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A/N This story takes place in new moon and Bella is on the edge of the cliff and she’s about to jump...

I closed my eyes.


it was him. his voice was beautiful but wrong.

“Bella, don’t do this.” It said.

 This time I listened to it more carefully. It was as if it was the voice of an angel but still, it sounded wrong. Different. I was confused. It was Edward’s voice, but it didn’t make a difference to me. I didn’t care if I was hearing his voice. In that instant,the hole in my chest was gone.
Erased. What was going on? I asked
myself, completely shocked. I waited for the hole to come back but it didn’t.

“Bella!” a voice, a different huskier voice interrupted my train of thought. It was the voice I wanted to hear. The voice I craved.

I looked behind me and huge tanned figure ran to me. Jacob. Seeing his face made me smile.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing!?” he asked, catching his breath.

I looked down and I realized I was still at the edge of the cliff. The waves were crashing furiously at the rocks below. I took an involuntary step back.

“C-cliff d-diving..?” my teeth chattered. It was freezing cold out here! I couldn’t imagine how cold the water must be.

He walked towards me and gave me one of his big bear hugs. He was so warm. I hugged him tighter but it still didn’t feel tight enough. He probably thought I was cold so he hugged me tighter too. I liked how his shoulders were wide and strong. How his hair was styled messily and how he had
the most prefect smile. I never noticed Jacob like this.

“Come on Bells. I’ll bring you home.” His voice made my heart skip a beat. What was happening to me?

“I-iii don’t wanna go home yet. “ I was beginning to feel warmer in his arms.

He sighed and turned so that I was pinned to his side and his arm was on my shoulder. I had butterflies in my stomach.

It’s only Jacob. He puts his arm around me all the time. He’s my friend. I thought to myself as we walked to my truck.  My mind debated if being his friend was enough.

We reached my truck and he opened the passenger door for me. I stepped in as he walked to the driver’s side. I was beginning to feel cold again as we drove to his house. Jacob seemed to notice.

“It’s a hundred and eight degrees over here,” he said, as he patted his seat. I scooted to his side.  I let out a sigh. It felt nice.

There was a few minutes of silence until I asked him how he knew I was on the cliff.

“I was running in the forest near the trail and I heard your truck. Sam told us that the redhead’s trail was gone so I followed you. What were you thinking bella! Didn’t you see that it was turning into a tornado out there?”

I shrugged.

He stopped the engine and got out. I opened my door and stepped onto the dirt trail to his house. We walked together.

Billy was nowhere in sight when we got inside the house. The phone rang and Jacob hurried to the kitchen to get it.

“Hello? Yea she’s here,” I guess whoever jake was talking to knew about what I almost did.

“Is he ok?”

“oh.” His voice sounded suddenly glum. This worried me. Who was he?

Jacob hung up and walked back to me. His face looked sad. I looked up at him and gave him a hug.

“what was that about?” I asked, sympathy and curiosity in my voice.

“It’s harry. Harry Clearwater. He had a heart attack.”

This took me by surprise. Harry was charlie’s best friend.

“Is he ok?” I asked, remembering Jacob’s conversation on the phone.

He gave me this look and I knew that it wasn’t looking so great for harry. I felt truly sorry for seth, leah and sue.

“Are you ok?” Jacob examined me. His voice different.

“Of course.” Other than the shock I felt when edward’s voice erased the hole in my chest, I felt great. I was with Jacob and it surprised me how happy I was to be with him. The shock in my voice didn’t assure Jacob.

“you tired?” he asked.

I shook my head. just confused I thought.

ok so i know it isn't so great but please tell me what you think. thanks :]

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Can u request me so i can get ur updates im usin my phone so i cant request ppl i can onli accept so plz do me this favor thank u sweetie ur an amazin writer keep it up
I agree you are an amazing writer
When can we expect the next edition of this story?? I have been waiting for so long and would really like to read more.
i'm soo sorry everybody! it's just cuz my life's been sorta a mess these days.i'll try to get something up soon but i still have a lot of things to deal with so i cant guarantee a date. i'm really sorry!
its ok girl we can wait a little longer sort thing out and then get back to us
hi people! can't even express how sorry i am for not updating for soooo long!!!! hopefully i haven't lost any of my readers :/
I know this is pretty short but I will try updating more by friday...

Billy was nowhere in sight. Still probably in his room. Jake headed for the kitchen and I followed. We put down the pizzas on the wooded counter. Jacob leaned down to kiss my forehead.
“Love you Jake,” I whispered as I kissed his cheek. He moved my lips from his cheek to his lips. In mid-kiss, Jacob pulled away.
“Why’d you stop, Jake?” I asked, a bit hurt that he stopped.
“Vampire.” He said through his teeth. Automatically, my expression turned angry.
“Where?” I asked, my body tensing.
“Outside-in the window. Spying on us.” He yelled, pointing to the nearby window. Despite the fact that it was pitch black outside and extremely cold, I marched to the front door. Jacob follow closely behind me. I threw the door open and Jacob slammed it shut. A cold breeze kissed my cheek. I shivered.
“Edward!” I yelled, irritated. He appeared directly in front of me with a sly expression. Jacob immediately stood in front of me.
“Hello Bella.” He said with his velvet voice. It almost sounded smug.
“Edward. STOP WATCHING US. It’s an invasion of privacy and extremely immature.“ I yelled.
“Bella. I know that you still love me. I can see it in your eyes every time you look at that mutt. You imagine he’s me. He’s just brainwashed you into loving him. Physically, you love him but mentally you love me. And I still love you Bella.” He whispered that last part.
“I don’t love you. In fact, right at this moment, I hate you. Stop fooling yourself into thinking that I still love you.“ I said firmly. Edward’s expression went from an arrogant smile into a determined look. His smile became a hard line.
“If I can’t have you, no one else can!” He yelled. It all happened so fast. One minute I was behind Jacob and the next minute I was being pulled off the ground by Edward. He was holding me over his shoulder with one arm and running with his vampire speed. Jacob was next to us in his wolf-form. All I could hear was growling. I kicked Edward’s chest but it did no good.
“Jake! Help!” I yelled. Edward didn’t seem to like it when I called Jacob for help because he growled violently and pushed Jacob to the ground. Jacob-being a werewolf and being able to heal superfast-rushed on his feet and bit Edward’s arm. He tore off a piece and I was too scared to look although on the inside, I was proud of Jacob. Edward got one of his arms around Jacob’s chest and the next thing I heard was bones crunching. Jacob howled in pain. Edward ran-still holding me- leaving Jacob hurt and on the dirt. The sight of my loved one in pain sent stabs into my heart.
“Jacob!” I yelled. Tears ran down my cheeks as I screamed at Edward to put me down.
“Edward! Please, I’m begging you! Bring me to Jacob!” I cried. My tears began to feel like razor blades down my cheeks. Edward slowed his running to a walk. He set me down but held my shoulders in case I made a run for it.
“Why can’t you see that you love me!” He shook my body furiously.
“Edward stop! That hurts!” I said, my throat burning too much to yell.
“Bella, I’d rather die than to have to live without you.” He said almost pleading.
“j…j..just LEAVE. I’m tired of you hurting me and the person I love. Do whatever the hell you want with your life, but keep me out of it. “I said, trying to make my voice strong. I shrugged out of his grip and began walking towards the direction we came from with no backwards glance. He stood frozen and I could feel his stare on my back. Stupid leech.
Thank u so much. I missed u. KEEP WRITING! PLEASE! AND POSTING!
I walked as fast as I could and every few steps or so I would trip. Argh. It seemed to take forever to get back to where Jacob was. It was way quicker when I was on Edward’s shoulders but I preferred walking instead of being near Edward.
I used my time alone to think. I love Jake. He’s all I could ever ask for. He’s been so patient when I was still getting over Edward and I know he’s strong enough to protect me from any harm. Just seeing Jacob makes me happy.
Now, Edward…I know he loved me and cared about me but if he cared enough he wouldn’t have left me. And his violent behavior is really keeping me from being fully happy with Jake. I wish he wasn’t so jealous. Was there a way to still be friends with him or was it just impossible? Should I be friends with him or is it better to say goodbye..forever? I knew I was over him but I didn’t want to leave him on bad terms.
Just then, I heard the crunching of some leaves on either side of me. I looked but there was nothing there but leafy trees. The crunching started again and this time, I froze in place. I turned my head slowly and a giant black wolf emerged from the trees. On my other side was a brown colored wolf, obviously not as huge as the black wolf but still pretty big. I should’ve been scared but I knew these wolves. Sam and Quil. Maybe they knew that Jake was hurt(due to their wolf mind-reading powers).
“Do you know where Jake is?” I asked Sam. He barked, nodding his big head. Quil pushed his snout against my back and bent down. I climbed onto his back and he stood up. They both started running and I held onto some of Quil’s fur. We were soon out of the forest and headed to Sue’s. I was curious why Jake wasn’t at Billy’s but I didn’t ask.
We reached the small house that was Sue Clearwater’s. It was dully lit by a small lamp on a small, worn bench that was on the porch. I got off of Quil and knocked on the door. I looked behind me and Quil and Sam were no longer there. Probably phasing back I thought. Leah Clearwater(Sue’s daughter and Seth Clearwater’s older sister) opened the door hurriedly.
“Oh Bella! I’m so glad you’re here!” she said, relieved, “ Jacob’s been asking for you ever since he woke up!”
“Woke up?” I asked, confused.
“Yeah, well he kinda passed out when he was still on the ground. I guess seeing you being pulled away from him sorta gave him a mini heart-attack.” She explained as we walked down the hallway to a well lit room. The living room.
I could hear quiet talking from a lot of people but one voice stood out from the rest. Jacob’s deep, husky voice. At the sound of his voice, Leah’s walking seemed to be too slow for me and a sudden burst of energy quickened my steps.
pls continue!im loving ur version of d story!:)
awesome, can't wait for more.
I agree, MORE :) I love your writting
haha thanks everyone for the feedback :] do you guys have any ideas on what I should call this fanfic?


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