The Twilight Saga

Jacob had his girlfriend, Shaleigh before Bella came back and they really loved each other. Will Bella change things. Will Shaleigh get mad. It gets exciting when the werewolves form. You'll see if you read. All characters belong to Stephanie Meyer except for a few.

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We both laughed as we ran through the town in the rain. My hair dripping as I ran holding his hand. I ran in front of a car my accident not paying attention. So he lifted me by my waist and swung me over his shoulder like a feather. He waved to the car and walked to the path. When he put me down his eyes lit up and his head flung around and looked at the car. I now realized it was a cop car. It was already past us by now. I tapped him on the shoulder lightly not trying to interrupt his "moment". He turned around and looked at me.

"Sorry babe, that was Bella! I can't believe she's back!" he said excitedly.

My questions:
Who is this Bella.
Why was he so excited.
How does he know her,...were they together?!

Tell me what you think !


Chapter 1 - Page 1
Chapter 2 - Page 2
Chapter 3 - Page 3

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cool cool keep me updated plz thx!!!!
okay of course .
& thanks . :)
OMG write more!!!
haahaa ill try & get it done by tomrrow . well the first chapter . maybe tonight .
Yay!!! Tonight Please :)
Ill try but I can't promise anything . I'm really tired . lol
Okay :)
Would anyone like to make a banner ? It would be awesome !
anyone read itt ?
I just did and I loved it. Sorry I just got home. Keep writing. Is the next chapter going to be in Bella's or Jacob's point of view?
Thanks itts fine lol. Idk do you have advice ? I love taking advice from readers itt really helps me . Im not really sure why. haha .
Advice? Umm .... well, I think you should put it in Jacob's point of view. Is that all you needed?


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