The Twilight Saga

 This whole story takes place in Eclipse. Bella has had a secret that she hasnt told a soul. It's a secret that involves her past. But what happens when her past catches up to her? Well Damon and Stefan Salvatore are surely part of this past. What if Bella wasnt Isabella Marie Swan but Isabella Marie Salvatore. What if out of nowhere Stefan and Damon come back? What if they dont like Edward with they're little sister? And what kind of story will it be if Elena Gilbert or Bonnie Bennett aren't involved. What if Bella Doesnt Like Elena, because she looks like Katherine? What happens if Katherine is trown in the picture as well? Questions, Questions, Questions. Questions that will be answered in the story.
A Twilight and Vampire Diaries mix story.


SO WUTT U THINK? I'm working on the first chapter. I will post it if enough people like it. I know it sounds Like maybe other stories around here but I promise that I will try my best to make this story full of action and romance and drama and all I can put think of. Hope you give my story a chance.


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Bella’s POV - News(Chapter 1)

I smiled down at the only picture I have of Stefan, Damon and me. It was old and all folded up and it looked like if only, with 1 small touch the whole picture would rip apart. It wasn’t a surprise, I’ve had this picture since 1868, which was a couple of years after we became what we are right now… vampires.

The door bell rang and startled me off of my memories of back then. I put the picture under my pillow and ran downstairs to get the door. As I opened it, there stood Edward with that crooked grin I love so much.

“Hey.” he said.

“Hey, what’s up?” I asked.

“uh… does school… ring a bell?” he said raising his left eye brow. I opened my mouth in astonishment as I realize my stupidity.

“Uh… yeah. Um, I’m ready. I was just waiting for you.” I stuttered.

“Are you okay? You look nervous.” he looked at me concerned written all over his pale face.

“Uh, I’m okay…you just caught me off guard. That’s all.” I said with a smile.

“Let me just get my stuff so we can go.” he responded with a nod. As I got all my stuff we walked to the car, and Edward- being a gentlemen- opened the passenger’s door for me. As I sat in the passenger’s side I let out a small sigh. Edward knew nothing of Stefan and Damon. To him I was born in 1992 here in Forks Washington, my mother and father got divorced so my mom and I moved out. Then my mother died in an accident and I came to live with my father Charlie. Which of course Charlie isn’t my biological father. I just used something very cool called compulsion.

“You know that I hate it when your so into you’re thoughts and I don’t have a minor clue of what‘s going on in there.” Edward said with his crooked grin.

“Oh. sorry. Don’t worry it‘s nothing important.” I said with a small smile. I heard him chuckle as he started the car and drove off to school.

As we were walking down the hall of Forks High School, Jessica Stanley came up to me.

“Bella!! Have you heard the news!!” I looked at her confuse.

“No, what news?”

“We’re having 2 new student in Forks High!!” I raised my left eyebrow as she said this. There’s barley any new students here in Forks High I was the last new student here. Forks is the last place where there is a new student let alone 2 new students!!

“Do you know who they are?” Edward asked Jessica.

“Uh… I know that it’s….um… a girl and a…um… a boy.” Jessica stuttered trying to speak to Edward, but failing miserably. She might of notice her stupidity cause she left as fast as she could.

“Well I’ll see ya’ll… around. Bella… um…Edward.” she nodded to us as she left.

“I wonder who these new students are.” I said mostly to myself.

“We should ask Alice.” Edward suggested. I nodded my head and shrugged my shoulders like if it wasn’t a big deal. The 1st bell rang and Edward and I took off to Calculus our first class. We went from class to class hearing the rumor of the 2 new student that will be here tomorrow. Now Edward and I were making our way to our table, where Jasper and Alice- which looked very annoyed- sat.

“Hey, Jasper… Alice?” We greeted as we sat down. It was just us 4 because Rosalie and Emmett ‘Graduated’ last year and right now they’re both in ‘College’.

“I can’t see them!!!!!” Alice whispered/yelled.

“What do you mean, Alice? I asked.

“I cant see the new students! Everything is as blur!! I see people but I cant seem to see their faces.” Alice gave a small gasp as she finished. Her eyes went blank as she stared strait ahead. Most people would think of this as weird of her, but to us, she was having a vision. I felt Edward stiffen at my side as he read the vision in Alice’s mind. Jasper just stared at her waiting for her to come back.

“What did you see?” He asked as soon as she snapped out of it.

“Same but, the only clear face I saw was…Bella’s?” I stared at her confuse.

“What do I have to do with all this?” I asked.

“That’s what I’m asking myself!” she responded.

“But, I don’t think it’s anything bad! They’re just new students. Maybe you get to be best friends with the girl…” Alice trailed of because she didn’t even believe it herself.

“But there’s something very fishy in this, the why you cant see them…”

“Don’t worry about it Bella. I’ll always protect you.” Edward spoke for the first time.

I smiled at him and nodded.

“Let’s not make this a big deal yet. Tomorrow the new students are coming, so we could check them out and see if they are going to be a problem.” Jasper suggested. We all nodded in agreement. After the conversation in lunch the whole day passed by so fast that we were making our way to Edward’s car now. The only thing that made me stop was, that name.

“Salvatore, Stefan Salvatore! That’s his name!” I stiffen as I snapped my head towards Jessica. Edward froze as he saw my reaction.

“Bella? Are you ok?”

Without a word I stalked over to Jessica and the group she was talking to. Leaving Edward Behind.

“What’s his name?” I asked as I got closer.

“Oh, Bella I didn’t see you, but anyway. His name is Stefan Salvatore, and he is from Italy. Sounds like a HOWT-E, right?” I looked at her in disbelief. No it cant be him…

“How do you know this?” I asked.

“Well, you know that the front desk lady has a big mouth, so I got everything from her.” she said like it wasn’t a big deal.

“What else did she tell you.” I asked urgently.

“Well he didn’t say that much only his name, where he is from oh and that he was living with his older brother.”

“Do you know the older brother’s name?” I asked.

“No? He didn’t say his older brother’s name?” she started saying suspiciously.

“What about the girl?” I asked.

“I didn’t ask about her. I only wanted to know the guys info.” I nodded as I left her group without another word.

“Bella, are you okay? You look too pale.” Edward asked.

“I’m ok. Just take me home.” I murmured. He nodded as we got in the car and took off home. As we got there I told him thanks and ran of inside without a look back. I knew it was rude but I was just still in shock.

“Bella, are you okay? Is something wrong? Did Edward hurt you?” I looked up at the annoying voice.

“I’m fine dad.” I said and waved him off.

“Sweetie, you don’t look fine. Tell me did he hurt you?” he asked in a threatening voice.

I groan as I looked up.

“I’m alright, just go back to the couch and do what you were doing, because I’m perfectly fine.” I said as I looked at him strait in the eye. Yes, using compulsion. The human blood running in me makes me strong enough to make a perfect compulsion.

“Ok” he said as he went back to watch T.V. I just stud there against the door making my decision. After thinking over and over I finally knew what I was going to do.

“Ch-Dad, I’m going out in the woods don’t worry about me.” I said staring at him in the eye. He nodded as I took of with a flashlight on my hands.



Damon’s POV - Little Sister (Chapter 1)

“Damon, get your feet of the table, please?” Elena asked as she was passing by.

“Whatever.” I said as I put my feet down. I continued searching the channels.

“You know, we could really use some help in unpacking!” Elena said as she was passing by again.

“Na, I’m good.” I said in a bored voice. I heard her groan as she continued walking. I finally stopped at the news channel and decide to watch. The woman started talking about a hiker that got attacked by an animal and bla,bla,bla. Then they showed a familiar face. It was the hiker I attacked in the woods yesterday. Wow they barley found him?

“Damon, you promised!!” Ugh here we go again.

“You know, I really don’t care little brother.” I said.

“I know how to cover my tracks!”

“O yeah? You know, you left that man alive!” Stefan kept yapping .

“Well, that sucks. For you. You know why, because I’m not staying in this stupid little town for long!” I said as I walked to the front door.

“Damon, try at least to cover your tracks! You know that if that man is alive he can talk!” Elena yelled.

“Not my problem.” I said as I ran off to the woods. Ugh, not even Isabella would be so strict. At least she wouldn’t have mind me sucking that human’s blood. I smiled at the memories of the times when we use to play those little games of ’my husbands hurt!’ we would usually share when there was more than 1 but when there was only 1 I’d let her get him/her. It was fun to see the look of sorrow she put on her face when the meal came. I smiled wider as more memories came in. God I cant believe I’m saying this but, I miss my little sister. I sigh loudly as I went deeper into woods.

I was hoping in finding like a desert after yesterday, but nothing. It has been a couple of hours since I left. All I’ve been doing is roaming around looking for hikers, but nothing. As I was going to give up and turn around, the scent just slapped me out of nowhere.

Fresh blood, young blood, good blood. I smiled and ran towards the direction of the scent. As I spotted her I climbed on top of a tree. It was way more fun attacking from a jump. She was in the position I needed her and I was about jump when she turned around and I saw her face. I froze.

“Isabella” I gasped.

“Damon!” she said looking in my direction.

“Who else little sis? What are you doing here?” I asked.

“I’m the one who should be asking you that! It‘s surprising. Damon Salvatore in a small town.” she replied raising her left eyebrow and smirking at the same time.

“Why are you surprise to see me in this small town?” I asked her as I climbed down the tree.

“Damon, it‘s a small town you hate small towns, there’s nothing you can do here.” she said like if it was obvious.

“Well NOW I think I might stick around for a while-

“Bella!!!!!” I heard a male’s voice shout as a pale looking guy with bronze hair came into view. I rolled my eyes at how he stud protectively over Isabella. Wait did he just say Bella?

“Bella? Oh, so that’s your new nickname, Isabella?” I asked. The bronze hair dude looked at me very confused.

“Edward, don’t worry, he’s not going to hurt me.” Isabella said as she touched his shoulder. Soon, more company arrived. A big dark short curly hair dude came in view, along with 2 blond ones.

“What’s wrong Edward?” One of the blond one asked.

“I cant read his mind Carlisle?” he murmured so low that only vampire ears like mine could catch it.

“Are you suppose to read my mind?” I asked

“Damon!!!” Isabella, looked at me with warning eyes.

“Let’s kill him.” The big guy said.

“No, Emmett!!!-

“No it’s okay Isabella.” I was about to attack when Isabella got in my way by putting her hands on my chest and pushing me against the tree.

“Hey, nock it off. This is exactly why I ran away, Damon.” Edward was grabbing her elbow to take her away from me.

“Don’t you dare touch my little sister!” I yelled in a warning/threatening voice.

“What?” all 4 guys asked in astonishment.

“Damon…” Bella looked down in defeat. Then it clicked.

“You didn’t Tell them about Stefan or Me!?!” I asked grabbing her chin and pulling her up to look at me in the eyes.

“There was nothing to say. I was here in Washington and ya’ll were all the way to Italy!! Damon if you haven’t notice it’s been 100 and 42 years since we’ve last seen each other! What did you expect? For me to go around saying I have 2 brothers named Stefan and Damon Salvatore!!!” she said while looking at me the way Isabella looks at you when she wants to tell you she’s irritated.

“Wait can someone please explain to me what is going on?!?” The dude that wanted to kill me… uh…Emmett asked.

“Well, Isabella I think you have a lot to explain to them AND to us!!” I said as I pulled out my cell phone. I dialed Stefan’s number and waited for him to pick up.

Where are you?” he asked in a warning voice.

“That is going to mean nothing to you when I tell you who I just happen to cross over with.” I said in a mocking voice. Isabella rolled her eyes.

“Who?” he asked interested.

“3 little words. Isabella Marie Salvatore.” I said with a smile on my lips. Isabella turned to the 4 guys that were frozen in place. She turned back to me and sigh.

“Stefan wants you to come home NOW. For the first time I think you should listen to him.” I added with a smile on my face and nodding at the same time. She rolled her eyes and took the phone away from me.

“Stefan, um, I need to explain stuff to other…people so….” she trailed of as Stefan started to speak.

“Okay.” she said in defeat as she hung up. She looked up at the Edward dude-which was still standing frozen- and gave him a small smile. She turned to me.

“Stefan wants the Cullens to come over so that I can explain everything.”

“No problemo.” I said.

“If you want me to explain, ya’ll need to come with us. And bring Esme, Alice and Rose.” she said to the ‘Cullen’.

“Bella…” Edward dude whispered.

“Damon give him the address.” she told me not asked but told…me.

“We’ll be waiting for ya’ll” she said as I told them the address.

“Let’s go.” I said.

“I’m not letting you go with him!” the Edward dude said as he grabbed Isabella’s arm. I rolled my eyes.

“Hey Romeo, do you really think I would hurt my own blood?” I asked.

“100 and 45 years ago you were whiling to kill Stefan.” she said crossing her arms.

“That is a whole other story, and you know that.” I told her. She nodded and turned to Romeo.

“He wont hurt me.”

“Let’s go.” I said as I took of running vampire speed.

“DAMON!!!!” I heard Isabella yell. Then I remembered that she smelled like human? I went back.

“Oh yeah, and you so how to explain how you smell like human and… you get my point.” I told her.

“Long story.” she said. I rolled my eyes and grabbed her.

“your whole life is a long story” I said under my breath as I went over to her.

“what are you doing.” she asked as I carried her bride stile and ran off without a word. Leaving the other guys there still frozen.

Alice’s POV- News(chapter 1)

I was passing in the living room when the guys came back.

“Where is she!” I asked worried. I saw them coming but with no Bella. The guys had surprised looks on their faces. Ugh!! I hate it when I cant see anything!!!

“What happen!! Where is she?” I asked again.

“She left with her…Brother…” Jasper said while putting a confuse look on his face.

“what?” Rosalie, Esme and I asked at the same time.

“Turns out, Bella isn’t who she said she was.” Carlisle said.

“She wants us to meet her somewhere, so she can explain everything to us. He continued.

“Then what are we waiting for lets-” I looked at Edward and his face was crushed. Not like those months that he was without Bella but he really did look crushed.

“I cant read Bella’s nor Damon’s mind?” he spoke for the first time.

“Damon?” Esme asked.

“Damon is Bella’s brother… well older brother.” Emmett said, serious for the first time.

“What do you mean by older brother?” Esme asked.

“It appears that she has another brother named Stefan Salvatore.” Emmett answered.

“Salvatore” we asked together again.

“Damon, Stefan and Isabella…Salvatore.” Edward clarified.

“I knew there was something off about her, but no, lets just ignore Rosalie.” Rose said.

“Rosalie, let’s not judge until we know the whole story.” Carlisle said.

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go!!” I yelled. With that we all took off running to the direction they gave the guys.



Chapter 1: News and Little Sister 

Chapter 2: Long Stories and More Questions

Chapter 3: Visitor, Talk and Plans

Chapter 4: Rumors, The Diary

Chapter 5and 6: Regrets, Talisman, Good News, Bad News and More Bad...

Chapter 7 and 8: Hunt, Visitor, More Attention, Guesses

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Bella’s POV- Long Stories(Chapter 2)

He hates me! I know it! I saw it in his face and if he doesn’t hate me, he will when he finds out about everything. I groan loudly as we came to a stop.
“What’s with you Bella?” I looked up and raised my left eyebrow.
“What, I like that nickname on you.” He said like if it was no big deal.
“Here we are.” he said.
“You bought this?!!” I asked as I pointed to the house.
“Yeah, why? Is there a problem?” he asked.
“Damon almost everyone in the town wants this house. It’s the biggest house here apart from the Cullen’s house!” I said my eyes growing big.
“Speaking of the Cullens what’s up with Romeo and you?” he asked.
“Who?” I asked.
“That Edward dude.” he said while moving his hand signaling that it wasn’t important.
“Well that Edward dude is my boyfriend… well use to be my boyfriend.” I said with disappointment in my voice.
“Why do you say that?” He asked.
“Because I lied to him. I didn’t tell him who I was…” I trailed of.
“Lets go inside I’m sure Stefan is dying to see you.” he changed the subject as we headed inside. When we got in, everything was in order. As I kept walking, I found a room to the right. It was the living room-which everything was in place. Books, couches, tables, everything.
“Isabella!!” I heard Stefan yell as he came running to me. I ran to him and we both just jumped into each other to get a hug.
“Omg! I cant believe it’s really you! After all this years Isabella.”
“It’s Bella.” Damon cut in.
“What?” Stefan asked.
“Well, I kind of made it shorter so call me Bella.” I said smiling up at him.
“Okay, Bella. You still have a lot to explain.” he said as he crushed me with a bear hug. At that moment the doorbell rang.
“It’s probably Romeo.” Damon said as he went over to the door.
“You cant come in. Your not invited.” I heard Damon say. I rolled my eyes as I went over to the door. Alice was in the front with her eyebrow raised and her little arms crossed in her chest.
“Damon, they don’t need an invitation, look.” I said as I grabbed Alice’s had and brought her in. Damon looked startled but soon he hid it.
“I knew that.” he said as he went to the living room.
“Yup, sure you did. Idiot.”
“It’s very stupid of you to call a vampire idiot. I could kill you at the blink of an eye.”
“Well, I‘m still standing here waiting for you to man up!!” I said as I walked the Cullens to the living room.
“I’m glad ya’ll came. I want to explain everything to ya‘ll.” I said addressing them. They just nodded.
“Um, guys this is Carlisle and his wife Esme.” I said pointing at Carlisle and Esme.
“This is Alice and Jasper.” I said pointing to Alice and Jasper.
“Rosalie and Emmett.” I pointed to Rosalie and Emmet.
“And this is… Edward.” I said as I looked at Edward for the first time. He looked crushed, disappointed but curious. I looked away.
“You expect us to memorized all those names?” Damon said as he walked over to my side. I looked at him with warning in my eyes. As always he understood and backed away.
“Guys, this is Stefan and Dam-” I trailed of as I saw her coming down the stairs.
“Stefan?” she asked with that voice. Her face was too familiar. It was the face I never wanted to see ever again. It was the person who destroyed my brother’s lives. It was Katherine…
“WHAT IN THE NAME OF HELL IS SHE DOING HERE!!” I said pointing at her.
“Are you 2 still love struck with this… this-”
“Isabella, she is not Katherine, Isabella, her name is Elena and she’s human!!” Stefan said while getting in the way of my view of her. Then I realized I was going towards her ready to beat her up.
“Stefan, what’s going on?” Katherine asked.
“Who is she.” she asked dumbly. I knew that trick.
“Oh now you don’t remember me, Katherine? I’m the stupid little sister of the Salvatore brothers, does it ring a bell?!” I said as I kept trying to push against Stefan.
“She is not Katherine. Bella calm down and let us explain!” Damon said while grabbing me.
“Come on sis, just chill.” he said looking at me in the eyes. I sucked in a breath and let it out as I tried to calm down.
“It’s a long story and right now we just want to hear your’s. Bella, I swear to god that she is not Katherine we’ll explain later but you go first.” I nodded as he slowly let me go. I looked back at Elena. Who was in Stefan’s arms almost crying.
“Elena this is, Is- Bella, my sister. Bella this is Elena.” Stefan introduced us.
“Don’t expect me to like her.” was all I said as I went to sit on the couch. Everyone followed. I looked at the Cullens and they had surprised and confuse looks. Only Emmett had a smirk on his face.
“Now. Spill.” Damon said.
“Don’t you think we should start since the beginning so the Cullens can understand.” I asked. Stefan nodded. While Damon shook his head sideways.
“I’m not asking for your permission, Damon?” I told him in a harsh voice. I inhaled a big breath before letting it out.

“Around 1864 my father Giuseppe Salvatore, informed us that we were going to have a visitor. He told us it was a young lady named Katherine Pierce, that her father died from a very bad illness and that she needed a home.” I stopped to lick my lip.
At first I was excited to meet her, I wanted to be her friend and all that. But it was the opposite, when I saw the look on Stefan’s and Damon’s face when they first met her, I knew she was going to be trouble. I asked both of them to stay away from her but they didn’t listen. At first she flirted with both but then after a while she started really playing with both of them. No one knew what was happening between all 3 of them. Not even me until 1 night, I wanted to speak with Stefan so, I went to his room only to find Katherine there, but, her lips where on his neck-like if she were kissing him- but she was sucking up my blood. I got scared and ran off. I bumped into Emily-she came with Katherine as her maid- she asked me what was wrong and I told her what I saw. She told me not to worry that Stefan was going to be alright and that to go to my room and not tell anyone what I saw. I didn’t know what to do so I just listened to her and went to my room.” I stopped and looked up from the floor. All the Cullens were seated looking at me as tears came down my eyes. Stefan and Damon came to me and hugged me.
“It’s okay.” they both soothed me. Elena sat in another couch as she started listening.
“The next day I found Stefan walking in the halls like nothing happened. I asked him if he was ok and he responded by saying perfect. I remember looking at him like if he was crazy, but I didn’t have time to question him more because father called him and Damon so they could speak. I remember sneaking around trying to hear what they were talking about. I couldn’t hear too much but I did caught the word vampire. I knew right away that my suspicions of Katherine were right, I wanted to shout it, tell everyone, but I couldn’t. I thought that if I did, she was going to kill Stefan and Damon. So I kept quiet. Time passed and they both fell in love with her more and more by every second, it was hard to watch.” I cringed at the memories.
“Until one night, everything was wild. There were men running around with guns and shooting and… it was just crazy. I left my room and went over to Stefan’s. there was no one there so I went to Damon’s. nothing. I ran outside only to find Stefan and Damon getting Katherine out of a carriage. They untied her and took of that thing from her mouth.” I stopped to explain what thing with a motion over my mouth.
“They were getting close in freeing her when I heard a gun shot, that’s when Damon got killed. I just stud there watching as Stefan got up and grabbed a gun but they shot him too, and he died. I watched as they took away Katherine. She was looking at me, the way she looked at me and what she shouted made me realize that she knew I knew what she was all along, she shouted,
‘Get Emily, she knows what to do to help them….’ that was the last thing I heard of her. I hated her but I listened to her and went over to get Emily. She helped me. She took us to a river, it was late that same night when Damon woke up. I told him not to but he left to look for Katherine. He came back crying saying that he watched how they got her in the church and how they burned it down. The next morning Stefan woke up. I heard them as Damon told him how he watched them drag her into the church. They knew they needed to feed or else they would die. But they didn’t. they wanted to die, because the only reason they wanted to live was to be with Katherine, but she was dead. A lot of things happened. Stefan went to father but came back as a vampire. He also brought a gift to Damon which made Damon a vampire. After that Damon turned me.” I finished off.
“It was until then, that Emily told us that she protected all the vampires from the tomb-including Katherine- with a spell. She didn’t tell us before because she didn’t want any of us to become vampires, she thought of it as a curse. Also, in that same place Damon swore to make Stefan‘s eternity life miserable.” I finished of.
“And boy have I kept that promise. Right brother.” Damon said as he got up and brought me a cup of water.
“You’ll need it cause you still have a lot to explain.” he said as he sat down again.
“Emily cast a spell?” Alice asked.
“She was a witch. She was the one that made us these rings so that we can walk on a sunny day.” Stefan answered because I was too busy drinking water. I let out a breath and started my story.

“On 1868 while you two went into the woods to fight, Emily told me about a spell she just discovered. She told me it was a spell that gave a vampire their humanity. I told her to try it on me and she accepted. After she did the spell, my own blood was running trough me. I couldn’t run very fast and I didn’t feel the thirst for human blood. Emily told me that I would still live forever and that I still had that compulsion power. She told me that the only way to become a vampire again was to drink vampire blood-which will awaken the thirst in me- and after that human to satisfy myself. I don’t have to die because I’m already dead, just under a spell.” I finished.
“Why did you leave?” Stefan asked.
“Because I was sick and tired of you 2 beating yourself up for a women who never loved you! I couldn’t stay and watch to see both of ya’ll driving a stake through each other’s heart! I knew that day was going to come and I just didn’t want to stick around and watch!!!” I yelled.
“You know, I’m even surprise both of ya’ll are here alive in death!” They both chuckled at my statement.
“So, what’s your story here?” Stefan asked.
“I’m Isabella Swan the chief’s daughter, mother and father divorced then mother died.” I said proud.
“With who do you live?” they asked.
“Charlie the chief. didn’t I tell ya’ll I still had that compulsion thing?” they nodded in understanding.
“What do you mean about drinking vampire blood?” Carlisle asked.
“We’re real vampires. We burn in the sun and like Stefan said we can only walk on a sunny day with rings.” I answered him. He nodded.
“How come you walked in the sun but with no ring. Well I didn’t see a ring on you?” Emmett asked looking at my fingers.
“It doesn’t have to be particularly a ring-Katherine wore a necklace.” Stefan answered
“I’m human so I don’t burn, but, if I turn again then I will have to use my ring.” I told them.
“lucky for you, I have vampire blood right here,” he said holding up his wrist.
“And human blood right here.” he said as he got up and went to hold up Elena’s wrist- she was very quiet during the whole story.
“Don’t even think about it, Damon.” Stefan said as he got up.
“No, I don’t mind. I want to help.” Elena said in a shaky voice.
“You are CRAZY, if you think I will drink her blood! Either way, ya’ll still owe me HER story.” I said as I looked at her, well actually glared at her.
“She is not Katherine.” Stefan said simply.
“Yeah, I got that a while ago.” I said sarcastically.
“We think that Katherine is her ancestor.” Damon started.
“What’s her last name?” I asked.
“Gilbert.” she answered.
“Gilbert” I said in a girly voice under my breath but loud enough for her to hear.
“Is it possible for her to look exactly like her ancestor?” Carlisle asked interested in the drama.
“Wait, Katherine is a Pierce not a Gilbert? A Pierce and a Gilbert have nothing in common. Jonathan Gilbert was just a crazy scientist and Katherine was… Katherine!” I finished off lamely.
“Unless… your adopted?” I asked. She nodded. And looked down.
“Do ya‘ll know anything about her mother?” I asked again.
“Only her name, Isobel.” Damon answered. Isobel, I’ve heard of that name before…
“Damon isn’t she the chick that- OW!!!!!” I cried as Damon threw a big pillow at me. I looked at him and I knew he wanted to keep it a secret.
“What were you going to say?” Stefan asked. As he got closer.
“nothing I just confused the names, it’s nothing.” I said while rubbing my for head.
“Can we ask some questions?” Carlisle asked.
“Sure?” I said.
“Is it possible for witches to exist?” He asked.
“Absolutely. If it weren’t for Emily I wouldn’t be here as I am right now.” I answered.
“How does that compulsion thing work?” Esme asked shyly.
“Well, mostly you just have to look at your prey in the eyes and speak with authority.” Stefan answered.
“How come you still have that gift, Bella?” Alice asked.
“First, it’s not a gift it’s like a weapon. Second, that weapon is only strong enough if our bodies are full with human blood. I’m a predator but under a spell. That doesn’t stop me from being one, so since I had my human blood inside me well the weapon is stronger.” I answered her.
“Why cant I read your mind?” Edward asked me in a very low voice.
“Look Romeo, we have like this thing were we can get in each other’s minds. If we want to talk not verbally then we do it with our minds. We can also shut it off, so no one can get into our minds.” Damon cut me off and explained himself.
“But I can read Stefan’s but not your’s or… Bella’s.” he said my name with difficulty.
“That’s because my brother is a wimp and doesn’t know how to shut down his stupid guilt so he relies on animal blood which makes him weak!” Damon said simply.
“I have more humanity in me than you Damon. I actually care for human’s lives.” he defended himself.
“No wonder you have a human as a girlfriend.” Damon said sarcastically.
“Stefan, we’re not humans, we’re killers, we survive on human blood, we’re monsters!!!” Damon continued.
“Just because you’re a monster doesn’t mean Stefan has to be one!” Elena cut in.
“Elena, Stefan already is a monster and so is Bella.” Damon said simply.
“Don’t you dare and get me into this!” I glared at him.
“Yeah, but we don’t go around revealing who we are! At least we hide the fact that we’re monsters.” Stefan said as he got up completely ignoring the fact that I said not to get me into this. He grabbed Damon by the arm and flipped him and then threw him to the back window. Damon came back with the face of a predator as he ran towards Stefan.
“Stop!!” I said as I got in the middle. Damon grabbed me by the wrist and threw me against the wall- closest to the stairs in the corner. As I fell down I felt pain everywhere. My back, my stomach, my arms, my legs, everywhere.
“Bella!” Edward yelled as he came over to me.
“Bella, are you okay? Bella look at me, can you get up?” I nodded as I tried to get up. Edward helped me by steadying me by the arm. I looked up to see Damon standing there frozen looking at me.
“You asked me, WHY I ran away. Well ya’ll just gave each other the answer!” I glared at them. Edward carried me to the couch while Carlisle came and started checking me.
“No broken bones.” he finally said. I let it pass- I don’t break.
“Bella. I’m sorry.” Damon pleaded as he got closer.
“You know over the years I asked myself ’why did I tell Emily to do the spell on me?’ But you just made me remember why. I didn’t want to be like you, I didn’t want to treat humans as pets because believe it or not Damon, we use to be humans!” I glared at him.
“Bells don’t do this to me.” he pleaded again.
“Why, all you have to do is shut down the guilt I’m making you feel and your good to go.” Stefan came to sit next to me and grasped me. I laid in his chest as I watched Damon take off.
“Bella, I know this is not the moment but would you like to change back? It will take away the pain your feeling right now.” Stefan asked.
“I don’t want to be like him.” I said flatly.
“You can do my diet?” he asked.
“What if I lose control, I can easily shut down all my guilt and be like him!” I whined.
“It takes practice, if you really want to change then you’ll do it, besides you have all my help, I wont let anything happen to you, and you know Damon wouldn’t either.” he finished.
“I don’t know?” I said. Yes I did. I want to be me again, but I wouldn’t be able to take it if Edward left me again. I looked up at him to find him looking at me. He knew I was having second thoughts because of him.
“I’ll always love you, no matter who you are or what you are.” he said with a smile. Than brought me up. I smiled back.
“Then, yes.” I said
“I’m still willing to give you my blood.” Elena said shyly, while looking down. I scare her. I could see it in her. I nodded. Stefan bit his hand and put it out to me. I took in a big breath and took a bite. I sucked up enough blood to make me thirsty for human blood. I could feel Edward stroking my arm as I stopped.
“Are you sure about this Elena?” Stefan asked her. All she did was nod as she got closer to me. I heard her gasp as she saw my face of a predator. All eyes were on me- looking at my face. She held out her wrist. I could feel my fangs as my thirst got stronger. She gasped in pain as my fangs tour into her skin. As well, I took enough blood before releasing her. I could feel my strength. I didn’t feel pain from my fall so I knew I had strength.
“I think I should talk with Damon.” I said as I started getting up.
“Just be careful.” Stefan warned me.
“Why?” I asked.
“He’s going to try and make you change your mind about the diet.” Stefan clarified.
“I cant say he wont succeed if he tries but he’s my brother and believe it or not I love him.” I said looking down.
“Just be careful.” he repeated.
“I’ll be back. You can keep asking Stefan questions. While I’m gone.” I said looking at all the Cullens.
“Thank you.” I said flatly to Elena. She smiled at me and nodded. I took of running after Damon.

Stefan’s POV- More Questions(Chapter 2)

“She hates me doesn’t she?” Elena asked.
“No she doesn’t, she just doesn’t know you. When she really meets you she’ll realize what an amazing women you are.” I told her as I got up to hug her. I brought her to sit next to me as I stroked her arm.
“Are you okay?” I asked her looking at her wrist.
“Doesn’t hurt at all.” she said. I smiled and looked up.
“Well as Bella said, you can ask any questions you want.” I told the Cullens.
“Well in the doorway, Damon told us that we weren’t invited in and then Bella said that, that didn’t work with us. What does that mean?” The pixy looking girl- Alice- asked.
“Well with our kind, it’s weird because we cant go in to the property unless we’re invited in. If you don’t invite us in then we cant come in. Now it’s another story when a vampire owns the property. They usually have a human living with them so other vampires cant come in.” I answered her.
“I just came because I wanted to.” Elena clarified.
“Why does Bella hate this Katherine chick so much?” The big dark hair guy-Emmett- asked.
“Bella, over heard a conversation between Katherine and Pearl. Katherine was telling Pearl her game with Damon and myself. Then she heard Pearl warning her about Bella being too open eyed. Well, Katherine replied by saying that she is just the stupid little sister of the Salvatore Brothers. Well that is not even half of the reasons why she hates her so much.” I stopped and took a breath.
“Katherine was selfish, also very impatient she wanted everything at that same instant. She believed in no rules. She wanted all three of us to be happy together, with no rules.” I continued.
“Wow, that chick was crazy. How did she even look like?” Emmett asked.
“Just picture Elena with a long dress and curly hair?” Edward- Bella’s boyfriend- answered. I looked at him confuse.
“I read the whole story in your mind, when you were remembering those times I could read them out of you.” he answered simply. I looked at him with a lot of interest.
“Ya’ll are very different from us aren’t ya’ll” I asked.
“Yes and we’ll start answering questions, but I have one more?” he asked if he could ask a question. I nodded.
“What’s this whole thing about vervain?” he asked.
“Vervain?” the whole family asked.
“Oh, well vervain is the only thing that can weaken us, well also it can kill us. That is how Katherine got caught. My father relied on us to battle with him against the vampires, I trusted him, and at that time Damon trusted me. I told him that I wanted to talk to father about Katherine- I thought that maybe he would understand- but Damon prohibit me to talk to father and I promised him I wouldn’t. But, I went and talked to him. I gave him a clue that Katherine was a vampire without me even noticing. So he spiked my drink with vervain, that same night Katherine bit me. The vervain weaken her and then Bella just told you what else happened.” I finished of lamely.
“How do you kill, your kind?” A beautiful blond girl asked. I think her name was Rosalie. She hasn’t spoken since she came.
“You have to drive a stake trough our hearts.” I answered.
Bella and Damon appeared in the doorway when I finished.
“Okay, Bella made me do this in exchange of forgiving me so…” he took in a big breath then let it out.
“I’m sorry, and from now on I will at least try to cover my tracks- mostly because I’m staying longer.” he said.
“What! Why?” Elena got up.
“Well, you don’t think I’m going to abandon my little sister just like that! I need to tighten that screw that got loosen in her brain. Animal blood! Seriously, she was okay with my diet back then why not now?” he finished. I rolled my eyes. I turned to Edward.
“How are you able to read minds?” I asked.
“Well, it’s a gift, some vampires bring there talents from the human world. It was easy for me to read someone’s face, or expression so maybe it came with me to this other life.” he said.
“Do every one read mind?” Damon asked.
“No, it’s just me. But Alice can see the future and Jasper can control emotions.” He answered him.
“That is so awesome!! Can you see my future!” He asked Alice.
“No, because your blocking me, and either way, my vision work by the decision you make the future can change if you change your mind.” she answered simply.
“What am I thinking in doing now?” he asked her. Alice looked thoughtful and then her eyes went blank as she stared out in pace.
“Don’t you even dare!!” she yelled at him.
“Is it going to work?” Damon asked. Alice startled.
“Yes.” she said looking down.
“Yes! That is the easiest thing I have ever done!!” he said as he hugged Bella.
“What’s going on?” Bella asked.
“Don’t you dare and tell her you little pixy!” Damon warned her.
“I’ll tell you later Bella.” she said glaring at Damon.
“Do ya’ll burn in the sun?” Damon asked.
“No, we sparkle.” Carlisle answered.
“That’s it?”
“Shut up, Damon!” Bella said as she walked over to us. Elena was seated again next to me.
“Your diet?” I asked
“Animal blood.” Emmett answered.
“Hey, how come when Bella bit Elena why didn’t she start screaming in pain?” Emmett asked with a confuse look on his face.
“It takes a lot more than just a simply bite, Emmett. First you have to feed them vampire blood, then you have to kill the human only for them to come back to life and then they have to feed on human blood to survive and bla, bla, bla!” Bella answered in a bored voice.
“Do you have to feed specifically on human blood?” Carlisle asked. We all nodded. Even Edward.
“Human blood gives us strength, life, power. If we don’t drink the human blood you don’t complete the transformation, so after a while you die.” Damon answered as he crossed his arms on his chest and leaned back on the wall.
“How can we kill your kind?” He asked in a bored tone.
“We are more complicated, you have to rip us apart and burn us.” A blond one that had like a southern accent spoke for the first time.
“And you are?” Damon asked.
“That’s Jasper, he controls your mood and he can also feel what your feeling.” Bella answered him from beside me.
“Then you can probably feel the annoyance I’m feeling now, right?” Damon asked amused. Jasper chuckled and nodded.
“Okay, okay! Now stop that!!” Damon said in laughter.
“Why are you laughing?” Bella asked.
“I have no idea.” he stopped abruptly.
“How did ya’ll get here?” Damon asked.
“Cause there sure weren’t any cars out there.” he supported his question.
“We ran.” Alice answered like it was the most obvious thing in the world.
“I knew that.” he murmured.
“Sure you did.” She responded. Beside me Elena yawned.
“Come on let’s get you to bed.” I kissed the top of her head as I carried her up the stairs. I heard voices from downstairs as I took Elena into her room. I listened closely to what they were saying.
“Well, Bella you’ll have to spent the night here.” I heard Damon say. I wasn’t there but I could imagine the smirk he had on his lips. I ran downstairs vampire speed.
“Why?” I asked.
“Not that I don’t want you here.” I told her before she jumped to conclusions.
“Don’t worry, I wont kill your girlfriend, yet.” she said. I frowned and looked at her.
“Anyway, Charlie is asleep and I need to be invited in to the house now.” She said as she let out a bored sigh.
“Isn’t he worried about you?” I asked her.
“No, I told him not to. I didn’t know how much time it was going to take to find my conclusion.” she rested her head on a pillow. I nodded.
“Wait here for a second.” I told her as I went to the my library just up in the corner. I searched trough the drawers when I found it. I walked back to where Bella was sitting and gave her the ring.
“You’ll need it, if your getting out of this house tomorrow.” I told her.
“Right.” she breathed as she put it on.
“Does any ring protect ya’ll?” Rosalie asked.
“No, Emily made these specifically for us.”
“Well think we should get going. We can continue to ask each other questions tomorrow.” Carlisle got up and so did the rest. They left but the only one that stayed behind was Edward. Bella got up and walked him to the door.
“I’m sorry.” she whispered.
“For what?” He asked.
“For keeping something like this from you. You should be furious, you should be yelling at me-”
“But I’m not. I was serious, I will always love you no matter who you are or what you are.” he told her. Damon was also listening and he rolled his eyes.
“I’m sorry about Damon, he can be a pain in the neck.” She apologized. Damon smirked.
“Don’t worry, I understand him more now. I think.” they both started laughing.
“I love you”
“I love you” then they were kissing.
“Damon, where are you going?” I asked as he headed to the door.
“Bella, it’s time to say goodbye to Romeo.” He said as he came back into the living room.
“Just because your miserable doesn’t mean we all have to be.” I glared at him.
“whatever.” he went up the stairs.
“Bella, you can choose any room you want. I’m going up stairs, we have school tomorrow.” I yelled as I went up the stairs.
“Okay!” I heard her yell. I went to check on Elena to see if she was okay. She was awake and
Staring at something.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“I thought I saw something?” she breathed out.
“Hello, Elena, Stefan.” I turned around. And gasped at what I saw…

kool. ITS KATHERINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not a cliffie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -dies-


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