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Despite being the main character of the Saga is Bella the most annoying? Does she deserve two great guys like Edwad & Jacob?

Although she does have some admirable qualities i find Bella kind of annoying. She is quite whiny and some times thinks of only herself disregarding the feelings of others. i also dont like the fact she ignores her human friends at the expanse of Edward. Isn't friendship more important than love?

i dunno..... just my opinion.Do you guys agree? or not? Please tell me what you guys think. <3

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This is how I feel about Bella....She's in love,she's young and a little naive. c'mon she's 18. About her leaving her friends, well...not really. She said over and over in the books and the movies that she's different. She never felt that she belonged anywhere and only felt that in Edward's world so you know maybe that's why she left the few friends that she made at Forks. She never had any friends at her mom's place right? On the Jacob issue, I think that she does care about Jake but the passion is and will always be with Edward. Who will you choose, the one who fits you in every way and have a very predictable life with or the one that takes your breath away every single time you see him?

Krysten Stewart (Isabella Swan) is not selfish; she loves Edward (Rob Pat) with everything that is within her and cannot help the love she feels for Him.  I actually feel that Jacob's character (Taylor Lautner) is the "annoying" personality, he's very immature in His feelings and doesn't care what is best for Bella, just what will make Him feel better! I love the love that Bella and Edward has for one another, they refuse to live without one another, that is mature love! I am glad that it will all work out for everyone however, because I absolutely LOVE every single character in the Twilight series!!! love, love, love!!!

Btw... did I say "LOVE"!!! LOL

I know!!!! It's not Bella, it's Jacob!!!!

Yea. I think that she treats Edward and Jacob like crap, I mean I love her to death but still. And is it just me or does it seem like since the beginning of the saga she's only been after Edward to get somethin. Just sayin

Yeah that's so true.

And I hate to be mean, but the end of her and Jacob should have been better, you know what I mean? Like, she basically threw him away and concentrated most on Edward.

I know what you mean! I think that Jacob helped Bella so much escpessially thru new moon. And it seemed like she just through him away and she shouldve caired about his feelings at least a little bit

But she did! She cared about him! look how guilty she felt herself during Eclipse time. Seriously - what else could she do??

For starters, she could have mentioned that she was getting married to Edward before Jacob and her kissed.

But that kiss happened only because Jacob heard about their plans for marriage. She would never kiss Jacob if Jacob would not lie about going to die.

See? She still felt guilt because she did hurt Jacob. She did care!

I didn't say she didn't care at all.

That would be heartless. I'm just saying she could have bought it up earlier so that it could process in Jacob's mind for a while. I mean, how would you react if you found out that your best friend was marrying someone who you don't really like?

But also she got mad when he said that He killed vampires and She got so mad but Edward has killed people and she doesn't get mad at him at all and I don't thInk that's right

I know that's so true! She always treated Jacob like a fallback guy if Edward was to die.


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