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Here's my old story, daybreak. it used to be on the old twilight website, so i decided to put it here. here it is!

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I am so happy you have updated. This story is so great. I cant believe Bella almost killed Renee. Thank god for Emmett and Jasper. Anyways, i cant wait for more. I hope you are able to update again soon.
Chapter 7 part 2: Danger

I didn’t know how long I was out here, or how long I would last. I had hunted a few weeks ago, right before I told Alice.
I knew everyone was worried, but they would be in bigger danger if I were to be around them. I couldn’t let Alice rat me out with one of her visions, so I warned her.
“Err…Alice…” I stared at the damp grass, looking completely mental. “If you get this vision…then…ok. I look like a total lunatic, but I just want you to know that I’ll miss you a lot, and Edward. I just want one favor of you for return. Please don’t go looking for me, or tell them about this vision.”
I was looking at a gray boulder now, still feeling crazy. “I’m going to miss you all tons, and I just want you to do one simple thing for me. And make sure Nessie and Renee are safe, for me.”
I didn’t know what to do next; it wasn’t like I was talking to a camera. So, I just walked away, leaving my past behind.
Now I was far, far away from that boulder. I had no idea if Alice even saw my message. She must have, or I would be found.
For a brief moment, Edward popped into my mind. He must be worried sick. But, I was doing him and all the others a favor.
My plan was to wait a few years, stay around humans and get used to their blood. Once I was sure I could handle it, I would go back home; as simple as that.
I didn’t want to cause a scene again, so I had to prepare myself. I was passing through a crowd of people celebrating some Thanksgiving parade at the moment.
Some guy in a turkey suit waved to all the people. He gave a certain wink for me. I turned around without giving him a backwards glance.
Families walked pass. A man and women were holding hands, pushing a stroller. I heard a girl giggle from inside, shaking a rattle.
I turned around before anything more ironic came into my mind. I missed Edward and Nessie so much now. But, I had to be in control before I could face them. What if I ever did something to Nessie by mistake? She was near Renee.
I shuddered, pushing the vile image from my mind. I couldn’t think of Renee right now. I needed to calm down and relax.
Another family passed me, their faces painted orange, red, and brown. A little boy was hoisted on his father’s shoulders. The mother was holding hands with a sweet, little girl who’s two, long, bronze braids were dangling past her shoulders.
I sighed, running into the crowd. I just wanted to disappear now; just disappear forever…
You are evil! When will you post more?
Poor Bella, this must be very difficult for her to see all these families passing by...Hope she won't stay away too long though so that she can be with her family again.

Good chapter! Loved it!
Amazing story. Love how you brought both of Bellas parents into it and giving Bella a singer was a nice twist. I cant wait to read more.
That Was SOOOOO Kewl!!!
That is so sad. I feel so sorry for Bella. When are you posting more.
come on more please...hehe
Hey! I found your fanfic! yay! though that last chapter was really sad and difficult for Bella being away from her family and seeing all of this happy families pass. :(
dont worry it will get better. :) the next one she meets a visitor.
when is the next one coming??????


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