The Twilight Saga

Here's my old story, daybreak. it used to be on the old twilight website, so i decided to put it here. here it is!

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Everything was out of control. My throat was burning, and not the burning that I got from encountering normal humans. Yes, normal. Now I know all the pain I’ve caused Edward, and all the pain I’m causing myself. This feeling was crazy, hypnotic. I had to do it…but at the same time, how could I? If it weren’t for the love I had for this person, I would have killed her right this second. But I did love her, and she loved me. But, she smelled so good…I couldn’t do this! I wouldn’t do this. I had to get out, get away from here. Before…

Chapter 1: Phone Call

“Come here, Nessie! Come to mommy!”
“He he!” she giggled. “Comin’ mama!” Nessie was so adorable. Nothing could keep us apart. It was kind of like the feeling I had with Edward. Renesme had grown in the past 3 months. She was almost 1 year old, and she looked like she was 5! It was amazing at how fast she grew. It seems silly now that I once thought that I only had a decade or so with her. Now I know that she is immortal, just like Edward. All I ever want is Nessie and Edward. Anything else is just unfair.
“Wow Nessie! Look how fast you are!” Nessie could just about do everything now. The sight of her running would make me queasy when I was a human.
“I’m super fast!” she exclaimed soaring like a super hero.
I laughed. “You sure are! Now come here and give your mama a hug!”
“K, mommy!”
“Hey, Bells, and hey Nessie! What’s up, gal?”
“Hi Jacob!” she sang in her bell-chimed voice.
“Watcha guys doin’?” Jake asked.
“I’m running! And I’m really fast!” Nessie explained.
“Really? Woah! Wanna race?” sometimes Jacob was as more of a kid than Nessie.
“Yeah! Ready, Set Go!” and Nessie shot out like a bullet out of a gun.
“Hey! No fair! You cheated!” Jake complained.
I rolled my eyes and went to see Edward. He went out with Carlisle and Alice to see Charlie. They left over an hour ago, and I wondered what was going on. Edward promised he would be back in 45 minutes, maybe even earlier. Was he trying to make me worried or something? Cause it was working.
“Bella, Nessie. We’re home!” I heard Edward call.
“Edward.” I sighed. Suddenly, it didn’t matter that he was late, I was just glad that he was home. I ran up and wrapped my arms around him. I looked up to his face and it was horrible. There was a crease between his eyes, his hair ruffled from running really fast, his eyes as dark as obsidian.
“What’s wrong Edward?” I asked worried.
“Charlie .” Was all he managed to choke out.
“My dad!” I screeched. I mean, I knew that he would die sometime, I just didn’t know how soon it would be. Edward once said that his kind, now our kind, was easily distracted. When the Volturi were searching for me, he said that I probably wouldn’t cross their minds before I was thirty. Was I thirty? How long has it been since we last saw Charlie?
“Calm down, Bella.” He soothed. “Charlie is fine sort of. He’s fine physically, but mentally…”
“What did you tell him!” I screamed.
“Nothing, Bella, nothing! It’s just that, your mother called, and she’s going to be staying with us for a while…”
“Renee?” my mother had no idea that Nessie even existed. But I sort of thought that would be my problem, not his.
“So…?” I asked confused. Even with my new brain, I couldn’t make sense of what he was saying.
“Well, they talked. She told him what she thought about us…Charlie saw that we weren’t really changing…we were both pale and beautiful, but of course you were beautiful before, and a lot of other stuff. Now I know where you get your curiosity from. Rene, she sees a lot, like you…and well…”
“Charlie knows!” I yelled finally getting it.
“No, Bella, no…not yet…but he’s almost there. If he finds out, we have to hide him from the Volturi, and fast. But, with Demetri around…” he trailed off thinking of possibilities. Good, I needed a moment. CHARLIE KNEW! almost. What if he found out? What if Rene found out? What would the Volturi do? Create another war? Execute them? Execute us all? No. I wouldn’t let anything happen to Edward or Nessie. If the Volturi wanted them, they had to go through me first. But would I be able to fight them off? Would my shield hold them for long? No. I couldn’t think of this. Charlie doesn’t know, not yet. And he won’t! I won’t let him know the horrible truth about us, a truth that could kill us all.
“No fair Ness! You got a head start!” Jacob complained interrupting my thoughts.
“No I didn’t! You’re just too slow! Tell him Daddy!”
Edward simply rolled his eyes and answered, “Jacob, Nessie won.”
“Yes!” Nessie said, triumphant.
“Oh, well. Great job Ness!” Jacob gave in.
“Edward? I asked. “What are we going to do?”
“I don’t know, Bella. But, Charlie isn’t that bright, no offense. If he didn’t know that I was a vampire before, what would make him see now?” he chuckled thinking of Charlie’s foolishness.
“Renee,” I whispered.
“Will say nothing.” He finished. “We just have to keep an eye on her. Don’t worry, Bella. Everything is ok.” He said, but I could catch the horror in his eyes with my new quick ones.
“There’s more.” I guessed.
He sighed. “You’re good.”
“I got it from my mom.”
“I know.”
“What is it Edward?” I asked impatiently.
Ring Ring! The phone rang.
“Whew.” Edward sighed.
This is not over yet. You will tell me.
Edward nodded in response to my thought. I could guess what he was thinking.
Saved by the phone!
He chuckled, so I must have got it right.
Edward left to answer the phone while I quietly followed. It was so easy to show my mind to Edward now. It’s effortless; sometimes I don’t even know when I’m doing it. And shielding is even easier! My shield can stretch all the way to Forks now! So I can guard everyone at once. But, I don’t even know when I’m shielding, all I know is that my shield hasn’t left Edward since I learned how. Now, it’s around everyone all the time. Shielding is like a second nature to me. Everyone is being protected, even if I get distracted, or overexcited, or thinking of something completely different, it’s always there. Edward can read my mind almost all the time now, like everyone else. Now I have to try to hide my thoughts, when I used to have to try to show them. The old memories made me giggle, until I realized that I should be eavesdropping. That sounded rude, hopefully he isn’t listening to my thoughts. I felt the elastic band recoil, and then cover my thoughts once again. Good, I still got it!
“Hello?” Edward answered.
“Hi Edward, dear.” I heard a familiar kid voice answer.
Edward froze, looked around to check that I wasn’t peeking. I ducked, and when he couldn’t see me he went back to staring at the phone.
“Yes, Jane.” He whispered so quietly my human ears wouldn’t have a hope of hearing. My new ears were a step ahead of him.
“Edward,” I heard on the other line, “You know our new member of the coven, Gianna.
Gianna. I recognized her through my cloudy human memories. The tall, dark skinned, green eyed, pretty lady in Volterra. It was a long time ago, back when the Cullens were still debating whether or not I should become a vampire. I did, and it looks like she did too. It was a shame, to know that the pretty Gianna had chosen a life as one of the Volturi. I shuddered at the name.
“Of course.” Edward whispered interrupting my thoughts.
“And by now I trust that you know her talent.” Jane spoke.
“Yes.” Edward retorted balling his hands up in fists.
“Psychic, I think it’s called. Am I right?”
Psychic? Isn’t that what Alice was? If Gianna was a psychic, then she must have seen something. Edward must of saw Alice see Gianna see something. I puzzled over my confusing statement. Something? Something, that Edward didn’t want me to know. Something like, someone figuring out our secret. Someone, as in Charlie.
Oh no! I thought in horror. And in the same second, I felt my elastic shield bound off and escape me. In an instant, Edward dropped the phone.
“Gotta go.” He whispered urgently. “Bye!”
“But what .” Jane spoke before Edward hung up.
“Edward!” I gasped, breathless.
“I know…” he whispered ashamed.
“Charlie,” I choked.
“Doesn’t know anything for the moment.” He finished.
For the moment… I thought in horror.
He leveled his eyes to mine. They spoke, I know.

Chapter 2: Charlie

For the next week, our eyes and ears were on nothing but Charlie. I made my shield stretch out as far as Charlie’s house, his office, and even the place he went fishing on Saturdays. Alice kept her visions on nothing but Charlie, and Edward’s mind was on nothing but Charlie too. Practically the whole house was busy. Except for Nessie, who was playing tag with Jake for the moment. Jake’s face was serious, looking out for anything that might come near her. This confused Nessie, she was used to his gigantic wolfy grin.
“What da matter, Jacob?” she asked, puzzling over his serious expression. She already knew that Jacob imprinted on her, she just didn’t know what it meant. I was happy about that, but she still loved him. Not the way she might know yet, but she did. And she will, Jacob was right. Why wouldn’t she choose him in the end? He was perfect for her, and she was perfect for him.
“Bella,” Edward whispered urgently. This surprised me. Until the past week, Edward and I hardly ever spoke to each other. We were too busy looking out for Charlie.
“Did Alice see something?” I asked dread already pouring over me.
“Yeah, she saw Renee call again. He’s going to get more information.”
“Does he find out today?” I asked horrified.
“No, but he will find out more that will lead him to that conclusion.”
“Does Renee find out?”
“Alice doesn’t see anything from her yet, so no.”
“Whew.” I sighed.
“But, Alice doesn’t really see a future for her either…I don’t know why. Maybe, since she’s related to you that her future isn’t so clear, like how your thoughts were. You know, I couldn’t really tell what Charlie was thinking all the time. He might be half of a shield.” He chuckled at that idea. “Anyway, I could only hear them clearly when he was screaming at me. So, Renee is probably the same. Don’t worry, Bella. We won’t let the Volturi 1000 miles near Charlie.”
“Ok, fine. But my shield is still going to be around him at all times.”
“Of, course. And, Bella?” he asked.
“Speaking of your shield…”
“Oh, sorry.” I murmured. It was so hard to keep my shield away from me. Just like how it was when I first discovered that power. Ok, maybe not that hard. But my shield was so busy being everywhere at once, that it automatically protected me, and my thoughts.
“It’s ok. I’m just so used to hearing your thoughts. It’s almost like your normal. He laughed at that comment.
“Ha ha, very funny Edward.” I retorted. He was right though. When have I ever been normal?
All of a sudden, Alice came rushing through the door. She looked horrible. Panic struck across her face, her eyes were lost somewhere, in the future no doubt, and a crease between her eyes.
“Hi, auntie Alice!” Nessie called from the finish line, beating Jacob again. Alice was by her before Nessie could even blink.
Edward snarled, seeing her vision, and leaped protectively in front of Nessie, too. Jacob, seeing what happened, launched himself between Nessie and any danger that would come near her.
I, the only one still where they were standing, froze.
“Edward, Alice.” I choked. “What’s going on?”
“The Volturi.” Edward hissed.
“They’re coming for Charlie!” I shrieked still not understanding why they were in front of Nessie.
“No,” Alice whispered, her eyes still lost. “They’re coming for Nessie.”
“Why!” My voice shot through two octaves and still having that bell-like feel.
“Revenge.” Edward spit out, disgusted by the word.
It all came back to me. All those monsters, different from us of course, in black capes, coming at us, with red, bloodthirsty eyes.
“But I thought that Aro didn’t want to fight.”
“He doesn’t want to fight…Carlisle.”
“Oh,” I responded anger glinting in my eyes from Aro’s harsh thoughts.
“But, we’re not going down without a fight.” He answered proudly, like he was sure that we were going to win.

“Mama?” Nessie asked one day.
“Yes, sweetie?” I smiled halfheartedly
“I love you!” she exclaimed trying to cheer me up.
“Me, too.” I said touching her locket. I had given it to her as a Christmas present long ago. It had a picture of her, Edward, and I on it, and on the back was the words more than my own life in French.
“Bella, can I talk to you for a minute?” Alice asked quietly, then smiling at Nessie.
“Sure,” I said getting up. “What’s wrong Alice?”
“Nothings wrong, yet. But we just wanted you to do something.” She replied calmly.
We? I thought.
“Yes, we.” She answered as if she read my mind.
“But how did you .”
“Bella,” she cut me off. “It’s kind of obvious.”
“But who is we?” I asked.
“We, as in everybody else in this house except you, Edward, and Nessie.”
“Ugh,” I groaned. “What do you want me to do?”
“We think that you and Edward should go visit Charlie and do something to convince him otherwise. You know, act human…blink…breathe…stuff like that.”
“Alice, I already do that.” I answered tired to doing it.
“Well, then try harder.”
“Awe, come on Alice! I hate doing that stuff already! Besides, how is that going to help? And did you tell Edward yet?”
“Bella, you of all people should know that nothing goes around here without Edward knowing.”
“She’s right.” I heard a warm voice answer. He must be in a better mood.
“Thank you Edward.” Alice said proudly.
“Actually, I was talking about Bella.”
“What?” Alice asked bitterly.
“What is doing what we already do going to help?”
“He has a point Alice.” Jasper said as he came in.
“Well, do you have a better idea?”
No one answered.
“That’s what I thought.” She smirked. “Now, I’ll call Charlie, while you guys leave. Bye!” she waved a little smug.
We couldn’t argue with that, there was nothing else we could do. So, I shrugged and sprinted out the door and into the Volvo. Edward came shortly after.
“How can someone so small be so annoying?” he asked.
“You know Alice.” I answered smiling.
“Unfortunately” he muttered.
“I heard that!” Alice’s pixy voice answered from inside.
Edward chuckled. “I’ll go get Nessie.”
“Ok.” I answered. And about two seconds later, Edward came running with Nessie in his arms, and Jacob trailing behind.
“Where’re we goin’ daddy?” Nessie asked.
“We are going to see Grandpa Charlie.” I answered for him.
“Yay!” Nessie yelled.
“Ok, ok. But if anything happens, I’m taking Nessie and running back.” Jacob said angrily.
Nessie rolled her eyes. She looked so much like Edward when she did that.
“Don’t worry, Jakey.” She replied. “I won’t hurt grandpa, and I won’t show im’ anything either!”
“That’s not what I’m worried about…”
“Jacob!” I elbowed him.
“Ow!” he screamed. “I think you broke my kidney!”
“Yeah, right Jake.” I said sarcastically. “I probably didn’t do a thing.”
“Bella, you are pretty strong.” Edward said cautiously, but I also heard some amusement in his voice.
“I know, I know.” I muttered. “Let’s go!”
And with that we were off, to see Charlie.

Chapter 3: Secrets

“Nessie! Come to grandpa! Look how tall you are! Been’ drinking a lot of milk? And Bella! How are you? Hey, Eddy! And whatcha up to Jake?”
“Hey, Charlie.” I muttered.
“Hey, guys! Come in!” Charlie welcomed.
Just as we walked inside, the phone rang.
“Oh! I’ll get that! You guys make yourselves at home!”
We all got in and settled ourselves. Jake sat on the couch legs stretched out and Nessie in his lap. Nessie lay across Jacob’s chest, breathing slowing and passing memories. Edward sat next to me on the other couch by the T.V and put his arm around me.
Charlie’s eyes widened as he got some news, hopefully something that didn’t have to do with Renee.
“Bad news guys,” Charlie spoke clutching the phone to his chest so that he could speak loudly from the other room, even though he didn’t have to, without giving Renee a heart attack. “Jacksonville is experiencing some bad weather so Renee can’t come until next week.”
Bad weather? In Jacksonville? How odd. It’s always sunny and tropical down there. Well, it was the last time Edward and I went to visit.
Bad weather? I thought expanding my shield.
Charlie went back to talking with Renee while Edward whispered,
“We couldn’t see Renee’s future. Well, Alice couldn’t.
And, we think it might be from the Volturi. So, we delayed her flight for about a week.”
“A week? But why? What did Alice see wait. Delay? How?” I asked in a ferociously fast speed. Charlie didn’t even have a hope of hearing our conversation. For all I knew, he didn’t even know we were talking.
“Well…we called our old friend Benjamin, remember him? The one who controls the weather?”
“Yeah, wait. How come I didn’t know about this?”
“We didn’t want to worry you.” He murmured.
“Oh, ok. Wait again.” I paused. “You didn’t make it snow or anything, did you?”
“No, Bella. Of course not… We’re not stupid… We just made it a little windy, that’s all.”
“A…little?” I asked afraid of how little it would be.
“Ok, enough to stop a plane, happy?”
“No, I am not happy. I ,” But before I could finish, Edward froze in front of me.
“Edward?” I whispered.
Jacob saw Edward and growled, hovering over Nessie.
“What is it?” I asked.
“Listen!” he hissed. And Jacob and I cocked our heads to the side, concentrating.
“They what? Oh really? I never noticed that…and they’re both pale. Yes, both. Well, Bella was always pale, yeah. She changed too…just after they got married. Weird huh? Mmm, yeah. Said she got sick or something. Then Jacob .” he froze and Edward growled beside me.
“Charlie?” I heard on the other line.
“I have to go.” He whispered. “Bye.”
Charlie, I then the line went dead.
We quickly straightened up.
“Edward…” Charlie spoke as pale as a ghost.
“Yes.” Edward answered, gritting his teeth.
“Can I speak to you for a minute?” Charlie said emphasizing each word.
“Sure, I’ll be right there.” And Edward literally jumped off the couch.
They went to the far end of the hallway, away form us. Of, course, Jacob and I could still hear.
“What are you and what did you turn my daughter into!” Charlie yelled in a hushed tone.
“Listen, Charlie. Don’t get upset, but you shouldn’t know, it’s not safe for you know. There are others, unlike us, who can see you too.”
“Are you a stupid werewolf too?!?” Charlie shouted, straining to be quiet.
“No, I’m not. And Bella isn’t either. And, no…Nessie is not part dog.”
“Ok, well…wait. How did you know I was going to ask that?”
Oops. Major oops. If Charlie knew Edward could read minds, then he would explode.
“Are you some kind of mind reader?”
We’re dead.
“Listen…” Edward started.
“No you listen! What are you? What is Bella? What is your whole family? If their not a bunch of dogs, what are they?!?” Charlie was fuming.
I thought I heard Edward chuckle, probably because of the dog remark. Jacob was snarling words under his breath. I didn’t want to know what they were.
“Ok, what do you think we are?”
“I don’t know. But your pale, your cold, you read minds…can Bella read minds?”
“No, it’s just me.” Edward answered stiffly, waiting for Charlie to get to the point, like I was.
“If I guess right…will you say yes?” Charlie asked.
“That depends.” Edward stated.
“On what?”
“Your guess.”
Charlie muttered something unintelligible under his breath. I thought I picked out, “smartalic…”
“Ok, fine. What are your theories?” Edward finally gave in. This reminded me of the time I had to guess what he was.
“Ugh,” Charlie grumbled. “I was hoping you would tell me.”
“We’re just human, Charlie. That’s it.” Edward declared sounding convincible.
“What do you want to know?” Edward asked.
“Why can you read minds then?”
I heard Edward stiffen.
“Well?” Charlie was getting impatient now.
“Ok, look. Here it is.”

Edward explained everything, starting from Carlisle’s human life, all the way down to Renesme.
“And, that’s why Nessie’s different. She’s half human.” Edward finished.
This long speech took over an hour. Nessie fell asleep on the couch, and Jacob and I lingered at the doorway.
Charlie was speechless. He was as pale as one of us, almost, and his heartbeat accelerated. His eyes were bulging out of his head and he was leaning away from Edward.
“But, you should be warned. There are others of our kind, looking for you. The Volturi, remember?” Edward had spoken of them in his speech. “They know that you know. And we have to stop them, before…” Edward trailed off in horror.
“Don’t worry, we’ll protect you. Your daughter has a magnificent power. You’ll be safe with her around. Demetri won’t be able to find you with Bella shielding you.”
“Bella has a special power too?” Charlie asked speaking for the first time.
“Yes, dad. I’m a shield. I can shield other people too, and now I can shield from a great distance. Just try not to go far, ok? I can’t shield all the way to Canada.” I giggled answering him.
“Bells, how come you never told me about this?”
“Dad, I wanted to protect you from the Volturi.” I answered wincing slightly at the thought of them.
“What about Renee? Does she know?” Charlie asked irked.
“No, you’re the only human who knows of the Cullen’s secret. And it should stay that way.” Edward warned.
“Don’t worry; I’m not going to tell anyone. I just wanted to know the truth. You’re not going to eat me, are you?”
Edward and I chuckled.
“No, of course not. We can control ourselves. Besides, we don’t hunt humans, we only drink animal blood. You don’t have to be afraid.” Edward cautioned.
“Afraid,” Charlie snorted. “Who’s afraid?” even though his voice caught on the last word.
“Good, then you know we mean no harm.” Edward said slowly.
“Of course not…. And Bella, can we have a minute?” Charlie asked.
“Sure, I’ll go check on Nessie.” I suggested, even though I knew she was deep in her sleep.
“Edward,” Charlie started. I cocked my head to the side, trying to concentrate on what they were saying.
“Yes.” Edward answered.
“Is this why you left…because you thought you were…dangerous?” Charlie asked.
“Partially…you see…Bella’s blood is different from others…”
“What’s wrong with my daughter?”
“Nothing…there are many like her…you see…Bella’s blood is different…it sort of sings to me…I…who has been controlling myself for over 100 years…has never experienced something like this. It’s…really tempting…but…I made up my mind…I would never try to hurt Bella, ever.” He emphasized the last word. “But…I didn’t want to take any chances…what if…while I was holding her hand…my grip was too tight? I could break her arm off. I didn’t want to do anything that would hurt her…so I left. I left to save her…and it didn’t work.” I could sadness in his voice as he remembered this.
“Well, what did you do when you left? I’m pretty sure you know how Bella’s life went. But, what about yours?” Charlie asked curiously. I leaned in trying to listen to this extra information.
Edward sighed. “My life was much worse. I couldn’t be around my family…I couldn’t really be around anyone. Some days…I just sat around in my room and stared at the wall, seeing Bella’s face in my head. Bella was always in my thoughts. Then, that one day…Rosalie came and said Bella jumped off a cliff and died. Well, I couldn’t live in a world where she didn’t exist, so I left for Italy.”
“Wait,” Charlie interrupted. “Why’d you go to Italy?”
Edward sighed again.
“I went to go kill myself. Stupid, I know. But I couldn’t live without Bella. I know that I was already living without her…I just couldn’t stand it anymore. Life was horrible without her, and I thought her life was horrible with me. I was wrong though, and I never should have left. I thought it would be good for her…I didn’t know what she really wanted…I was foolish and stupid.” Edward trailed off.
Charlie was silent, and so was I. How could Edward think that I didn’t want him? How could he think my life was horrible with him? It was horrible without him! Edward was foolish to ever think such a thing! But I shouldn’t be blaming him…and neither should he.
“Wait you said that you went to Italy to kill yourself…why? I mean, how do vampires,” Charlie flinched at the word. “Die?”
“Well, we kind of have to get ripped to pieces and burned to ash.” Edward admitted.
“Why would you want that? And what does it have to do with Italy?” Charlie asked confused.
“I told you, I didn’t want to live without her. Plus, vampires are only strong enough to do that. If you haven’t noticed, we’re kind of made of stone.” Edward pointed out. “And I knew my family wouldn’t do it…so I went to Italy, where the Volturi lived. Remember how I told you they would execute people who broke the laws?” Charlie grimaced briefly remembering that part of the speech. “I thought that if I did something to provoke them…then they would grant me my wish. Alice saw me…through her visions,” Charlie was about to ask when Edward raised one hand. “I’ll explain later.” He promised. “Anyway, Alice saw me…and Bella and her left for Italy to stop me that’s why she was gone for three days. Anyway, Bella came and stopped me just in time. We just had a little problem there, the Volturi wanted Bella to become a vampire…or they would kill her.” Both Charlie and Edward flinched at the last word. “We objected, but promised we would do it later…even though we didn’t want to.” Edward finished.
“Why didn’t you want to? Aren’t you immortal? Didn’t you want Bella forever?” Charlie asked.
“Of course I did, but I also didn’t want to turn her into a monster. If I didn’t want her near a monster, I definitely wouldn’t turn her into one…no matter how much I wanted to…the immortal part, not the monster part.” Edward corrected.
“Well, if you didn’t want to…why is she one now?”
“She was dying. She wasn’t the sick you thought she was, but still very sick. She almost died, right then and there…but the venom saved her. Remember how I told you about Nessie’s strength killing Bella…how they have to break their way out?” Edward asked, grimacing briefly.
“Well, that was the case. She couldn’t possibly live as a mortal. If there were anything I could do to become human, I would do it.”
“Oh,” Charlie said a little embarrassed by the fit he made about Edward. “I’m sorry, Edward. I thought you were trying to hurt my girl…when you were actually trying to protect her. You must really love her.”
“Indeed.” Edward agreed. “I do.”
“Then I’m happy she’s with you.” Charlie smiled.
If I could cry I would. Charlie and Edward… smiling at each other. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Charlie liked Edward. He was glad that I married him. How strange…but still beautiful! Charlie finally understood us. If it weren’t for the Volturi, I would’ve loved that he knew! But, Renee…she never had a problem with Edward…but she would if she knew I was married to a vampire! Even worse…if she knew that I was a vampire!

Chapter 4: Renee

It was exactly one week since Charlie found out. Everyone was ok, except for Jacob. He didn’t want us to leave now that Charlie knew. We assured him that we would stay for as long as needed. He wanted to come with us, if we left. But we convinced him to stay with Sam’s pack, which he was now a part in…somewhat. Sam and Jacob compromised, every month they switched Alpha’s. This month, Jake was the Alpha. So, he had to leave early to do his duty in La Push. Nessie complained a little, but soon gave in. She wanted Jacob to stay with her…but she knew how important it is to be the Alpha. But Jake still argues whether or not he should just ditch and stay home with Nessie. Edward always votes the opposite, obviously still having a problem with Jacob. But they were friends now…somewhat. They still got on each other’s nerves a little, but they were family.
“Nessie, that’s not fair. You got a head start!” I heard Jacob complain, noisily.
“No, you’re just jealous!” she shouted, skipping around in victory.
“Jake, sometimes you’re such a child.” I commented rolling my eyes.
“Sometimes…” Edward muttered.
“I heard that!” Jake yelled.
Ok, they got on each other’s nerves a lot.
Ring! Ring!
Everyone jumped at that sound, which was very unlikely for a house full of vampires-and one werewolf.

Carlisle was the first to get to the phone.
“Yes, oh hello Charlie!” he exclaimed.
Charlie has been calling quite frequently these days…after finding out about us. Alice hasn’t seen any funny business from the Volturi yet, so they must not know.
“She’s what? Oh, ok. We’ll be there as soon as possible, no…not that soon.” Carlisle chuckled at Charlie’s guess, said his goodbyes, and turned to us after hanging up the phone.
“Renee’s here!” he exclaimed.
“Renee!” I shouted. I missed my mother so much. We haven’t talking since my wedding-which was a long time ago.
“Bella,” Edward whispered. “Alice just saw…” Edward trailed off, arguing whether or not he should tell me.
“What is it, Edward?” I asked.
“Well…it’s something she doesn’t see.”
“What?” I was inclined toward him now, trying to get some answers.
“It’s nothing you have to worry about now, love. Just, try to keep a distance from your mother.”
A distance from my mother? What did he see…me killing her? I flinched at that thought, and so did he.
“No, not exactly.” He added.
“What do you mean by not exactly?” I quoted.
Just as I was about to get my answer, Alice rushed in, her face blank. Edward sighed; getting a chance for Alice to explain herself, then froze, seeing Alice’s vision.
“Alice, what did you see?” I asked, horrified at the thought of danger.
Suddenly, there was a slight breeze and Alice disappeared.
“Ugh!” I groaned. “Edward, you tell me what is going on or so help me-,”
A sudden gush of wind interrupted me, and he was gone.
“Edward!” I hissed.
No answer.
Usually, Edward would never leave me standing somewhere else. Oh, well. I would just follow his scent, and track him down.
Before I could finish that thought, Edward came rushing back.
“Sorry, love. I had some last minute things to do.” He smiled, looking sheepish.
“What last minute things?” I asked, irked.
“Come on everyone! Renee’s plane has already landed!”
“What?” I screeched. “We’re late!”
“Then what are we waiting for?” Edward asked, a smile playing on his lips.
“This isn’t over yet.” I reminded him.
He simply nodded.

“Bella! Come here!” Renee shouted over all the people getting their luggage. “Phil, we still have one more. Go get it.” She commanded.
I walked a few feet and froze. Everything was out of control. My throat was burning, and not the burning that I got from encountering normal humans. Yes, normal. Now I know all the pain I’ve caused Edward, and all the pain I’m causing myself. This feeling was crazy, hypnotic. I had to do it…but at the same time, how could I? If it weren’t for the love I had for this person, I would have killed her right this second. But I did love her, and she loved me. But, she smelled so good…I couldn’t do this! I wouldn’t do this. I had to get out, get away from here. Before…
I went into my hunting crouch. A snarl ripped through my chest. Edward pounced in front of me. Jasper felt my emotions and ran to block the distance between me and Renee.
“Bella!” Edward shouted. “Stop it! What’s going on Jasper?” I was too thirsty to recoil my shield back.
“She’s thirsty! Really thirsty! Edward! Renee is her singer! Her singer!”
Edward froze for a second, thinking this over. His face turned from chagrin, to horror.
No one else noticed our crisis. Not even Renee. She was too busy searching for her luggage.
“Did you find it yet Phil?” she asked, completely unaware of the danger she was in.
“Oh, hello Alice! Don’t you look lovely today, as usual!”
“No, time. Sorry about this.” Alice apologized before she lifted Renee off the ground and took her someplace else.
“Sorry, Sir.” Emmet said before he lifted Phil off too.
“What’s wrong with her?” Charlie screeched, making one person look our way.
“She’s thirsty! And Renee smells good!” Edward explained. “But, only to her. I’ll explain later. Make sure Renee and Phil are alright, while I take Bella home.” Edward instructed before swooshing me off the floor and into his arms, which he hasn’t done in a while.
I fought against the pair of iron-strong arms that held me back. But my extra strength was gone now. Now, I was just as strong as Alice, Esme, or Rosalie.
“Love, control yourself.” Edward demanded.
I growled at him. Instantly, I covered up my mouth with my hand, ashamed at what I did.
“It’s ok, now let’s get you out of here.”
I nodded one stiff nod, and let Edward carry me home. I couldn’t risk running by myself.

Chapter 5: Unwelcome Shopper

“Bella, love. Please stop crying!” Edward pleaded hugging me tighter; trying to stop the tearless sobs.
“But I almost killed her, Edward!” I cried. “My own mother!” and that thought brought on another round of hysterics.
“Shh, shh, calm down love. Everything will be ok.”
How could it be? I almost killed my own mother. But her scent….no! Stop that! I thought.
“Don’t beat yourself up, love. You can’t help it.”
“Oh Edward!” I flung myself on him. “I caused you so much pain! I’m sorry!”
“It wasn’t your fault. And it isn’t now, either.”
“Yes, it is…” I mumbled.
Before Edward could complain, Alice zoomed by.
“Bella, come…now!” she shouted.
“What’s the matter?” I chocked, looking at her angry, obsidian eyes.
“You need a shopping break, now! You better be out the door in less than 23 seconds or so help me-,”
“Alice,” I interrupted. “I’m not in the mood.”
“19, 18, 17...” Alice counted down.
“Ugh!” I moaned. “Fine!” and I ran all the way down to her yellow Porsche.
“Thanks, Bella! You’re going to have so much fun!” she chirped.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah…” I mumbled.
***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ****

“Omg, Bella! Look at you!”
“Well, it is adorable.” I admitted, turning around in different angles.
“I told you this would work!” Alice squealed.
And she was right. This whole mall thing really had my mind off of the whole situation. I don’t even remember what happened!
“Ooh! Look Bella!” Alice pointed. “Shoes on sale! And, they’re your size! Let’s go!” she yanked my arm and pulled my in the direction of the shoes.
“Owe! Owe…no! Stop! What’s happening to me?” we heard a guy from the other store shout. He was on the floor, shaking all over. He looked just like a person would if they- oh no!

“Jane!” I shrieked. “What are you doing here? Are you crazy?”
“Hello, Bella, Alice.” She nodded her head.
I was furious, shaking all over, and Alice was lost in some trance.
“Alice,” I asked. “What do you see?”
“They don’t know yet.” She whispered. “But, they might. Renee knows already,” her name brought chill down my spine, and a burning sensation in my throat. “Charlie is trying to calm her down. Edward already told her the story, and Nessie showed her images.” She whispered this so fast that Jane could never hear, even if she was a vampire.
“What are you saying?” Jane asked, angrily. “I can see your lips moving.” Then she started to smile at Alice, but I was one step ahead of her. Her smile turned into a face of fury, as she figured out I had something to do with it.
“I had forgotten your special ability, Isabella.” The way she said my name made me wish I had another one.
“Yes, I suppose you have. Now what are you doing here? Hurting innocent shoppers?”
“Oh of course not, and he wasn’t innocent. He tried to cut in front of me. I hate it when people do that.” She said a smile playing on her lips.
“Owe!” I heard another human say.
“Stop that! You’re hurting people! Why are you here anyway?” I asked, helping the woman off the floor.
The last thing I saw of her was her bewildered expression, and her fleeing out the door.
“I just came to pass on a warning.” She was about to smile again, but I wrapped my shield around the unlucky bystander.
“Oh, can’t I have a little fun?” Jane asked.
“Harming people is not fun.” I stated. “Now, what’s your warning?”
“I just came to remind you not to tell that human father of yours our little secret, or the mother.” She grinned, and another human fell. Alice helped him up, while I thought for a second.
“You saw.”
“Of course we did, who would miss a show like that?”
I was about to insult her, but I couldn’t find my voice.
“A woman, killing her own beloved mother. How tragic.”
Killing? I never killed Renee. Gianna’s power must have been similar to Alice’s. They must have not seen me change my mind, or Edward come and help me. Edward, that’s what he saw. He said that it was something Alice didn’t see. She didn’t see my mother alive, and neither could I.
“Jane,” I snarled. “Get out. I got your message, ok? Now leave!”
“Fine,” Jane pouted. “I gave my warning, remember…”
“We will, now go!”
“Ok, ok. Calm down. Sheesh. I’m out of here. Goodbye!”
Jane smiled, and a ten year old girl fell down.
“Mommy!” she cried.
Alice and I helped her up, and she ran away.
“One more thing Jane-,” I started, but Jane was long gone.
Chapter 6: Drizzling

“Bella, there’s a problem.” Jasper and Alice came up to me one day.
“Well, what is it?” I asked.
“Umm, we don’t know how to tell you this…” Alice started while Jasper tried to make me calm.
“Just tell me already!”
I felt a wave of freshness sooth me.
“I’m calm, Jasper.”
“Just checking.”
“So, what is it?”
“Umm….” Alice started.
“Renee has to live with us!” Emmett finished.
“She- what!?!” I screeched.
“She can’t stay anyplace else.” Alice soothed me.
“What? I thought she was staying with Charlie!” I yelled.
“There’s and exterminator at Charlie’s house, he has to stay here too.” Esme answered for Alice.
I felt another wave of calmness.
“Jasper, I’m ok.”
“You don’t seem like it.” Emmett laughed.
“Emmett, why don’t you go outside for a walk?” Rosalie glared at him.
“A run would be better.” Alice corrected.
“Ok, ok. Fine.” Emmett raised his hands up in defense. “I’ll leave; maybe there are still some bears here and there. I love making them angry!” and with that, he ran out the back door, across the lake, and into the forest.
“Don’t worry, love. She’ll be far away from you at all times.” Edward comforted me.
“Thanks, but can I be far away from her?”
“You can! And you will! I can see the future! Remember??” Alice reminded me.
“Yeah, but you can’t see Nessie. How can you see Renee with Nessie with her?” I asked.
Alice froze.
“You don’t see her, do you?”
She shook her head. “Not at all, ever.”
I shuddered.
“Don’t worry, love! We’ll help you! You don’t need to be afraid.” Edward reassured me.
“Does she know…about my problem towards her?”
“Yes,” Esme sighed. “We’ve told her. Don’t worry; she will be alert at all times.”
‘Let’s hope all times will be enough.’ I thought to myself.
“It will be.” Edward answered.
Ding Dong!
All of a sudden, Edward scooped me up in his arms, and ran to our cottage, far away, from my new enemy.

“Nessie?” I searched the whole house for her, well…not the whole house. There was still one room I was never aloud to go to. Her room. “Nessie?” I called again, wondering where she ran off to.
I heard a faint giggle coming from the porch. It had to be Nessie. I was on the other side of the house, and a very big house at that! It would take a while to get to my Nessie! I wasn’t in a hurry, so I took my time, walking at a human pace.
“Hello, Bella!”
“Hello, Charlie.” I greeted him.
“Don’t worry, I haven’t seen Renee all day.”
“Thank you for letting me know.”
I walked around the living room. (One of them)
I heard some more giggles, and a high-pitched laugh. Wonder who that is?
There were light thuds on the roof.
Hmm, it was drizzling outside.
I walked over to the porch, and stopped dead on my feet.
What was that amazing smell? Mmm! It was mouthwatering! Oh, no!
I tried to run away, but a change in the wind made rain water splash all over her.
“Grandma! Come here!” Rensme laughed.
“Ok, sweetie!”
Mmmm! She smelled so good in the rain! Mmm! I couldn’t help myself. My lesser instincts took over.
My muscles coiled, ready to attack.
I launched myself over the garden, across the bushes, and hovering over the play area, where my prey awaited.
When is the next part gonna come?
soon, im workin on it.
more please!
Another good story! It was nice having Charlie find out the truth about the Cullens. Out of curiosity, why did you choose Renee as Bella's prey? When I first read the preface, I was under the assumption that it was about Renesmee. Good twist! Looking forward to reading what happens next.
well, it couldn't of been Renesme cause in Breaking Dawn, that didn't happen. nd daybreak is kinda like a sequal to Breaking dawn. nd i wanted it to be suspenseful, her own mom. plus, she already met charlie, nd nessie. so, it couldn't of been them.
I was just thinking Renesmee, in case you were trying to mess with our minds *evil grin* But it was suspenseful. Loved it!
please please write more.....I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!.............this is one of my favs
i hav more. but just so u guys know..i wont be able to post more in a while. srry, but im workin on it.
we'll be here waiting:)
well i will be!


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