guys info.” I nodded as I left her group without another word.

“Bella, are you okay? You look too pale.” Edward asked.

“I’m ok. Just take me home.” I murmured. He nodded as we got in the car and took off home. As we got there I told him thanks and ran of inside without a look back. I knew it was rude but I was just still in shock.

“Bella, are you okay? Is something wrong? Did Edward hurt you?” I looked up at the annoying voice.

“I’m fine dad.” I said and waved him off.

“Sweetie, you don’t look fine. Tell me did he hurt you?” he asked in a threatening voice.

I groan as I looked up.

“I’m alright, just go back to the couch and do what you were doing, because I’m perfectly fine.” I said as I looked at him strait in the eye. Yes, using compulsion. The human blood running in me makes me strong enough to make a perfect compulsion.

“Ok” he said as he went back to watch T.V. I just stud there against the door making my decision. After thinking over and over I finally knew what I was going to do.

“Ch-Dad, I’m going out in the woods don’t worry about me.” I said staring at him in the eye. He nodded as I took of with a flashlight on my hands.



Damon’s POV - Little Sister (Chapter 1)

“Damon, get your feet of the table, please?” Elena asked as she was passing by.

“Whatever.” I said as I put my feet down. I continued searching the channels.

“You know, we could really use some help in unpacking!” Elena said as she was passing by again.

“Na, I’m good.” I said in a bored voice. I heard her groan as she continued walking. I finally stopped at the news channel and decide to watch. The woman started talking about a hiker that got attacked by an animal and bla,bla,bla. Then they showed a familiar face. It was the hiker I attacked in the woods yesterday. Wow they barley found him?

“Damon, you promised!!” Ugh here we go again.

“You know, I really don’t care little brother.” I said.

“I know how to cover my tracks!”

“O yeah? You know, you left that man alive!” Stefan kept yapping .

“Well, that sucks. For you. You know why, because I’m not staying in this stupid little town for long!” I said as I walked to the front door.

“Damon, try at least to cover your tracks! You know that if that man is alive he can talk!” Elena yelled.

“Not my problem.” I said as I ran off to the woods. Ugh, not even Isabella would be so strict. At least she wouldn’t have mind me sucking that human’s blood. I smiled at the memories of the times when we use to play those little games of ’my husbands hurt!’ we would usually share when there was more than 1 but when there was only 1 I’d let her get him/her. It was fun to see the look of sorrow she put on her face when the meal came. I smiled wider as more memories came in. God I cant believe I’m saying this but, I miss my little sister. I sigh loudly as I went deeper into woods.

I was hoping in finding like a desert after yesterday, but nothing. It has been a couple of hours since I left. All I’ve been doing is roaming around looking for hikers, but nothing. As I was going to give up and turn around, the scent just slapped me out of nowhere.

Fresh blood, young blood, good blood. I smiled and ran towards the direction of the scent. As I spotted her I climbed on top of a tree. It was way more fun attacking from a jump. She was in the position I needed her and I was about jump when she turned around and I saw her face. I froze.

“Isabella” I gasped.

“Damon!” she said looking in my direction.

“Who else little sis? What are you doing here?” I asked.

“I’m the one who should be asking you that! It‘s surprising. Damon Salvatore in a small town.” she replied raising her left eyebrow and smirking at the same time.

“Why are you surprise to see me in this small town?” I asked her as I climbed down the tree.

“Damon, it‘s a small town you hate small towns, there’s nothing you can do here.” she said like if it was obvious.

“Well NOW I think I might stick around for a while-

“Bella!!!!!” I heard a male’s voice shout as a pale looking guy with bronze hair came into view. I rolled my eyes at how he stud protectively over Isabella. Wait did he just say Bella?

“Bella? Oh, so that’s your new nickname, Isabella?” I asked. The bronze hair dude looked at me very confused.

“Edward, don’t worry, he’s not going to hurt me.” Isabella said as she touched his shoulder. Soon, more company arrived. A big dark short curly hair dude came in view, along with 2 blond ones.

“What’s wrong Edward?” One of the blond one asked.

“I cant read his mind Carlisle?” he murmured so low that only vampire ears like mine could catch it.

“Are you suppose to read my mind?” I asked

“Damon!!!” Isabella, looked at me with warning eyes.

“Let’s kill him.” The big guy said.

“No, Emmett!!!-

“No it’s okay Isabella.” I was about to attack when Isabella got in my way by putting her hands on my chest and pushing me against the tree.

“Hey, nock it off. This is exactly why I ran away, Damon.” Edward was grabbing her elbow to take her away from me.

“Don’t you dare touch my little sister!” I yelled in a warning/threatening voice.

“What?” all 4 guys asked in astonishment.

“Damon…” Bella looked down in defeat. Then it clicked.

“You didn’t Tell them about Stefan or Me!?!” I asked grabbing her chin and pulling her up to look at me in the eyes.

“There was nothing to say. I was here in Washington and ya’ll were all the way to Italy!! Damon if you haven’t notice it’s been 100 and 42 years since we’ve last seen each other! What did you expect? For me to go around saying I have 2 brothers named Stefan and Damon Salvatore!!!” she said while looking at me the way Isabella looks at you when she wants to tell you she’s irritated.

“Wait can someone please explain to me what is going on?!?” The dude that wanted to kill me… uh…Emmett asked.

“Well, Isabella I think you have a lot to explain to them AND to us!!” I said as I pulled out my cell phone. I dialed Stefan’s number and waited for him to pick up.

Where are you?” he asked in a warning voice.

“That is going to mean nothing to you when I tell you who I just happen to cross over with.” I said in a mocking voice. Isabella rolled her eyes.

“Who?” he asked interested.

“3 little words. Isabella Marie Salvatore.” I said with a smile on my lips. Isabella turned to the 4 guys that were frozen in place. She turned back to me and sigh.

“Stefan wants you to come home NOW. For the first time I think you should listen to him.” I added with a smile on my face and nodding at the same time. She rolled her eyes and took the phone away from me.

“Stefan, um, I need to explain stuff to other…people so….” she trailed of as Stefan started to speak.

“Okay.” she said in defeat as she hung up. She looked up at the Edward dude-which was still standing frozen- and gave him a small smile. She turned to me.

“Stefan wants the Cullens to come over so that I can explain everything.”

“No problemo.” I said.

“If you want me to explain, ya’ll need to come with us. And bring Esme, Alice and Rose.” she said to the ‘Cullen’.

“Bella…” Edward dude whispered.

“Damon give him the address.” she told me not asked but told…me.

“We’ll be waiting for ya’ll” she said as I told them the address.

“Let’s go.” I said.

“I’m not letting you go with him!” the Edward dude said as he grabbed Isabella’s arm. I rolled my eyes.

“Hey Romeo, do you really think I would hurt my own blood?” I asked.

“100 and 45 years ago you were whiling to kill Stefan.” she said crossing her arms.

“That is a whole other story, and you know that.” I told her. She nodded and turned to Romeo.

“He wont hurt me.”

“Let’s go.” I said as I took of running vampire speed.

“DAMON!!!!” I heard Isabella yell. Then I remembered that she smelled like human? I went back.

“Oh yeah, and you so how to explain how you smell like human and… you get my point.” I told her.

“Long story.” she said. I rolled my eyes and grabbed her.

“your whole life is a long story” I said under my breath as I went over to her.

“what are you doing.” she asked as I carried her bride stile and ran off without a word. Leaving the other guys there still frozen.

Alice’s POV- News(chapter 1)

I was passing in the living room when the guys came back.

“Where is she!” I asked worried. I saw them coming but with no Bella. The guys had surprised looks on their faces. Ugh!! I hate it when I cant see anything!!!

“What happen!! Where is she?” I asked again.

“She left with her…Brother…” Jasper said while putting a confuse look on his face.

“what?” Rosalie, Esme and I asked at the same time.

“Turns out, Bella isn’t who she said she was.” Carlisle said.

“She wants us to meet her somewhere, so she can explain everything to us. He continued.

“Then what are we waiting for lets-” I looked at Edward and his face was crushed. Not like those months that he was without Bella but he really did look crushed.

“I cant read Bella’s nor Damon’s mind?” he spoke for the first time.

“Damon?” Esme asked.

“Damon is Bella’s brother… well older brother.” Emmett said, serious for the first time.

“What do you mean by older brother?” Esme asked.

“It appears that she has another brother named Stefan Salvatore.” Emmett answered.

“Salvatore” we asked together again.

“Damon, Stefan and Isabella…Salvatore.” Edward clarified.

“I knew there was something off about her, but no, lets just ignore Rosalie.” Rose said.

“Rosalie, let’s not judge until we know the whole story.” Carlisle said.

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go!!” I yelled. With that we all took off running to the direction they gave the guys.



Chapter 1: News and Little Sister 

Chapter 2: Long Stories and More Questions

Chapter 3: Visitor, Talk and Plans

Chapter 4: Rumors, The Diary

Chapter 5and 6: Regrets, Talisman, Good News, Bad News and More Bad...

Chapter 7 and 8: Hunt, Visitor, More Attention, Guesses

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cliffy!I hope you have it done soon
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Love the sneak peak hope you can update soon
i bet bella is going to get really mad at damon when she finds out.
please update more soon!!!
i really LOVED it great prev can't wait for the full chapter

Damon’s POV- Regrets(Chapter 5)

As I ran off from the Cullen’s house I went into the woods as far as I had. When I was pretty far I released all my anger. I kicked a tree as I stopped. I grabbed my hair with both hands and pulled while kicking the tree numerous times. The tree started to bend over as I put more force in every kick. I stopped and took in a big breath. How could I do that, to my own sister! I knew I was loosing control but I never thought like this! I beat up my own blood!!! Sure I’ve beaten up Stefan lots of times but this was Isabella! She didn’t do anything to me. I closed my eyes and hung my neck backwards. I took in a big breath as I stud straight again. I was about to leave when I heard a click. I turned towards the sound to find a man with a gun pointing at me. He was tall black hair and a mustache. He had a police uniform that had Chief Swan written on his left shoulder. That was fine with me. I needed a snack anyways.
“Who are you?” he asked still pointing the gun at me.
“Your worst nightmare.” I said as I sprinted towards him.

I was finishing him up, when I heard a growl. What now!!!!!
I looked up to find a big red brownish wolf in front of me. When I said big I meant huge!! I dropped the drain body as I stared at the wolf in shock. He had the same problem when he saw the man I killed. His gaze was on the Chief, and then abruptly turned to me, anger written all over his face. I heard other loud growls, and realize there were more of them. I stepped back in a defensive crouch and glared at all 8 wolfs. As strong as I was I knew I wouldn’t be able to take all of them down, and I surely wasn’t a bit interested in trying out Stefan’s little diet! So I did what I only could do in situations like this! Run.

I sprinted off- forgetting completely of the dead body. I ran as fast as I could through the woods. I jumped from tree to tree as I kept hearing heavy paws running after me. The wolfs spread out. All I could see were 3 of them. I jumped to the ground again and I started looking to my left, right, and back. The red brownish was still following along with a black one and a grey one. I wasn’t paying much attention because out of nowhere the red brownish one was in front me. I came to a halt as all 3 of them circled me. I looked around for an escape but there was none. I was trapped.

Another chocolate brown wolf appeared, and growled at me. The black one sprinted towards me. I was about to get out the way when the black wolf flew off against a tree. I stared at a woman with red hair, with my eyes wide opened. She was beautiful. Red curly hair and some creepy expression on her face, but still beautiful. The woman was smirking at the wolf. I took that moment to sprint off. The women did the same as all 4 wolfs separated into 2 groups. Now the black one and the brownish one were behind me. I came to the point were I had to jump a river, so I did. I was waiting for the big thumps of both the wolfs but nothing. I looked back and both wolfs were growling with anger as they didn’t jump. I waited longer but nothing. I ran off and came to a stop far away from the river. I leaned against a tree and took in a big breath.

“That was quite a show you did.” I heard a voice above me. I stepped back in a defensive crouch as I spotted the red headed woman.
“Interesting face, you got there. What are you?” She asked.
“What are you?” I asked her.
“I’m a vampire.” she answered with no problem.
“I’m telling you this because I know your not human.” She said smirking.
“I’m a vampire.” I answered her question.
“A very rare vampire.” She pointed out.
“Let me guess, your like the Cullens!”
She jerked her head towards me in surprise.
“No, not at all. They aren’t real vampires. I survive on human blood. They don’t.”
“Yeah, I know that. Bella told me everything and so did they.”
Her eyes widen as she took all this in.
“You know Bella?” She asked suddenly interested in my sister. I looked at her suspiciously. I didn’t trust her. Yeah she saved my life, but I wasn’t about to say that Bella was a vampire too, and especially not, that she was my sister.
“Yeah I ran into them and the human girl was with them.” I lied.
“Hmm, interesting.” she purr.
“Yeah, but I didn’t get to be too close to her, that Edward dude was pretty protective of her.” I said this while I remembered Edward’s reaction in the woods the first time I saw him.
“What a waist of blood.” She said. I just smiled and nodded.
“Look I got to go. Thanks for what you did. If it wasn’t for you I would be dead by now.” I said as I was backing away.
“No problem.” she said in a sexy voice. I turned around but then stopped.
“Hey! Do you know why does wolfs didn’t cross the river?” I asked.
She smirked. “Those wolfs are actually werewolves. They made a treaty with the Cullens- They were going to kill you because they are pretty protective of the people here. Since you killed someone, they wanted to kill you. Anyway, they split apart lands. Right now we are on Cullen territory. As long as you’re here, those wolfs wont bother you. Oh and it‘s pretty important not to be enemies with the Cullens, or else your dead.” I blinked rapidly as I took all this in.
“What are you doing around here?” I questioned her.
“I’m checking on a close friend. I wanted to know if she’s safe, and she is so I’m leaving for a while.” She smiled sexily.
“Close friend?” I asked.
“It’s a long story, she is very important to me so I come check on her for once in a while if she is safe.” she answered.
“What‘s your name?” I asked her.
She smirked. “You don’t see me asking for your name, do you?” before I could respond she was gone. Man! I hand a lot more questions for her!

Bella’s POV- Talisman(Chapter 5)

We slowed down as we got to our meadow. It was different from the last time I was here. It had more life.
“It’s very different from the last time I was here.” I said my thoughts out loud.
“When was the last time you were here?” he asked.
“With Laurent. It was so dry so…dead.” I said as I kept looking around at the beauty of this meadow.
“Emily was right. This is a beautiful place.” I smiled
“Look. There it is.” he said as he pointed to the tree. I turned to where he was pointing at sure enough, there it was. I ran towards the tree and inspected it. I spotted the hexagram carved in the tree’s trunk.
“look!” I turned to look at Edward. He stepped up and started digging.
“This is going to take forever!” I said as I dig with my hands.
“Step back, love” he said as he shoved me back gently. I did as he said and watched as he dig a whole vampire speed. I could of done that?
“I got something.” he said as he took out a very old box. I stared at it for a while scared of what would happen if the Talisman isn’t there. I took in a big breath and took off the lid. A big smile grew on my face when I saw the necklace laying inside.
“O my god! We found it, Edward!” I yelled as I jumped from excitement. This was good news! Katherine wasn’t getting out and neither were the other tomb vampires!
“We better take it-” My phone rang interrupting whatever Edward was about to say. I took it out and checked the caller’s I.D.
“Hello?” I answered.
“Isabella! Are you okay! What happened!” Shoot! I forgot about the mess we did at home!
“Look Stefan that’s not important right now! Stefan we have the necklace! We found it!”
“What? You did?” He asked shocked.
“Yeah. Is Bonnie with you? Are you at home?” I asked
“Yeah to both!” Stefan answered.
“stay there. I’ll be right there in a sec!” I said before I hung up.
“We should go give it to Bonnie. She’ll know what to do with it.” I told Edward.
“I agree. Let’s go.”

Stefan’s POV- Good News(Chapter 5)

I hung up the phone with my mouth opened.
“Stefan? Stefan, what happened?” Elena asked as she came over.
“Is something wrong?” Bonnie asked as she looked around.
I shook my head.
“No, everything is perfect!” I said as I looked at her.
“Bella is coming any second with the necklace!” I informed them.
“No way! Oh my god! How is… where did she… Oh my god!” Elena stuttered from happiness.
“Bonnie. She wants to give it to you. You know what you have to do, right?” I asked.
“Grams said that as soon as I had it, I had to put it on my neck.” she answered with a smile on her face.
“Did she tell you about this whole mess?” Elena asked looking around. I shook my head.
“No. she said it wasn’t important.” I sigh as I looked around too.
“but, I’m pretty sure it has something to do with Damon.” I said still looking around.
“Bonnie, help me pick up the broken glass, please.” Elena asked. Bonnie answered by going to get the broom.
“What do you think Damon is going to do when he doesn’t find it?” Elena asked.
“I don’t know. But one thing I’m certain about, is that we haven’t seen the last of Damon. He wont give up. I’m positive of that.” I answered her truthfully.
“Where do you think they found it?” Bonnie asked looking up from the floor.
“Let’s ask them when they get here.” I told her. She nodded and continued swiping the floor. Elena joined her as we waited. To distract me I went to grab all the pictures that were on the floor. We were halfway done when we heard the door open. We all looked up as Bella and Edward came in.
“Where is it!?” Bonnie ran to Bella.
“Here.” she answered by reaching in her pocket and taking out the necklace. It was and amber crystal within an iron setting. Elena and I went to inspect it even more.
“God, it’s ugly!” Bonnie said. We all laughed at her statement.
“Just put it on!” Bella growled playfully. Bonnie sighed and put the necklace on.
“I just wish it would have been prettier.” she said as she looked at all of us.
“Suck it up!” Elena joked.
“Guys you wont believe what I just went trough!” Damon came arching in.
“Wow, are we having a family meeting or something? I want to be the rebel big brother!” he joked.
“I’m leaving, Damon.” Bonnie said as she stepped towards him.
“That’s the best news you could of given me so far. What? You realize you didn’t have a chance in finding that necklace that, you gave up?” He asked smirking. I looked at him confuse. How did he know she came to look for it?
“See I told you, Bella, that you weren’t going to find anything in that diary.” He said looking at Bella for the first time.
“Your wrong about that, brother. You know how I know that we have the same blood? Because when we Salvatore’s want something… we don’t rest until we get it.” She said as Bonnie took the Talisman from under her shirt, to show it off. Damon stared at the Talisman dumbfounded.
“Where did you get that?” he said looking at Isabella- which had a big smirk on her face.
“That’s for me to know and for you to dot, dot, dot.” she imitated Damon’s usual lines.
“Give me that!” Damon made a move towards the Talisman, but when he came in contact with him the Talisman lighten and shocked Damon’s hand. We all stared at it. Even Bonnie was confuse.
“Damn it!” Damon yelled.
“What the hell just happened?” Bonnie asked staring at the Talisman. No one answered because at that moment Bella’s phone rang.

Edward’s POV- Bad News(Chapter 5)

I stared at Bella as she answered her phone.
“Hello?” She answered. A few moment of silence past.
“Jacob?” she asked in confusion. I fought the urge to roll my eyes. I heard the dog speaking from the other end. I couldn’t make out what he was saying thought.
“Why?” she asked, still confuse. Another silence.
“What happened to Charlie?!” she asked all worked up, now. I looked at her confusion now written on my face.
“What.” she whispered as her face fell.
“What is it?” I asked as I grabbed her arm.
“I’ll be there in a sec!” she whimpered. She hung up and looked up at all of us, her eyes watering.
“Bella, what’s going on?!” I asked as I hugged her.
“Charlie… got… killed.” she whimpered. I was speechless for the first time.
“I’m so sorry!” I said while hugging her even tighter.
“Who is Charlie?” Damon asked.
“Her dad. Charlie Swan.” I glared at him. His smile faded as I said Charlie’s name.
“Did you just say Swan?” he asked wide eyed.
“Yeah, why?” I asked him.
“So your name here is Isabella Swan?” He asked Bella, completely ignoring my question.
“Yeah, well Isabella Marie Swan. I kept all my name except my last name.” She sniffed as she answered him.
“I got to go.” She said while looking up at me. My heart broke as I saw her watering eyes.
“Where to?” I asked.
“My house.” she said while looking down and sniffing.
“Can I come? I’m your cousin?” Stefan spoke for the first time. Bella nodded.
“What about me? If he’s your cousin I’m your cousin too, right?” Damon came in. I just glared at him as Bella nodded her head. I understood her. She needed her brothers there for her. Even thought Damon attacked her, she still loved him and she needed him. Since he was the oldest- but the most childish one also.
“Bella and Edward can go in the Volvo. I can take the rest in my car.” Elena whispered. Again all she did was nod and burry her face in my chest. I sigh knowing all I could do was comfort her.
“Let’s go.” I whispered in her ear as I carried her and took her in my car. She took it from there as she put on her seat belt.
“I’ll stay here. I need to pack anyway. I’m sorry.” I heard Bonnie’s soft voice. I ran to the driver’s side and got in.
“Are you okay?” I asked her stupidly. She nodded.
“Jacob, knows who killed him. He said he doesn’t know his name but he can recognize him. He also said to bring you along because he had news ya’ll were going to be interested on.” she turned to me. She was sniffing a lot and her voice was husky and tears didn’t stop coming down her face.
“What do you think that is.” she asked as she laid her head on the seat.
“Whatever it is, it must be important since he wants me to come over.” I said sarcastically. She snorted a little bit but then went back to her sad face.
“Yeah, I guess.”
“Let me guess. You forgave your brother.” I pointed out. Trying to distract her.
“The only reason I keep forgiving him is-”
“Because, you still have memories when he was your sweet big brother.” I finished off.
“Bella, I’m not asking you to pick me over your brother. I’m not asking you to stay mad at him. It was just something I pointed out.” I assured her. She nodded and looked down.
“What else did Jacob say?” I asked.
“That he was killed by something.” she answered.
“He said he’ll explain everything when we get there.” she sniffed. I started the car and drove off. I knew Elena was behind me, because I could read her mind.
“You know, Charlie isn’t my biological father, but, I learned to love him. Sure I compelled him almost all the time, but, I still loved him.” more tears came down her cheek as she remembered. It always crushes me when I see her cry, so I wipe the tears off with my thumb.
“Everything is going to be okay, Bella.” I said as I turned to the road again.
“I know this was going to happen sooner or later, but I preferred it would have been later.” she continued.

I came to a stop in front of her house. Jacob was standing there a little bit before the treaty line. I turned my head to look at Bella. She showed no expression. This was something that had changed in her. I was so use to knowing everything she thought of by just looking at her face, but now, she had no expression.
“Let’s get this over with.” she sigh as she got out of the car.
“Where is he?” was the first thing she asked Jacob.
“He’s at the morgue, Billy is over there.” he answered her.
“What happened, how did this happened!” she yelled.
“I can explain everything, let’s just go inside. Can I.” he turned his attention to me. I nodded. Jacob went inside but we stayed in place.
“Everything is going to be okay.” Stefan came up with Elena at his side.
“Let’s go in.” I said as we started walking towards the door.
“Bella. Everything is going to be fine. I know you have a very good excuse to hate me right now, but, I want you to know that I’m here for you. Always. Don’t forget that.” Damon came up. Bella cried even more as she went to hug Damon. She stayed in his grasp as we all go inside. When we are all in the living room Jacob gasps at the scene in front of him. Then images conquer my head. They weren’t just images. They were images of Damon… SUCKING THE LIVE OUT OF CHARLIE!! I stared at Jacob wide eyed. Then at Damon.
“Bella, who the heck is this?” He asks her abruptly.
“He’s…” I had no idea if I should tell Jacob the truth.
“Bells do you have any idea who your hugging!!” Jacob growled. Bella stared at Jacob confused.
“Jacob-” I called in warning but it was too late. He yelled it out.
“He killed your father!!”

Bella’s POV- More Bad News(Chapter 6)

I got out of Damon’s grasp to stare at Jacob dumbfounded.
“What are you talking about? Damon, what is he talking about!” I turned my gaze to Damon.
“Yeah Damon, what is he talking about?” Stefan came in.
“After I ran off from the Cullen house, I stopped to regret what I did to you. I heard a click, so I turned and I saw a man pointing a gun at me. You know we cant control ourselves when we are thirsty, especially not when we are in danger of getting killed!” he defended himself. I didn’t believe him.
“Why don’t you just tell me that you wanted to get revenge on me for what happened! You know what, Damon. I never thought you would of strike so bad!” I glared at him.
“Isabella! How was I suppose to know that he was your so called father! I would never do that to you! I wasn’t even mad at you! I was mad at myself.” he yelled.
“Bella, you’re my little sister. Not my enemy. I swore to Stefan I was going to make his eternity miserable, not your’s!” he kept yelling.
“Wait! Wow, wow, wow! What the hell is he talking about? What does he mean by little sister?” Jacob cut in.
“Look. Everyone just calm down. Let Jacob explain and then let’s hear Damon’s part of the story. Bella, love. Please calm down and let him explain everything.” Edward pleaded. I stared at him and then at Damon. I took in a big breath as I nodded. My tears were long gone now. All I had in me was anger towards my brother.
“Now Jacob, tell us what happened.” Edward asked him.

“We were in patrol in our area. When we heard voices, it sounded like Charlie so I went over to investigate. When I got there, Charlie was already dead in his arms. He was nothing like ya’ll. He actually had fangs and a very rare face. I growled and grabbed his attention. I called the others and they were at my side in no time. He ran off, knowing that if he fought we would kill him.” Jacob stopped to take a breath.
“We ran after him, then after a while of running Sam ordered half to go take care of La Push. He sent almost everyone. Only, Paul, him and myself were behind him. He was taken off guard when he only found 3 of us, so I took that time and jumped in front of him. Embry came back so we circled him ready to kill.” I felt pain in my chest as Jacob mentioned killing my brother. Edward stiffen and glared at Jacob.
“Sam jumped to get him when he was hit. When we recovered we saw it was Victoria. We didn’t know what to do. The first thing that came to our minds was that they were working together so we separated into 2 groups. Embry and Paul went after Victoria while Sam and I went after him-”
“Stop saying him. My name is Damon!” Damon growled. I didn’t pay any attention. I was starring at Jacob with my mouth hanging open.
“We got to the point where he crossed the treaty line along with her.” Jacob finished off.
“Who is Victoria?” Damon asked.
“The woman who stopped us from killing you!” Jacob growled.
“Yeah, that was her name? well anyway she saved my life! I like being a living…dead person!” Damon argued.
“You don’t get it. What did she tell you, Damon?” I asked him. Completely forgetting I was suppose to be mad at him.
“Well, she mostly flirted with me, but she said that as long as I’m in Cullen territory I’ll be safe from the werewolves. She also told me about that treaty the dogs did with the Cullens and all that.” he answered me like if it was no big deal.
“Did you tell her I was a vampire?” I asked.
“Absolutely not! I didn’t trust her. In fact, I told her you were still human!” I took out the breath I was holding.
“What, who is this, Victoria?” Elena asked, speaking for the first time since we got here.
“It’s a long story but you’ll understand when I tell you that Victoria wants to kill me!” I told them.
“What!!!” Damon and Stefan yelled at the same time.
“She has to kill us before she even thinks in killing my little sister!!” Damon yelled.
“Bells, what do they mean by ‘our little sister?’” Jacob asked. This was too much. I sat down and put my hands on my face.
“It’s a long story. Jacob.” Edward answered him.
“Yeah, a long story you are never going to hear!” Damon spat at him.
“Are they Charlie’s sons, too?” he asked still confuse.
“No, they aren’t and neither am I, Jake.” I sobbed.
“It’s a long story Jake and I promise we will explain, but not now. I just have too much in my head!” I cried. Elena came to me and hugged me. So did Stefan and Damon.
“I just have 1 question.”
“Tell me you are human?” he asked tentative.
“No, Jake. I’m not. I’m a vampire.” I answered truthfully.
“Okay this is too much!” he said as he scratched his head.
“I got to go. Billy is organizing the funeral so I’ll call you when a date is set.” was all he said as he took off.
“I don’t like him.” Damon blurted.
“You don’t like anybody, Damon.” I spat at him.
“I know, especially not people who want to kill me.” he surprisingly whispered it out.
“Look Isabella, I know I-”
“Damon, please just don’t talk about it right now.” he nodded.
“Charlie, Victoria, Katherine, Jessica, Lauren, and now Jacob and his pack. This is too much.” I groan.
“Jessica, and Lauren?” Damon asked.
“They keep questioning my time I spend with Stefan and Elena. They think I’m cheating on Edward and a whole lot more drama.” I answered him.
“God, so Victoria has been around all this time?” I whined. This was bad. Why would Victoria save Damon?
“She was checking on you. She practically told me she was spying on you while she was saying you were her best friend. And that she was just checking on you to see if you were safe…” he trailed off. I stared at him.
“She was checking if your still under our protection.” Edward came in. I stared at Damon very confused.
“Why would she tell you that? Why would she make such a stupidity?” I asked.
“You didn’t tell her you were related to Bella, right?” Elena asked.
“No, I told her I knew all those stuff, because I ran into them.”
“Ya’ll got to tell us, why does this Victoria want to kill you?” Stefan asked.
“She wants revenge.” Edward answered.
“When Bella and I barley met, I took her to a baseball game my family and I were playing. There was thunderstorm so we were able to keep it silent so no human could hear us. No human could hear us, but that didn’t stop other vampires from doing so. Victoria had a mate named James and a friend named Laurent. They were leaving but then they heard us. It was too late to run Bella out so she stayed. We tried hard to keep her scent from reaching them but at the end, James smelt her. He got obsessed with her so we had to leave. A lot of stuff happened, but at the end we killed him. Laurent, he backed off, but Victoria and James were playing the game. Now that we killed James, she wants revenge on me. She wants me to feel the pain she is feeling right now. The only way I could feel that pain would be if Bella died.” Edward finished the story.
“Wow. Looks like you got yourself in a sticky situation, sis.” Damon said. I looked up at him with judging eyes.
“And you made it worst by killing my dad.” I glared at him.
“Isabella, he is not your father!” he glared back. He wasn’t I knew it, but all this time I spent with him, how he cared for everything I did, it was like if he was my father all along.
“He might not be my blood father, but he sure was better than the one we had!” I spat back! That shut him up. I loved my father dearly but I hated how he acted since mother died. It hurts me, his revulsion against vampires-since I am one. At that time we heard a nock on the door. Stefan got up to answer it.
“Where’s Bella?” Came Alice’s voice.
“She’s in the living room.” Alice came running in the living room.
“I saw her!!” Alice yelled.
“So did Damon.” I sniffed knowing that she was talking about Victoria.
“She was running through the woods when-”
“Wait did you just say, Damon saw her?” she asked.
“She even talked to her.” I told her.
“What did she tell you?” Emmett asked.
“Ugh, it’s a long story.” he said.
“Wait I didn’t see that part?”
“Damon and the dogs were there. Of course you couldn’t see it.” Edward said.
“Speaking of dog, it stinks in here.” Emmett said sniffing around. I shrugged.
He didn’t smell bad to me. No one smelt bad to me.
“Carlisle got called-”
“Yeah I know, Alice.”
“I’m sorry, Bella.” she smiled a sad smile.
“It’s okay. We have too many problems for me to just sit down and cry, over a man who isn’t my father. But right now we need to solve one little problem.” I turned to Damon. He understood.
“Okay, okay. I promise to help with this Victoria chick, and I will stop trying to rip the necklace off Bonnie’s neck, and I promise to stop my search until we finish this chick off!” He assured us in a bored voice.
“Edward. Rosalie, Esme and Jasper went home. Emmett and I just came to say both news. Carlisle is at the hospital. We need to be alerted.” Alice said looking at her brother. Edward nodded.
“It’s getting dark. Bonnie is home alone, we should get over there.” Elena said. Everyone nodded, even me.
“Wait I have to go get something.” I said as I ran upstairs. I went to look under my pillow, and sure enough there it was. Mother’s necklace. I smiled down at it. It was a beautiful necklace- worth a lot of money now of days and as well as back then. It was a very bright silver- tone flowers with light blue rhinestone centers.

I put it on still smiling and remembered old times. I was very young when mother died, but I still had memories of her. Little memories but at least I had something of her.

I was walking down the stairs when I heard a gasp. I looked at Alice as she was looking at straight ahead with a blank look on her face. I knew she was having a vision. After some seconds she came back blinking rapidly.
“What is it Alice?” Emmett asked.
“Victoria is going to be around here, tonight.” Edward answered.
“This is our chance to catch her!” Emmett said excitedly.
“When is she coming?” I asked.
“I don’t know, but it’s very dark. I know the exact place thought.” Edward was nodding.
“I want to come, too.” I blurted out.
“No, she needs to keep believing your still human.” Edward said.
“Ya’ll Cullens can go off. We’ll take care of our sister.” Stefan said. I kept quiet because I didn’t want to start an argument. Damon looked up at me with a small smile. Which disappeared the moment he spotted the necklace. I knew he was remembering that talk in the garden. He just smiled again and looked down.
“So, it’s set. See ya’ll later.” Edward came up to me and hugged me.
“Everything is going to be okay. I love you.” he said as he kissed my forehead.
“I love you too.” I looked up and caught him starring at my necklace, but he didn’t say anything about it. For the first time, Damon didn’t say a thing to Edward when he did this.
“Let’s go home. It’s been a long day.” Elena whined when they were gone. We all nodded as we headed to the car and drove off.

Damon's P.O.V pls and i loved it

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I loved this chapter! I can't believe Damon killed Charlie.That was sad.I'm sorry for Jacob just now learning Bella's true identity.I can't wait to see how Victoria tries to get Bella this time.That necklace was so cute! I wish I had it.I would love the next chapter to be in Edward's POV.Like I said,I so want to see how Victoria tries to get Bella.I hope it's a good fight.Anyways,I can't wait for more!Sorry for the long rant,that just shows you how much I love this story!!!
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