The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1: Visions
I called in my head to him. He looked over to me.
How is he holding up?
I kept asking this question again and again to Edward. I felt bad for Jasper. He had the hardest time sticking to our ‘vegetarian diet.’
Is there any danger?
I skimmed through the future trying to see why Edward had a frown on his face. Edward just slowly turned his head to the right, and then turned it to the left. Only Edward and I could tell that he was shaking his head.
I relaxed a little.
Let me know if it gets too bad.
Thanks for doing this.
I said while he moved his eyes slowly to the ceiling and then back down again.
Jasper had huge eyes as he tried to concentrate on talking to Emmett. I hope he holds up until after school… He has such a hard time....Then I see a small blonde girl walk by and stop at a table closest to ours to talk to a friend. She tosses her hair and the heaters blow the scent to our direction and Jasper tenses. I tensed a bit too but then the burning ache in my throat makes my hands ball in fists.
Edward suddenly kicked Jasper’s chair and Jasper mutters “Sorry,”
He probably saw in his mind biting the girl. Edward shrugged and I soothed Jasper by saying, “You weren’t going to do anything, I could see that.”
I saw Edward trying to fight a grimace and I continued to soothe Jasper by saying, “It helps a little when you think of them as people. Her name is Whitney. She has a baby sister she adores. Her mother invited Esme to that garden party, remember?”
“I know who she is,” Jasper replied curtly and I knew the conversation had ended. He turned to stare out one of the windows.
I sighed and took my tray of food away with me to leave him alone. He would get over it soon. I told myself. He’s always a little annoyed when he can’t control himself without someone distracting him.
When I throw away my food, I hear Edward murmur to Emmett, “Jessica Stanley is giving the new Swan girl all the dirty laundry on the Cullen clan,”
Emmett chuckles under his breath.
“Rather imaginative, actually. Just the barest hint of scandal. Not an ounce of horror. I’m a little disappointed.” Edward continues.
I sighed. Why does everyone make up rumors about us? We are just regular… never mind, I take that back, we are kind of strange the way we never talk to anyone but ourselves. Jasper was still looking out the window as I walked down the halls to my locker to get my next classes supplies. I looked over at Edward and saw that he was intently staring at the new girl Isabella Swan, or Bella. He looked frustrated and a bit annoyed. I wonder why.
I hear her ask the blabber mouth Jessica Stanley, “Which one is the boy with reddish brown hair?”
Of course she liked Edward. Every girl in the school liked Edward. It was pretty ridiculous. I giggled and rolled my eyes.
“That’s Edward. He’s gorgeous, of course, but don’t waste your time. He doesn’t date. Apparently none of the girls here are good-looking enough for him.” I hear Jessica reply to Bella.
Edward looks away to hide his smile and then takes one last look at Bella. Why does he keep staring? He looks so frustrated. I see through my peripheral vision that I’m about to knock into someone and turn back towards the way I’m walking. I see the principal looking at some papers and swiftly dodge him in just the nick of time to turn the corner. He didn’t even notice.
Some boys eye me in the halls, but I just ignore them. One of them whistles and I stare at him with a dazzling smile that pushes him back against the lockers. His friends start praising him. I giggle under my breath and I see him trying to catch up with me and I turn around and wait for him to ask me out. This has happened so many times that it’s become a routine every day.
“Hey, you’re Alice, right?” he asks.
I nod and smile. I fight the temptation not to burst out laughing at this sad attempt to ask me out. The vents blow his scent, and I feel the temptation to sink my teeth into his neck. I hold my breath.
“Um, well, I was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime, like maybe, tomorrow or something.” He says while he scratches the back of his neck.
Same as always.
“Oh, um, well I’m already taken. Sorry.” I tell him with a forgiving smile and smoothly turn around and skip down the hall.
I see him in the back of my head staring at me with his mouth hanging open in surprise(from both his rejection and the sound of my voice). Oh, I know him! He’s the guy who never gets turned down by a girl even IF they have a boyfriend. What a show-off.
The bell rang and I ran down to class without anyone noticing I was late. I had English. Ugh, I already knew about Shakespeare! I stared out the window and closed my eyes to concentrate on what would happen with Jasper.
All I wanted to concentrate on was Jasper. Wait. Was Emmett or Rosalie in the same class with him? I hope so, because if he changed his mind too quickly for me to find out in time to alert one of them, there could be MAJOR problems. Jasper would launch himself at the person he yearned for, spilling their blood and possibly exposing our secret. I would have to haul him away with help from Emmett and Rose. But I knew he had a big heart, and never do that to Carlisle OR me. If he did though, he would probably run off hating himself and we would probably have to find him and move somewhere else. Except the story would probably reach all around the U.S. and we would move with the D-
“How about you Alice?” the teacher asked with a questioning voice and smile that meant ‘hahaha’.
I toke a half-a-second glance at the board and replie with a smile, “Shakespeare’s plays got many people’s attention and never got criticized. He was born on April 23, 1564.”
The teacher looked bewildered. He had an embarrassed expression and said “V-Very good. Now…” He trailed off and I looked back out the window and closed my eyes knowing that he wouldn’t call on me again.

Darn it. The bell rang. I leaped gracefully out of my seat and skipped out of the classroom. Now I could find Jasper at least. I saw him outside the classroom with Rosalie. I exhaled with relief and ran towards him and Rose.
“Hey Jasper! Hey Rose! Where are you guys going?” I asked them.
“We’re skipping gym since we’re doing partnerships and Jasper is feeling a little thirsty…” Rosalie replied while looking at Jasper.
I looked at Jasper. He had huge eyes that meant he wanted to get out of here.
“Oh. Okay, then I’ll skip too.” I said.
“Okay, Edward said he was skipping school and we decided to join. He said to meet in his Volvo.” Rose said.
I nodded and walked with them across the parking lot. Emmett caught up with us and asked Jasper for a rematch in wrestling, but Jasper wasn’t in the mood for one. He kept asking ever since Jasper beat him.
We waited for Edward for a long time before he finally got in the car with anger all tensed through his body.
“Edward?” I asked, a little alarmed.
He just shook his head.
“What the hell happened to you man?” Emmett demanded.
He ignored him and threw the car in reverse at forty, and before he could turn the corner, he was at seventy. Emmett, Jasper, and Rosalie all looked at me for answers. I just shrugged which told them I couldn’t tell the past, only the future.
I closed my eyes and searched for what he was going to do. I saw him leaving.
“You’re leaving?” I whispered.
The others turned to him in alarm.
“Am I?” he hissed.
I looked for what would happen. And then I saw it. Bella. Dead. Edward’s eyes filled with glowing crimson of fresh human blood.. I shuddered.
“Oh.” I said with a blank expression.
“Oh.” I said again while seeing the picture more clearly. The inside of Chief Swan’s house. Bella in a small kitchen with yellow cupboards. Her back facing Edward as he stalked from the shadows letting the scent pull him towards her….
“Stop!” he groaned.
“Sorry,” I whispered, my eyes wide.
My vision changed. An empty highway at night. The trees beside it coated with snow flashing by at almost 200 miles per hour.
“I’ll miss you,” I said. “No matter how long you’re gone.”
I saw at the corner of my eye, Rosalie and Emmett give each other an apprehensive glance.
When we were almost to the turnoff to our house, I said, “Drop us here, you should tell Carlisle yourself.”
He nodded and Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper got out of the car. I touched his shoulder and murmured, “You will do the right thing, she’s Chief Swan’s only family. It would kill him too.”
“Yes.” Was all he said.
I slid out to join the others and watched him, with a frown of anxiety. We ran down the long path to our house and I heard his car accelerate down the road. We stopped for a minute and I knew what was coming.
“What the hell is wrong with him?” Emmett demanded.
“Is he okay?” Jasper asked.
“What did you see?” Rosalie questioned.
“I-I- I saw him kill that new girl Bella. In her house. He’s leaving for a while to regain control of himself…” I stuttered sheepishly while biting my lip.
“WHAT?!” Rosalie yelled.
“Edward is the second best at NOT killing people! He wouldn’t do that!” Emmett roared, stepping in front of me.
Jasper just stared at me, astonished.
“I know, but I think he changed his mind, because I just saw he was going away, so he probably won’t do it… I hope.” I said looking down.
“I can’t believe he would even think that! J******! Why would he even think exposing us! God Damn it Jasper! Stop messing with my emotions!” Rosalie burst out loud.
“Rose,” Jasper said calmly, still looking at me intently. “He just needs time to gather himself. He would never expose us like that. You know he wouldn’t.”
I was surprised at Jasper’s calming voice. I smiled a ‘thank you’ smile at him. He did the same to me. Emmett rolled his eyes and went over to Rosalie to talk to her.
“C’mon, Esme will get worried.” I told them.

Chapter 2: Return
Six boring days had passed before I had a vision of him coming home. I leaped up so fast, it seemed impossible.
“Yea! Jasper! He’s coming home today! He changed his mind!” I yelled to Jasper.
“What?! Really? When?” Jasper asked in surprise when we were watching T.V. in the living room.
“Yep! He’s just started to come home! C’mon! Let’s go tell the others!” I yelled, and yanked his hand to follow me.

“It’s going to be okay,” I breathed, my eyes unfocused while Jasper was holding onto my elbow gently with one hand, guiding me forward as we walked into the rundown cafeteria in a close group. Rosalie and Emmett led the way. Emmett looked ridiculously like a bodyguard in the middle of a hostile territory. Rose looked wary, to, but much more irritated then protective.
It had snowed during the night and Jasper and Emmett were trying to encourage Edward to a slushy ball fight with them.
“She’s not hear yet, but the way she is going to come in… she won’t be downwind if we sit in our regular spot.” I reassured Edward.
“Of course we’ll sit in our regular spot. Stop it, Alice. You’re getting on my nerves. I’ll be absolutely fine.” He told me.
I blinked once as Jasper helped me into my seat, as I was focused on Edward’s face trying to see what he was going to do.
“Hmmm, I think you’re right.” I said, a little surprise in my voice.
“Of course I am.” he muttered.
Edward didn’t like the attention. I could tell. Jasper looked at him and smiled. He was happy he wasn’t our concern this time. Edward grimaced back.
I hope he won’t change his mind by killing her… that would kill Carlisle. He won’t. The vision was too clear.
No one seemed to notice Edward’s return. They were all pretty used to one of us, (or all of us) leaving when we pleased. Jasper was intently talking to Emmett, and for once, he seemed better. I was glad we all took that hunting trip a couple of days ago. Even when the air vents blew a girl’s scent toward us, he only flinched. Rose looked bored, so I decided to talk to her about my wardrobe project for her.
Jasper stopped talking to Emmett and looked over to Edward.
“Anything new?” Jasper asked.
“Nothing. She… must not have said anything.”
We all raised an eyebrow at this news.
“Maybe you’re not as scary as you think you are.” Emmett chuckled. “I bet I could have frightened her better than that.”
Edward rolled his eyes at him.
“Wonder why…?” Emmett puzzled again over Edward’s revelation about Bella’s unique silence.
“We’ve been over that. I don’t know.” Edward suddenly said.
I saw her coming in my vision.
“She’s coming in. Try to look human.”
“Human, you say?” Emmett asked with a smile.
I smiled then I saw another vision. Not about Bella though. Emmett was going to throw an ice ball at me. I sighed. I guess he still hasn’t grasped that I can see even the smallest things.
He hurled it toward me. I just flicked my fingers casually just in time. The ice hurled across the cafeteria, too fast for the human eye to see, and shattered with a sharp crack against the brick wall. The brick cracked too.
Everyone in the corner of the room all turned to stare at the pile of broken ice, and then swiveled to find the culprit. They only looked at a few tables nearby. No one looked at us.
“Very human Emmett,” Rosalie said harshly. “Why don’t you punch through the wall while you’re at it?”
“It would look more impressive if you did it, baby.”
I rolled my eyes and saw Edward look over to Bella in the lunch line. Jessica and Mike Newton were with her. He looked a little irritated. Probably because Mike was thinking about her. He didn’t like Mike Newton. I don’t know why. He never talked about it.
“Nothing,” Bella said in a quiet voice. I must have missed Jessica asking her something.
“I’ll just get a soda today,” she continued as she moved up the line.
Edward looked away and I saw him smiling in a painful way. Emmett chuckled. He rearranged his features so he looked casual. But he didn’t look fully normal.
“Aren’t you hungry?” I heard Jessica ask. She seemed worried about Bella’s lack of appetite.
“Actually, I feel a little sick.” Bella said in a low but clear voice.
I wonder why she was sick. Was she grieving Edward’s absence? Or was she actually sick? I saw Bella about to look over soon.
I elbowed Edward.
She’s going to look over soon, act human.
I could see him clenching his teeth.
“Ease up, Edward,” Emmett said. “Honestly. So you kill one human. That’s hardly the end of the world.”
“You would know,” Edward murmured.
Emmett laughed while I gripped my ice ball under the table I’ve been saving. “You’ve got to learn to get over things. Like I do. Eternity is a long time to wallow in guilt.”
I chucked the ice ball towards Emmett’s unexpecting face.
He blinked, surprised, and then grinned in anticipation.
“You asked for it,” he said as he leaned across the table and shook his ice-incrusted hair in my direction. The snow, melting in the heated room, flew out from his hair in a thick shower of half-liquid, half-ice.
“Ew!” Rose complained, as she and I recoiled from the deluge.
I laughed and everyone else joined in. I knew I got Edward acting like a normal human. I wanted Bella to look over and see us enjoying ourselves as if we were regular humans.
I kept laughing and held my tray up as a shield. I saw Edward glance at Bella, knowing she was watching. She quickly looked away.
“Edward Cullen is staring at you,” I heard Jessica whisper to Bella.
“He doesn’t look angry, does he?” Bella whispered back.
Why would he be angry with her?
“No,” Jessica told her a little confused. “Should he be?”
“I don’t think he likes me,” Bella whispered back.
She’s right. Edward was very frustrated that he couldn’t read her mind. Then why was he still staring at her? He’s probably trying harder to read her mind.
“The Cullen’s don’t like anybody,” Jessica reassured her. “Well, they don’t notice anybody enough to like them.”
That is not true! People should just be friendlier! Ugh, well we do never talk to anybody. I see Jessica’s point for once.
“But he’s still staring at you.”
“Stop looking at him,” Bella said anxiously.
Jessica giggled but stopped looking at Edward.
Bella didn’t look back for the whole hour. I had the feeling she wanted to look over though. I turned back to Jasper, and began talking to him.
“Do you realize that Edward has been staring at that Bella girl for the whole hour?” Rosalie asked when there was a pause in our conversation.
“Ya. He’s still frustrated that he can’t read her mind. I think we should wait for him.” I said.
They all nodded.
We stayed to see what would happen even when the bell rang. I could tell he was deliberating to either go to class or leave. I concentrated on what he would do.
“I… think it’s okay.” I said hesitantly. “Your mind is set. I think you’ll make it through the hour.”
But I knew Edward. He changes his mind a lot. Which annoys me. I hate it when people change their minds.
“Why push it, Edward?” Jasper asked.
“Go home. Take it slow.” He continued.
“What’s the big deal?” Emmett disagreed. “Either he will, or he won’t kill her. Might as well get it over with either way.”
“I don’t want to move yet,” Rosalie suddenly complained. “I don’t want to start over. We’re almost out of high school, Emmett. Finally.”
I personally thought Edward should face this again to see if he could handle it. If not, then, well, I don’t know exactly what would happen. He looked like he was cut in half. One half wanted to retreat and never go back to her again. The other half was that he wanted to see her face again. That half was taking over. I was glad. He needed to face his fear of hurting her.
“No, Rose, I think it really will be okay,” I told Rose. “It’s… firming up. I’m ninety-three percent sure that nothing bad will happen if he goes to class.” I looked at Edward wondering what he was thinking. My vision seemed more secure.
“Go to class,” Edward suddenly ordered. He pushed away from the table and started for class. We all looked at each other, worried that he might not be able to control himself. We all got up and went to class.

During English, I was so worried about Edward. I didn’t want to listen because he wouldn’t want me to.

Chapter 3: Phenomenon
Edward told me nothing happened after class. He actually talked to her! I was pretty surprised. I’m just glad that he got over his thirst.

Today, Edward decided to go hunting even though he wasn’t thirsty. I could tell. Carlisle also decided to go with him too. I felt better after I found out that. He needed to talk with him about the girl Bella.
While they were gone, Esme and I decided to shop for or new wardrobe. When I’ve worn something at the most twice, I throw it out. So I need to go on a shopping trip. Rosalie decides to go too. Jasper and Emmet are probably going to do some fitness challenge. I sighed. They always do something that has to challenge each other’s muscles ON each other.
When we get to the mall, we look for the best and most expensive store we can find. We decide to split up and meet back at the car at 9:00. I decide to go in a store called Forever 21. It has lots of pretty clothes. Esme goes into Coach, and Rosalie goes into Chanel. There are a lot of people in Forever 21, but I hold my breath. A lady looks at me curiously and comes towards me. I’m guessing she is the store manger by the looks of her.
“Hello! I’m Danielle. Store Manager. You look gorgeous! Can I show you some of our best clothing lines?” she asks.
Ah. I look very rich to her. I nod with a smile and follow her to the back.
“These are some of our most finest pieces. I’ll leave you to the collection. I have some business to take care of.” Danielle says with a smile.
“Certainly.” I reply with a smile.
As I look at the clothes, I see a poster on the wall with a GORGEOUS outfit! The top is a purple sweater top with a self-tie satin halter and sequin trim. The skirt is short length with raw-edge satin flap detail all over and a satin belt. The shoes are rubber suede peeps toe pumps that have a wide ankle cuff. The earrings are wide hooped with a vivid painted color. I HAD to have it. Darn. The poster says ‘Coming Soon!’ I look at the clerk behind the counter. Yes! It’s a guy. I can probably dazzle him with my smile. I’m positive that they have the outfit stored in the back somewhere. I see he’ll crack.
I walk over to the clerk who’s on his computer and ask, “Excuse me. I’m sorry but I was wondering if you could point me to where that new outfit on the poster is.” I smiled at him.
“Oh, I’m sorry miss, but that’s not in stock yet. I’m sorry. Could I put it on hold for you?” He asked. He looked desperate for my attention. Perfect.
“ Oh. Well, I really needed it for a special outing, and well…. Are you sure you can’t get it?” I asked leaning so close to him that his heart started to race, and he started to lean closer to look in my eyes.
“Um… Well…I guess I could…I’ll be right back.” He said as he got his keys and went to the back room.
I exhaled in relief.
About five minutes later, he came back with the brand new outfit in a plastic covering and quickly gave it to me.
“I’ll just charge you half. Since, well, you know…” He trailed off.
“You’re very kind. Thank you so much. I’ll tell your manager to give you a raise. You deserve it.” I lie while leaning over the counter towards him with a dazzling smile.
“Uh… W-W…thank-thank you…Uh…” he stuttered.
“Alice.” I told him leaning so close to him that our lips nearly met.
He tried to lean in to kiss me but I quickly ran out leaving him with the money in his sweaty, sticky hand. None of the other clerks or customers noticed what I had, so I quickly asked the store next door for a bag and stuffed it in. I would get the wrinkles out later. It was so worth it.
I saw an adorable handbag in Coach so I went in.
“Alice! You’re just what I need! Which do you think is better? The colorful playful one? Or the silver flashy one?” Esme asked me while holding the two purses on either hand like they were on a scale.
“Ummm… I like the silver one. It’s more you.” I told her.
“Ok! Silver it is! What’s that?” Esme asked with curiosity pointing at the clothes in the bag.
“Oh, you know just an outfit that isn’t even out in stores yet! I totally played him! He was so gross…” I said with a disgusting look.
“Oh, Alice. Always getting what you want whenever you want it.” Esme smiled.
I smiled back. When Rosalie was finally done at Chanel, we decided to go home.

When daybreak was nearly there, I was happy to see that Edward had calmed dow- Crap. Edward was leaving again. I went upstairs to talk to Edward. I waited for him on the top step at the edge of the third floor.
You’re leaving again, I accused him through my head when he noticed me.
He sighed and nodded.
I can’t see where you’re going this time.
“I don’t know where I’m going yet,” he whispered.
I want you to stay.
He shook his head.
Maybe Jazz and I could come with you? I asked him.
“They’ll need you all the more, if I’m not here to watch out for them. And think of Esme. Would you take half her family away in one blow?”
You’re going to make her so sad.
“I know. That’s why you have to stay.” He murmured.
There are many right ways, and many wrong ways, though, aren’t there?
I looked into the future and saw images flickering and then saw Edward. I saw him mixed into many strange shadows that neither of us-I know he couldn’t- could make out. They were very hazy images. All of a sudden, Edward’s skin started to glisten in the sunlight. The sun was coming out a small opening in a meadow. Edward loved to go to that meadow. There was another figure with Edward, but I couldn’t make it out. It was very indistinct. Then the images disappeared into a million different choices that rearranged the future.
“I didn’t catch much of that.” He said when the vision went black.
Me either. Your future is shifting around so much I can’t keep up with any of it. I think though…
I flipped through a bunch of old visions of Edward, playing them all back in my head. They were all too blurry to make out though.
“I think something is changing, though,” I said aloud. “Your life seems to be at a crossroads.”
He laughed grimly. “You do realize that you sound like a bogus gypsy at a carnival now, right?”
I stuck my tongue out at him.
“Today is all right, though, isn’t it?” he asked, suddenly apprehensive.
I looked ahead for a half-a-second and saw him killing no one. “I don’t see you killing anyone today,” I assured him.
“Thanks, Alice.”
“Go get dressed. I won’t say anything- I’ll let you tell the others when you’re ready.”
I darted back downstairs, sad. Miss You. Really.

It was a silent ride to school. Jasper could tell that something was wrong, but he knew me well enough to wait for me to tell him. Emmett and Rosalie were staring into each other’s eyes. It was sort of disgusting really. Staring at each other with wonder. They were completely oblivious to the fact that I was not as cheerful as I usually am.
When we got to school, of course Edward started to look for the girl.
Jasper was starting to get worried, but I just shook my head to him and told him, Rose, and Emmett to go to class. I decided to wait with Edward by his car. He was looking for her. She was about to come. He leaned against his car, and I just stood there, just in case he needed my help.
She finally drove slowly into view, with her eyes on the road, and clenching hands on the wheel. She seemed a little anxious. Probably Edward. Or, maybe the roads. Humans have difficulty with icy roads.
I started to stare at Edward and tried to get his attention.
That’s it! If he won’t listen to my thoughts, then I’ll just have to-
“NO!” I gasped aloud.
Tyler Crowley had decided to take a wrong turn in the parking lot at a bad speed for humans. The van skidded across the ice in Bella’s path. The van would crush her. Edward saw my vision and stared at Bella with a horror struck face on. Then my vision shifted. Edward launching himself in between the girl and the van, catching her around the waist and holding her out of the way, and hearing the crack of her head against the ice. He dropped her against the ground and put both of his hands in front of the van to protect Bella.
I could see that Edward had not seen the new vision. He was already launching himself in front of her like my vision. He was a blurred figure. Too fast for any human eye to see. He knew as soon as he held her that he was possibly exposing our secret. He cussed under his breath.

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ill keep u posted! im on vac so i cant write more! srry!
wow this is really good
i always wanted to nw wt alice thought and u made it seem so real
cant wait to read more
THAT IS REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love you soooo much! how do i get it on?? im havin trouble.....
I stared in awed horror as he caught Bella around her waist, way too forcefully, and put himself between the van and her. Her breakable little body couldn't handle the impact and I winced when I heard her head crack against the ice. When my eyes darted back towards the van, squealing and grinding against the ice, it looked like Bella was a magnet pulling the van towards her. It twisted around Bella's sturdy truck and came for her in an arcing formation. It looked like something you would only see in a cheezy movie. The car making itself around the other car and coming straight for the victim. It didn't seem real.
He knew what he was doing. He was possibly exposing our family secret. Why would he do that? Just to save some human? Human's die every day and he want's to save her? Was he obsessed with her or something? She's just a fragile human. No different from the rest. Except that she was a magnet for danger.
He didn't seem to be changing his mind and coming back here, as far as my vision could tell.
He dropped her and flung his arms out in front of her towards the van, catching it before it could crush her. The impact of the van flung Edward back into the car next to Bella's truck, buckling the frame behind his shoulders. The van made a shuddering and shivering movement from his hands, then swayed and finally balancing unstably on the two far tires.
When I stared, wide eyed, at the van in his hands, it seemed that if he let it go, it would fall onto her legs.
Of course it would.
He didn't seem to have many safe options, considering Bella and the driver, to pick from. He couldn't just hold it there, then people would probably freak out. So he made a dangerous decision. He pushed the van away and it rocked away from them immediately. Then, when it rocked back towards him, he caught it under the frame with his right hand and held it there. Then, with his left hand, he wrapped his arm around Bella's waist and pulled her from under the lifted van and against his side. Her body moved limply and in the back of my mind, I worried if she was injured from the blow of her head.
She wasn't unconcious, she was staring widely at him. Oh no. God no. I don't want to go through this. I looked ahead and only saw lots of questions coming from her. No assumptions. I sighed in relief, but the relief didn't stay too long. What if someone guessed our secret because they saw Edward lift the van? No. they would be too preoccupied with Bella. I hope.
i was only thinking about this whole situation for about a second. Then. Edward dropped the van, out of reach of Bella, and the glass shattered at the impact of the fall.
Edward still seemed more concerned about Bella than our exposure, because he looked down at her and she stared back with wide eyed shock. They (including me) were completely oblivious to the explosion of cries from the students.
"Bella? Are you alright?" Edward asked urgently.
She was fine. I couldn't smell any blood and that was good because the scent would be too much for Edward.
"I'm fine." she replied automatically, dazed.
She tried to get up, but Edward held her down. What was his issue? He seemed so... protective of her. She was fine.
"Be careful," he warned her. "I think you hit your head pretty hard."
Oh. She did. Well, he still doesn't have to be all protective over her.
"Ow," she said, sudden;y realizing the pain in her head from the ice blow.
"That's what I thought." he said.

Hey! so sorry that its really short but it kept bugging me and I had to write at least SOME! hope you enjoy!!
Short but nice...I like seeing this from another point of view! This definately got Alice's attention as to what would happen between Edward and Bella in the future!
thank you soooo much! ik its really short because it kept bugging me in the back of my mind and i had to write something! Also, it was really hard to d this from her view..... LOTS of detail!
I tried to listen hard on what they were saying, but I was distracted when Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett were suddenly next to me. They were all looking at the scene with shock on their faces. Rosalie had more of a disgusted horror on her face. Emmett just shocked and Jasper the same. I stared at the car too, but I didn't have the same mask on as they did. Mine was covered with worry. Mostly because of what would happen when Edward got home and he was confronted with Rose and the rest. but mostly Rose. I bit my lip when I saw her yelling at him.
"What is he trying to do?! Is he TRYING to expose us?!" Rosalie yelled, still staring at Edward with fuming eyes.
"Rose, I think he-" I began, but Jasper interrupted me.
"Alice. Did you see this coming?" he asked me, looking me in the eyes.
"No. Well, yes, wait,-" I fumbled with the words I was trying to use. They all stared t me, waiting. "Yes," Rosalie hissed, Jasper stiffened and Emmett sighed with frustration. "But I saw the vision when he was already leaping in to save her. I first saw her being crushed, then the vision shifted and I saw her being pulled out of the way by Edward. It was too late by then."
We all turned bak to Edward and Bella. The ambulance was already there, and Bella was being put on a stretcher and into the ambulance. Edward was talking to Brett Warner, a registered nurse at the hospital. After they were done talking and Edward convinced the other EMT that he didn't need any medical assistance, he went to make sure all the dents were buffed out of the van.
But before Bella was fully into the ambulance, Chief Swan was coming out of his car and running to Bella. Bella reassured him everything was fine.

I know this was really short but i'm really tired and its almost 11:00....... school night!! ill write more!!!
You have a good story going here but it has been more that a month since you have updated? Are you going to continue?


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