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Jacob had his girlfriend, Shaleigh before Bella came back and they really loved each other. Will Bella change things. Will Shaleigh get mad. It gets exciting when the werewolves form. You'll see if you read. All characters belong to Stephanie Meyer except for a few.

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We both laughed as we ran through the town in the rain. My hair dripping as I ran holding his hand. I ran in front of a car my accident not paying attention. So he lifted me by my waist and swung me over his shoulder like a feather. He waved to the car and walked to the path. When he put me down his eyes lit up and his head flung around and looked at the car. I now realized it was a cop car. It was already past us by now. I tapped him on the shoulder lightly not trying to interrupt his "moment". He turned around and looked at me.

"Sorry babe, that was Bella! I can't believe she's back!" he said excitedly.

My questions:
Who is this Bella.
Why was he so excited.
How does he know her,...were they together?!

Tell me what you think !


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I mean the next chapter by the way.
awesome can you keep me updated please
yeaa of course . :)
ohh okay thats great thanks .
I like it more please
Chapter 2
Jacob's POV

Changes in the story:
Jacob's dad is not in a wheelchair
Jacob and Shaleigh go to Fork's highschool
Sam is the same age as Jacob

I was so happy me and Shaleigh weren't mad at each other. Although she got grounded she said it was worth it, this made me smile. I had to leave her house before who knows what her dad would do to me.

As I was walking to my house I remebered that Bella was here I couldn't believe it. We used to be best friends I've really missed her. Bella is so special and unique in her own ways. I think I'll go visit her maybe I shouldn't tell Shaleigh though she might get irritated. Looking ahead I saw my dad's old red Chevy being pulled out of our driveway. My dad was in it, curious I ran to him.

"Hey what are you doing with the truck?" I asked looking at the truck up and down. It seemed very...shiny.

"Well", he hesitated then went on,"You remeber Chief's Swan's daughter Bella, right well she just came back to Forks, and needs a car. Charlie offered me some money for the truck so I'm gonna sell it to Bella."

"Oh", maybe I could see Bella with my dad,"You wouldn't mind If I tagged along too would you?"He patted the passenger's seat. I hopped in.

We drove down to the Swan's house were we saw Bella and Chief Swan unpacking the police car. I got out quickly eager to see Bella. I smiled at her and she did too except hers was a shy sweet smile.

"So Bella do you like your new car?" Chief Swan said. Bella's eyes widended.

"No way this car is perfect for me," her eyes lighting up.

Out dads started making jokes and playing around.

I tried to start conversation. "So Bella do you remeber me?" I asked.

"Jacob right? Oh ya we used to make mud piles together," we both laughed a little. Our dads had stopped and Chief Swan told Bella to try it out.

She walked around to the drivers seat and got in. I jumped in the passenger's seat.

"Hey if you never need any help with the car just let me know I'm sorta like a mechanic." I said.

She smiled,"If you ever need a ride to school just let me know," Bella stated. I nodded,"Tomorrow?". She said sure back.

I got out so Bella could test it herself. Chief Swan brought me and my father back home.

I laid down and before I knew it the clock said 6:33. School started at 7:35 and I didn't want to be late. I dressed in a black tee and some jeans. I ate my Fruit Loops (lol) and 2 glasses of milk then went outside. The first day of school would go fast I was hoping.

I saw a red truck turn the corner. Bella. I waved and smiled back. The car went smoothly into the driveway. I went over to the passenger's seat and opened the door when I heard a beautiful but a little angry voice say "Jake?" I turned around. Shaleigh was there confused and with sad twinkling eyes. She was wearing skinny jeans a aqua to with writing on it I think it said love and a heart necklace. Her hair was straight and it was braided on the sides the braids wrapped around her head and I'm guessing they met. She was wearing black and white pumas.

Then I remebered me and Shaleigh always walked to school together. I forgot because its been a while since school.

"Oh Shaleigh I forgot baby. I'm sorry Bella asked if I wanted to go to school with her." I looked at Bella and she was shaking her head, afaraid. Then I looked at Shaleigh and she gave Bella her evil eyes and starred her down.

I went over towards Shaleigh and took her hand. "Come on meet Bella, and don't be mean," I told her giving her a stern look. I could see her eyes fade and look down when I did that. I felt bad but she wasn't being friendly.

Bella smiled at Shaleigh when she was in the door, Shaleigh didn't look at her I think I saw a small tear falling down her face.

I slipped my hand under her chin,"Listen I'm sorry but I'm gonna go with Bella today okay. You can come if you want." She shook her head lifelessly.

I heard laughing it was Quil, Embry, Paul, Leah, Sam, and Seth. Shaleigh turned around"It's fine I'll go with them. Catch up with you later," she said through hurt eyes. I extended my hand after she let it go and turned back to Bella.

I got in the truck with her.

"She seems mean," was what Bella said. I don't know why but I think I nodded. What was going on with me and Shaleigh...
Sooooooooo gooooood more please
thanks ! i will soon ive just been really busy . :)
I love it! pleaseee write moree
plzplzplz keep me updated!!! luv it!!!!!!
Chapter 3
Shaleigh's POV

I had a great time walking to school. Oh yes it was great not being with Jake while he's with some other girl that hates me. Just wonderful. I mean it was okay with my friends but they we're all like what's with you and Jacob and I can't answer that question because I honestly don't know!

I got to school and went to my locker. Lucky for me Jake's in some of my classes my homeroom/ first period class. His locker is very close to mine. I took a quick peek to my left and saw Jake starring frusterated at his lock. It was pretty funny actully I couldn't help but give a short laugh.

His head looked in my direction and he gave a smile back. He started walking towards me. "Hey beautiful," he said in a smooth voice. Then Jake swung his strong arm around me and gave me a kiss but it wasn't the kiss I was hoping for. When I looked up he was looking behind me I twisted myself out of his arms and saw he was starring at Bella.

Oh my gosh! Was he trying to make Bella jealous by using me! As if. I pushed his chest and walked stright off to class without talking to him. Though I couldn't help but take a quick peek behind me his hand was on a locker leaning against it and he was talking to Bella.

Wow. You no what I'm not gonna let him get away from me instead of making him go away I need him to want me more. I'm gonna make him not want to be away with me for a second. I smiled an evil little smile to myself then I heard someone say, "Shaleigh", it was Jenn, my bestfriend.

I got out of my thoughts and said "Yeah what's up Jenny?"

"Why were you making one of those evil smiles that means you're planning something?" she questioned raising her eyebrow.

"Oh no reason I make that face all the time," I said to her then sat at a seat because I saw Jenn's backpack and louis vuitton handbag. I took out my fluffy purple pen out of my Coach bag and chewed on it after a minute of sitting. Jake still hasn't come in what's taking him so long! I realized I was eating the fluff of the pen and spit it out. I wiped my tounge and made a gagging noise, just as Jacob walked in with Bella. He saw me and smiled a small smile. He walked over towards me and motioned with his hand for Bella to follow, she did.

"Hey babe," he said sitting next to me and he reached across his desk and gave me a long kiss that was very acceptable. If I might add. You can tell a kiss is good when neither people break it up, and the teacher does. Mr. Tilk narrowed his eyes at me and Jake. He was not going to be one of my favorite teachers, obviously.

The rest of the day was amazing until lunch. That's when it all started. Jacob was ahead of me in the lunch line with Bella. Me and him don't have the period before lunch togther and I just learned Bella has every class with him except for one, History. They were talking and laughing and then I saw her hand the right one move to his arm and the other move to his chest. I opened my mouth wide she is so hitting on my boyfriend! Jacob smiled an adorable smile he looked down at her hands and didn't do anything. Why does Jake like her. I sighed and put my hands on my head covering my eyes.

I heard a unhappy voice say," Hot dog or Chicken?" It was the lunch lady.

I thought hard about this decision finally I decided a hot dog. Mostly because a chicken I would look really messy and I want to show Jake I'm the perfect girlfriend not embaress him.

I went to our usual lunch table with everyone Jake and Bella were sitting together there was a spot next to Jake so I took it quickly. I ate my food slowly and bored that Jake was paying absoultly no attention to me. I even saw Jacob whisper in her ear. I was pretty upset, until I saw that Bella couldn't stop staring at the Cullens. Oh their so beautiful, she had her eyes on Edward. Ha he dosen't date anyone well you never know maybe he'll do me a favor. Then Jacob will belong to me again. Instead of 3/4 it seems. He looked at me once in a while.

I heard Bella ask Leah about the Cullens she seemed pretty intrested. Edward was looking at Bella too. Hmm this might work out to my advantage. I rested my head on Jacob's shoulder he smiled down at me.

"I love you Jake," I whispered.

"I love you too Shaleigh." I smiled. You better I was thinking and I chuckled a little.

The day was pretty good me and Jacob walked home together and we held hands. Bella was next to us starring at the trees. I smiled another evil smile that day right then. Jake looked at me and frowned but gave a little laugh I could tell he knew what I was thinking. " You silly girl," he told me. I think Edward and Bella liking eachother definatly worked to my advantage.
loved it!


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