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"You guys are like the perfect couple" Jess says as we both walk threw the alley way to the book store. I luagh every one says that about Edward of course hes the perfect boy friend. He looks like a god! but secretly there was a different reason th....

My thoughts are interupted by Jenn screaming I turn around to a guy eith a knife to her kneck. "What...What are you doing let her go!" He had a mad look in his eyes "LOOK GIVE ME WHAT YOU GOT AND YOUR FRIEND HERE WONT GET HURT" i then started breathing hard because I felt him on the back of my neckI felt the wantingspirit that needs to protect me.

"Bella Step Back" I do as he says a little frightend by the snarl on his face not being the only one the attacker quickyly runs but as he does Jenn screams again. Edward runs after the guy as i look to see if Jess is ok. I storke her cheek but then feel something wet. I pull my shaking hand from her and see it is blood.

I then scream "EDWARD" for not more then a second I see the whole Cullen family around me. The only sound you could hear were Jenn choking on her own blood "Please Carlisle help her" He checks her neck "Im sorry Bella its just to much blood loss" I close my eyes still hearing the sound of her choking "Change her" Carlisle shakes his head I plead "Please she cant die" Edward comes to me "Bella thats not such a good Idea "Why!!save her please" Edward slightly nods at him "Ok well if we are going to do this you have to leave Bella and we have to taker to the house"

In a way I was slightly Jealous ,jealous that she was going to get what u had been longing for to become apart of their world.Avampire.I guess it will eventually come and I have to belive


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oh noo, is she going to kill her or convert her?? Bella can't die!!

ohh I have missed you so much !!! I'm glad you are back!!
woah this is insane! so filled with drama! i love it!
Love it
Please update me
OMG!!!!!!!!!!! update ASAP! i'm going crazy

Chapter 28-What Happend?

       As I lay here darkness surounding me i start to dwell on everything in my life. The heartache,the pain,the loss was this
my destiny to go threw everything that i have been to have life that i wouldnt wish on any one.I feel an incredible pain
go threw me and then my eyes open. I look around that the incredibly beautiful faces around faces of gods and godessed The
Cullens."Bella so glad you could join us!" Carlise said. I look at him confused not knowing what happend because it happen
so fast. I suddenly felt the little sense of panic go away as I saw Edward enter The rest of The cullens went away giving us
space wich i guess we didnt have to ask for. "Bella are you ok" he said as he stood far away from the bed I was in wich they
had to just get for me knowing they didnt sleep. "Confused and a little pain but im cool" I look at him with pleading eyes wanting him to come
my way and show some affection but then i notice i could listen in on his thoughts but i was surprised that i was greeted with silence
it had to do something with what happen i had some questions now i need some answers."Edward..what happend?" As he explaned when
Victoria came to me she bit me like james making me almost a vampire but edward was again sucked the venom out after the cullens
killing victoria and her gang and that pssesed me to no longer have
my  gift."Im sorry Bella Its all my fault i did this i..." I cut him off anger coming threw my vains "Edward dont you dare think this is your
fault! None of this is please for me dont blame yourself" He nodded i knew that he would agree to that "How Long have i been in this bed?"
I say tired of it already. "Well going on about 2 weeks because of yur blood loss" I nod and sigh as i hear the heels on the floor that i
dreaded so bad. "Edward come on sweetie we have dress rehersal sinc the wedding is tommorow and we have our oarties to go to tonight"
I felt the tears suddenly sting  my eyes tommorow?? "Sweet heart give me one minute with Bella and I will be right there ok" She stares
at me obviously trying to get my blood boiling while giving Edward a passionate kiss.As she walks away I lopok at Edward into his
eyes "Bells..." I shake my head as a tear slowly falls down my cheek "No Its fine Edward im fine... you get married have a great life
with her and just live your life" He looked at but most likey him looking into my hurting soul "Will you be there?" I look at him
and accept his invention i mean its the least i could after all he is my ex vampire boyfriend who im still madly in love with and
is marrying some one who i once thought was his cousin


wow, so much is going on in this chapter!! so Victoria is dead and she bit Bella, but Edward managed to suck the venom out again so Bella wouldn't be a vampire???? and she has no more powers??


and Edward is still marrying that b**ch?? wow as i said, a lot to take in!! but good to know you are back!!

omg! NOOOOOOOO! why is he still marrying her he obviously loves bella! dang it edward! you saved her life because you couldn't live without her. poor bella :( her life sucks right now. her parents are dead, she lost edward, jacob, and the baby. she's so alone.... sad.

Chapter 29-Any Objections?

                I sit there looking at the people surrounding me I’m here dazed waiting for the person I love to recite vowels with the one person I despised. I was surrounded with vampires who I’m sure wanted to drain me like a cool glass of water but I’m sure they knew not to dare touch me I was Edwards Bella or at least I was. I sigh as I sit there in the spot that was claimed any minute now I wanted to break down right here but I wouldn’t give her the satisfaction I look at Edward as he comes at the end of the aisle with Emmet and Jasper as his best man he looked at me as if he was looking into my soul not my heart but my soul. This made  all the doubt in my mind go away it made everything I thought about with Edward not loving me and not caring about me going away he wasn’t going through with it at least that what I thought. His attention was now on the person with a true soul of ice walking down the aisle I sigh maybe he was going through with it. I listen to the vowels I wish was being said to me and then I heard those words that made me feel   like I was frozen in a time where I couldn’t decide anything at all the words that wanted to burst out my mouth like a rocket would come but it wouldn’t because he spoke for himself he began to speak for me lf he said what I wanted and that’s when I knew it was meant to be.

“Are There Any Objections?” I saw the smirk on his face as he began to speak “Yes there is, I object” Everyone gasped   “Edward what are you doing” the ice princess herself said as she listened to the words Edward said. “I would never want to marry such an evil monster like the one before me” The smile on my face grew but the audience before us had the most shock expression I’ve ever seen. “I thought that   maybe you would change but I realized you can never change any one who loves being such  a disgusting person I realized I’ve never loved you my heart will forever belong  to Bella” As soon as those words came out his mouth I saw blackness

Edwards POV

 I look at Bella pass out and I soon felt a rush of panic as my dad runs to help her I see the raging Tanya coming this way pushing me as hard as her strength could even though it didn’t faze me “How could you do this to me!!” I look at her not wanting to talk to her worrying about my love “What I think you and me both know that this would never work have a good life!” I watch her storm off and the guest crowd around still shocked while getting escorted to their cars to leave. I go to Bella’s side as Carlisle smiles and say “Edward she was just in shock nothing but a regular faint” as he said that I saw those beautiful brown eyes greet me.

Bella’s POV

 As I wake I see the beautiful face that I loved so dearly and smiled “Bella love are you okay?” I say yes as I try to stand but then I feel a rush of the world spinning and fall slightly back but then I’m caught by Edward. He looks at me and smiles as he lifts me up bridal side I take in the moment as he takes me into the Cullen’s house but then I notice were I want to go the place perfect for this moment “Edward how about we go to our meadow...” He smiles as were there in just a minute thanks to his speed. He lays me down lightly then taking his place next to me I lay my head on his chest. It was silent but then in a soft whisper I sat up and looked into his eyes and asked “Why did you do it?” He sighs and sat up also and pulled me close and said “Bella you are what I live for how could I want anyone else no matter if were together or apart I will forever be yours I live for you” Tears stained my eyes as I listened to the words I longed to hear  and that’s when he took my hand “Bella I know this is a in the moment thing but I love you so much I just think I should do this I love you and I know you feel the same you have my heart in the palm of your hand. Will you marry me?” I look at him my eyes with glee my heart doing summer saults “Of course” I smile as I kiss his lips and he gets up “Well let’s go!” I look at him in shock “Right now!” He nods “We have the priest here and our family” I smile as he says our family and take his hand while we go to say the vowels that I’ve always wanted maybe my destiny wasn’t that bad

Tanya POV

If he thinks he can leave me like that I don’t think so if I can’t have him no one can I’ll be back and when I come back Ms. Bella swan or should I say Cullen better be ready

dang it Tanya better not ruin that cerimony or their happiness... grrr. loved the story as always. :)
for a good vampire , tanya is a little scary at the end aha. add me plz i would lvoe updates!
LOVE IT and Tayna better not ruin there happiness or she's in big trouble!


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